Future's new album EVOL is now available to stream exclusively on Apple Music.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/06/16 - 11:19 AM
Future's new album EVOL was announced yesterday and will be available on the 6th. He's shared the first taste of the record, titled "Fly Shit Only" that you can stream in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/04/16 - 10:41 AM
Nicki Minaj has remixed Yo Gotti's hit "Down in The DM," referencing her confrontation with Miley Cyrus at the VMA's. Stream it at Stereogum.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/04/16 - 09:14 AM
Kanye West's seventh solo album, which might be called WAVES, or SWISH or maybe So Help Me God, who knows (Kanye seems unclear himself!), is now available to preorder on his website alongside tickets to hear the album alongside a showing of Yeezy Season 3 streamed from Madison Square Garden.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/04/16 - 08:11 AM
Continuing his descent into the same kind of madness that marked his 2010-era Twitter, Kanye tweeted what was ostensibly a Rolling Stone cover featuring him shot by Tyler, The Creator and which posed the question: "Does He Like Mustard?" Rolling Stone denied it was a cover, but Kanye has since tweeted a poll asking his followers whether it should be a cover. No word on whether there were ever any actual plans for Yeezy to grace RS this month.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/03/16 - 06:15 PM
Here we go: Future has announced his new album EVOL will be available for preorder on iTunes at midnight, and has been tweeting about a "new deal" with Apple Music, which likely means its an Apple exclusive release, with it potentially premiering on DJ Khaled's Apple Radio show on Friday. Check out the artwork in the replies. Meanwhile, Young Thug's, who has a new mixtape I'm Up is due out Friday, twitter is filled with barely-veiled shots at Future.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/03/16 - 06:09 PM
Drake is appearing in a T-Mobile ad during the Super Bowl in which he accepts changes to "Hotline Bling" at the suggestion of corporate executives. Watch in the replies, and wonder with me: is meta commentary for a company any better than flat out selling your art?
Ryan Dennehy on 02/02/16 - 08:53 AM
Future just dropped Purple Reign a few weeks back, but apparently he's already got another one coming this friday: DJ Khaled announced on Snapchat alongside Future himself that he will be premiering a new Future album on his We The Best radio show debut on Apple Music. The show will air at 8 PM EST on Friday.
Ryan Dennehy on 02/01/16 - 03:48 PM
Meek Mill dropped his second 4-4 EP last night, including a song that is a direct response to many of Drake's lyrics on his new single "Summer Sixteen." On Instagram, Meek claimed he was able to respond to the song so quickly because "the ghostwriter told me" about the lyrics.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/31/16 - 09:24 AM
Drake premiered a remix of Future's "March Madness" featuring Nas last night on his OVO Radio show. You can stream it here.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/31/16 - 09:16 AM
Kanye West will perform on SNL on February 13th, with hosting by Melissa McCarthy. WAVES is due out on February 11th.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/29/16 - 12:32 PM
Freddie Gibbs has remixed Kanye's WAVES track "No More Parties In L.A." track, rechristening it "Cocaine Parties In L.A." Stream it in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/27/16 - 09:51 AM
Kanye has changed his upcoming album's title again. Originally So Help Me God, then SWISH, his seventh record is now titled WAVES. The album is being premiered February 11th and I will continue to refer to it as SWISH because that is the best album title ever.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/26/16 - 06:50 PM
In 2013, Kanye hinted at a Miley Cyrus remix of his Yeezus track "Black Skinhead." It's finally hit the internet, and you can stream it over at Vulture. It's weird.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/21/16 - 08:43 AM
Lil Wayne has been mired in a conflict with his label, Cash Money, for over a year now and has repeatedly dissed the label's head and man he has referred to as his dad, Birdman over no less than three mixtapes and a Drake mixtape seemingly aimed in his direction. Birdman was also implicated in a plot to murder Wayne over the summer (alongside Young Thug), but it seems like things might be cooling down after the pair have appeared together twice now since NYE. Maybe the perpetually delayed Carter V is closer than we thought.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/19/16 - 08:36 AM
Meek Mill dropped a new EP titled 4/4 (yes he disses Drake and 50 Cent on it) over the weekend that you can stream here, and also dropped a new single titled "Problem" that can be found in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/19/16 - 08:24 AM
Complex has posted a fascinating piece attempting to dissect which hip-hop artist ruled each year of music since 1979. What do you think, do you agree with their selections? Do you think Kendrick (or Future) deserved the nod for 2015 over Drake?
Itís still important to consider that the Best Rapper Alive debate is different from the GOAT conversation. Being the BRA doesnít mean youíre the biggest or the most successful; it just means you're the Best at one particular moment. Of course in hip-hop, being the best is intrinsically about being BIG. And being at your best doesnít make you the best, so if your prime coincides with someone elseís, well, hey, thereís always next year.
Craig Ismaili on 01/18/16 - 12:40 PM
Kanye has dropped the delayed installment in his G.O.O.D. Friday series "No More Parties in L.A." featuring Kendrick Lamar with production from Madlib. Stream it in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/18/16 - 05:46 AM
Future has dropped a new mixtape executive produced by DJ Esco and Metro Boomin titled Purple Reign. Stream or download it at LiveMixtapes.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/17/16 - 08:29 AM
Snapchat superstar DJ Khaled and Future were on Kimmel last night, where they performed "All I Do Is Win," "You Mine," "Jumpman," and "I Don't Play About My Paper." Khaled also gave some advice to Jeb Bush, apparently an actual Republican candidate and not just a particularly lifelike waterlogged cardboard cutout, telling him: "Don't play yourself." Too little, too late, Khaled. Watch the performance in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/14/16 - 07:44 AM
Check out a newly surfaced Earl Sweatshirt song, "Mirror," in the replies. The track is a B-side from last year's I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside.
"It's just way more progressive and it's not produced by me," Earl told Pitchfork about the song. "It's just one verse and a hook and I was just snapping on that shit. It's funny: When I was making the album, I was talking about making ďmirror raps,Ē which are fly for you when you're getting ready to go to school. Raps you're trying say in the damn mirror."
Aaron Mook on 01/13/16 - 01:30 PM
Update #2: Looks like it's gone again! Someone teach Kanye how to use Soundcloud please. Oh, now it's on www.kanyewest.com. Okay. Whatever, then.

Update: After taking it down due to "distortion in the main loop" of "Real Friends," Kanye has reupped the track to Soundcloud.

Kanye West just dropped "Real Friends" featuring Ty Dolla $ign, and appended a preview of "No More Parties In LA" featuring Kendrick Lamar. The tracks were swiftly taken down from his soundcloud, but can be listened to here.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/08/16 - 11:16 AM
Are G.O.O.D. Fridays back? Kim Kardashian tweeted last night that another new Kanye song (following last weeks "FACTS") would be released today and that he would be releasing music every friday for an undisclosed amount of time.
Ryan Dennehy on 01/08/16 - 07:17 AM
Ryan Dennehy on 01/04/16 - 03:55 PM
Kanye West's forthcoming seventh LP SWISH (formerly known as So Help Me God), doesn't have a release date and it seems like one isn't coming anytime soon. Pusha T, one of Kanye's closest collaborators who was recently named president of Kanye's label GOOD Music, recently gave an interview where he said even he doesn't know when the album is coming. Yeezy Season may or may not be approaching.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/30/15 - 12:09 PM
Future is not shy about his love for lean, the Sprite and cough medicine mixture, going so far as to name his recent album DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2) for it. It seems like Robitussin might reciprocate, with a recent ad featuring a colorful cloud of germs bearing a striking resemblance to DS2's art. Check out the ad and the art in the replies to compare and let me know if maybe I'm seeing things.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/29/15 - 02:13 PM
After god knows how many false starts, Ghostface Killah says that DoomStarks, his long anticipated collaborative album with MF DOOM, will be out in February.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/29/15 - 01:48 PM
Kendrick Lamar, who received some criticism for the lyrics on his To Pimp A Butterfly track "The Blacker The Berry" for hewing closely to respectability politics, has shed some more light on the line and clarified it in an interview with NPR. Lamar said "The message Iím sending to myself ó I canít change the world until I change myself first, for instance, when Chad [Keaton, a childhood friend,] was killed, I canít disregard the emotion of me relapsing and feeling the same anger that I felt when I was 16, 17 ó when I wanted the next family to hurt, because you made my family hurt. Them emotions were still running in me, thinking about him being slain like that. Whether Iím a rap star or...
Ryan Dennehy on 12/29/15 - 01:32 PM
Jeff Weiss, writing for Pitchfork, goes long on the two beefs that helped define Drake's (and hip-hop's) 2015: the hot one with Meek Mill and the cold one with Kendrick Lamar:
But itís more than a simple dialectic between art and commerce. Kendrickís appearance on Taylor Swiftís ďBad BloodĒ remix mars any notion of false purity; Drake has surely written a sincere song or two that doesnít try to turn a Hooters waitress into Helen of Troy. Theyíre ultimately wrestling for the throne of an art form with plenty of room for both to co-exist.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/29/15 - 12:57 PM
Future and The Weeknd have shared a new collaborative track titled "Low Life" that can be streamed in the replies. The Weeknd also remixed Jeremih's Late Nights highlight "Pass Dat," which can also be streamed in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/24/15 - 10:26 PM
Pusha T's new album, King Push: Darkest Before Dawn - The Prelude (what a terrible title) is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. The ten track album serves as an appetizer for King Push, due out Spring 2016.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/18/15 - 09:42 AM
A$AP Ferg just dropped a new track called "New Level" with a guest appearance by Future. Stream it here.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/18/15 - 08:40 AM
Ty Dolla $ign's "Blase," a highlight off his excellent debut album Free T.C. that featured Future and Rae Sremmurd, just got the all-star remix treatment twice: one remix features Jeezy, Juicy J, and Diddy, while the other features A$AP Ferg, T.I., and French Montana. Stream both in the replies and catch Ty on tour with Future next year.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/11/15 - 09:51 AM
Pusha T has announced the preorder for his new album Darkest Before Dawn, billed as the prelude to his upcoming King Push. Darkest is out Dec. 18th and features Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, Kehlani, The-Dream, and more. He's also released "Crutches, Crosses, Caskets" produced by Diddy on Apple Music. Check out the full tracklisting in the replies.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/11/15 - 08:02 AM
Drake hasn't been shy about the troubled relationship he has with Cash Money Records, and this probably won't help things: Hits Daily Double reports that his massive single "Hotline Bling" wasn't nominated for any Grammys this year because of a "clerical error." Presumably it got lost in Birdman's pile of paperwork for his "oil company."
Ryan Dennehy on 12/09/15 - 09:21 AM
Future and Ty Dolla $ign have announced the Purple Reign Tour, kicking off in February 2016 and taking them around the country. Hit the replies for the tours dates and announcement video while I have a heart attack.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/09/15 - 08:01 AM
Martin Shkreli, the drug company exec widely loathed for jacking prices of a life saving drug 5,000% higher, is apparently the anonymous buyer of the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Shkreli mentions the possibility of paying other artists to record albums just for him, and also says "I could be convinced to listen to it earlier if Taylor Swift wants to hear it or something like that, but for now, I think Iím going to kind of save it for a rainy day," and RZA says they donated a significant portion of the purchase to charity. I hate this dude.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/09/15 - 07:01 AM
Elton John recently sat down with Noisey for an interview, and things suddenly veered into a conversation about Young Thug, who Elton says he loves before comparing him to John Lennon. Hell yeah, Sir Elton rules.
I love that record! I actually asked [Universal Music CEO] David Joseph about it. I heard a track on Beats 1 and I loved it so much. But heís got himself into trouble, hasnít he? I love all of that, itís unexpected. I remember when Blind Faith came out, with a nude girl and John & Yoko, you had to buy it in a black plastic bag. And you should be able to do things like that but we donít live in that kind of world anymore.
Ryan Dennehy on 12/04/15 - 01:54 PM
Pusha T will release a new album, Darkest Before The Dawn, on December 18th. His long in the works album King Push will come out in spring 2016.
Ryan Dennehy on 11/23/15 - 06:09 PM
Future just dropped the (NSFW) video for his DS2 track "Rich $ex," with a starring appearance from Blac Chyna. It's raunchy as fuck and in the replies. This is Future's 28th video this year, which no one cares about besides me.
Ryan Dennehy on 11/19/15 - 08:50 PM
Pusha T has shared a new track from his upcoming sophomore solo album King Push. It's called "Untouchable," which you can stream in the replies. Also, he was recently named president of GOOD Music, which is Kanye's own imprint and home to Big Sean and John Legend. Clearly this is a way to get Push some executive experience to get him on Kanye's 2020 candidacy.
Ryan Dennehy on 11/12/15 - 12:58 PM
Classixx have shared a new single called "Whatever I Want" featuring T-Pain with Apple Music, noting that they "heard the instrumental for 'Can't Believe It' and feeling kindred." That shared connection is extremely evident on the song which can be heard here.
Ryan Dennehy on 11/12/15 - 12:35 PM
Future has shared "Last Breath," his contribution to the soundtrack of the upcoming film Creed. The song flips Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" and was coproduced by Metro Boomin and Childish Gambino's go-to producer Ludwig Goransson.
Ryan Dennehy on 11/11/15 - 11:28 AM
Young Thug has been claiming he's going to release two mixtapes on Halloween: one is a collaborative effort with Migos titled MigosThuggin, and the other is Slime Season 2, a sequel to his just-released mixtape.
Ryan Dennehy on 10/29/15 - 01:28 PM
Ty Dolla $ign's debut album Free T.C. is out next month, and he recently shared the DJ Mustard produced banger "Saved" featuring E-40 as well as "Solid" featuring Babyface. Stream both in the replies, and get excited for what is shaping up to be one of the best R&B albums of the year.
Ryan Dennehy on 10/29/15 - 01:20 PM
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