Tiger Riot's debut EP, Look Up! is streaming on their myspace and is available to download for free here. Oh, did I mention it was mixed by Casey Crescenzo? And if you like The Dear Hunter at all, you may have a new favorite band.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/03/10 - 10:47 PM
You can download the first single from Interpol's upcoming new album here.
Paul Tao on 04/28/10 - 05:14 PM
Around The World and Back have released a stripped down EP entitled, Songs to Sleep to for free. You can preview the first three tracks on their Facebook and you can download the whole EP here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/27/10 - 11:13 AM
The Antlers new video for "Sylvia" can be seen here. They are also offering a free two track EP with the video on their website entitled New York Hospitals.
Adam Pfleider on 04/15/10 - 12:28 PM
Download Easton's "Just Watch The Sky" for 24 hours only by following the band on Twitter. Their new EP, H&H, is also available ten days early exclusively through Bandcamp. You can check out the full tracklisting and cover art in the replies.
Jamie Pham on 02/11/10 - 03:43 PM
Brothers at Sea is giving away their EP for free on Purevolume.
Jamie Pham on 02/02/10 - 06:16 PM
The Right Coast are giving away their song “Our Name In Lights” for free if you follow them on twitter.
Jamie Pham on 01/28/10 - 02:59 PM
Ocean Is Theory is giving two songs from their latest EP, In My Blood Again, away for free here.
Anton Djamoos on 01/20/10 - 10:18 AM
Empires just posted BANG Digital Single No. 2 with Side A: "Damn Things Over" | Side B: "I Know You Know" on their webpage.

Submitted by sdbrown
Tony Pascarella on 01/11/10 - 09:55 PM
Download The Years Gone By's Christmas song, "Christmas Eve," for free here.

Submitted by hiya
Joe DeAndrea on 12/07/09 - 10:38 PM
MxPx's version of "Auld Lang Syne" can be downloaded for free here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 12/02/09 - 08:48 AM
You can download a free MP3 of the new R. Kelly song called "Pregnant" here. The song features guest appearances by The-Dream, Tyrese and Robin Thicke.
Paul Tao on 11/25/09 - 02:36 PM
Join the Just Surrender mailing list and get a free acoustic version of a new song, "Burning Up." Another new song, "On My Own," can be heard on the band's myspace.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/11/09 - 11:46 AM
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Doolittle, a live Pixies EP can be downloaded for free here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/06/09 - 11:30 AM
What better way to celebrate Halloween than grabbing a new song from The Fold for free? Just e-mail freesong@thefoldrock.com for your MP3.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/31/09 - 08:20 AM
Download the new Drew Danburry EP, Geraniums, for free on his website. You can also find some new tour dates in the replies.
Jamie Pham on 10/27/09 - 10:19 PM
Drew Danburry is giving away most of his songs for free on his website.
Jamie Pham on 10/09/09 - 01:15 PM
Craig Owens (of Chiodos) will be releasing a free solo EP featuring covers of Counting Crows, Joy Division, Warren G, Usher, and Ne-Yo.
Alex DiVincenzo on 09/23/09 - 05:36 PM
You can download an unreleased AFI b-side for free here.
Chris Fallon on 09/11/09 - 02:05 AM
In celebration of their 14th anniversary, Suburban Home Records is giving you your choice of one free album. In case you're stuck in your decision, I have a few recommendations.
Chris Fallon on 09/09/09 - 03:19 PM
Chad Johnson, who is responsible for signing Underoath, Mae, Anberlin, and more, has a new record label called Come and Live and they are giving a free compilation featuring their artists.
Jamie Pham on 09/07/09 - 04:04 PM
Don't forget that today is the last day to get any song of your choice free from Amazon MP3. Take advantage of this deal if you haven't yet.
Anton Djamoos on 09/06/09 - 07:41 AM
Deep Elm Records is giving away a free sampler for download via Amazon. The track list features Fightstar, The Appleseed Cast, Latterman, and more, which you can scope here.
Anton Djamoos on 09/05/09 - 11:07 AM
Want a free Drew Danburry song? Check the replies for details.
Jamie Pham on 09/04/09 - 09:13 PM
A new song from The Fall of Troy entitled "Panic Attack" was recently released to fans via the band's mailing list, which encouraged them to share it. The song can be downloaded for free here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/31/09 - 08:06 PM
Simple Stereo have recently released two free digital EPs. Download The Silence Club's self-titled EP here, and Love Like This' self-titled EP here.
Garett Press on 08/18/09 - 12:59 PM
Amazon is giving away over 1,000 songs from artists such as All Time Low, Death Cab For Cutie, Bayside, House of Heroes, and more. Which song on this list do you recommend other people get for free?
Anton Djamoos on 08/15/09 - 02:49 PM
Brave Citizens have posted the deluxe version of their debut EP, Revolutions for free download here. If you haven't heard this EP yet, it comes highly recommended.
Tony Pascarella on 08/05/09 - 05:01 PM
All Time Low's "Weightless" can be downloaded for free at Amazon MP3.

Submitted by emkvetwin
Joe DeAndrea on 08/03/09 - 03:50 AM
Spanish Gamble (Paper + Plastick Records) are giving away their new EP. Download it here.
Mike Kraft on 07/15/09 - 01:28 PM
You can download a new song from The Avett Brothers called "I and Love and You" here. The Rick Rubin produced album will be released on August 11th.
Jamie Pham on 06/24/09 - 11:51 AM
The Jakes have posted a video update and are giving away their entire Shake My Hand EP for free here.
Jamie Pham on 06/24/09 - 11:38 AM
Tyga has released a new mixtape for free download.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/12/09 - 10:11 PM
Maisie has posted an acoustic version of "Anywhere But Here" for free download on purevolume.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/08/09 - 02:54 PM
In celebration of his new online store, Polaris At Noon is giving AP.net users a limited time, free mp3 download special. Head over to the store and use the voucher code "ABSOLUTEMP3" at the checkout to get a free mp3 of your choice.
Garett Press on 05/27/09 - 01:56 PM
If you visit the AP.net-sponsored Give It All You Got Festival's profile, you can download four free songs from bands playing at the festival this year (May 30th in Warrenton, VA). Grab your free digital sampler now and don't forget to purchase tickets here.
Paul Tao on 05/22/09 - 10:37 AM
Electric Valentine has remixed Runner Runner's "So Obvious" and we're giving it away for a free download. Check it out here.
Joe DeAndrea on 04/21/09 - 07:38 PM
Victory Records is giving away a free digital sampler via Amazon MP3.
Joe DeAndrea on 03/23/09 - 12:28 PM
Purevolume has launched "Best of Purevolume Sessions" featuring 15 songs for download including Say Anything, Good Old War, and Portugal. The Man.
Joe DeAndrea on 02/14/09 - 02:38 PM
Maisie has posted her new EP, Visions, up for free download.
Joe DeAndrea on 02/13/09 - 08:49 PM
For anyone trying to make tonight extra special, Amazon is giving away Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" today and tomorrow.

Submitted by CyberInferno
Jamie Pham on 02/13/09 - 09:53 AM
The Hoodies have posted a free download of their cover of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" on their myspace. So, which is better: The Hoodies' cover or Forever The Sickest Kids'?

Submitted by lissalynn
Joe DeAndrea on 02/05/09 - 03:26 AM
Just a reminder that we have an exclusive, free sampler from Standby Records available for download. The sampler features tracks from all of their recent and upcoming releases, eleven songs in total.
Garett Press on 01/28/09 - 02:30 PM
The Decemberists are offering a free download of "The Rakes Song" taken from their upcoming album The Hazards Of Love. The song can be downloaded on their website.

Submitted by metallikunt
Jamie Pham on 01/15/09 - 10:57 AM
Oh No Not Stereo released their new record 003 yesterday, an energized blend of all things alternative rock. We've got the track "Hurricanes (Right Behind You)" up for free download on their AP.net Profile, an aggressive, accessible adrenaline-rush. Rock radio, pay attention.
Garett Press on 01/14/09 - 03:15 PM
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