To compliment Blake's excellent review, I will be interviewing Pinegrove later this week about their debut album, Cardinal. Feel free to leave any questions you have for the band in the replies.
Aaron Mook on 02/09/16 - 11:40 AM
"And you never ended up coming home, you just became something like some smoke I tried too hard to hold."
Staff InterviewsBrian Fallon (Craig Manning)
Simple Plan (Joe DeAndrea)
Craig Manning on 02/08/16 - 08:05 AM
Our interview with Simple Plan can be read here.
I think the culture we're in right now, it's never been easier to be discouraged. It's never been easier to be made fun of or to be hurt by what people think. I'm talking bands or even just regular people. There's almost like this license to bash everybody and to say the meanest, most intense stuff online. You're behind your keyboard and you feel like you can say anything you want. I think people don't realize that maybe it affects people. We definitely went through that on this album. But then you have to realize that you build something that's worth protecting, something that's worth it to keep going, something that's worth the effort....
Joe DeAndrea on 02/05/16 - 11:20 AM
I recently had the absolute pleasure to speak with William Beckett of The Academy Is... to talk about Almost Here, their upcoming tour, and a little look back into their Decaydance family -- check it out here.
Weíre not going to do this for any other reason than ourselves, celebrating an album that changed our lives, and the fans.
Shana Davidson on 12/04/15 - 11:42 AM
I recently spoke to Mikey Carvajal, lead vocalist of Islander, while the band was wrapping up their tour with Korn and Suicide Silence. During our conversation, Carvajal reveals that the band's next record is a concept record, titled Holy. You can catch the band on a short holiday tour with Heartist starting tomorrow - dates are in the replies. You can read the interview here.
Jake Denning on 12/01/15 - 01:25 PM
I recently sat down with Kevin Maida of Knuckle Puck in Philadelphia, to talk tour, their involvement with Hope For A Day, and their debut full-length album Copacetic -- check it out here.
We didnít want to convey that we're these distraught people so we just wanted to say that everything was copacetic because it really is.
Shana Davidson on 12/01/15 - 07:19 AM
You can finally read our recent interview with Julien Baker about her incredible debut album, Sprained Ankle, here.
Itís kind of strange to be so explicit about my spirituality, because you run into a lot of issuesÖbeing homosexual, that's not usually something you talk a lot about, but in my mind, those are both equally important and not separate issues. So being so open and honest about those things can be really hard sometimes. On one side, youíve got these kids when I play basements that Iím afraid are going to be like, ďStop singing about God, thatís lame,Ē and then Iím also afraid the wonderful relationships Iíve found through church and through worship are going to be torn...
Aaron Mook on 11/10/15 - 09:06 AM
We hope you enjoyed Part One of our track-by-track exclusive with Mike Hansen of Pentimento, because today, we present the second half of our discussion about the band's latest full-length, I, No Longer. Give it a read in the replies and let us know what you think so we can catch up with more of your favorite bands.
Aaron Mook on 11/03/15 - 07:49 AM
This week, I'll be having a track-by-track discussion with the Pentimento boys about their excellent new album, I, No Longer. You can leave any song-specific questions you might have for the band in the replies.
Aaron Mook on 10/26/15 - 01:52 PM
I'll be speaking with Mikey Carvajal, lead vocalist of Islander later today when they hit the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV, as part of Korn's 20th Anniversary tour for their 1995 debut album. Feel free to drop any questions you may have in the replies.
Jake Denning on 10/23/15 - 09:15 AM
Last week, we got a chance to speak with the ever-amusing and ultra-talented Matt Nathanson. In our interview, Nathanson described the disjointed but ultimately satisfying nature of his brand new album, Show Me Your Fangs. We also discussed the unpredictable audience-request format of Nathanson's current tour, how some of the best records have "great topography" instead of being thematically or musically cohesive, and how elements of hip-hop and R&B have slowly crept into Nathanson's singer/songwriter-oriented music. Read the interview here.
Craig Manning on 10/20/15 - 11:10 AM
You can read our interview with Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench here.
So, I went home for half an afternoon and then I was in the studio every single day until we finished the record. And at one point, I had the impulse to change it from my studio to my apartment, because it was kind of like Ö thatís where I had felt the bleakest and worst ever. I was like, you know, Iíd like to take that same space and turn it into where I made the best thing Iíve ever done.
Joe DeAndrea on 10/20/15 - 09:06 AM
"I feel invincible with my headphones on."
Staff InterviewsMatt Nathanson (Craig Manning)
Marianas Trench (Joe DeAndrea)
Staff Photos Basement at Usher Hall, Edinburgh (Charlie Joseph)
Craig Manning on 10/20/15 - 07:47 AM
You can now stream Julien Baker's haunting debut album, Sprained Ankle, in the replies via Stereogum. You can still leave any questions you might have for her in the replies and I'll try to incorporate them into our interview this week.
Aaron Mook on 10/19/15 - 12:28 PM
I was lucky enough to sit down with Lydia to discuss the band's new album Run Wild for almost a half an hour. We talked to the band working with two different producers, the Illuminate pressing that they had nothing to do with, and why Leighton hasn't listened to his debut record in years, among other insightful topics. Check out the full interview here.
Leighton: To be perfectly honest, I have not listened to that record in years.

Matt: Itís like looking at a picture of yourself in high school.

Justin: You donít want to look at it, but itís the one hanging on your momís wall.
Craig Ismaili on 10/14/15 - 11:21 AM
We recently had the chance to chat with Pat Kirch about The Maine's latest record (and free tour cycle), American Candy. Find it here.
Weíve changed a lot between each album that weíve made, and thatís been because we just do what feels good at the time. I was 17 when we made that [first] record and Iím 25 now, and I feel like if you donít change during that time period youíre just trying too hard to hold onto something. And thatís not honest.
Anna Acosta on 10/14/15 - 07:11 AM
We recently had the chance to talk with Justin Pierre about Motion City Soundtrack's latest album, Panic Stations. Find it here.
So my relationship with this record is such that having had it for a year, as Iíve gotten older and as Iíve written songs I think a lot more of it Iíve gone with my gut instinct. I sort of let instinct take over. Like I think I had the chorus for ďI Can Feel YouĒ but I didnít know what it meant, and then I had to write around that even though I didnít know what it meant. Then as I started piecing together the verses, then what the song was about changed and the chorus made sense to me.
Jonathan Bautts on 10/13/15 - 11:20 AM
Simple Plan's lead single, "I Don't Wanna Go To Bed," will be released on October 16th. Additional news: their new album won't be out until 2016 and "Saturday" won't be on it.
Joe DeAndrea on 10/10/15 - 06:29 PM
We recently interviewed Vince Staples about his debut full-length, Summertime '06. Check it out here.
I want a legacy in music. I donít want to be a hot rapper, because with all this shit thatís happening now, no oneís going to remember this shit in 10 years, man, in five. You know what I mean? No oneís going to remember these things. I want to be someone who can be remembered.
Jonathan Bautts on 10/01/15 - 11:37 AM
In a Rank Your Records interview with Noisey, Justin Pierre has ranked Motion City Soundtrack's first five albums, either finally bringing an end to or fueling even more user discussions over the band's best and worst work.
Aaron Mook on 10/01/15 - 09:42 AM
"Tell me, tell me you'll meet me. Will you meet me more than halfway up?"
Staff ReviewsCHVRCHES - Every Open Eye (Jake Jenkins)
Silversun Pickups - Better Nature (Craig Ismaili)
Staff InterviewsVince Staples (Jonathan Bautts)
Craig Ismaili on 10/01/15 - 06:53 AM
We recently interviewed Atlas Genius about their new album, Inanimate Objects. Check it out here.
Sonically, I feel like we really stepped it up with the sound of this album. I wanted it to sound bigger, but without it sounding Top 40 big. Thereís a certain glossy sheen you hear quite often on all the pop stuff, which is impressive but can get a little saccharine sweet. You feel like youíre going to get diabetes when you listen to it. We wanted to get a bigger sound on this album without it turning into a pop album.
Jonathan Bautts on 09/22/15 - 12:19 PM
Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio (aka Baio) is releasing his debut solo album this week, The Names, and we talked with him about it here.
What was very exciting about making this record was realizing that nobody was particularly waiting for it. No one was particularly excited for it, but I knew I wanted to do it. I knew I had to do it, and that was very freeing for me. If I had made something and didnít like it, didnít think it was worthwhile to put out into the world, I just would have deleted it from my hard drive.
Jonathan Bautts on 09/17/15 - 11:02 AM
I recently caught up with Thousand Foot Krutch vocalist Trevor McNevan, in which he gave a lot great details in regards to the band's upcoming record, Oxygen:Exhale, as well as a look back on the ten-year anniversary of The Art of Breaking. The band will be heading out on a world tour this fall. Head here to check out the interview.
Oh man, always. Weíre always so blessed. Weíre fortunate to be around as long as we have, and I feel like weíre just getting going. To have that support grow up and stick with us and now their kids are growing up and getting on board, itís such a cool thing, you canít make that happen, itís such a blessing. Weíre very thankful, and Godís been such a blessing.
Jake Denning on 09/16/15 - 11:12 AM
I recently spoke to Taka Moriuchi, lead vocalist for One OK Rock, about their upcoming record 35xxxv (out Sept. 25th), which is their first album sung entirely in english; it was produced by John Feldmann. We also spoke about guest appearances from Tyler Carter (Issues), Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), and more. You can read the interview here, and pre-order it via iTunes.
I became friends with Tyler on the Warped Tour, and he actually kept singing the Japanese version of ďDecisionĒ, and he goes ďI memorized it! I memorized it!Ē and he told me that he needed to be on the American version.
Jake Denning on 09/14/15 - 09:20 AM
MUTEMATH are set to release their fourth album, Vitals, later this fall and lead singer Paul Meany was kind enough to talk about the record with us here. The band kicks off their headlining tour tonight with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and a show in Los Angeles.
This record was really trying to find a way to look at all the songs weíve written, all the records we have done, and find a way to internally pay homage to all of that. Weíre acknowledging all of it and embracing it, and then finding a way to push it forward for ourselves. This record as a whole is probably more connected to some of our earlier work. It was important for us to find that new space of acreage that you can...
Jonathan Bautts on 09/10/15 - 10:51 AM
We recently caught up with Robert DeLong to chat about his new record, In the Cards, which comes out September 18. Check it out here.
I came out of the world of listening to a lot of Pedro the Lion, Jeremy Enigk and whatever. Those are the kinds of things Iím interested in. So if Iím going to sing lyrics, I want it to be meaningful. In a way, I feel like Iím appropriating dance styles as almost like a production vessel for songwriter songs. I donít know. Itís fun for me. Itís definitely different. Sometimes I think people donít know what to do with it.
Jonathan Bautts on 09/08/15 - 10:38 AM
Later today I will be sitting down to talk to The Spill Canvas about their current One Fell Swoop anniversary tour. If you have any questions for the band, please leave them in the replies.
Craig Ismaili on 08/26/15 - 07:13 AM
Recently, I was able to speak with Tim Kasher and Stefanie Drootin of The Good Life about the band's first album in eight years, Everybody's Coming Down. Check it out here.
I mean, itís what weíre all listening to now, and we joked around about it being our Weezer or our Built to Spill record. [Laughs] I think the Good Life used to feel like an entity that had to stand in contrast to Cursive, but now that weíre less active, The Good Life feels like it has more leeway to play rock music.
Aaron Mook on 08/24/15 - 09:27 AM
We had the chance to speak with John Nolan about his new solo album, Sad Strange Beautiful Dream. Check it out here.
This album was ridiculously autobiographical. Iíve never written so many songs that were so directly about an exact experience that I had. That was something that happened (on this album). Generally, I think my songs are about myself. I think Iím limited in that way. I donít feel like I, so far anyway, have been able to put myself in a character's head or another personís head and been able to write from their perspective. I havenít felt like Iíve been good at that. So most of my songs end up being about me in some way or another.
Craig Ismaili on 08/24/15 - 08:09 AM
"And today was a day just like any other."
Staff ReviewsJack's Mannequin - Everything in Transit (10-Year Retrospective) (Craig Manning)
Staff InterviewsJohn Nolan (Craig Ismaili)
PALMAS (Craig Ismaili)
Craig Manning on 08/24/15 - 06:02 AM
I recently spoke to We Came As Romans vocalists Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone at the Portland, OR date of the Vans Warped Tour. We spoke about the band's brand new Self-Titled record (and it's leak 6 weeks ahead) working out on the road, and more. The record is definitely among my favorites of the year, so this was a fun conversation to have. You can read it here.
Itís not something a lot of bands do in their careers, itís a special feat for sure. Weíre really blessed; with record sales being down and our record leaking six weeks early, it just seems like everything was piled against us, and we had people telling us ďYou might not do top 10Öyouíve got this and this against youÖĒ But we...
Jake Denning on 08/21/15 - 12:17 PM
Morrissey recently sat down with Larry King to give his first "in-depth interview in 10 years" and discussed his cancer diagnosis, depression, the recent alleged sexual assault he experienced and the American presidential candidates. Check out some clips in the replies.
Kyle Huntington on 08/19/15 - 09:07 AM
This Sunday, I'll be sitting down with Mac DeMarco to discuss his new album, Another One, world tours and relationship advice. If you have any questions for Mac, feel free to leave them in the replies.
Aaron Mook on 08/12/15 - 07:52 AM
We recently chatted with Fat Mike and Erin Burkett about the 25th anniversary of Fat Wreck Chords.
I think Rise Against is the only band that never really partied much. Thatís the label I want. A label with a bunch of drunk, drug using, non-religious fuck ups. Those are the people who will always play music because they love it.
Deborah Remus on 08/04/15 - 04:16 PM
We recently spoke with Joywave about their debut album How Do You Feel Now? Check it out here.
What gets sent to radio and whatís decided on as a single seems really arbitrary. We didnít make the record trying to make any singles. There was no song where we were like, all right, this one has to be this certain way, outside of ďDestruction.Ē The spots that we made quote-unquote ďcatchyĒ in that song are a joke. Itís tongue in cheek.
Jonathan Bautts on 07/30/15 - 11:23 AM
I recently spoke with Jose Pasillas, the drummer of Incubus. The band had originally planned on releasing another EP later this year, but now they're considering doing a full-length instead. See the interview here.
This is an experiment for us. Weíre writing, recording, rehearsing, and touring all back to back. Weíre exploring our options and we donít have anything set in stone, so that may be an option for us to put out a whole record.
Chrisanne Grise on 07/28/15 - 09:19 AM
We recently spoke with Dustin Kensrue about his long-awaited second solo album, Carry the Fire. Check it out here.
After so long, it was hard to pick where it was going to go. Originally, I had this other project I was thinking I was going to do as well. I was going to make the solo record a lot more stripped down, and it ended up feeling like it was too many things to juggle at one time. I combined some of the ideas that I had for this separate project into the more folky stuff and just let it be a mixture.
Jonathan Bautts on 07/21/15 - 11:22 AM
"Feels like my life is ready to blow"
Staff ReviewsTame Impala - Currents (Jake Jenkins)
Staff InterviewsDustin Kensrue
Staff PhotosRadio 104.5 Summer Block Party (Staci Altomari)
Jake Jenkins on 07/21/15 - 07:44 AM
This week we were able to speak with Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World about his new solo project. Check it out here.
One of the things I wanted to try and explore in my solo material is working on really concise pop songs in the sense of 50s and 60s pop songs. If you listen to a song like Buddy Hollyís ďEveryday,Ē thatís pretty much a perfect song as far as Iím concerned. The way that itís structured is something completely different than your modern formula of song construction. So itís just sort of my attempt to work closer to, not necessarily ripping off that kind of formula of the way that Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly and those types of songs are constructed, but how that makes me...
Jonathan Bautts on 07/15/15 - 05:51 AM
I recently spoke with Jarrod Gorbel of Night Terrors of 1927 (and formerly of The Honorary Title) about his new songs, falling out of love with the music industry, and more. Check it out here.
I started to doubt my abilities. Also, being in a band was really stressful and I wanted to try and do things by myself. But left to my own devices, I just go inward and get really sad. Itís a downward spiral. So I thought, ďWell, maybe musicís not for me.Ē
Chrisanne Grise on 07/14/15 - 07:25 AM
We recently spoke with Mike Shinoda about the return of Fort Minor, as well as the past and future of Linkin Park. Check out the interview here.
I kind of donít care where and if [Fort Minor] fits in. For me, trends will come and go. Rap music right now is in a really exciting place... Thereís a lot of room for individual, unique voices. Iím excited for what thatís going to develop into in the coming years. My role in it isnít to be a part of any movement, or a part of anything at all. I just make what I make. If people dig it, then they dig it.
Jonathan Bautts on 07/13/15 - 11:18 AM
In a recent interview, Father John Misty says he's already completed writing on the follow up to this year's excellent I Love You, Honeybear, and that the album "isn't about love." You can watch the interview in the replies.
I feel like writing about intimacy afforded me a real unexpected level of clarity and kind of turning that perspective outward, that's essentially what the next album is all about.
Aaron Mook on 07/08/15 - 11:19 AM
"What I'm working for is something more than free."
Staff InterviewsJason Isbell (Craig Manning)
Wolf Alice (Jonathan Bautts)
Craig Manning on 07/08/15 - 07:36 AM
We spoke with U.K. breakout Wolf Alice about their debut album, My Love Is Cool. Check out the interview here.
Weíre four weirdos from North London who spent a good two years playing everywhere trying to get the fine folk of England to pay attention to us, so itís blowing our minds that weíve got the chance to do that over in the U.S.A. too. The U.S. crowds are so, so, so much fun. People yell stuff like good restaurants to check out or just welcome you to the city DURING the breaks between songs. Itís how I imagine American football games to be, full of team spirit and chanting. A good crowd at a show in the U.S. can be like getting hit with a sledgehammer and totally elevates the vibe.
Jonathan Bautts on 07/08/15 - 05:42 AM
View this review.Anberlin
By Jonathan Bautts
View this review.Anberlin
By Jonathan Bautts
View this review.Anberlin
By Jonathan Bautts

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