Oh me oh my, another Thursday and another interesting new talent ready to bring utopia through your speakers. Meet Harps, an electronic duo featuring Colin Brown (ex-Marry A Thief) and producer Aaron Robertson. Their electro-pop fare will make you contemplative, but it will still have you turning those speakers up all the same. Check out their new single "Wait and See", featuring rapper Parrelli Blu, and their cover of Lenka's "Trouble is a Friend" on the group's AP.net profile.
Blake Solomon on 04/21/11 - 08:20 AM
Today is Thursday, recognized the world over as being the day exciting, young bands spring up from the fertile grounds of their homeland to shower sweet tunes upon us. Streetlight Fire, not wanting to mess with tradition, have blessed us with their music which is equal parts The Dangerous Summer and As Cities Burn (see Ryan's review). Head over to the band's AP.net Profile to hear three (Yep, THREE) acoustic cuts from their bewilderingly good Architects EP, along with two of the album's original songs. The term, "Schwing!" comes to mind.
Blake Solomon on 04/14/11 - 10:08 AM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you a song stream from Southern California's Science Fiction Theater (featuring ex-members of Rufio and Hopefield). Head on over to their AP.net profile to check out their brand new song, "Broken is Art."
Jamie Pham on 09/03/10 - 08:38 AM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you a song stream and EP download from a group of 18-19 year olds from Orange County called Brothers at Sea. Head on over to their AP.net's profile to check out their EP, This Is A Redemption Melody.
Jamie Pham on 03/10/10 - 10:31 AM
Congrats to former Showcase and Absolute 100 band, Hotel of the Laughing Tree, for having won the MTV Woodie award for Best Music On Campus. Stream the new EP on their AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 11/19/09 - 12:41 PM
We thought you might enjoy the sandy vocals and raw-sounding indie-punk delivery of a band who sound wise beyond their years, Static Jacks. Check out two of their brand new songs, one exclusive, on their AP.net Profile and sound off on whether they deserve some label love.
Garett Press on 09/01/09 - 03:05 PM
Our first FREE-P offering in some time also doubles as an Unsigned Showcase, as we bring you the debut release from pop craftsmen Brighter Shades. This free download of their You Shine So Bright EP contains seven pop gems filled with whimsical melody and sunny instrumentation. There's big horn arrangements, strings, woodwinds, theremin - everything short of an army of didgeridoos. So download it now on their AP.net Profile for the cost of on-the-house.
Garett Press on 08/14/09 - 09:16 AM
We had a bit of a break in there, but we finally have a new exclusive video blog from The Narrative as part of our Unsigned Showcase with the band. Head to the replies to see what these guys are up to.
Steve Henderson on 07/31/09 - 10:04 AM
Today's Unsigned Showcase introduces young buzz-makers Leone, who's brooding chord progressions are perfect haunting grounds for the ghostly vocal range of lead singer Will Thomas. Check out two demos from their upcoming full-length on their AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 07/29/09 - 02:36 PM
Everybody put on your discovery caps and take a listen to today's Unsigned Showcase: Hotel of the Laughing Tree. If the thought of The Dear Hunter and Conor Oberst mating in the presence of Margot & The Nuclear So and So's turns you on, you might really dig this exclusive stream of the entire brand new EP, Old Dominion, on their AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 07/23/09 - 11:57 AM
Paramore and VersaEmerge have recently reminded us how dynamic female-fronted pop-rock can be, and now comes a contender for the third spot in the triad, Speakeasy Tiger. On their AP.net Profile you can check out three tracks, one exclusive to us, displaying the group's Hayley-like vocal prowess and invigorating melodies.
Garett Press on 07/07/09 - 01:51 PM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you a full EP download from Southern California's The Motel Life. Head on over to their AP.net's profile to check out their EP, We All Left Something Behind. This is summer pop at it's finest!
Jamie Pham on 06/24/09 - 09:03 AM
Today we feature another most eligible bachelor of the unsigned artist world, Consider The Thief. If you are a fan of anything Thrice has done since Vheissu or enjoy digital and piano-based rock sounds then get yourself to the band's AP.net Profile and stream their entire new full-length, exclusively here.
Garett Press on 06/11/09 - 01:16 PM
Don't forget we're streaming the entire new album from unsigned up-and-comers We Are Voices. Their ambient indie-rock sound might just freshen up your playlist a bit. Feedback thus far has been very strong.
Garett Press on 05/12/09 - 12:29 PM
Hailing from the BBQ mecca of Kansas City, Missouri, We Are Voices bring a little something different to the musical dining table. I know, that was a great metaphor. Anyway, the group's Appleseed Cast-esque atmospheres and Lydia-ish emotions make them, you know, "so in" right now. It's our pleasure to bring you a stream of their entire full-length right here. What Makes Us So Alive? drops May 12th.
Blake Solomon on 05/08/09 - 08:16 AM
"The next time you hear from [these guys] might be on the radio." So it's only fitting that the latest Unsigned Showcase would feature Me Verse You (ex-So They Say). As a sign of good measure, these guys have generously allowed us to stream two new tracks off their debut, Another Enemy, to be released on iTunes April 27, 2009, on their AbsolutePunk profile. Give them a listen and let us know what you think.
Mike Kraft on 04/20/09 - 01:24 AM
For our latest Unsigned Showcase, we are bringing you a stream of The Narrative's excellent EP, Just Say Yes, along with an exclusive new demo named "Fade." If you like Lydia, Death Cab for Cutie, or old Straylight Run, head to the band's AP.net profile to check out all the goodness.
Steve Henderson on 04/13/09 - 06:25 AM
Shining Through, project of James Clelland, will be releasing a new EP called Shapeshifter on May 1st. We've managed to snag the second track off the EP for exclusive stream on their AP.net Profile. All of the instruments, save for drums, were recorded by James. Highly recommended for Say Anything, Weatherbox, and Criteria fans.
Garett Press on 04/12/09 - 12:43 PM
Been looking for The Working Title? We found 'em, and we've got the exclusive premiere of their new song "Dead Inside" from the May 9th release, Bone Island. You can stream the song on their AP.net profile or download it for keeps (beneath the stream). My only question: Where the labels at?!
Garett Press on 04/10/09 - 12:53 PM
Sea of Stars doesn't hit digital retailers until April 14th, but Unsigned Showcase Oh, The Story! are hooking us up with a FREE-P. Pretty nice of them, huh? To top it off, they're also giving away their their first full length, Good Morning Illumination. It's two for the price of nothing!
Julia Conny on 04/05/09 - 02:52 PM
Paul Menotiades, formerly of Punchline, has started a new band called The Composure. They are currently mixing a brand new record with Mark Trombino, but we've got two exclusive preview tracks on the band's AP.net Profile so you can hear what makes these guys an Unsigned Showcase to watch.
Garett Press on 03/26/09 - 01:49 PM
Today marks the day of The Hint's new EP release, I Am The Hint, and lucky for us, we're streaming the whole ditty. Listen to the Unsigned Showcase at the band's AP.net Profile, and if you're really digging this Maryland moody pop-rock, you can get your own copy on iTunes.
Julia Conny on 03/17/09 - 08:52 PM
If you remember InMemory, then you're already familiar with the chaotic vocals that front today's Unsigned Showcase, The Sound Archives. Melding influences like The Mars Volta, Glassjaw, and Incubus these guys churn out noisy, technical alternative rock. Stream three tracks on their AP.net Profile, including one that is exclusive to us.
Garett Press on 02/27/09 - 03:56 PM
For our latest Unsigned Showcase, we are pleased to treat your ears to an exclusive stream of Crash Boom Bang's debut LP, Gold Rush. If you are in the mood for some clean-cut pop from these rising stars out of Northern Virginia, check out the record here. Gold Rush comes out February 17th, and if you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album here.
Steve Henderson on 01/30/09 - 02:02 PM
Our current Unsigned Showcase highlights The Smyrk, a tight, technical four-piece who's groovy pop hooks are anchored by a soulful full-bodied vocalist. You can check out their two freshest tracks on their AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 01/19/09 - 02:15 PM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you acoustic tracks from Orange County's The Jakes. The band is starting to build momentum buzz throughout the industry. They are opening up for the Kings of Leon at the House of Blues in Chicago on January 24th. Head on over to the band's AP.net profile to check out the tracks and videos.
Jamie Pham on 01/14/09 - 08:02 AM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you a full EP stream from Orange County's The Sequence. Head on over to their AP.net's profile to check out their EP, In Lights.
Jamie Pham on 01/05/09 - 10:49 AM
One of our last Unsigned Showcases of the year might also be our best. You can now head over to Moving Mountains' AP.net profile for an exclusive stream of their brand new Foreword EP. These post-rockers are somehow unsigned at the moment, but their raw emotional power deserves to reach the ears of many.
Garett Press on 12/11/08 - 08:43 AM
Today's showcase is for The Real You, an ultra-pleasant sounding piano-rock band in the vein of Jack's Mannequin and Waking Ashland. Stream their entire new EP exclusively on their AP.net Profile. The record will be available the 9th, think they deserve to be signed?
Garett Press on 12/03/08 - 02:32 PM
In this Unsigned Showcase, we are giving away four songs from Chicago's Vertigo Whales for free download. This name might be fresh to your ears, but the progressive rock and pop of this band call upon all sorts of familiar outfits like Muse, Lydia or Keane. We think you need to hear this. Download here.
Julia Conny on 11/30/08 - 06:09 PM
Introducing Doylestown, PA's Balance and Composure. Those familiar with that scene may recognize Jon Simmons' signature vocals from the now defunct Erection Kids, but this quintet is here to introduce you to a much different sound. Comparable to The Early November meets the 90's Midwest Emotional rock outbreak, you can now hear their debut EP, I Just Want To Be Pure over on their AP.net profile.
Nathan Lint on 11/14/08 - 04:11 AM
For our newest Unsigned Showcase, we are streaming an ABSOLUTExclusive track from The Coming Weak titled "Navigation Part I: Dead Reckoning" on the band's AP.net profile. If you like what you hear, a two-song teaser EP with studio video can be purchased here.
Steve Henderson on 11/03/08 - 06:52 PM
For our latest Unsigned Showcase, we are proud to bring you the ABSOLUTExclusive stream and download of three new songs from Missouri's Jeremy Larson. The tracks come from his upcoming album, Salvation Club. Head over to his AP.net profile and check them out - recommended for fans of Sleeping at Last, This Day and Age, or Copeland.
Steve Henderson on 10/17/08 - 08:56 AM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you an exclusive acoustic track from Tampa, FL's Safety. They are part of The Audible Diversion Group which is Tim McTague of Underoath, Jay Vilardi of The Almost, and filmmaker Ryan Gardner. Check out their AP.net profile to stream the song and if you like what you hear, then you can download the entire EP for free here.
Jamie Pham on 10/10/08 - 08:56 AM
For our latest Unsigned Showcase, we are proud to bring you the ABSOLUTExclusive premiere of three new songs from Boston's Fly Upright Kite. The tracks come from the band's upcoming Weightless EP, were produced by Mike Poorman and mixed by Brian McTernan. Head over to their AP.net profile and check them out - especially for fans of Beneath Medicine Tree-era Copeland.
Steve Henderson on 09/23/08 - 05:57 AM
We are honored to announce our latest FREE-P by South Carolina thought-rockers Marry A Thief. The band has been gracious enough to let you download three previously unheard demos. These songs take a format provided by bands like Copeland and Lovedrug, and add just the right amount of electronic flourishes. Here's a band that could very easily become scene heroes in no time, so make sure and go here to get these rare goodies while you can.
Blake Solomon on 09/19/08 - 07:47 AM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you a track from The Malheruex's new EP Nightmares out September 23rd. Check out their AP Profile to stream the new single. You can also pre-order the EP which comes with a limited edition shirt here.
Jamie Pham on 08/20/08 - 11:17 AM
Today's unsigned showcase brings you the first single from Perfuma's forthcoming album, Save Yourself. "Oh Caroline" can be downloaded along with another new track, "High As A Mountain", for free in the band's AP profile. The band is currently shopping the album before deciding a final release date.
Rich Duncan on 07/28/08 - 09:21 AM
For this Unsigned Showcase, download a new song titled "dare4distance" from NeverShoutNever off his upcoming Yippee EP (out July 29th) at his AP.net Profile. But this ABSOLUTExclusive isn't done yet. Streaming on his profile is another song off the Yippee EP - "heregoesnothin". Tell us your thoughts.
Julia Conny on 07/08/08 - 07:49 AM
Today's Unsigned Showcase brings you a track from Action Item's new EP The World & I out June 14th. Check out their AP Profile to stream "The People Who Matter Most" which features Alec Cyganowski of Powerspace. Additionally, their single "Dress for the Weather" can be heard on their myspace.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/13/08 - 11:09 AM
Team Goldie is hitting the road this summer, and in celebration, he will be releasing a 500-run, limited tour EP that will only be available at his shows. But since we like to hook it up, you can stream "Diamonds", a new track from the EP, on his AP.net Profile. We're also giving away two copies; head to the replies to find out how to win.
Julia Conny on 05/23/08 - 02:51 PM
For our latest Unsigned Showcase, we are proud to give you an exclusive stream of People In Cars' (Etay Pisano of Aberdien) new EP, Uninvent. Fans of progressive, yet accessible pop/rock music will surely want to check out what one man was able to create.
Steve Henderson on 05/19/08 - 06:10 PM
Streaming now on the band's AP.net Profile, you can hear all of the new Driver F album, Chase The White Whale. Also, the band has provided a high-quality download of their video for "Two Words Mr. President: Plausible Deniability". If you enjoy The Starting Line or having fun, you should probably give this a go.
Julia Conny on 05/15/08 - 09:07 AM
We've got two brand new, exclusive demos from Chicago's Coventry streaming on the band's AP.net Profile. Feed your pop hunger!
Garett Press on 04/03/08 - 03:54 PM
As our latest Unsigned Showcase, we are happy to bring you selections from God or Julie. Head over to their AP.net profile and stream some songs from their latest record, the David Bendeth-produced This Road Before, as well as "Better," an ABSOLUTExclusive demo. As always, post your thoughts in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 03/13/08 - 08:07 PM

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