In an effort to bring you the latest and greatest exclusive content, we've teamed up with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause to present you, our readers, with the group's new EP, Don't Shoot the Messenger, free for download on their artist profile. The EP, which was produced by Richard Gavalis (Bloodhound Gang, Long Shot Hero), is scheduled to see release later this month free-of-charge both online and at shows.
Brandon Allin on 12/06/06 - 10:59 AM
Nirvana's iconic 1991 single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" beat out hits from Madonna, Britney Spears and U2 to be named the best pop song in 20 years by Britain's Q Magazine. Read up on it here.

Submitted by GQMike of TSPR
Scott Irvine on 11/28/06 - 08:38 AM
Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause have announced further details surrounding their debut EP, Don't Shoot the Messenger. The album, which is scheduled to see an early-December release, will be available free-of-charge via both live performances and online downloads. Furthermore, you can find the tracklist for the band's debut effort below.

1. Throwing January Away
2. Nightlife of the Living Dead
3. Let's Keep it Short
4. Don't Take it Personal
Brandon Allin on 11/20/06 - 07:05 PM
In our minds, there is no such thing as too much Less Than Jake. Thus, without further adieu, we're proud to unveil yet another installment in our continuous ABSOLUTExclusive series with Florida's own. If you visit the band's artist profile, you can watch an exclusive, live video of the group performing "Last One Out of Liberty City" from Glasgow, Scotland. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from the kings of ska-punk, as we bring you exclusive coverage of their exciting live show and more.
Brandon Allin on 11/15/06 - 09:43 AM
You can listen to a live radio interview with Chris Irons of Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7th, on 91.7 WCUR FM, which broadcasts live in the West Chester, Pennsylvania area. If you reside elsewhere, you can tune in online right here.
Brandon Allin on 11/06/06 - 02:55 PM
Atreyu has offered a statement in regards to the From First to Last issue (From First to Last claimed they were forced to leave the current "World Championship" tour):
StatementAtreyu has been portrayed in a terrible light during the course of this, and we're tired of it. We felt the need to make one final post including the honest truth about the issue.

Due to Sonny..s vocal problems forcing him to leave the tour, FFTL would become an incomplete band. In the business of touring, from personal experience, and with the help of management (we have the same management as FFTL mind you), we came to the industry conclusion: ..incomplete band, incomplete money... We offered FFTL (minus the...
Rohan Kohli on 11/01/06 - 10:06 AM
Last chance for questions as I will be sitting down with Lovedrug tomorrow at their show in Cincinnati. In the meantime, check out their new songs on their purevolume page.
Steve Henderson on 10/24/06 - 04:04 PM
Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause are scheduled to begin recording in late November with producer Richard Gavalis (Bloodhound Gang, American Nightmare, Long Shot Hero). The band, who has formed from the remains of a handful of established Philadelphia, ska-punk bands, are currently writing for their debut, thus far untitled release.
Brandon Allin on 10/01/06 - 08:08 PM
Taken (members now in Mikoto and Circa Survive) are selling a rare demo and their last show shirt on eBay.
Pat Marquez on 09/26/06 - 11:09 AM
The last remaining guitar tabulature site will not be closing despite a recent threat from the MPA.

Submitted by ACA
Ryan Imhof on 08/18/06 - 07:56 PM
Victory Records bands Four Letter Lie and On The Last Day will be touring in October. Dates to be announced soon.
Pat Marquez on 08/02/06 - 03:10 PM
Silverstein have been added to both the Toronto and Montreal Warped Tour shows. The band has been on the tour since the beginning but will be finishing in NYC on August 5th. They will rejoin for the last 2 dates to finish off the tour in their home country.
Melissa Johnson on 08/01/06 - 10:10 PM
Long Shot Hero are set to perform one last time on the Ernie Ball Stage at the Vans Warped Tour Stop in Scranton, PA on August 4th. The band will perform with the majority of their original lineup, but will feature Dave Rossi of SGR on drums, as well as Matt Muller from Too Short Notice on guitar.
Brandon Allin on 07/30/06 - 02:11 AM
The Junior Varsity joins this years Warped Tour today in St. Louis, MO. This will be the last tour they do while writing the new record.
Tour Dates7.25.06 Warped Tour - St. Louis, MO
7.26.06 Warped Tour - Cincinnatti, OH
7.27.06 Warped Tour - Pittsburgh, PA
7.28.06 Warped Tour - Indianapolis, IN
7.29.06 Warped Tour - Detroit, MI
7.30.06 Warped Tour - Chicago, IL
Katie Schmitz on 07/25/06 - 04:49 AM
Halifax will be on Last Call with Carson Daly TONIGHT at 1:35am on NBC. Tune in to see a live performance of their song, "Our Revolution."
Katie Schmitz on 07/19/06 - 07:42 PM
Senses Fail has posted the last video clip from the studio on their Myspace.
Jon Foucart on 07/18/06 - 11:01 PM
Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are engaged to be married.
Katie Schmitz on 07/18/06 - 07:22 PM
On The Last Day now have an e-card in support of their new album, Finding Meaning in the Static, which hits stores August 22nd.
Katie Schmitz on 07/18/06 - 01:44 PM
Sleeping at Last have a new song posted for download titled "Careful Hands" on their Purevolume page.

Submitted by gargac11
Katie Schmitz on 07/10/06 - 07:36 PM
The top 20 semi-finalists in the Lollapalooza "Last Band Standing" contest have been announced. The winner and runner-up will get to play with Kanye West and Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can place a vote here.
Ryan Imhof on 07/10/06 - 02:04 PM
Today, the top 100 vote getter's in Lollapalooza's Last Band Standing contest were narrowed down to 16 chicago bands and 20 non-chicago bands. Included in the 20 non-chicago band is The Miiitia Group's The Appleseed Cast, among others. The voting ends July 20th and the top four in total votes move on to a live battle of the bands in Chicago.

Submitted by the associates
Melissa Johnson on 07/08/06 - 12:08 AM
Hey guys - I just posted a long review for Sleeping at Last's amazing new record, Keep No Score. It is self-released and out now, so order it from their website! Leave me some feedback in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 06/30/06 - 01:59 PM
Reel Big Fish have announced that the last day to purchase VIP tickets for their forthcoming, summer, co-headlining tour with MXPX will be July 4th. The tickets, which ensure fans a meet and greet with the band and a copy of the band's upcoming, triple-disc, live CD/DVD package, are available for $25 in addition to the cost of a regular ticket. Both forms of tickets can be purchased here, so pick yours up if you haven't done so already.
Brandon Allin on 06/27/06 - 09:32 AM
Radiohead has hinted that this may be their last album they ever release. Check out what they had to say below:
Radiohead Leave Interesting MessageWhat goes up.....must come down. So it's been fun chatting with some of you lovely people and we've uncovered some great talent in smash & grab. There is a secret We have yet to tell. Also, keep supporting the good bands on this thing. it's only your support that gives these guys the chance we had. Thom says thanks for all of the 'Eraser' comments. Thanks to Rik for Jons site. The new material will 'most likely' come out as an album, but we are still farting about with the idea of multiple singles, EP's or online only!...(mmm!...that could...
Pat Marquez on 06/26/06 - 06:37 PM
This year, Lollapalooza is running a competition called Last Band Standing in which "any band – big or small – from anywhere in the world compete to join the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kanye West, Manu Chao, Wilco and 125 more bands on the Lollapalooza 2006 lineup. The winner will not only receive an opening slot at Lollapalooza, but countless other prizes and perks." The Militia Group's The Appleseed Cast is among the huge list of bands in this competition; to find a band, use the navigation bar along the top, and be sure to vote for the artist you enjoy most!

Let us know who you voted for! We can hopefully get a healthy new music discussion going out of this contest.
Tony Pascarella on 06/26/06 - 10:09 AM
Today is the last day Team Goldie's EP, Anniversary, will be available for free download at pureVOLUME.
Ryan Imhof on 06/23/06 - 02:02 PM
From First to Last is hosting an episode of Fuse's "Stevens Untitled Rock Show" on May 31st!

Submitted by rickyterror
Frank Giaramita on 05/30/06 - 12:18 PM
Sleeping At Last (formerly with Interscope Records) have 2 new songs up on their myspace and have put their forthcoming album, which is being released independently, Keep No Score, up for pre-order.

Submitted by gregorizzle
Tony Pascarella on 05/26/06 - 05:00 AM
This is the last call for questions to appear in my interview with theAudition (Victory Records), which will be conducted in about two and a half hours. Post 'em quick, folks.

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Question submission has been closed, and I appreciate all of them. Look for the interview this weekend.
Tony Pascarella on 05/23/06 - 12:34 PM
In two days I'll be sitting down with Pete Wentz for the second part of our ABSOLUTExclusive interview. Now is probably your last chance to submit questions; post anything you want to know in response to his answers or you feel wasn't touched upon in part one in the replies.
Jared Kaufman on 05/02/06 - 08:09 AM
On October 21st Victory Records will release On The Last Day's album Meaning In The Static.
Jon Foucart on 05/01/06 - 06:51 PM
I will be interviewing the Moneen this weekend so if you didn't get a chance to contribute to the questions you want to hear answered, then here's your chance. Post your questions in the replies and then listen to The Red Tree on repeat for the rest of the day.
Gabe Gross on 04/20/06 - 10:27 AM
Apparently Day At The Fair is playing their last show ever on April 20th at The Bloomfield Avenue Cafe with Race The Sun, Ever We Fall, and more.
Jared Kaufman on 04/17/06 - 07:28 AM
This is the last call for questions to ask Straylight Run this evening at their show. Ask away and I will do my best to get most of them answered.
Tony Pascarella on 04/10/06 - 07:04 AM
The Static Age's Neon Nights Electric Lives (produced by Matt Squire) can be streamed in its entirety on pureVOLUME.com - check it out while you can because Monday is the last day it'll be up. Also, a remix of "Armory" unavailable anywhere else can be found on the page as well.
Rohan Kohli on 04/09/06 - 10:48 PM
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' segment on MTV's "You Hear It First" can be streamed via the links below. The band's self-titled debut is due out through Virgin on June 20th.

Quicktime | Windows
Rohan Kohli on 04/05/06 - 08:03 PM
Check out a live video of The Format performing "On Your Porch" from last night, the first night of the Format / June / Anathallo / Tickertape Parade tour.

Submitted by: joeshmoe909
Frank Giaramita on 04/04/06 - 02:59 PM
MTV.com posted this article about From First To Last and everything currently going on and beyond with them.
Jared Kaufman on 04/04/06 - 06:25 AM
New York-based production team, Shep And Kenny are STILL looking for a Studio Engineer. If you're interested, email your resume and/or discography to info@sheppardmusic.com. You must know Pro Tools in and out, and have experience with live recording and mixing. If you're interested in securing a career in the music industry, this is your chance! Shep and Kenny have worked with the following artists: Bayside, Head Automatica, Punchline, Cute Is What We Aim, Mandy Moore, LFO, Lee Ann Womack, and Aaron Carter.
Frank Giaramita on 03/28/06 - 12:18 PM
I just wrote a review for From First to Last - Heroine, in stores now. You can read it right here - you might be suprised by it.
Scott Weber on 03/23/06 - 02:14 PM
You can listen to From First To Last's entire new album, Heroine, at their Myspace.com page
Frank Giaramita on 03/16/06 - 12:29 PM
From First To Last has a new website. Their new album, Heroine, will be released March 21st via Epitaph Records. (Remind Me)
Ryan Imhof on 03/06/06 - 08:20 PM
This is the last call for questions for two e-mail interviews I will be conducting. Post questions for The Prize Fight and A Wilhelm Scream; please indicate who the questions are to. Thanks!
Tony Pascarella on 03/06/06 - 06:33 AM
Victory Records have apologized to Island Def Jam regarding their recent comments about Ne-Yo. They also claimed the entire e-mail was a "bogus joke". Head to MTV.com for more details.
Frank Giaramita on 03/02/06 - 03:44 PM
The tracklist for Further Seems Forever's "Best Of" disc, Hope This Finds You Well, is below. The album will be in stores on March 21st.
FSF Tracklisting1. Moon Is Down, The
2. Pride War
3. Hide Nothing
4. Snowbirds And Townies
5. Light Up Ahead
6. Against My Better Judgment
7. Bradley, The
8. New Year's Project
9. How To Start A Fire
10. Someone You Know
11. Sound, The
12. Wearing Thin
13. Bleed
14. Pictures Of Shorelines
15. For All We Know
Jon Foucart on 03/02/06 - 11:04 AM
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