Kevin Smith tweeted that former My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, has recorded a new song for his upcoming film, Tusk.
Jason Tate on 04/08/14 - 04:12 PM
Gerard Way, former frontman of My Chemical Romance, has posted a lengthy update on Twitter regarding his thoughts on interacting with his former band's fanbase. For a little more background, you can read his tweets yesterday.
As far as yesterday is concerned, the last thing I'd want anyone to feel is that I have a general perception of you all as overwhelmingly negative. That is not the case. In an effort to try and help people understand certain things, as a communicator, sometimes it is easier to deal with something when it is directly brought to you, maybe by someone that is confused. People that communicate and connect with each other have a strong desire to be understood. It was...
Jason Tate on 04/03/14 - 10:02 AM
Mikey Way has talked a little on how the end of My Chemical Romance impacted him with NME.
I was going through it. It was sad, like the passing of a family member. But over time I got great joy and pleasure from reflecting. I was able to truly put on some songs and be like, ‘Wow, we really did something. We cracked the heavens.’ With MCR we were so busy. I was never able to stop and smell the roses, or evaluate myself completely. That’s what the past year was all about. I was able to dig deep inside myself and become the man I always wanted to be.
Jason Tate on 03/28/14 - 01:16 PM
Dallon Weekes (Panic! at the Disco) will be a contributing artist to Gerard Way's (My Chemical Romance) new comic book.
Jason Tate on 03/19/14 - 08:27 PM
Check out a new Frank Iero (ex-My Chemical Romance) song/video called "B.F.F." on Alt Press. The song is a collaboration with his two daughters.
Ryan Gardner on 02/25/14 - 11:26 AM
Electric Century (Mikey Way, ex-My Chemical Romance) have released their first single, "I Lied," on AltPress.
Ryan Gardner on 02/25/14 - 11:22 AM
My Chemical Romance will be releasing "Fake Your Death" today at 2:30 pm EST. The song title, predictably, has the internet abuzz in rumors.

Update: You can stream the song here.
Jason Tate on 02/17/14 - 10:41 AM
One of our users got to interview Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) a few days back and you can check it out in the replies. Gerard talks about the end of MCR, new solo material and more.
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/04/14 - 09:17 AM
My Chemical Romance's greatest hits album is now up for pre-order on the band's website. It will be out March 2th and a video teaser is in the replies.
Jason Tate on 01/21/14 - 09:35 AM
Listen to the first solo track from Frank Iero (ex-My Chemical Romance), "2.5mg Just Ain't Enough For Me," on AltPress. It appears on Fadeaway Records' upcoming Friends compilation. Iero will also be releasing a single titled "B.F.F." that he wrote and recorded with his 3-year-old daughters on February 25.
i am incredibly happy to announce that my newest musical endeavor will be a collaboration between myself and two of my favorite artists of all time.... my 3 year old twin daughters, Lily and Cherry Iero. our single, B.F.F., will be released worldwide by B.CALM press available through all online digital music retailers on february 25, 2014.
all proceeds from the sales of this...
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/14/14 - 08:14 PM
My Chemical Romance's greatest hits album will also include demos and rarities. The latest annoucement from the band is below.
On March 25, we will be releasing a greatest hits album entitled "May Death Never Stop You." The title is fitting, because as sad as it was to say goodbye to the band, we look at this collection as a celebration of our best songs, and hope the memory of them continues to bring joy to you all as they have for us. The album also includes some previously unreleased material, including the infamous "Attic Demos," and one of the last songs we worked on in the studio together. On January 21, we will be opening pre-orders for the album right here on our site. We hope...
Jason Tate on 12/13/13 - 05:06 PM
The artwork for My Chemical Romance's greatest hits album, May Death Never Stop You, can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 11/29/13 - 08:29 PM
In the replies is a video with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance that actually sheds some light on the band's break-up.

Submitted by Fun Ghoul
Jason Tate on 11/27/13 - 12:56 PM
Gerard Way has begun work on Umbrella Academy character designs.
Jason Tate on 11/04/13 - 09:41 AM
Hits Daily Double is listing a new My Chemical Romance release – an album name is not specified – on their upcoming releases chart. The listing date is January 21, 2014. There is no way to tell whether it's a reissue of some kind, B-sides or a greatest hits, but we'll update this news post if any more information becomes available. Feel free to speculate in the replies.

Update: Alternative Press tweeted, "Lots of rumors circulating throughout the #MCRmy today. We have received confirmation that #MCR's alleged Jan. release is NOT new material." This is not exactly fraught with information but it's definitely a tweet.

Update #2: It's a greatest hits package.
Thomas Nassiff on 10/29/13 - 08:47 AM
Fall Out Boy, Coheed and Cambria, Saosin, and My Chemical Romance were forever memorialized as the subject of parody in an episode of South Park tonight. Just what we need: more stereotypes of kids cutting themselves to "emo" music. Gotta be the most press Saosin's had in ages though.
Jason Tate on 10/23/13 - 09:45 PM
Ed Rose has finished mixing the new solo album from Frank Iero, formerly of My Chemical Romance.
Jason Tate on 10/23/13 - 07:20 PM
Listen to a fan recording of a new Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) song called "Millions" in the replies.
Ryan Gardner on 10/05/13 - 07:30 PM
My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way has posted lyrics for a new song entitled "Millions." No real word yet on what these are for though ...
Jason Tate on 07/29/13 - 11:24 AM
My Chemical Romance's Twitter account was hacked this morning -- leading some to speculate the band was making moves again, unfortunately, this isn't the case.
Jason Tate on 07/15/13 - 10:36 AM
Ray Toro, formerly of My Chemical Romance, has released his first solo track "Isn't That Something." Jump to the replies to give it a listen.

Submitted by Clockwise
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/26/13 - 05:29 PM
Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) will co-write and co-direct an upcoming episode of The Aquabats! Super Show.
The episode, which airs June 1 at 1 p.m. ET, co-stars My Chemical Romance bassist (and Way's brother) Mikey Way as the frontman for a death-metal band called Asthma. The group seeks revenge against the Aquabats after losing a battle of the bands because Aquabat Ricky Fitness (Richard Folomir) develops a crush on a contestant named Rachael Moonbug and unjustly awards her the $750 grand prize..
Jason Tate on 05/23/13 - 09:04 AM
My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way will be bringing The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys to life as a comic series with Shaun Simon and Becky Cloonan. The first issue will be released on June 6th via Dark Horse. Check out a preview here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/20/13 - 04:14 PM
Gerard Way has been live tweeting as he re-listens to My Chemical Romance's old albums. Some of the behind the scenes anecdotes are pretty interesting -- even if my Twitter timeline was taken over.
Jason Tate on 04/01/13 - 10:15 AM
Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance has posted a new blog.
i have written, deleted and rewritten this letter way too many times than i care to remember. i am not much for eulogies so i will keep this short and to the point. i don't believe in holding back your feelings or emotions until it is too late. if you did not appreciate someone or something while they were still here then you have no business expressing cute anecdotes when they are no longer around to enjoy them. in the 12 years i have been in mcr i believe i have said all i needed and wanted to say about it when it counted. if you know me or have ever listened to me speak about mychem you know what it meant to me. i lived,...
Jason Tate on 03/30/13 - 10:30 AM
Under The Gun wrote a fantastic piece about the legacy of My Chemical Romance. Read it here.
Humanism is something that lingered throughout the band’s work. I could write entire dissertations on Revenge, my favourite album, which for all its frenzied, explosive pace is at heart a response to the loss of the Ways’ grandmother. The lyrics, music and imagery on that album seared right into my soul as soon as I heard it – it’s like hearing a comic book on record, replete with all the atmospheric intensity and noir sophistication of visceral art. For me, nothing will ever top the guttural, breathtaking verse at the end of my favourite song, “It’s Not A Fashion Statement, It’s A Fucking...
Drew Beringer on 03/28/13 - 03:04 PM
A free preview of Gerard Way's The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comic book will be part of "Free Comic Book Day" on May 4th. The first issue comes out June 12th.

Submitted by esposimi
Jason Tate on 03/28/13 - 01:59 PM
Andy Greenwald over at Grantland wrote a piece on the My Chemical Romance breakup and what they, in particular Gerard, meant to the music world.
Rock critics have long fallen back on superhero mythology to describe musicians; it's a handy way to add grandeur to what tend to be fairly rote backstories, bending boring arcs of rehab and redemption into the Hero's Journey, all in a quest to avoid quoting the drummer. But My Chemical Romance was the first group I covered that actually used that mythology for themselves. Gerard called his band "an idea," labeled his fans an army. From album to album and show to show, MCR reinvented themselves across a multiverse of possibilities: They were...
Jason Tate on 03/25/13 - 07:33 PM
Gerard Way has written a very long letter concerning the break up of My Chemical Romance.
My Chemical Romance had, built within its core, a fail-safe. A doomsday device, should certain events occur or cease occurring, would detonate. I shared knowledge of this “flaw” within weeks of its inception.
Personally, I embraced it because, again, it made us perfect. A perfect machine, beautiful, yet self aware of it’s system. Under directive to terminate before it becomes compromised. To protect the idea- at all costs. This probably sounds like something ripped from the pages of a four-color comic book, and that’s the point.
No compromise. No surrender. No fucking shit.

To me that’s rock...
Ryan Gardner on 03/24/13 - 07:06 PM
PropertyOfZack is reporting that Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance has started a new "electronic hardcore" band called Death Spells with James Dewees (The Get Up Kids, Reggie and the Full Effect).
James: I have this other thing going with Frank from MCR called Death Spells. We’re opening up for Mindless Self Indulgence in two or three weeks. It’s more like an electronic-hardcore project. We’ve been working with a visual graphics artist and he’s been making these insane videos for us. The music is al little more intense...
Thomas Nassiff on 03/24/13 - 09:52 AM
My Chemical Romance are breaking up.
Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We've gotten to go places we never knew we would. We've been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure.
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/22/13 - 08:01 PM
Gerard Way will be releasing the first issue of The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys on June 12th.
Years ago, the Killjoys fought against the tyrannical megacorporation Better Living Industries, costing them their lives, save for one—the mysterious Girl. Today, the followers of the original Killjoys languish in the Desert while BLI systematically strips citizens of their individuality. As the fight for freedom fades, it’s left to the Girl to take up the mantle and bring down the fearsome BLI or else join the mindless ranks of Bat City!
Jason Tate on 03/14/13 - 07:39 PM
Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) recently produced a song for a New Jersey band named Science. The new track was recorded at North End Studios, and some photos from the tracking session can be found here.

Submitted by danilovesnj
Jason Tate on 02/28/13 - 09:58 AM
Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance recorded some guest vocals for Mat Devine's (Kill Hannah) solo project.
Jason Tate on 02/20/13 - 01:01 PM
Jason Tate on 02/04/13 - 10:18 PM
You can stream My Chemical Romance's "Surrender The Night" and "Burn Bright" here.

Submitted by Slangster
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/03/13 - 11:48 PM
My Chemical Romance guitarist, Frank Iero, has released a cover of The Ronettes song "Be My Baby."
Jason Tate on 01/14/13 - 10:54 AM
Two new My Chemical Romance songs, "Make Room!!!" and "Kiss The Ring" can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 01/07/13 - 06:38 PM
You can stream a new track from My Chemical Romance entitled "Kiss The Ring" here.

Submitted by Helen Keller.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/03/13 - 01:09 AM
My Chemical Romance's "The Light Behind Your Eyes" is streaming in the replies.
Jason Tate on 12/17/12 - 11:59 AM
You can stream a new My Chemical Romance song titled "The World is Ugly" here.

Submitted by ShootingRomance
Drew Beringer on 12/17/12 - 01:27 AM
Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) has posted a new solo demo entitled "Zero Zero" under the moniker DannyTheStreet. You can stream the song in the replies.

Submitted by Chris92
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/10/12 - 09:43 PM
The Boston Phoenix has today a list of the best emo songs of all time. The publication lays out 100 tracks, headlined by My Chemical Romance and featuring many other AP.net favorites. Check out the list and weigh in with your thoughts in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 12/10/12 - 12:43 PM
Hear the two new My Chemical Romance songs "Ambulance" and "Gun." in the replies.

Submitted by SpyKi
Jason Tate on 11/23/12 - 02:03 PM
Pre-orders for the first 7" vinyl of the My Chemical Romance Conventional Weapons series has been launched. The track listing for all of these can be found in the replies.

Submitted by JennaJames
Jason Tate on 09/18/12 - 11:06 AM
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