Stream two Paramore bonus tracks, "Escape Route" and "Native Tongue" off of their latest release, Paramore, in the replies.
Dre Okorley on 04/09/13 - 06:27 AM
Paramore's new self-titled record is out now. Pick it up on iTunes. Also, you can stream the "Still Into You" music video in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 04/08/13 - 09:06 PM
PureVolume recently interviewed Hayley Williams of Paramore and they talked about the band's new self-titled album (in stores tomorrow), the Farro Brothers, and the solo career that never was.
And to be honest with you, there’s no way that ‘Hayley Williams’ would be around as long as Paramore's been around—it just would never work. I think people want what’s real and what’s genuine, and what’s genuine for me is being the singer of this band. Selling my name on a billboard or on the cover of a CD? That just wouldn’t be me. And I just don’t think that ‘Hayley Williams’ would have survived on her own.
Drew Beringer on 04/08/13 - 10:34 AM
Rdio will be streaming Paramore's Paramore for free from Tuesday. Two bonus tracks will also exclusively be available to stream. The stream will be available from here.
Kelly Doherty on 04/06/13 - 12:56 PM
The fourth and final side of Paramore's self-titled album is now streaming on the band's website, so you can listen to the entire album in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/04/13 - 06:52 PM
Paramore is streaming Side C of their new self-titled album on Paramore.net or in the replies - then check out our official review of the record here.
Jack Appleby on 04/03/13 - 05:08 PM
When you're full of fire, what's the object of your desire?
ReviewsParamore - Paramore (Jack Appleby)
Wavves - Afraid of Heights (Chris Collum)
Young Statues - Age Isn't Ours EP (Ryan Gardner)
Northern Faces - Southern Places EP (Ryan Gardner)
Telekinesis - Dormarion (Kelly Doherty)
My Back Pages, Vol. 5: Television - Marquee Moon (Chris Collum)
InterviewsMax Bemis (Say Anything) (Drew Beringer)
ExclusivesLive The Story EP Premiere
Chris Collum on 04/02/13 - 10:12 PM
Paramore is streaming "side B" of its new self-titled album on their website now or in the replies - check out our official review tomorrow.
Drew Beringer on 04/02/13 - 04:15 PM
Paramore are streaming the first part of their new album on their website now - check out our official review Wednesday.
Jason Tate on 04/01/13 - 03:56 PM
Paramore's new album will be pressed on blue vinyl as an exclusive variant for Hot Topic. It will be limited to 1,500 copies.
Jason Tate on 03/30/13 - 10:23 AM
If you were thinking you'd get to stream all of Paramore's new self-titled album in one sitting this coming Monday, think again. The band will be premiering the album over the course of four nights on its website. Four sides in four nights - starting this Monday. The band explains the details in a video in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 03/28/13 - 03:42 PM
Paramore will begin streaming their new album on their website next Monday.
Jason Tate on 03/27/13 - 09:22 AM
iTunes uploaded previews for Paramore's upcoming Self-Titled album in Australia. You can listen to the recorded clips in the replies.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/26/13 - 07:37 AM
Hayley (Paramore) posted lyrics to "daydreaming" on her blog.

Submitted by EmilyPhoto
Jason Tate on 03/25/13 - 06:46 PM
Rock Sound has the first review of the new Paramore album in their upcoming issue. They like it.
Having barely set foot in front of an audience for the past two years, let alone in front of a camera, the band's self-titled fourth album quickly reveals that in re-emerging, Paramore have done so in a very, very different form. Where its predecessor perfectly captured a period of frustration and resentment - the result of which was an angry, bitter collection of songs that clattered and snarled in equal measure - 'Paramore' is a very much the sound of a happier, more comfortable band. Bathed in subtle synths and sprinkled with pinches of electronica, songs such as the aforementioned opener...
Jason Tate on 03/23/13 - 01:07 PM
Doesn't look like Novel American (ex-Paramore) will be releasing music anytime soon.
I hoped that there would be more, but nothing’s really taking shape so that’s why I’ve been focusing more on this. We looked for a singer for about a year and a half and we tried some people but nothing really clicked. I wouldn’t say it’s never going to happen, but I’d say it will just take more time.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Jason Tate on 03/22/13 - 09:52 PM
Get ready Brazil .... Paramore has announced seven shows in the most favoured nation. Check the replies for a video announcement.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Jason Tate on 03/22/13 - 09:41 AM
PureVolume has posted a pretty cool SXSW photo gallery featuring shots of Paramore, Tegan and Sara, and more.
Drew Beringer on 03/20/13 - 06:34 PM
Paramore recently spoke with Fuse and talked about why they decided to self title its new album. You can watch it in the replies.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Drew Beringer on 03/15/13 - 01:30 PM
You can stream a new Paramore song, titled "Still Into You," in the replies. The band's upcoming self-titled album hits stores on April 9th.
Drew Beringer on 03/13/13 - 11:55 PM
Hayley Williams (Paramore) will be releasing a MAC cosmetic line this spring.
Jason Tate on 03/08/13 - 11:12 AM
Paramore will be performing at SXSW on March 13th as part of The Warner Sound Captured By Nikon. The performance will also be streaming on YouTube. Additionally, the band's first three albums have been mastered for iTunes; pick them up here. Lastly, they are scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 11th and Conan on April 30th, with additional TV appearances to be announced.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/05/13 - 05:31 PM
Former Paramore member Josh Farro has said that he's putting out new music "very soon."

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Jason Tate on 03/05/13 - 10:16 AM
Looks like Paramore's upcoming self-titled album will be clocking in at 64 minutes long, with the final track nearing eight minutes. That's a lotta bang for your buck.
Drew Beringer on 03/04/13 - 07:58 AM
Paramore fanclubs are saying the next single from the band's upcoming album will be "Still into You"
Jason Tate on 02/28/13 - 10:26 AM
Watch a clip of Paramore recording "Daydreaming" from their upcoming self-titled album in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/27/13 - 07:16 AM
Paramore fans have discovered that "Tell Me It's Okay", "Native Tongue" and "Escape Route" appear to be the b-sides from their upcoming album.
For more information check out www.warnerchappell.com and search Hayley Williams, you must have an account to look at the records. You will see the songs and you can see it was cowritten by the producer Justen Mendel Johnson, so these songs were indeed written during the most recent writing session.
Jason Tate on 02/14/13 - 11:18 AM
Paramore's new video for "Now" can be viewed over at MTV. The song is off the band's upcoming self-titled record, which hits retailers on April 9th.
Drew Beringer on 02/11/13 - 04:23 PM
Paramore's video for "Now" debuts on MTV on Monday. Check out a clip in the replies.
Jason Tate on 02/06/13 - 10:04 AM
Paramore have announced a string of Spring tour dates with Kitten starting in late April. You can find the dates in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/28/13 - 08:36 AM
You can pre-order Paramore's upcoming self-titled album here. The album hits stores on April 9th.
Drew Beringer on 01/21/13 - 08:01 PM
Update: The song can be streamed in the replies. What do you think?

Paramore's "Now" goes up on digital outlets tonight at midnight.
Jason Tate on 01/21/13 - 09:46 AM
Paramore will release their self-titled album on April 9th.

Track Listing
01) Fast In My Car
02) Now
03) Grow Up
04) Daydreaming
05) interlude: Moving On
06) Ain't It Fun
07) Part II
08) Last Hope
09) Still Into You
10) Anklebiters
11) interlude: Holiday
12) Proof
13) Hate To See Your Heart Break
14) One Of Those (Crazy Girls)
15) interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
16) Be Alone
17) Future
Joe DeAndrea on 01/18/13 - 09:11 AM
Paramore are shooting their music video for "Now" today. The band's new single drops next Tuesday. Be sure to check out our interview with Hayley if you haven't already.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/16/13 - 07:54 AM
In the replies you can view the artwork for Paramore's upcoming single "Now." Some of you may say "why is this news?" but honestly we're just excited to hear this jam. It will hit our ears on January 22nd.
Drew Beringer on 01/14/13 - 08:51 AM
Rolling Stone are following in our footsteps, and interviewed Hayley Williams and Taylor York of Paramore.
From the InterviewI always wanted to be a part of Paramore, but I just didn't know – "Is this a reality? Am I kidding myself?" It was just tiring, I guess. We were all friends, we grew up together, and that was the most disappointing . . . That sucked more than any of the band-professional career stuff. I mean, of course that sucked, but when everything sort of started falling to pieces between Brand New Eyes and making this album, there were definitely days I would wake up and think it would be so easy to put up some sort of letter saying it's just too hard, we've had a good run,...
Jason Tate on 01/09/13 - 03:30 PM
I was lucky enough to get to ask Hayley Williams some questions about Paramore's upcoming Self-Titled album which drops in a few months. We talked about the sound of the new album, the band's rocky past three years and more.
From The InterviewAbsolutely. I am so thankful for all that we have been through. You really do learn more from the bad... I believe that. It just does something to your perspective and I have never seen the three of us so clearly. Taylor and Jerm are so talented. We all really needed each other during this process because yes, at first, it was strange and uncharted territory. Then again, if we hadn't been forced into it, we might've never made a voluntary decision...
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/08/13 - 10:22 AM
Step 26: The secrets are baaaaaaack.
Staff ReviewsPianos Become The Teeth/Touché Amoré - Split (Drew Beringer)
Shane Henderson and The Future Perfect - Control (Jack Appleby)
Staff InterviewsParamore (Keagan Ilvonen)
Drew Beringer on 01/08/13 - 01:26 AM
I'm going to be interviewing Hayley Williams of Paramore this week. So if you have any questions you'd like me to ask, leave them in the replies and I'll try and work them in!
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/05/13 - 11:30 PM
Paramore will release their new single "Now" on January 22nd. You can check out a teaser in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/04/13 - 04:45 PM
Today is Hayley Williams' (Paramore) 24th birthday. Be sure to leave her some love in the replies or give her a shout on Twitter!
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/26/12 - 09:11 PM
Paramore's new album will be released on April 5th in Australia (4 days before the international release date).

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Jason Tate on 12/19/12 - 10:11 AM
Paramore and Ryan Russell are teaming up to offer a four-pack of photos with all the proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy relief. They are available here.
Thomas Nassiff on 12/10/12 - 09:52 AM
Paramore will release their self-titled fourth album on April 9th. The first single is titled "Now." Read an announcement from the band below.
AnnouncementThe time has come Paramore fans, friends, and family... And for that matter, the time has come for the rest of you as well. We are ready to spill the beans about what we've been doing over the last *coughYEARcough*. With the most pride and passion we could ever possibly express, we would like to announce that this album, our fourth freaking album... Will be self-titled, 'Paramore'. It has been self-titled through nearly the entire process. In fact, what usually takes us weeks on end to sum up and put a label on only took us a...
Alex DiVincenzo on 12/06/12 - 08:27 AM
mewithoutYou will be opening for Paramore on their Southeast Asia tour.
Jason Tate on 11/29/12 - 10:46 AM
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