Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) spoke to RockSound about their upcoming Folie a Deux. Check it out here.
From the Article"One of the biggest lyrics on the record is ‘I will never turn out like him / behind my back I already have’,'' he admits. ''When you are young you never think you will turn out like everyone else but then you just do; all of a sudden you do have a wife and you do check in, all of a sudden you do want to hang out at home. It is weird. I don’t know if it is a natural thing or a Pavlovian desire or it is just the product of overwhelming nurture.''
Anton Djamoos on 08/26/08 - 06:19 AM
Citizens for Our Betterment has been updated - try clicking "media," "action," and Pete Wentz's name to see what's new.

Submitted by gimone
Joe DeAndrea on 08/24/08 - 04:24 PM
A Rocket to the Moon has joined the Fueled by Ramen family, and Pete Wentz was on hand to make the announcement. Check out how A Rocket to the Moon is cool for hanging out with Wentz and the backstage announcement here.
Anton Djamoos on 08/13/08 - 10:58 AM
Pete Wentz has made a new post on his blog about a certain situation.
From the Bloghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rGFGXf69KQ

take this scene and apply it to every aspect of life. its so amazing.

our brains get fed some of the dumbest stuff out there.

you are obviously more into a band if you wear more of their gear. or if you wear the right shirt.

you are obviously more patriotic based on your proximity to the american flag (and/or how shiny or big it is).

please take this into consideration when youre picking out that little pin for your lapel.

dont ever let anyone tell you differently.

Submitted by smorgy
Joe DeAndrea on 08/09/08 - 04:57 PM
Miley Cyrus wants to babysit Pete Wentz's child.

Submitted by go go gadget!
Joe DeAndrea on 08/08/08 - 05:38 PM
Pete Wentz and Miley Cyrus talk about the 7 things they hate.

Submitted by Paul G.
Joe DeAndrea on 08/02/08 - 08:53 PM
Pete Wentz has posted Tyga's free style in support of Barack Obama on his friendsorenemies.com journal.
Pete Wentz Saysthe new guy gets the new guy’s back. I like this
Rohan Kohli on 07/30/08 - 12:42 PM
The Buzznet CD Release Party for The Maine at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood last night was the place to be. In addition to fans coming out in droves to celebrate and catch the set, the likes of Paris Hilton, Benji Madden and Pete Wentz also made appearances. Click here to see Buzznet's coverage of the event.
Jonathan Lally on 07/17/08 - 03:06 PM
Pete Wentz has responded to the recent events involving Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) and the Warped Tour.
From the Blogyou know what? you call my friend a “n_gger”, i dont even give a fuck what happens to you. i dont want to see you in this scene. i dont want to see you at shows. you are who we write songs about. you are who we think about when we hate. radiohead, karma police over and over again in my head.

what a joke.

you are fucking pathetic and anyone that disagrees should put their white hood on too. i dont want your ticket money. i dont want your cd sales. id rather be poor and unknown.

i am angrier than i have been in a long time. hate upon hate upon hate.

thank god for my...
Joe DeAndrea on 07/03/08 - 10:58 AM
It's official - Pete and Ashlee have a new baby girl!

Submitted by sdbrown
smoke4thecaper on 06/27/08 - 03:16 AM
Pete Wentz wants Fall Out Boy's next album to be like an AC/DC album or a White Stripes album. OK, not really White Stripes. Don't believe me? Read this MTV article and the accompanying redundant quote below.
From the Article"So basically, I want our record to be like an AC/DC album or a White Stripes album. I want to make sure the bloggers say that. Actually, I'm just kidding about that. Well, I was kidding about the White Stripes part. Not AC/DC."
Anton Djamoos on 06/23/08 - 04:29 PM
Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) will be playing himself in an episode of Californication that is set to air this September.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/19/08 - 12:58 PM
Head to the replies to see what Snoop Dogg had to say to Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Ashlee Simpson about parenting.
smoke4thecaper on 06/16/08 - 02:41 AM
James Montgomery writes about his appearance on Pete Wentz's new MTV show, F'N MTV, in this week's Bigger Than the Sound. Can videos make a comeback on MTV?
Anton Djamoos on 06/11/08 - 03:46 PM
I had the chance to interview Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz last week about his new MTV show, FN MTV; you can read it all right here.
From the InterviewIf I had been able to talk to myself ten years ago and say that Snoop Dogg's going to be taking your dog for a walk on camera, I would have just punched myself in the face and said "You're a liar."
Tony Pascarella on 06/10/08 - 06:06 AM
Happy birthday to Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy who turns 29 today.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/05/08 - 12:44 PM
Pete Wentz's new music show, "F'N MTV," will premiere on June 13th at 8pm ET/PT. It will feature Panic At The Disco, Snoop Dogg, The Pussycat Dolls, Flo-Rida, and The Ting Tings. Head to the replies for the press release.
Jamie Pham on 06/02/08 - 03:44 PM
OK Magazine has written an article regarding Newlyweds 2.0, a "sequel" to the show that featured Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, but will now be about Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson.
From the Article“One scene is at a dinner and everyone is toasting to business ventures and important things like that,” the source says. “But when it came to Ashlee, she toast ‘to jewelry’ and Pete just shook his head.”

Submitted by neo506
Joe DeAndrea on 05/30/08 - 01:15 PM
Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson have officially confirmed that they are expecting a child. Congratulations to the both of them.
From Pete and AshleeWhile many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family.

- Pete and Ashlee Wentz

Submitted by charmedthirds
Joe DeAndrea on 05/28/08 - 07:53 PM
The Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson wedding invitation can be seen here.

Submitted by Smash Adams
Julia Conny on 05/22/08 - 07:13 PM
James Montgomery is glad Pete Wentz didn't invite him to his wedding. At least, that's the story he's going with in this week's Bigger Than the Sound. The poor journalist only gets a gold record.
Anton Djamoos on 05/21/08 - 10:15 AM
Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) of People's most beautiful, pants-sharing couple is being sued over an altercation, in which Wentz and his "peeps" beat a concert-goer "to a pulp for several minutes."

Submitted by Smash Adams
Anton Djamoos on 04/30/08 - 09:41 PM
Tyga's new music video for "Coconut Juice" can be seen in the replies. The video features Pete Wentz, Lil Wayne, and Travis from Gym Class Heroes. No Introduction hits stores June 10th.
Rohan Kohli on 04/16/08 - 02:59 PM
We're not exactly sure if this video is announcing a pregnancy, poking fun at Britney Spears, or a culmination of both. What do you think?
Anton Djamoos on 02/24/08 - 02:21 PM
Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) is throwing Barack Obama a fundraiser. Full details can be found here.

Submitted by evilandy
Anton Djamoos on 01/14/08 - 09:19 PM
Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy says that Panic! at the Disco's new song is an obvious joke.
Blognot too sure that anyone gets that the new panic song is a joke. sell me a sense of humor. the new record is different than whatever you are thinking.
Anton Djamoos on 01/07/08 - 12:08 PM
How long have you wanted one of Pete Wentz's old Bape hoodies? Now's your chance to get it, as an ex-girlfriend is selling one on ebay.

Submitted by abusedcat
Anton Djamoos on 01/02/08 - 07:41 PM
Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) will be appearing on the cover of this February's Cosmogirl! Scans can be found in the replies.

Source: Superiorpics.com
Submitted by #WhiteFender#
Anton Djamoos on 12/30/07 - 02:24 PM
Joe Trohman (Fall Out Boy) has posted a response to the recent accusations of other band members being critical of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson's relationship.
Joe Calls BSI usually don't respond to this, but this just irked me slightly. Know that first off, this is what we like to call complete tabloid bullshit. We don't have any "pals" that gossip to the tabloids over our business. Those kind of folk are called douchebags, and we don't fraternize with douchebags. We also don't blame a certain someone for our lack of a Grammy nod. That's absolutely fucking absurd. We might be irrational, chemically imbalanced babies, but our discontent is only directed at those who we feel slighted us...
Anton Djamoos on 12/15/07 - 10:07 PM
Remember that blog post Pete Wentz wrote about Fall Out Boy's Grammy snub? And how a bunch of AP.net readers called him Kanye Wentz? Well, Pete has further detailed his feelings on the snub to MTV in this article.
Excerpt"If people are worried about us not having anything to whine about anymore, well, now we have plenty to whine about. And if people wanted to shut us up, they should've just given us that f---ing Grammy nomination," Wentz laughed. "Since they didn't, it's only making us want to put out a new album sooner. It's going to be about snubs. We're going to call it And the Award Goes To ... Write that down, but please let people know I'm kidding about the title of the album."
Anton Djamoos on 12/12/07 - 10:52 AM
According to Pete Wentz's blog, he is looking for your thoughts on the next band he should sign.
Bloghey you... yeah you. i realize that you know about great bands that i have never heard of waaaay before i hear them. we want to sign a new band and we need your help. if you know of someone great post about em (save the posts about oasis and motion city soundtrack- theyre great but already signed. know what i mean?)

Submitted by girl germs
Anton Djamoos on 12/10/07 - 09:13 AM
Pete Wentz wrote of Fall Out Boy's Grammy snub in his online journal. You can read it below.
Journalgot bitterness? vs. a revelation on true connection (and the award goes to).

the first reaction is jealousy mixed with a slight sense of entitlement. we just want to be a part of your club. we feel like the orphans in the movie the warriors, when we are just dying to be the baseball furies. the truth be told though when you explore it further than that you realize much more. other than the fact that we play the events for you and the right parties all the time (which is a bit embarrassing either for you or us, not sure which, possibly both. its kind of like being invited to a birthday...
Anton Djamoos on 12/07/07 - 10:19 AM
Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) stars in the movie "Goodnight Moon", which can be purchased here for $2.99. A bedroom romp scene can be seen in the replies. Seriously.

Submitted by shes.a.ghost
Anton Djamoos on 11/21/07 - 02:30 PM
Pete Wentz talks about Fall Out Boy's trip to Uganda at the VH1 Blog.
Julia Conny on 11/16/07 - 03:15 PM
Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) talks about the trials and tribulations facing tour bus privacy in a video interview here.
Anton Djamoos on 11/14/07 - 12:03 PM
Fall Out Boy recently posted this bulletin regarding the opening of a Clandestine Industries store in Chicago this weekend.
BulletinHeya Friends,

So it's all happened very quickly, but we are super excited to announce that Clandestine Industries will be opening the doors of our LANDMARK STORE this weekend in Chicago!

Doors open at 10am and Pete will be signing autographs for the first 100 fans who purchase one of four new exclusive tee designs! Note - PLEASE BRING CASH for payment. These 100 fans will get a priority stamp that puts them first in line for the signing which begins at 1:30pm.

Pete will stick around until 3pm or so and sign as many autographs as possible before heading...
Anton Djamoos on 10/17/07 - 06:43 PM
We really haven't had a Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz update in a while, so a shot of the two at Ashlee's 80s-themed birthday can be seen in the replies. Also, you heard "Ashleete" here first if it catches on.

Submitted by Exit30six
Anton Djamoos on 10/15/07 - 07:22 PM
Slink, a division of the United Kingdom's BBC targeting teenage girls, recently sat down with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz to discuss Jaffa Cakes, his views on English girls, and more.

Submitted by hornerlas
Brandon Allin on 09/11/07 - 12:55 AM
According to a recent Forbes.com article on Pete Wentz, Wentz is currently producing a reality show for Decaydance's newest signing, The Cab.

Submitted by robster19
Rohan Kohli on 06/28/07 - 10:35 AM
The New York Post wrote an article on Crush Management, the agency behind Fall Out Boy, Panic, Academy Is, and others.
Paul Tao on 06/06/07 - 10:39 AM
Rolling Stone talked to Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy in the back room of Angels and Kings on opening night. Read a snippet and watch the video here.
Steve Henderson on 05/04/07 - 12:19 PM
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy was named one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People in 2007.
Melissa Johnson on 04/26/07 - 11:58 AM
MTV is giving one lucky person the chance to have a makeover to look like Pete Wentz.
Melissa Johnson on 04/16/07 - 05:30 PM
The last installment of the video interview with Mark Hoppus of Plus 44 done by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy can be seen here.
Joe DeAndrea on 04/16/07 - 01:57 PM
Part three of the video interview with Mark Hoppus of Plus 44 conducted by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy can be seen here.

Submitted by: ManicanParty49
Jamie Pham on 04/10/07 - 11:41 AM
View this review.Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
By Tony Pascarella

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