Tiny Moving Parts have just been announced as another support band for the upcoming The Wonder Years, Letlive and Microwave tour. You can now get tickets here.
Blake Solomon on 01/20/16 - 11:29 AM
The Wonder Years are taking letive., Microwave, and more (TBA) on the road with them this Spring. Tickets go on sale this Friday. Check out the dates here or in the replies.

Submitted by bradsonemanband
Eric Wilson on 01/12/16 - 11:16 AM
Jason Butler of letlive. was recently on Shane Told's "Lead Singer Syndrome" podcast. On it, Butler announces that the band's new album will be titled If I'm The Devil. Check it out here, and the info comes at around the 45-minute mark.
Blake Solomon on 01/04/16 - 12:50 PM
Jason Butler from letive. will be doing the vocals for the rest of the Every Time I Die tour.

Submitted by Beardedaxolotl
Jason Tate on 12/08/15 - 12:40 PM
Looks like Letlive's new album is finished and will be released next year.
Aaron Mook on 09/26/15 - 09:44 AM
Rise Against, Killswitch Engage and letlive have announced a second leg of their tour together. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/28/15 - 06:04 AM
Jason Aalon Butler, vocalist for the band letlive., recently acted in Gin Wigmore's brand new music video for "Written In The Water", the latest off her upcoming album Blood to Bone, which available for pre-order. Head over to Nylon to check it out.
Jake Denning on 06/16/15 - 11:35 AM
Looks like Letlive are in the studio.

Submitted by thisisalchemy
Jason Tate on 06/11/15 - 11:00 AM
Rise Against will be touring this summer with support from Killswitch Engage and letlive. Dates can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/06/15 - 07:25 AM
Jean Nascimento, guitarist of Letlive, is no longer with the band.
Hello everyone! Hope everyone reading this is doing very well. I should have posted this a little while ago, but here it is for those who don't know. I am/will no longer be a member of the musical act know as letlive. Thank you to all the fans, soulpunx and friends that have made the past, 8years of this journey . I've also had the privilege to tour with some amazing bands and artists. It's been a great journey. Thank you

Submitted by NateTheHate
Jason Tate on 02/10/15 - 02:56 PM
Letlive. have been pulled from their April 3rd date at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, FL.
Ladies and Gentlemen that were planning on attending the Lake Buena Vista, Florida date at the House Of Blues on the upcoming tour with Taking Back Sunday and The Menzingers and expecting to see ll.- due to reasons we cannot control, we will not be permitted to play said date. We have just been notified by the people at Disney Orlando/HOB that we have been pulled from the event. We cannot offer any details as to why since we were given none ourselves. Rumor has it that Goofy, Pluto, and most of Toontown were in protest against the decision, but Chairman Mouse exercised veto powers and struck...
Jason Tate on 01/12/15 - 03:00 PM
letlive. has posted another track in their appropriately titled "Renditions" series, this time featuring Chris Conley of Saves The Day. Hit the replies to hear "Dreamer's Disease".
Jake Denning on 12/18/14 - 03:15 PM
Taking Back Sunday will be hitting the road this upcoming spring with The Menzingers and letlive.. You can find the dates in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/10/14 - 12:59 PM
Happy birthday to letlive. drummer Loniel Robinson.
Jake Denning on 07/11/14 - 12:54 AM
Noisey's article on "The Method Behind letlive.'s Madness" is an interview with frontman Jason Butler discussing the duality of his presence and the mindset and meaning behind his live performance.
It is a rather interesting duality when I stop to think to about it or discuss it with someone like yourself. It’s this very demanding, as well as commanding, duality and it’s quite ironic, because in the past when they were happening, those emotions would actually make me become rather placid and slow me down. I think my way of chilling with them now is how you’ve put it before—almost exorcising them, like really getting rid of them and expelling them in a way that, I guess, is rather...
Ryan Gardner on 05/15/14 - 09:47 PM
letlive. have teamed with The Wonder Years frontman Dan Campbell for the latest installment of Renditions. Head to the replies to hear "The Dope Beat" featuring Campbell.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/23/14 - 02:30 PM
At a recent South By So What?! Afterparty, Jason Aalon Butler (letlive.) did a short freestyle, which you can view in the replies.
Jake Denning on 03/23/14 - 09:47 AM
Architects UK and letlive. will be embarking on a co-headlining tour this Spring. I The Mighty and Glass Cloud will be supporting. You can check out all the dates and details in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 02/18/14 - 12:36 PM
The All-American Rejects will headline this year's Slam Dunk Festival, which will take place in Leeds, Hatfield and Wolverhampton, UK at the end of May. Also announced today were Goldfinger, letlive. and more. Scroll down for the full announcement.
Andy Biddulph on 02/12/14 - 12:38 PM
Letlive.'s #whoisletlive viral campaign has lead to #youareletlive. The band will be taking pictures of the audiences at their upcoming shows and posting them on their social media sites. Afterward, they will select a few lucky fans to be a part of their forthcoming Renditions release.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/03/14 - 02:13 PM
letlive. is up to something. Anyone have any ideas of what they're up to?
Jake Denning on 02/01/14 - 12:31 PM
Letlive. have released their first installment of an unofficial series dubbed "Renditions," which is a new way to listen to The Blackest Beautiful. The band will enlist some of their favorite vocal performers - one for each song. The first video features Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die singing on "27 Club." It's in the replies.
We presented them one song off of our latest album and asked them what they would do with a certain section if I (Jason Aalon) never sang in said section. We asked them to explore with free reign utilizing their particular style and prose. The point of this was not only to share our gratitude and adoration for other bands/artists, but to work with other artists...
Ryan Gardner on 01/22/14 - 06:21 PM
Letlive's audiotree session is up.

Submitted by jonisthenewblac
Jason Tate on 11/25/13 - 01:15 PM
At 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST, Letlive's Jason Butler and New Noise Group President (and former LL. guitraist) Omid Majdi will join us to chat about The Blackest Beautiful, New Noise Group's mission, and all things music. If you're not familiar, New Noise Group is a non-profit looking to open a recording studio in LA that will provide free recording and music production classes for artists - check out their Kickstarter and donate.

Update: The chat is now over. Thanks to Jason and Omid for stopping by - please support Letlive and New Noise Group, both of which are passionate about making the music world a better place.
Jack Appleby on 11/22/13 - 10:54 AM
Letlive will be on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight.

Submitted by musicfan9795
Jason Tate on 11/21/13 - 05:34 PM
Friendly reminder that Jason Butler (Letlive.) and Omid Majdi, President of New Noise Group and a former member of Letlive, will be chatting on the site tomorrow, November 22, at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. If you're not familiar, New Noise Group is a non-profit looking to open a recording studio in LA that will provide free recording and music production classes for artists - check out their Kickstarter and donate. We'll also be giving out a pair of guest passes to any upcoming Letlive show - details tomorrow.
Jack Appleby on 11/21/13 - 01:32 PM
Our friend Jason Butler (Letlive., New Noise Group Endorser) will be chatting on the site this Friday, November 22, at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. Along with Jason is Omid Majdi, President of New Noise Group and a former member of Letlive. If you're not familiar, New Noise Group is a non-profit looking to open a recording studio in LA that will provide free recording and music production classes for artists - check out their Kickstarter and donate.
Jack Appleby on 11/19/13 - 02:14 PM
Jason Butler (letlive.) will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tomorrow, Noon PST/3 PM EST.
Jake Denning on 11/13/13 - 11:16 AM
letlive. drummer Loniel Robinson has posted a live performance video (shot on a GoPro) of him playing "Empty Elvis", which you can view in the replies.
Jake Denning on 10/21/13 - 06:57 PM
Watch Letlive's music video for "Younger" in the replies.
Jack Appleby on 09/25/13 - 08:39 AM
Every Time I Die has announced a headlining tour this fall, starting in November. The band will be bringing along letlive. and Code Orange Kids. You can find all the dates and details in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 09/24/13 - 09:47 AM
Even though letlive. released its intense new album, The Blackest Beautiful, back in July, the band didn't get to properly celebrate it because they were on Warped Tour all summer. But that will all change soon, as the band will be throwing its record release show tomorrow (9/4) at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Even better news - we're giving away a pair of tickets to the party tomorrow. Check the details in the replies to see how you can win.
Drew Beringer on 09/03/13 - 11:16 AM
Letlive. are answering fan questions in an AMA format on their Facebook, right now.
Jack Appleby on 08/27/13 - 04:12 PM
You can check out PureVolume's latest video Q+A with letlive., in which they discuss The Blackest Beautiful, the recording process, and delicious swiss pastries.
Drew Beringer on 08/21/13 - 12:12 PM
Looks like Letlive.'s Jason Butler joined Night Verses on stage at Chain Reaction last night.
Jack Appleby on 08/16/13 - 10:24 AM
Non-profit HeartSupport, founded by August Burns Red singer Jake Luhrs, will be releasing "Giveback" videos from various Warped Tour artists. This week's is an interview with Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins. Previous videos include Steven Kopacz of Go Radio, Jeff Sahyoun of letlive., and Jamie & Sydney Sierota of Echosmith.
Ryan Gardner on 08/14/13 - 03:17 PM
Letlive. will play two home shows before their European tour: September 4 at The Troubadour and September 6 at Chain Reaction. The band has dubbed the Chain Reaction show as "The Death Of Fake History," and will play the album in its entirety.
Jack Appleby on 08/13/13 - 11:57 AM
Letlive., Night Verses, and The American Scene are headed on a European tour this October - dates are in the replies.
Jack Appleby on 07/18/13 - 09:58 AM
A full live, professionally shot, show of Letlive. playing in Toronto can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 07/17/13 - 01:21 PM
Fuse recently interviewed Jason Butler of letlive. about the band's new album and gives details behind the album's production. Additionally, it's revealed that Lionel Robinson will be joining the band full-time as their drummer.
With the album and the production, we believe[d] in being organic and authentic. So for us to write a record that not only wouldn’t sound similar live, but also wouldn’t be performed [in the studio] as it sounds on the record...at this point in our career, it would be untrue to who we are as a band.
Drew Beringer on 07/16/13 - 02:28 PM
Listen to Letlive's album commentary for The Blackest Beautiful on Spotify.

Submitted by abeals12
Jack Appleby on 07/15/13 - 09:54 AM
PureVolume recently interviewed Jay Johnson of letlive. about the band's new album, losing themselves during shows, and overseas success.
We lose ourselves a little bit and give in to the fact that we just play music onstage and there are times when Jason is off somewhere else in the venue picking flowers for a girl out of a gesture of kindness, and then he comes onstage and breaks something, and I have no idea anything is going on to be honest. All of us kind of zone out for a little while and let the mechanics of our body take over.
Drew Beringer on 07/12/13 - 12:07 PM
Property Of Zack took some pretty badass live videos of Letlive. at Warped Tour - check out "Le Prologoue," "The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion," and "H. Ledger" in the replies. The Blackest Beautiful is available today, & you can read our review of the record here.
Jack Appleby on 07/09/13 - 01:31 PM
Avoid hard drugs, they make you talk too loud and that’s annoying.
Staff ReviewsThe Dangerous Summer - Golden Record (Drew Beringer)
letlive. - The Blackest Beautiful (Jack Appleby)
Zomby - With Love (Jake Jenkins)
Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels (Jake Jenkins)
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Matthew Vincent & Alexander Correia - Split (Ryan Gardner)
One Hundred Year OceanWhere Were You When We Were Getting High? (Ryan Dennehy)
Some Stranger - Some Stranger EP (Zac Djamoos)
Drew Beringer on 07/08/13 - 04:24 AM
You can now stream Letlive.'s new album, The Blackest Beautiful, on Youtube. What do you think?
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/17/13 - 09:38 AM
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