Head to the replies to check out an update from Madina Lake regarding their Dresden Codex EP. The band also announced dates for Punkspring in Japan.
Jamie Pham on 12/01/10 - 09:19 AM
The Boy And His Machine will be entering the studio this June to record their new EP titled, Count On It!, with Producer/Engineer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Versa Emerge, The Dangerous Summer) slated to release summer of 2010.
Jamie Pham on 04/27/10 - 10:35 AM
Motions and Miles (ex In:Aviate) will be releasing their EP, Grace, this spring. The EP was engineered by Justin Powell (The Cab, A Thorn for Every Heart) and mixed/master by Kris Crummet (Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Alesana). Head to the replies for the tracklisting and cover art.
Jamie Pham on 01/23/10 - 01:43 PM
According to this blog update, Boys Night Out will be going into the studio with producer Lou Giordano in the next few weeks, and we can expect a new album in May or June.
Drew Beringer on 01/10/07 - 05:44 PM
Boys Night Out will be releasing their first ever digital-only EP, Fifty Million People Can't Be Wrong, on February 6th, 2007, on sale at all digital download stores including i-Tunes and Rhapsody for under five dollars. The EP will contain two brand new, never before heard songs, and 3 re-recorded tracks from their EP, Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses: "The Only Honest Love Song," "Sketch Artist Composite," and "Victor Versus the Victim."
Drew Beringer on 01/08/07 - 12:55 PM
Bamboozle 2007 will be taking place on May 6th and 7th in East Rutherford, NJ at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park have been announced as the headliners of the festival (May 5th and 6th, respectively). Pre-sale for the tickets will begin on Friday, November 24th at 12:00PM EST on thebamboozle.com. Kelly Clarkson is heavily rumored to be performing at the festival.
Rohan Kohli on 11/21/06 - 08:25 PM
Here's what Botch and Matt Bayles had to say about the reissue of American Nervoso.
American Nervoso ReissueBotch are currently in the studio remixing American Nervoso. we're gonna rerelease it with a bunch of extras (demos, extended versions of a couple of songs, the two opening measures of "hives" that accidentaly got clipped off in the original mastering, etc...). it'll be out early next year.
Matt Bayles: "I finally got a chance to remix the one record I have been dying to, American Nervoso by Botch. Sounds 100% percent better and should be out next year."
Jon Foucart on 09/28/06 - 09:49 PM
Piebald's upcoming fifth album will be titled Accidental Gentlemen and will be released sometime in January.

Submitted by xgloryxboyx
Ryan Imhof on 09/01/06 - 08:48 AM
It Dies Today recently shot a video for their new track "Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart)."
ITD Videoso we shot our new video for the song "sacred heart" with Salzy at the helm, this past weekend. this thing is going to be ridiculous. lots of partying, girls, and sweet preformances. i havnt seen an edit of it yet but yeah i cant wait. probably some of the most fun ive had at a video shoot, but also the hottest ive ever been everyone was dripping with sweat the hole time, which was gross. but i think it will look sweet, coolest lighting going on during the preformance shots.
Jon Foucart on 08/22/06 - 11:28 AM
Billboard has posted an article about Deftones upcoming 5th album, Saturday Night Wrist, which will release on October 31st. The article tells of a few special appearances on the album and also includes the album's tracklisting.

I am so excited for this record.
Drew Beringer on 08/16/06 - 08:10 AM
Samuel Bayer (Green Day, Nirvana, Metallica) will be directing the upcoming My Chemical Romance video for "The Black Parade."

Submitted by exthuse
Jon Foucart on 08/07/06 - 10:49 AM
This September and October, look for Gym Class Heroes on The Jerry's Kids Short Bus Tour '06 with Cobra Starship and Cage. Click here for all the dates and ticket information.
Pat Marquez on 07/27/06 - 10:23 AM
Silverstein's headlining tour with Aiden, He Is Legend and It Dies Today will run from October 13th to December 2nd.
Jon Foucart on 07/23/06 - 07:18 PM
Idea Of Beauty will have a new EP released later this Summer through Future Tense Records (He Is Legend, Classic Case). A song taken from the EP is up on their Myspace.

fans of Hopesfall and Beloved should check these guys out.
Jon Foucart on 07/09/06 - 03:19 AM
Fear Before The March of Flames' new album, The Always Open Mouth, will contain 15 tracks and will be an enhanced CD featuring video content filmed by Gatsby's American Dream's tour manager Billy Darling. The Always Open Mouth hits stores on September 19th.
Jon Foucart on 06/28/06 - 06:11 PM
Comeback Kid will head into the studio in November to record their new album, which is due out in February.
Jon Foucart on 06/23/06 - 10:01 AM
The Mad Caddies are currently running a brand new contest giving fans the opportunity to meet the band at their upcoming shows in Germany. The contest details can be found below.
Meet The Mad Caddies Contest Details6/13/2006
Meet the Caddies contest info! For shows in Germany only!

In order to qualify for this prize you must puchase tickets for one of the upcoming shows in Germany and send an email with your name and the show you will be attending to madcaddiesstreetteam@yahoo.com By providing this information you will become a member of the Mad Caddies street team. If you are selected you will be contacted via email where you and a friend will meet the Caddies and get a free...
Brandon Allin on 06/13/06 - 07:35 PM
"Love It or Left It" is the title of the new From Autumn To Ashes song that will appear on Sony's upcoming ATV racing game. The band plan on streaming the song on Myspace before the game's release.
Jon Foucart on 06/06/06 - 12:14 AM
Jude Zasadzki (ex-John Connor) is now the touring keyboardist for the Umbrellas. Also, the band's dates with Brandston and Desole are listed below.
Tour Dates07/07/2006 - The Foundry, Joplin, MO
07/08/2006 - Sokol Underground, Omaha, NE
07/10/2006 - Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO
07/11/2006 - Club NVO, Logan, UT
07/12/2006 - The Venue, Boise, ID
07/13/2006 - Hell's Kitchen, Tacoma, WA
07/16/2006 - Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA
07/20/2006 - White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX
07/24/2006 - Understudy Theatre, Dothan, AL
07/26/2006 - Ray's Downtown, West Palm Beach, FL
07/28/2006 - The Imperial, Jacksonville, FL
07/30/2006 - Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC
08/03/2006 - Bloomfield...
Jon Foucart on 06/04/06 - 01:24 AM
A Change of Pace has completed recording their sophomore full length, Prepare the Masses. The album is set to hit stores on August 15th through Immortal. In the meantime, you can catch the band on tour with The Classic Crime and Run Kid Run.
Rohan Kohli on 06/03/06 - 07:53 PM
We've worked out a cool AbsolutExclusive with Tourmaline for you guys. On Wednesday, July 5th, we will be making their brand new, self-titled Tourmaline EP available for exclusive download. It features five new songs; the track list is below. Tracks 3-5 were available as demos for a while on Purevolume/Myspace, but the band has re-recorded and remastered them for this EP. Get excited because this is going to be pretty good stuff.

Tourmaline will be in the studio over the summer to record the follow-up to 2005's Strange Distress Calls. More information on the producer and details on the album will follow once the band gets ready to hit the studio. They're currently on tour supporting...
Tony Pascarella on 06/03/06 - 12:44 PM
According to a post on their website, Streetlight Manifesto will be playing a couple brand new songs on their upcoming tour dates. However, the band has announced that the majority of their new material will be saved for post-record release headlining tours.
Brandon Allin on 05/25/06 - 09:06 AM
The release date for Rory's new album, We're Up to No Good, We're Up to No Good, which was produced by John Avila and Mark Hoppus, has been pushed back from July 25th to September 12th. The track listing for the record can be found below and the artwork (done by the bassist and vocalist) can be found here.
Track Listing01 The State of How
02 Typical
03 Kind of Like Chloroformity
04 Dj Vrooomier
05 Doin' Lines of Conga
06 Tonight I Just Don't Care, I'm Having a Candy Dinner
07 Nice Planet. We'll Take It.
08 Your Will or Whatever
09 The Adventures of Me and Me
10 It's On Senor... iGo!
11 Hey
part i. Hey, Wire!
part ii. Hey, Jonathan Parker...
part iv: Hey, Malpass, Why...
Rohan Kohli on 05/22/06 - 08:26 AM
William (featuring founding members of Between The Buried and Me, Hopesfall) has completed work on their new record, Surface the Vessel, which is to be released on July 18th. Two tracks from the effort can be downloaded at the given links.
MP3's"Life Apart"
Jon Foucart on 05/16/06 - 11:02 PM
The AFI cover art we posted is in fact not the new album's art. There will be four different versions and none of them have been revealed.
Jon Foucart on 05/08/06 - 01:17 AM
As you all know, Vaux will be releasing Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice, on August 1st via VX Records / Outlook Music. The band will also have limited edition CD singles this summer for "Are You With Me" and "Cocaine James." They will be loaded with b-sides, remixes and videos and only available at shows and maybe their online store. Expect a new website and the "VAUX Auxiliary" launching soon.
Jon Foucart on 05/06/06 - 03:11 PM
Jade and Davey's (AFI) side project, Blaqk Audio, has 7 songs fully recorded with vocals. The project is hoping to release it's debut before the end of the year.
Jon Foucart on 05/04/06 - 11:14 PM
Doghouse Records, along with the band's current label, Band Recordings, will be putting out Minutes Too Far's new album Let It Roll. The album will be out on July 25th. Look for 2 tracks from the album on the Doghouse Summer Sampler,
which will be distributed with July's Alternative Press. The band will be out supporting Man Alive in June.
Rohan Kohli on 05/02/06 - 07:49 AM
Glass Casket will release their new album, Desperate Man's Diary, on June 13th via Abacus Recordings. The tracklisting is below.
Desperate Man's Diary1. Phenomenon
2. Too Scared To Live
3. Genesis
4. Myspace Girl
5. A Cork Stops the Whining
6. Post Tramuatic Death
7. I Slept
8. The Redeemer
9. Name Above All Names
Jon Foucart on 05/01/06 - 12:36 PM
The Esoteric have begun work on their sophomore release for Prosthetic Records, entitled Subverter. The band will begin May 8th at Black Lodge Recording in Eudora, KS as well as in an undisclosed location in Kansas City with Producer / Engineer Paul Malinowski (Open Hand). The disc is slated for a fall 2006 release.
Tentative Song Titles"Science Is Sexy"
"Our Exquisite Corpse"
"Clone Culture and the Cut-Up Method"
"Destroy, She Said"
"Nothing Remains the Same"
"We Will Not Be Convinced That Now Is Not Our Time"
"Don't Waste Guts"
"You Are the Execution"
Jon Foucart on 04/28/06 - 06:21 PM
This July, Shadows Fall will headline the third annual "Strhess Tour." This years "Strhess Tour" also features Poison The Well in the direct support slot in addition to It Dies Today and Still Remains, with other acclaimed acts such as Darkest Hour, Bury Your Dead, Himsa and Suffocation joining the tour in select markets.
Jon Foucart on 04/26/06 - 01:03 PM
The Devil Wears Prada just finished up in the studio yesterday with producer Joey Sturgis. The effort will be out sometime around late July/early August through Rise Records. Below is the tracklisting as well as a little info on the discs bonus material.
Track Listing I - The Ascent [intro]
- Texas is South
- Gauntlet of Solitude
- And the Sentence Trails Off...
- Rosemary Had an Accident
II - Redemption [interlude]
- Swords, Dragons, and Diet Coke
- Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over
- Who Speaks Spanish? Colon Quesadilla
- Modeify The Prenounciation
III - Salvation [outro]

Extra content
Live music video of "Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over"
Jon Foucart on 04/25/06 - 08:33 PM
Bedlight For Blueeyes have selected their new singer (to be announced in the future). The band will re-record a song from their debut with the new vocalist for a music video. More on all this will be surfacing shortly.
Jon Foucart on 04/24/06 - 08:32 PM
You can some pre-sale information for Taking Back Sunday's upcoming album, Louder Now, which hits stores on April 25. Details below.
TBS Pre-sale InformationHey guys,

At the following shows:

4/10 Tempe, AZ
4/12 Dallas, TX
4/14 Sauget, IL
4/17 Pontiac, MI
4/22 Baltimore, MD
4/23 Philadelphia, PA

there will be a pre-sale for Louder Now.

Basically, you can pay for the CD ahead of time at the listed shows near the merch booth. You'll get a receipt to pick up the album from a local retailer when it hits stores on April 25th.

What's the best part? You'll get an autographed album cover and there will also be a limited supply of free t-shirts by pre-purchasing the album at...
Drew Beringer on 04/10/06 - 02:50 PM
The latest update from Casket Salesmen is below.
HELLO EVERYONE!!!So much to talk about!
Sorry it's been so long since there's been any updates. We have been very busy trying to finish this album. If you haven't heard, our debut, "Sleeping Giants" will be in stores August 1, 2006 through our own, Longhair Illuminati recording label. This is the part of the update where we would tell you "so and so" produced it and "what's his face" is gonna mix it, but nah......we did it all. We engineered it, we produced it, we're gonna mix it. We've had a lot of help though......and we give credit where credit is due. Our good friend and all around partner in crime, Justin Gutierrez(Mythmaker,...
Jon Foucart on 04/05/06 - 12:43 AM
The upcoming album from Dashboard Confessional will be approximately ten songs long and will be out sometime in July.

Submitted by: Shade-Inn
Jon Foucart on 03/25/06 - 12:58 AM
In a recent Angels and Airwaves interview, Tom Delonge said that there are 95 tracks of instrumentation on most of the songs. The album, We Don't Need To Whisper, will hit stores on May 23rd. (Remind Me)
Ryan Imhof on 03/21/06 - 04:43 AM
Jonezetta are wrapping up the tracking of their Tooth And Nail debut record. You can expect the disc to see light in early/mid summer. Check out the band's upcoming tour dates below.
Jonezetta Tour DatesMarch 1, 2006 Jaunitas Little Rock, AR w/ India and Oceans Firing
March 2, 2006 The Rally Point Memphis, TN w/ Oceans Firing, and So She Sang, Jamie Randolph
March 3, 2006 Club Fathom Chattanooga, TN w/ The Radio Fix, Oceans Firing
March 4, 2006 YMCA Lexington, KY w/ Discover American and Oceans Firing
March 5, 2006 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC w/Firefly Summer, Oceans Firing, Manchester Orchestra
March 7, 2006 Smiths Old Bar Atlanta, GA w/ Manchester Orchestra,
March 8, 2006 The...
Frank Giaramita on 02/27/06 - 12:20 AM
Murder By Death posted an update on their Myspace.com page. To sum it all up: The guys have signed to East/West record label, Tent Show Records. They've titled their new record In Bocca Al Lupo, and it will see light on May 23rd. (Remind Me)
Murder By Death- Label And Album InformationHello lovelies...
Guess what?!? After many months of working and waiting, our new record, entitled "In Bocca al Lupo", will be released on Tuesday, May 23rd. It will be released on our own, newly-formed label, Tent Show Records (tentshowrecords.com coming soon), and will be distributed by East-West Music. The record itself, while not strictly a concept record, is inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, though we...
Frank Giaramita on 02/21/06 - 10:47 PM
According to numerous websites/message boards, Tool's new album is called Aldaraia and is set for release on May 2nd. The tracklist is below. Also, please note that this is just what's floating around until official word is released sometime this week.
Aldaraia Tracklist1 The Thorn
2 Annuled
3 Visceral
4 The Lucid
5 23
6 Permute
7 The Median
8 Aldaraian
9 Mandalic
10 The Ascent
11 Laiad Kayenth
Jon Foucart on 02/20/06 - 01:48 AM
Biology will be performing with Say Anything on March 1st at CBGB's in New York. Also, Francis took the time to give us some information about the band's upcoming video.
"I have been working very hard on this video and the end is finally in sight. It has been a tedious process because the whole video is a collage of art experiments and stop frame animation. The video is full of new paintings, drawings, clay sculpture (which I have never done before), photography experiments and so on.
I really believe that art is spontaneous and it is occurring all around us at all times. I'm trying to capture that idea with this video. It's been very exciting to see it come together but also very time...
Jon Foucart on 02/14/06 - 01:40 AM
There is a lot of Anathallo news! To start, head to their Myspace.com page to download their new song, "Hanasaka Jijii (4): A Great Wind, More Ash". The band's new album, Floating World, will be available at shows and online on February 25th and the pre-order, which begins on February 18th, will include a handmade surprise (more details soon). Also, expect new t-shirts to be made available soon, to correspond with the album. If you head to their website, you can download Floating World stencils, and a poster.
Frank Giaramita on 02/10/06 - 12:11 PM
As previously reported, Mewithoutyou will be supporting the upcoming Thursday tour, those tentative dates can be found below. The band plans to enter the studio with Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Smashing Pumpkins), who successfully captured mewithoutYou's sound and passion on, Catch For Us The Foxes in 2004. This yet-to-be-titled third full-length on Tooth And Nail Records is scheduled to hit shelves this fall.
Tentative Tour Dates with Thursday, Minus the Bear, We're All Broken (more to come)4/25 Boston, MA Axis
4/26 Burlington, VA Higher Ground
4/27 New Haven, CT Toad's Place
4/28 Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
5/01 Allentown,...
Frank Giaramita on 02/08/06 - 03:48 PM
According to what I was told by the band and their merch guy, Mike, last night, ActionReaction will be receiving their 4-song tour EP (through EVR/Hope Division) very soon (in the next day or so, if not tonight). As a result, their 7-song EP (self-released) may soon be going on to greener pastures. Pick it up at the shows for $7 or through MerchDirect while you still can.
Tony Pascarella on 02/06/06 - 04:26 PM
Takota will be playing with Yellowcard and Mae this coming Saturday in Las Vegas at Jillian's. The band has also posted some pictures from the recording of their new album, The Ivory Tower, which is due out on April 25th, and is being produced by Brandon Saller of Atreyu.
Rohan Kohli on 02/06/06 - 01:48 PM
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