Next time you're wondering, "hey, is today burrito day?" -- this website has you covered.
Jason Tate on 04/18/14 - 11:59 AM
Fuck it ... I'm posting weird shit on the homepage too. What happens when you show little kids a Walkman? Hilarity happens. Check the replies.

Submitted by brettrsd
Jason Tate on 04/15/14 - 01:42 PM
What do the Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," the Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out" and Nickelback's "Rockstar" all have in common? They are all music songs and they are all on this page. Please, let us discuss in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 04/15/14 - 01:22 PM
Ok, not really ... but Drake did appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a special segment of "I Witness News." He dons a beard and wig before taking to the street to talk to people about, you guessed it, Drake. He accuses himself of peeing in Baby Gap and refusing to acknowledge white sports players at the Espys, which he's hosting later this year. Full video is in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 04/11/14 - 10:44 AM
To complete Beyoncé's aggressive cultural takeover, there is now a soundboard based on her self-titled album from last year. It's flawless.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/25/14 - 06:21 AM
Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew to Coachella and interviewed concert goers. The set up was the interviewer fabricating band names and see how the people would react. Watch the hilarity in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 04/23/13 - 09:21 AM
Since this has been submitted by a ton of you, I thought I'd post it. Someone decided to mash-up Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole" with Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." The end result is "Call Me a Hole," which you can stream in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 03/06/13 - 08:47 AM
12 years ago, Aaron Carter "beat" NBA Legend Shaquille O' Neal. Watch the "rematch" in the replies.
Jake Denning on 03/06/13 - 12:12 AM
Have you ever wanted your favorite Blink 182 song remixed? Or how about someone to comb your girlfriend's hair? Dillon Francis is here to save the day. He has updated his merch store with some pretty funny options.

Submitted by mattpuch21
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/08/13 - 10:02 AM
This has absolutely nothing to do with music (but hey, neither does Kesha and we post about her) -- but it's my site and I feel like sharing the elevator prank video that would make me shit my pants and probably punch a child in makeup. It's in the replies.
Jason Tate on 11/29/12 - 01:59 PM
What happens when you combine your favorite indie bands with the world of basketball? Well, you get one of the best tumblr sites in recent memory: Indie Basketball.
Drew Beringer on 10/17/12 - 01:33 PM
Ever wondered what your favorite rap album covers would look like with Aziz Ansari's face photoshopped into them? You haven't? Why? It's great!
Blake Solomon on 08/06/12 - 02:32 PM
Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas recently confessed that he can't sing very well and he relies on autotune.
From the ArticleThe rapper, writer and producer added: “I like staying in the studio. The computer allows me to make music, sing it myself, and not wait around for a singer to come along and sing the songs. “The computer allows me to execute a lot of my ideas at the speed that I think them so that’s why I lean to the autotune.”

Submitted by zachff
Thomas Nassiff on 05/25/12 - 06:13 AM
Okay, at the risk of this not being news ... it's making the rounds on the Internet, so we have to share. Head to the replies to check out an old TV advertisement from the '90s for a compilation CD (or cassette!!!) simply titled PUNK. It features, of course, bands like Men At Work, INXS, Huey Lewis and The News, The Knack, Romantics, and Toni Basil ... of course. This is a must-watch.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/16/12 - 03:56 PM
An optometrist is warning that "swooping haircuts" may just end up leading to eye problems.
From The ArticleMr Hogan said a curtain of hair over one eye could actually act like an eyepatch, limiting the eye's access to both sunlight and sensory stimulation. He said recent research had shown a lack of direct sunlight resulted in short sightedness.
Submitted by mr_raccoon
Jason Tate on 05/14/12 - 09:56 AM
We have an amusing, yet, accurate picture on our Facebook page right now. So why not bring it on our actual site, right? Head to the replies and join the fun by making your own AP.net version of... donuts!
Lueda Alia on 02/06/12 - 05:30 PM
It's safe to say that "Cooking with Skrillex" is the internet at its best.
Jason Tate on 01/23/12 - 09:06 AM
Head to the replies to watch Mixtapes demoing a song called "Axl Rose" for their 2012 full-length. The record will be titled Life Of A Jughead.
Thomas Nassiff on 12/15/11 - 06:58 PM
For an excellent lunchtime read, click here to read Dennis Lyxzen (Refused vocalist) write about today's popular music. He weights in on bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Attack Attack!, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk and many more.
Thomas Nassiff on 11/29/11 - 10:09 AM
A pair of music critics in Winnipeg have written a letter to the commissioner of the National Hockey League. The subject? They don't want Nickelback to play at the first Winnipeg Jets game in 15 years.
Thomas Nassiff on 09/02/11 - 12:23 PM
Paul Tao on 04/13/11 - 09:36 AM
Basketball star Blake Griffin recently teamed up with Myspace to make some comedy videos. Finally, something to save the Myspace ship.

Submitted by lovelesscrux
Blake Solomon on 02/18/11 - 07:38 AM
Adam Pfleider on 02/03/11 - 12:32 PM
Will Ferrell and John C Reilly will be teaming up for a Step Brothers rap album.

Submitted by Drow Swordsman
Blake Solomon on 01/10/11 - 08:45 AM
Jack Black has promised the people of the world more tunes from Tenacious D. Maybe one of them will be the best song in the world. HeeHeeHee!

Submitted by EvilZeppelin
Blake Solomon on 01/04/11 - 10:37 PM
A man admitted to using stolen credit cards to buy his own songs on iTunes and Amazon in order to get higher royalties.
Paul Tao on 12/16/10 - 10:50 AM
Videogum recently "took one for the team" and visited a Brokencyde, Millionaires and Kill Paradise show in New Jersey. Check out their amazing review here.
Blake Solomon on 11/23/10 - 11:36 AM
Angelina from The Jersey Shore has released a rap song. Luckily, you can hear Mike The Situation's rap on the very same page. Combined they have the musical talent of a below-average third grader.
Thomas Nassiff on 11/12/10 - 11:32 PM
It seems like Every Time I Die are causing quite a stir on their Twitter account... by falsely retweeting famous celebrities to promote their new DVD, Shit Happens The Series?.

Submitted by matthewpaul.
Thomas Nassiff on 10/06/10 - 07:03 PM
Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes goes on a rant on the state of popular music nowadays, watchable in the replies.
Paul Tao on 05/10/10 - 04:49 PM
Can you guess what the largest concert in history was? Probably not.
Paul Tao on 05/09/10 - 01:44 PM
The lyricist from For Our Hero has a comic depicting you members as a purple monster! The band also has put up a demo of "We Got Spirit" on their myspace.
Anton Djamoos on 10/17/09 - 08:56 AM
Eleventyseven's song about Twilight, called "Flashlight (The Cullen Song)", can be heard in the replies.
Blake Solomon on 10/05/09 - 02:04 PM
When you yell at someone, make sure you aren't wearing their band t-shirt. Video in the replies.

Submitted by TSTLSOOM
Blake Solomon on 09/22/09 - 09:13 PM
Cee-Lo recently remixed the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, which is on Spongebob's Greatest Hits.
Paul Tao on 07/16/09 - 12:27 PM
Brokencyde's new video for "40 oz." can be seen in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 06/28/09 - 02:03 PM
Spencer Pratt (The Hills) is going to release a rap album, and is already referring to himself as "the white Jay-Z."
Steve Henderson on 05/12/09 - 10:34 AM
Watch Stephen Laurenson (Copeland) and David Blaise (This Providence) having some "extreme" fun on their day off in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 05/02/09 - 04:19 AM
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have urged the Pet Shop Boys to adopt the more "creature-friendly" name the Rescue Shelter Boys.
Adrian Villagomez on 04/11/09 - 12:59 AM
Merengue star Elvis Crespo was arrested today for rubbing one off on an airplane in front of other passengers.
Steve Henderson on 03/26/09 - 11:52 AM
Radiohead have owned Miley Cyrus in response to her Grammy snub tantrum.
From the articleThe band wasn't amused by her story. "When Miley grows up, she'll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement," the band told the new issue of Us Weekly in a statement.
Steve Henderson on 03/12/09 - 02:05 PM
Demetri Martin has written a 224-word palindrome poem. Check out the genius here. Anyone else loving Important Things as much as I am?
Steve Henderson on 03/10/09 - 11:57 AM
Scientists are working on a ringtone that is supposed to give women bigger breasts.
Steve Henderson on 03/10/09 - 11:25 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Christian Bale's freakout...the remix.
Steve Henderson on 02/04/09 - 06:29 AM
If you missed SNL this weekend, you didn't catch the latest bit of musical hilarity from Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone. Check the replies for the video.
Steve Henderson on 12/08/08 - 11:27 AM
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