Last week, I got the chance to chat with Chris Carrabba (of Dashboard Confessional and Further Seems Forever fame) about his new band, Twin Forks. During the interview, Carrabba opened up about his long-held aspiration to pursue folk music, the slow and steady formation of the new band, an upcoming tour with Augustana, his current feelings about his other musical projects, his opinions on the modern mainstream folk resurgence, and his friendship with Butch Walker. Check out the interview here and the review of the new Twin Forks album here.
Craig Manning on 02/25/14 - 07:55 AM
"And the plaster dented from your fist in the hall where you had your first kiss reminds you that the memories will fade."
Staff ReviewsTwin Forks - Twin Forks (Craig Manning)
The Fray - Helios (Craig Manning)
Beck - Morning Phase (Craig Manning)
The Hotelier - Home, Like Noplace Is There (Chris Collum)
Katy B - Little Red (Jake Jenkins)
Staff InterviewsChris Carrabba (Twin Forks) (Craig Manning)
Craig Manning on 02/25/14 - 05:47 AM
Audrey Sinead took the time to fill out our interview; you can read that here.
My favorite song to play right now is my new single called "Say It Again." My boyfriend lives in Scotland, so the song is about how hard it can be to be in a long distance relationship, but it’ll be worth it eventually when we won’t have to wait months to see each other anymore.
Zac Djamoos on 02/24/14 - 08:41 PM
You can check out my interview with Anthony Raneri (Bayside) The band's fantastic new album, Cult, is available now (read my review) and will be heading out on its headlining tour next month.
And the same weekend we were doing those shows, Long Island Fest was happening in like a VFW Hall and I Am The Avalanche was playing. And I remember thinking like I would much rather be at Long Island Fest right now. I don't care, I don't want to be in front of these 10,000 people who don't get what I'm doing and as soon as we're done playing they're gonna go buy a confederate flag beer coozie. I would much rather play in front of a thousand people in a VFW Hall in Long Island right now. And that...
Drew Beringer on 02/20/14 - 06:10 AM
Neveralone filled out our interview; check it out.
We grew up listening to all the punk rock bands from the 90s and first years of 2000, to name a few: Blink 182, New Found Glory, Nofx, Lagwagon, Mxpx, Useless ID, Strung Out, Jimmy Eat World, Nirvana, Offspring, Rufio, Millencolin, but also some heavier stuff, like nu metal, hardcore and such.
Zac Djamoos on 02/19/14 - 08:25 PM
Stay Seventeen took some time to fill out our interview - you can find it here.
Our influence comes from a wide variety of bands, especially with the new stuff we’ve been writing. One Direction, The Summer Set, Katy Perry, and Imagine Dragons have all seemed to find their way into the new songs! It makes for an interesting and diverse mix, which is something we want to be apparent in everything we put out.
Zac Djamoos on 02/18/14 - 08:21 PM
The horribly named Holy Pinto! filled out our random interview, read it here.
Final year of college and frustrated with life and how we weren't doing music at the time. I spent about two years trying to convince Ryan to start a band with me. I don't think I ever played him any songs or anything I had written though, so it was a very counterproductive persuasion. Eventually happened, I guess!
Zac Djamoos on 02/17/14 - 08:48 PM
The Young Wild Hearts filled out our interview; read it here.
The abillity to never get full, or fat, so I can eat french dips all fuckin' day.
Zac Djamoos on 02/14/14 - 08:50 PM
Strange Times' interview is now up for your reading pleasure.
*basscalist [base-ka-list] - (n) a person that is both the bassist and lead vocalist of a band.
Ex. Fat Mike, Les Claypool, Paul McCartney, Comrade Aaron, etc.
Origin: 2013; 21st Century English < Latin: bezsacalistica
Zac Djamoos on 02/13/14 - 08:46 PM
Johnny Wore Black's interview can be read here.
My name is Johnny, that's what my dad called me. I like Johnny Cash, a story teller with integrity in his writing and delivery. He wore black to identify with those less fortunate and I remember the black suit I wore at my father's funeral when I was seventeen.
Zac Djamoos on 02/12/14 - 07:33 PM
AC ANGRY took some time to fill out our interview, you can read that here.
We wanted a name that sounded like kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll. As we were going through a list with suggestions, AC ANGRY was the one that made the cut. To us AC ANGRY sounds like an American muscle-car going at full throttle. It also can be interpreted as raging power, with the AC meaning alternative current.
Zac Djamoos on 02/11/14 - 06:17 PM
Here's another band to band interview, this time with Matt & Toby of Emery, and Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime. Head to the replies to check it out.
Jake Denning on 02/11/14 - 01:30 PM
You can read our interview with Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime here. The band will be releasing What Was Done: Volume I, an acoustic re-imagining of past material, later in 2014.
Jake Denning on 02/11/14 - 01:03 PM
Today's interview comes from pop-punk band When We Team Up, and you can read it here, if you are so inclined.
I was the tour manager for the last ever Attack! Attack! tour. Be on stage for the last show ever was pretty insane. The energy was unreal. Lot of good friends were made on that tour as well, big shout out to the dudes in The Plot In You, Get Scared, Dangerkids, and Closer To Closure and of course to the Attack! Attack! Family and all of the guest artists that came out from bands like We Came As Romans, Beartooth, and In Fear And Faith. It was a great send off.
Zac Djamoos on 02/10/14 - 03:01 PM
Deryck did an interview on the Detroit radio station 89x where he talks about new Sum 41 album and the band's new drummer.

Submitted by rushlinburg
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/07/14 - 09:56 PM
The ridiculously named Hot Bagels did an interview with us, which can be found here.
Write music and rock. There is nothing else I'd rather do. It gets me high.
Zac Djamoos on 02/07/14 - 01:27 PM
All Forces recently filled out our interview, which can be read here.
The usual. Our families, significant others, people who promoted us, and Thomas Edison. Because, you know, he invented the gramophone. Even though he was a greedy asshole that probably fucked Nikola Tesla out of unimaginable wealth.
Zac Djamoos on 02/06/14 - 08:44 PM
The Awesome Forces is a band from Pennsylvania who makes music similar to their idols in Aquabats. Check out the interview they did with us here.
Zac Djamoos on 02/03/14 - 11:57 AM
Read an interview with our own Drew Beringer about vinyl collecting and records on Now Spinning.
My older cousin gave me a copy of Rage Against The Machine’s debut album and then my first purchase on my own was Weezer’s Blue Album. From then on through all levels of schooling (middle, high, college) any extra income I got from my part-time or summer jobs went to buying music. Still does!
Ryan Gardner on 01/31/14 - 03:21 PM
You can now read Mia Mia!'s interview.
Zac Djamoos on 01/30/14 - 07:11 PM
Head over to Complex to read an interview they did with Young Thug where he reveals that he has recorded some songs with Kanye West and is planning a collaborative mixtape with Chief Keef.
"I mean, I went to his house and we did a couple of songs. The fact that I was [making songs] so fast amazed him too, because he doesn’t see a lot of people who rap like that. I don’t really rap with a lot of people [because] everyone raps the same way. When I first heard he wanted to know who I was and do songs, I was smiling ear to ear like a clown."
Jake Jenkins on 01/30/14 - 10:41 AM
Zac Djamoos on 01/29/14 - 06:59 PM
In a recent XXL interview, Kendrick Lamar has addressed the Grammys' results, Macklemore winning, and hip-hop culture at the event.
"It’s well deserved; he did what he did, man... He went out there and hustled and grinded. Everything happens for a reason; the universe comes back around, that’s how it go." [...] “I definitely feel like they should always have more of the culture up in there, for sure, because we definitely stand out just like any other genre,” Kendrick said when asked if he thought the Grammys undervalued hip-hop. “We part of the world. We part of the movement. So I think any awards, including the Grammys, should always push for more hip-hop because it’s music as a whole,...
Ryan Gardner on 01/29/14 - 10:39 AM
Seventy Minus One filled out a random interview, which can be read here.
Zac Djamoos on 01/28/14 - 08:11 PM
You can read Snowday's interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 01/23/14 - 06:09 PM
We recently interviewed Brendan Kelly from The Lawrence Arms about what went into the making of the band's first full-length record in almost 8 years. Metropole will be officially released on Tuesday through Epitaph.
There’s something fascinating to me about living in a huge metropolitan area and being totally alone even though you’re surrounded by people. That feeling of being lost in a crowd or alone in a group, it’s one of the thematic drivers that we really latched onto when we were making this record.
Deborah Remus on 01/22/14 - 08:13 AM
"Your tells are so obvious."
ReviewsSecond Story - Not The Same As Last Year EP (Ryan Gardner)
Lakefield - Swan Song (Craig Manning)
Blitz Kids - The Good Youth (Andy Biddulph)
Abram Shook - Sun Marquee (Gregory Robson)
Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter (Gregory Robson)
The Past (Jonathan Bautts)
InterviewThe Lawrence Arms (Deborah Remus)
Ryan Gardner on 01/22/14 - 07:40 AM
Check out Meridian's interview.
Zac Djamoos on 01/20/14 - 07:37 PM
Karen Dezelle answered a few questions.
Zac Djamoos on 01/13/14 - 08:04 PM
Here's our interview with Nanaki.
Zac Djamoos on 01/09/14 - 09:15 PM
Hello, again. For those of you who don't know, I'm Cody, I'm the comedy staff member around here. I was for a little bit of last year, until I took a bit of a sabbatical to deal with my own comedic career. But I'm back now, though, albeit in a slightly lesser manner. News posting will be slim, unless I feel like they're topics/issues that definitely need to be seen by a larger audience. Gone completely are my album reviews, which shouldn't be too missed, since I only did like five. Coming back in full force, however, are my comedian interviews. I'm making time to fit these into my schedule, because 1.) I love learning from comedians, and 2.) Their unique perspectives almost always...
Cody Nelson on 01/08/14 - 06:40 AM
Go to this thread to find our interview withThe Manchester Social Club.
Zac Djamoos on 01/07/14 - 08:50 PM
Here is Shining Through's interview.
Zac Djamoos on 01/03/14 - 08:47 PM
Today's two interviews come from Animus and Phoenix Calling and can be found here and here, respectively.
Zac Djamoos on 01/02/14 - 06:45 PM
Click here to read our interview with No Bragging Rights. The band will be recording a brand new album with Will Putney in April.
Right now, my theme is anger. I see it every day...in our scene, all over. It's going to definitely be an angry record, where I talk about the pros and cons of it. I get angry a lot, which is crazy, because people say “Oh you're so passive, you're so this and that...”...I just deal with it differently, I'm 30, I've had years to learn how to deal with my anger. I'm excited to write about it, I feel like it's going to be a fun challenge, and try to spin some positives from it.
Jake Denning on 12/24/13 - 11:16 AM
Alexis Kings' interview is here.
Zac Djamoos on 12/19/13 - 08:18 PM
Read an interview with She Hit Me First here.
Zac Djamoos on 12/18/13 - 09:29 PM
Check out The Written Years' interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 12/13/13 - 06:47 PM
You can read Aerolyn's interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 12/12/13 - 08:58 PM
Read Dead Winter's random interview here.
Zac Djamoos on 12/11/13 - 08:48 PM
Today's interviews are from The Disparrows and Death of Paris and can be read here and here.
Zac Djamoos on 12/10/13 - 09:36 PM
The A.V. Club is in the midst of running through its busy "end of the year" coverage for 2013, and we recently got the chance to speak with Josh Modell, the site's Editor-in-Chief, and Kyle Ryan, its Editor, about their "23 best albums of 2013" list. Over the course of the interview, we talked about the year's best records, how the A.V. Club tabulates its year-end lists, whether or not it's currently cool to like Drake or Fall Out Boy, and a plethora of other musical minutia. Read the interview here.
Craig Manning on 12/09/13 - 12:36 PM
"Just hold on, we're going home."
Staff InterviewsThe A.V. Club (Craig Manning)
Craig Manning on 12/09/13 - 07:03 AM
Shores of Elysium's interview can be found here.
Zac Djamoos on 12/05/13 - 03:16 PM
Cry Excess' interview lies in wait in this thread.
Zac Djamoos on 12/04/13 - 09:00 PM
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