Amazon is listing a Midtown Forget What You Know vinyl release for May 27th.
Jason Tate on 04/15/14 - 11:25 AM
The Gunz Show sat down with John D., the creator of Skate and Surf, to discuss this yearís lineup as well as the history of the Festival. John explained how he secured a Midtown reunion, what went wrong last year, and hints at more acts to be added. He also touches base on how the venue will be set up and another upcoming tour he has planned. You can listen to it here.
Christian Wagner on 02/20/14 - 08:13 AM
Skate and Surf has announced the majority of their lineup for their two day festival. Besides Midtown reuniting, there's Saosin with original vocalist Anthony Green, Hidden In Plain View, The Early November and more. You can find the whole lineup of bands in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/17/14 - 08:53 AM
Midtown have reunited to play Skate and Surf. Possibly more shows to be announced in the future.
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/17/14 - 08:40 AM
Could Midtown be teasing something? Does this mean anything? Skate and Surf, perhaps?
Zac Djamoos on 02/14/14 - 03:13 PM
On last night's edition of The Gunz Show, Gunz talked with John D. of the Skate & Surf Festival, in which he discusses Bamboozle, Midtown, and more.
Every year I try to convince Midtown. In my perfect world this yearís headliners would have been Fall Out Boy and Midtown. Iím going to get them Ė I think it will be next year or 2015. Every year I go after them first and then Jay-Z, and as soon as they say no I know that itís a normal year. Midtown know when the right time will be. It has to be a mutual thing.
Jake Denning on 02/25/13 - 01:23 PM
You can purchase Midtown's Save the World Lose the Girl on vinyl here.
Drew Beringer on 12/06/12 - 10:30 AM
After making a snarky comment (is there anything else from me?) on my instagram account to Rob Hitt (Midtown) about buying the vinyl that were announced yesterday, Rob responded that neither the band nor Drive-Thru know exactly how this is happening and that they're looking into this pressing. We'll keep you updated when we hear more.
Jason Tate on 10/03/12 - 03:35 PM
Hot Topic will be exclusively releasing Midtown's Living Well Is The Best Revenge and Save The World, Lose The Girl on vinyl this November. Man, it's been a while since we've used that news icon.
Drew Beringer on 10/02/12 - 02:45 PM
Midtown's Forget What You Know is 8 years old today. Discuss this in the replies.

Submitted by Boucher187
Thomas Nassiff on 06/29/12 - 08:47 AM
Is Pete Wentz hinting at a Midtown reunion? Maybe, maybe not.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/18/11 - 01:27 PM
An extremely rare vinyl test pressing of Midtown's Save The World, Lose The Girl has been posted on ebay. It's only one of five made so you might want to keep an eye on this.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/12/10 - 10:44 PM
Six years ago today, Forget What You Know was released. Fast forward to this day in time, Gabe Saporta has been named the sexiest male vegetarian by peta2.
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/29/10 - 04:28 PM
Midtown are not reuniting for Skate and Surf Festival. Don't believe sites that post dated articles that are meant to be an April Fool's joke.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/05/10 - 04:28 PM
Streaming in entirety at the Humble Beginnings AP.net Profile is the Overanalyzing the Manifestations of the Unconscious EP (released by Eyeball Records in 1998). These snotty New Jersey pop-punks included a blossoming rockstar named Gabe Saporta, and it's here that you can hear what it sounded like at step one. Head to the replies for commentary from Eyeball owner Alex Saavedra.
Julia Conny on 02/18/10 - 06:43 PM
Tyler Rann (Band of Thieves) is selling his old amp he used in Midtown. More information can be found in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 08/26/09 - 09:20 AM
Click here to check out a video of Fall Out Boy and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low covering Midtown's "Just Rock And Roll."
Rohan Kohli on 07/10/09 - 09:14 AM
An old Midtown performance will be aired on Fearless TV this weekend. Check the replies for full details.
Anton Djamoos on 06/12/09 - 09:39 AM
Fall Out Boy and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low covered Midtown's "Just Rock and Roll" last night on the Believers Never Die tour. Watch the video in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 04/12/09 - 08:50 AM
Anton Djamoos on 02/10/09 - 09:48 AM
You can now buy Heath Saraceno's jacket that he wore on the cover for Midtown's Save the World, Lose the Girl on eBay. It is autographed and will make a great gift for you or a favorite AP.net staff member.

Submitted by youlovetonyt
Anton Djamoos on 02/04/09 - 10:38 AM
A video of Gabe Saporta playing some "Sister Golden Hair" and "Get It Together" via Stickam can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by borrowedtime
Anton Djamoos on 01/21/09 - 09:24 AM
Happy birthday to Rob Hitt (I Surrender Records/Midtown). He is 47 today.
Anton Djamoos on 12/05/08 - 11:00 AM
Cobra Starship fans and Midtown reunion hopefuls have created an online petition for Gabe Saporta encouraging him to postpone the current Sassyback tour in order for him to concentrate on his vocal health.
Anton Djamoos on 11/05/08 - 12:06 PM
Band of Thieves (Tyler from Midtown's new band) have posted three new songs from their recently completed album on myspace.
Anton Djamoos on 09/30/08 - 02:24 PM
Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship, Midtown) has a cyst on his right vocal cord, according to his Twitter account. Best wishes, Mr. Saporta!

Submitted by glasscase501
Anton Djamoos on 09/23/08 - 06:17 PM
Check the replies for a video with a clip of an unheard Midtown song. Oh dear. The band's myspace has been completely altered as well.
Anton Djamoos on 08/21/08 - 03:53 PM
Midtown have posted a myspace bulletin, which you can read below. Hmm...look familiar?
BulletinSubject: what if this is all over for us? - will they be okay?
Body: -is this the end or just the beginning?
Anton Djamoos on 08/21/08 - 02:44 PM
A video of Gabetown Low (ft. Vinnie Caruana) performing "Become What You Hate" last night can be seen in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 05/16/08 - 07:29 AM
At last night's All Time Low/Cobra Starship show in Glasgow, UK, Gabe came out and played on bass with All Time Low for Midtown's "Get It Together". Rumor has it that Gabetown Low (Gabe + Midtown + All Time Low...stick with me, folks) will be playing a four-song set tonight.
Anton Djamoos on 05/15/08 - 06:56 AM
On the Midtown for Bamboozle myspace, (presumably) Gabe from Cobra Starship has posted a tantalizing comment.
Commentdont be sad... you never know what the stars may hold
Anton Djamoos on 04/27/08 - 08:12 PM
Some newly-unearthed old school Midtown videos can be seen here.
Anton Djamoos on 04/24/08 - 08:25 PM
Gabe Saporta recently talked to a crowd about how no one came to Midtown shows at a recent Cobra Starship show. Watch the video in the replies.

Submitted by liveinthestars
Anton Djamoos on 01/29/08 - 05:35 PM
Midtown have posted "Give It Up" on their myspace.
Anton Djamoos on 12/26/07 - 05:28 PM
First we heard about Natalie Portman going to a Band of Thieves show, but now Papi Fernandez is reporting that she and I Surrender owner/Midtown alum Rob Hitt are dating.
GossipAccording to the Jewish News, Natalie Portman and Rob Hitt were seen attending Passover services together at Temple Shalom. Portman is currently in the middle of a film and Rob could not be reached for comment. However, a source close to Portman says that thereís a mysterious straightening iron thatís been showing up in her bedroom lately. Scandalous!
Rob Hitt romantically linked with Natalie Portman. Couple seen together entering Temple Shalom for Jewish New Year Services.
Anton Djamoos on 12/14/07 - 04:50 PM
On The Gunz Show, Gabe Saporta (Midtown, Cobra Starship) spoke about the reunion of Midtown and said that it wouldn't be at Bamboozle, but rather, a more intimate setting. Though nothing is confirmed yet for time or place, the members have spoken about it, and all agree that they want to play one last show for the Midtown fans within the next few months.

Submitted by Gunz Show
Anton Djamoos on 11/24/07 - 11:39 AM
According to Gabe Saporta in an interview, Midtown will be playing one last show and then officially calling it quits.
InterviewWe're going to play a final show together. I've done the best three records of my life and this (leafs through, picks out "Forget What You Know" and waves it) is probably the best I've ever done, - even better than the Cobra Starship album- and when a band has done three great records, a fourth one kinda spoils the band legacy. So three great records - that's it. I'm done.

Source: Indiependent Music
Anton Djamoos on 08/10/07 - 10:49 PM
Heath Saraceno (Midtown, Senses Fail) has updated Midtown's myspace blog about the current situation of the band and a few neat anecdotes of older songs. Read it in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 07/17/07 - 12:27 PM
Did you miss Fall Out Boy and Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship) perform Midtown's "Just Rock and Roll" recently? Fear not, for there is a video of the performance in the replies.

Submitted by gatewaydrug
Anton Djamoos on 06/13/07 - 06:52 PM
Last week, you all thought that The Starting Line's "Surprise, Surprise" would make for the best next single off of Based on a True Story. Now we'll go with another pop-punk album that we at AP think should have been bigger. It's time to put yourself in the role of a record company executive here, because it's your turn to decide what should have been.

Living Well is the Best Revenge was Midtown's major-label debut with MCA/Drive-Thru. Released on April 16, 2002, it was a pop-punk album that had potential to hit it big but for some reason never achieved the status that many believed it could have.

Your job is to change that. We want to know, if you were in power, what song you...
Anton Djamoos on 06/07/07 - 10:54 AM
At tonight's Honda Civic Tour in New Jersey, Fall Out Boy and Gabe Saporta covered Midtown's "Just Rock and Roll."
Anton Djamoos on 06/06/07 - 08:35 PM
Team Goldie has posted a cover of "Another Boy" by Midtown on his MySpace.

Submitted by decepticide
Joe DeAndrea on 05/28/07 - 08:50 PM
Jamie Pham on 04/23/07 - 11:49 AM
Download an early, live Midtown show here.

Submitted By: tonton46
Jared Kaufman on 02/06/07 - 09:26 AM
Check out a Midtown update in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 11/03/06 - 11:50 AM
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