There has been quite a bit of hype surrounding States since the project was announced given the member's history (Copeland and Lydia.) Well their new EP, Line 'em Up, was released last week and has gotten positive feedback all around. Now it's your turn to voice your opinion. We are streaming the EP on their AP.net profile in it's entirety. Let us know what you think in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/20/10 - 10:43 AM
Having been around now for almost 20 years, Guster continues to age like the finest of wines. Their latest effort, Easy Wonderful, continues the act's seemingly effortless evolution - combining fun-loving pop gems for casual consumption, with riveting storytelling narratives. Head on over to the band's AP.net profile to stream the album in its entirety, and if you like it grab it on Amazon for only $7.99.
Steve Henderson on 10/07/10 - 07:51 AM
Today we're bringing you a stream from The Xcerts. Scatterbrain was produced by Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday) and is released today on Xtra Mile Recordings. Listen to it on their AP.net profile and let us know what you think in the replies.
Deborah Remus on 10/05/10 - 11:14 AM
The Dandelion War are a six piece ambient/indie outfit from San Fransisco. We're streaming their latest album, Geometries and Orchids on their AP.net profile. Check it out and let us know what you think in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/23/10 - 12:01 PM
The Ludo boys are back with Prepare The Preparations, a new full-length that you can dive head first into on the band's AP.net Profile. Stream that sucker in entirety, then drop your thoughts in the replies!
Garett Press on 09/13/10 - 11:11 AM
All week we have been featuring short video clips of Rob Giles of The Rescues leading up to today. But instead of releasing another video of "The Perfect Man of The Future," we are bringing you a complete stream of The Rescues new album, Let Loose The Horses. If you are into dual male and female vocals, earthy tones and chill vibes you will love this record. Stream it here and post your thoughts in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/09/10 - 05:11 PM
While on tour to promote their new release Be One of Us and Hear No Noise in May of last year, Metavari captured the recordings for a beautiful new EP titled Loosen The Bands. The band is currently preparing for a new tour that kicks off next week, so we figured it would be the perfect time to stream the new EP to give you an idea for what's in store if you attend one of these shows. If you enjoy bands like The Album Leaf, then do not miss out on these guys. Their album last year was easily one of the best in the genre, so go check out this stream on their AP.net profile and don't forget to purchase it after.
Lueda Alia on 07/08/10 - 11:50 AM
Polaris At Noon's new single, "Time", is now available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon. Head to the replies to stream "Time" in entirety. Season Two is set to begin this September.
Garett Press on 07/07/10 - 10:39 AM
It came out last week, but if you still haven’t listened we have Washington Square Park’s self-titled streaming on their AP.net profile. This unsigned New Jersey band has already built up quite the following and their debut is a catchy record that is drawing comparisons to The Movielife. If you like it, you can pick it up here. And if you need more convincing, check out Thomas Nassiff’s recent review.
Deborah Remus on 06/30/10 - 11:05 AM
Perhaps my favorite part about working for this site is that I get to expose people to bands they may otherwise never hear, regardless of genre. Today I introduce to you Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys. Head over to the band's AP.net profile to stream their new album, Steam Ship Killers. I'd love to describe it to you, but they are the kind of band that is so unique that you have to hear them and form your own opinions. If you dig it, pick up a physical copy here or a digital here. Also do yourself a favor and see them live if you have the chance; they are one of my favorite bands to watch.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/11/10 - 10:39 AM
The Brightlife will release their new EP, Everybody Knows, on May 25th, but you can peep a new track titled "How The Story Goes" from the band on their AP.net Profile. Guest vocals are credited to AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer. Make good and pre-order.
Julia Conny on 05/11/10 - 01:29 PM
Good old pop-punk. It never ceases to feel good. The Method To My Medium will release their Covalent EP on May 11th, but you can listen to a stream of the whole thing on their AP.net Profile now. And if you're feeling frisky...
Julia Conny on 05/10/10 - 01:25 AM
As an Elliott Smith fan girl, it was no surprise that Jeremy Messersmith's debut album, The Alcatraz Kid, caught my attention back in '06. His beautiful voice was accompanied with gorgeous melodies which were very reminiscent of Elliott's work. Keeping up with Jeremy's later albums, The Silver City (2006) and the just released The Reluctant Graveyard has been just as pleasant, as his work is nothing short of amazing. If you have not had the chance to listen to any of his albums yet, we have a full stream of his latest album The Reluctant Graveyard - which was just released this past Tuesday - streaming on his AP.net profile in its entirety. This new album is the last of his trilogy, so...
Lueda Alia on 05/06/10 - 01:43 PM
The Joy Formidable's debut EP, A Balloon Called Moaning, received rave reviews last year - often drawing comparisons to the critically acclaimed Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Tomorrow, this album will finally be released in North America but you can now stream it in its entirety on their AP.net profile. It's hard to put labels on a band that has been called "a breath of fresh air" by many critics, so all that is left to say is: brace yourself for some dreamy indie pop tunes - with the perfect mix of noise rock - that will make you want to jam along. The vocals and melodies are irresistible, so go take a listen now and don't forget to purchase the album later.
Lueda Alia on 05/03/10 - 02:11 PM
Massachusetts pop-punkers Borderland's new EP, Theme Songs For A Bluffington Basement Show, is available today. If you have ten minutes to spare, you can stream the blistering EP on their AP.net profile. If you like what you hear - and I think you will - you can buy the MP3s here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/16/10 - 09:40 AM
Warm weather is finally here, which means it's time to bust out the pop punk! Looking for something new? Try Save Your Breath from across the pond. Head to the band's AP.net profile to stream their new EP, Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy. The album will be re-released by Adeline Records on April 13th, but we have an exclusive B-side entitled "The Lost Boys' accompanying our stream. Also be sure to enter our contest to win merch from the band and label.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/05/10 - 07:35 AM
It's beautiful outside, so we figured we would bring you a fun little EP to listen to that would complement this nice weather well. The Momeraths will release their debut EP A Single Cup Of Tea on April 12th, but you can now stream it on their AP.net profile in its entirety. It's upbeat and catchy, with the perfect mix of indie pop quirkiness. So if you enjoyed the Slow Club stream the other week, you might just love this one too. Go listen and make sure to buy the album when you're done.
Lueda Alia on 04/04/10 - 02:08 PM
If you are looking for new music that will make you want to dance, but still knows how to rock, check out Neon Trees' AP.net profile for a stream of their new album, Habits. Just try to listen to "Sins of My Youth," "Animal," or "Girls and Boys in School" and not get sucked in. The record was produced by Tim Pagnotta (Sugarcult) and is now available on iTunes.
Steve Henderson on 03/23/10 - 05:34 AM
In honor of tomorrow's release of I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business' The World We Know, we have two great things for you to check out. First, the entire album is streaming on ICMAM's AP.net profile for today only. You can also snag the album using a pay what you want model. Additionally, you can check out the newest Backstage Sessions segment from Ace Enders' van, where he performed "You're Not So Good At Talking Anymore" and "Timshel" in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/22/10 - 10:27 AM
As promised last week, you can now listen to Caspian's The Four Trees on their AP.net profile. If you were not able to catch the last stream, don't miss out on this gorgeous debut album. So head over there and let Caspian take you in a different world for the next hour - you won't regret it.
Lueda Alia on 03/16/10 - 12:35 PM
Caspian don't need much of an introduction - they are easily one of the most recognized and talented bands of their scene. If you enjoy post-rock, or just great music in general, then you must check them out if you have yet to. To celebrate the deluxe reissue of You Are The Conductor and The Four Trees, which will be released next Tuesday, we teamed up with The Mylene Sheath to bring you a featured stream of both records. So head over to their AP.net profile to stream You Are The Conductor, and keep an eye out for The Four Trees stream that is going up on Tuesday. Don't forget to also check out this to learn more this reissue and other goodies!
Lueda Alia on 03/12/10 - 12:08 PM
You might have already checked out Peasant this past week from the banner on our front page. If you have yet to, now is a good time to do so: the new album, Shady Retreat, can now be streamed in its entirety on his AP.net profile. If you enjoy artists such as Seabear, Page France and Elliott Smith among other folk musicians/bands, then chances are that you will enjoy this beautiful and relaxing lo-fi album. So go give it a listen and as always, don't forget to purchase the album if you enjoy it.
Lueda Alia on 03/08/10 - 02:22 PM
Action Item will be releasing their new EP, The Stronger The Love, this summer. We're streaming a demo of one of the songs "The Farther The Distance" on their AP Profile.
Joe DeAndrea on 03/03/10 - 04:00 PM
Rogue Wave will release their highly anticipated fourth album Permalight tomorrow. However, before picking up the album, you can now stream it on their AP.net profile in its entirety. If you have never checked out the band before, now is a good time to do so. Permalight finds the band mixing different genres (pop, rock and electronic among others), creating an upbeat and happy record that you can't help but fall in love with. So without wasting any further time, go listen and make sure to buy it.
Lueda Alia on 03/01/10 - 03:29 PM
For Twin Atlantic's new "Lightspeed" single release, L’Amour La Morgue (Ian from Lostprophets) remixed their song "Old Greyface". You can stream this track exclusively on the band's AP.net Profile, and grab the limited 2x7 inch vinyl single here.
Garett Press on 03/01/10 - 02:12 PM
Our readers have been talking about Butch Walker's upcoming album I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart for months, eagerly anticipating its release. The album will finally hit stores next week on February 23rd, but you can now preview it in its entirety on his AP.net profile. If you are somehow not familiar with this talented musician yet, now is the time to check him out. I Liked It Better... combines various genres beautifully (indie, country and rock among others) and it most certainly is a musical delight. So head over here to listen and make sure to pre-order the album on One Haven Music or iTunes.
Lueda Alia on 02/15/10 - 12:15 PM
Hot Chip are without a doubt one of the best electropop bands around today, and we are proud to bring you their new album, One Life Stand, which hits stores tomorrow. Head over to their AP.net profile to stream the album in its entirety and let us know your thoughts in the replies. If you like what you hear (kind of impossible not to), please make sure to purchase it.
Lueda Alia on 02/08/10 - 03:24 PM
So far, Raised By Swans have been compared to Copeland, Death Cab for Cutie, the love child of Interpol and Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World, and the list goes on and on. Either way, the band's latest release No Ghostless Place has left quite an impression on critics and casual listeners alike. Now we want you, our readers, to get a chance to hear it, so head over to their AP.net profile and stream the album in its entirety. If you like what you hear, don't forget to purchase it on their website, iTunes or Amazon.
Lueda Alia on 02/02/10 - 12:10 PM
Asking the question that has puzzled scholars and middle school students alike, Never Shout Never release new album What Is Love? today. For a sample, check the AP.net Profile to stream "California", a sunny ode to... well... you get it.
Garett Press on 01/26/10 - 10:20 AM
Doghouse Records pop-rock crooners The Status have posted their entire EP for streaming on their AP.net Profile. Let's Be Honest EP features four slick head-bobbers including the very timely timely "Christmas Song". Grab the EP as a digital stocking stuffer on iTunes.
Garett Press on 12/16/09 - 12:21 PM
If you are looking for a perfect winter album, look no further than Tim Williams' latest, Careful Love. You can now stream the album in its entirety on his AP.net profile. This is indie pop at its finest, and one of this year's best, with beautiful melodies and lyrics that will without a doubt pull at your heartstrings. The songs were written while Tim was recovering from his intensive open-heart surgery; the first single, "I Hit Another Wall," describes his painful experience. He explains, "I wrote the song as a reminder of how lucky I was to make it through. It was physically the most painful experience of my life." So take a moment to check out this incredible album about survival,...
Lueda Alia on 11/09/09 - 09:06 AM
We are happy to bring you a full album stream of Destry's new album, It Goes On, on the band's AP.net profile. If you are wondering what Michelle has been up to since leaving Straylight Run, or if you like female-led mellow folk/pop, I'd definitely recommend checking this one out. If you dig, the album is available now digitally for only $8.
Steve Henderson on 11/05/09 - 10:05 PM
If you enjoy "classic-sounding modern rock", bands like Muse and Coheed and Cambria who successfully take what's been done before and mutate it to their own distinct intent, then head to Flying Machines' Profile and check the AP-only stream of "Stay". These guys mesh Queen's classic swagger and indie-rock charm as fluidly as possible. Grab the record here.
Garett Press on 09/24/09 - 08:34 AM
Notorious "Sex & Candy" induldgers Marcy Playground just released Leaving Wonderland...in a fit of rage yesterday. If you want to hear what these talented alt-rockers are up to, hit their AP.net Profile to stream three songs from the record, one you can only find on AP.net.
Garett Press on 07/08/09 - 06:29 PM
Are you a fan of The Pixies or Pavement? Well, listen up. We're proud to bring you our newest featured stream, the debut EP from Minneapolis' Farewell Continental. Paper + Plastick is releasing the EP as a square picture disc, but supplies are limited to 500 copies. You can pre-order the vinyl here, which will be released on May 25th.
Tony Pascarella on 05/12/09 - 11:14 AM
Sparks the Rescue new album, Eyes To The Sun, arrives in stores this week. On their AP.net Profile you can stream "Skeletons", a new track you won't find on myspace. Portland's WCYY radio has reportedly been jocking this song hard. Thoughts?
Garett Press on 05/07/09 - 01:46 PM
A Love Like Pi's new full-length, The Atlas and the Oyster, hits stores today. Preview the whole kit & kaboodle now on the band's AP.net Profile. This is a band who actually knows how to make synthesizers rock.
Garett Press on 03/24/09 - 01:51 PM
In case you missed it, we've got a sweet sampler streaming on XO's AP.net Profile that includes two of the songs from the Someday EP and one rare acoustic bside. As if you've forgotten, this is Jeff and Jake Turner from Say Anything's band - some excellently melodic emotional-rock.
Garett Press on 02/26/09 - 04:35 PM
Recent Oort Records signee, pop-rock singer/songwriter Danny Rocco, has just released The Future is Now. Check out a feel-good five song sampler on his AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 12/02/08 - 11:16 AM
Need a breath of fresh autumn air? Eloquently meshing aspects of Kid A-era Radiohead with more uptempo alternative rock sounds is Canon. The recent 111 signees have just released their new album Alive, and it is streaming in entirety on the band's AP.net Profile. Wavering deftly between atmospheric and eerie, it's a welcomed change of pace.
Garett Press on 11/21/08 - 02:52 PM
The New Regime (solo project of Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails and Lostprophets) has released his debut album Coup on iTunes. However, you can currently stream the entire album on our AP.net Profile. Recommended for fans of Muse, Matchbook Romance's Voices, and Silverchair.
Garett Press on 11/18/08 - 11:31 AM
Head over to Run Doris Run's AP.net profile where we have an exclusive stream of the new song "47 Secrets and Heroes Don't Ask Why." The tune comes from their upcoming release, Vultures.
Steve Henderson on 11/11/08 - 10:08 AM
Fireworks re-released their We Are Everywhere EP on Triple Crown Records this past Tuesday. You can stream the entire EP on the band's AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 10/23/08 - 02:19 PM
We've posted "New Storms for Older Lovers" from La Dispute's forthcoming full-length Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair. Definitely recommended if you like mewithoutYou, Sinaloa, melodic hardcore, loose concept albums, or diversity. Highly touted by staff members Blake Solomon and Travis Parno.
Garett Press on 10/20/08 - 01:19 PM
Streaming in full at their AP.net Profile, you can hear all of Pompeii's new record - Nothing Happens For a Reason off Eyeball Records on October 21st. If you enjoy cellos, ethereal guitar tones, and bands like Death Cab for Cutie or Matt Pond PA, this is your jam.
Julia Conny on 10/08/08 - 09:41 AM

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