The fine folks over at Authentik Artists have released a new podcast, which centers on streaming music services available to artists. If you haven't checked out their other podcasts, they also have ones on DIY music marketing, production, publishing, and licensing.
Tony Pascarella on 01/15/10 - 06:17 PM
Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) has launched a new blog and released the fifth episode of his podcast on iTunes (it's free).
Tony Pascarella on 01/15/10 - 05:29 PM
Watch Manchester Orchestra's #2.21 podcast in the replies.

Submitted by Keagan2387
Blake Solomon on 11/02/09 - 10:40 AM
The new Tooth & Nail Podcast can be downloaded here.
Joe DeAndrea on 10/30/09 - 11:54 AM
The new Tooth & Nail podcast can be downloaded here.
Joe DeAndrea on 09/30/09 - 03:57 PM
Harvard is in the studio with Brian McTernan recording their debut LP. The band is featured on this month's AltPress podcast.
Steve Henderson on 07/27/09 - 06:07 PM
The Emery edition of the new Tooth and Nail podcast has been posted, featuring songs off ...In Shallow Seas We Sail and an interview with guitarist Matt Carter.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/01/09 - 08:08 PM
If you click here and fast forward to around 24:55, you can hear a new interview with Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou on the band's new album, It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright.
Tony Pascarella on 06/01/09 - 11:14 AM
Peachcake has posted a new edition of their podcast series. You can download it here.
Jamie Pham on 03/31/09 - 12:00 PM
Peachcake have launched a brand new podcast series entitled, "The JukeBOX From the Planet Awesome!" The band have also been added to Bamboozle Left.
Jamie Pham on 03/09/09 - 08:40 PM
Tooth & Nail's most recent podcast is now available on iTunes. The podcast features new music from MxPx, Copeland, And Then There Were None, FM Static, and more.
Rohan Kohli on 02/12/09 - 02:37 PM
You can hear two new The Graduate demos here.
Julia Conny on 02/11/09 - 01:15 PM
Julia Conny on 01/21/09 - 05:09 PM
We The Kings has a new video podcast up on iTunes.
Rohan Kohli on 01/21/09 - 08:53 AM
Click here to download the new Tooth & Nail podcast from iTunes. It features an interview with Aaron Gillespie about the new EP from The Almost, No Gift to Bring.
Tony Pascarella on 11/19/08 - 06:37 PM
Trustkill Records' latest podcast is now available on iTunes and for download. The podcast features five free songs.
Featured SongsIt Dies Today "Thank You For Drinking" [UNRELEASED!]
Adversary "Hedonist" [UNRELEASED!]
Too Pure To Die "Confess" [UNRELEASED!]
Walls Of Jericho "The American Dream"
Bleeding Through "Death Anxiety"
Rohan Kohli on 10/30/08 - 08:35 AM
The new Tooth & Nail podcast can now be downloaded here.
Joe DeAndrea on 08/13/08 - 01:37 PM
Manchester Orchestra posted a new, somewhat violent, video. Watch it in the replies.
Julia Conny on 08/13/08 - 07:32 AM
The Issue Oriented podcast has interviewed Brian Cook of Russian Circles and These Arms Are Snakes. Stream it here.
Julia Conny on 07/28/08 - 12:31 AM
Shaant of Cute is What We Aim For has started his own podcast.

Submitted by ManicanParty49
Joe DeAndrea on 06/08/08 - 09:37 PM
Check out a podcast with Craig Owens (Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise) right here.
Steve Henderson on 06/04/08 - 10:23 AM
Tooth & Nail has launched a new podcast.
Joe DeAndrea on 05/30/08 - 12:41 PM
Want to hear a bit of the new Underoath live CD/DVD, Survive, Kaleidoscope, about a month before it releases? Download the new Tooth & Nail podcast for free on iTunes right here; it features part of a song from the upcoming CD/DVD, which hits stores on May 27th.
Tony Pascarella on 04/28/08 - 03:05 PM
Joe DeAndrea on 04/11/08 - 02:49 PM
The Boozler Podcast has posted new episodes with Aiden, A Day To Remember, Saves the Day, Farewell, Jamie of TWLOHA and Mayday Parade. Stay updated on all their upcoming interviews here.
Julia Conny on 03/31/08 - 04:19 PM
The Boozler Podcast will be interviewing Every Avenue. Leave questions here.
Julia Conny on 03/14/08 - 11:51 AM
The new podcast at Issue Oriented features an acoustic performance and interview with Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music). John Joseph of Cro-Mags also talks about his new book, The Evolution of Cro-Magnon.
Julia Conny on 02/28/08 - 11:59 AM
A new episode of The Boozler Podcast will go up at 5 p.m. EST featuring Matt from The Starting Line. Interviews with A Day To Remember and Aiden are on their way, and you can submit your questions to the podcast myspace blog.
Julia Conny on 02/15/08 - 01:45 PM
Tooth & Nail Records has their new podcast up featuring new songs from Hawk Nelson, Ivoryline, Children 18:3, Secret & Whisper, and more. It also includes a feature about Underoath and their live CD/DVD and their upcoming recording. Download the podcast here.
Paul Tao on 02/07/08 - 04:17 PM
Trustkill Records has a new podcast. It features new music and news from Crash Romeo, Sick City, Bedlight for Blue Eyes and more. Download the podcast here.
Julia Conny on 01/30/08 - 09:19 AM
The Boozler Podcast will be interviewing Emery and Four Year Strong, and you can partake in the questioning. Submit questions at this myspace blog.
Julia Conny on 01/28/08 - 03:27 PM
Trustkill Records has put their latest podcast online here. This edition features music from This Is Hell, Soliders, Memphis May Fire and others.
Blake Solomon on 01/20/08 - 06:04 PM
Tomorrow, The Bamboozle Podcast will be interviewing Ronnie of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at 3 p.m. EST and Vinnie of I Am The Avalanche at 4 p.m. EST. Matt of The Starting Line will also be interviewed on Wednesday at 3 p.m EST. You can listen to these on the profile's music player. If you have questions, post them in the respective blogs.
Julia Conny on 01/14/08 - 04:27 PM
Head to the replies to watch the first of many video podcasts from The Graduate. The band is heading into their home studio to work on an acoustic version of "The City That Reads," an alternate version of "Anhedonia," "Gunslinger" (b-side), and a Christmas song for FYE.
Julia Conny on 10/12/07 - 06:01 PM
Tooth & Nail have posted their new podcast with special guest Josh Head from Emery. The podcast features new songs from the new Emery album I'm Only A Man as well as an interview with Josh. To download it, subscribe to the podcast here.
Paul Tao on 09/30/07 - 11:09 AM
Crime in Stereo have made a new song entitled "Vicious Teeth" available for download via Bride Nine Records' initial podcast. The podcast is attainable here. The track is set to appear on the group's forthcoming release, Crime in Stereo is Dead, which is scheduled for release October 23rd via the label.

Submitted by MikeyEdge FL
Brandon Allin on 09/19/07 - 09:02 PM
Manchester Orchestra have posted their latest podcast on myspace.

Submitted by underdawg1119
Jared Kaufman on 07/30/07 - 07:00 AM
All the Elvis Costello podcasts released so far in support of The Best Of Elvis Costello: The First Ten Years can be downloaded here.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/20/07 - 04:26 PM
You can watch two new video podcasts from Manchester Orchestra in the replies.

Submitted by snowpeach06
Brandon Allin on 06/16/07 - 08:50 AM
You can hear a clip of a new MxPx song entitled "You're On Fire!" when you download the new Tooth & Nail Podcast.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/13/07 - 11:52 AM
Check out Cartel's first video podcast.

Submitted by konstantine94
Rohan Kohli on 02/10/07 - 10:39 PM
Click here to check out Quietdrive's latest podcast, in which the band quizzes a fan, their merch man Sexual J gives us the top 5 reasons why Valentine's Day is a BS holiday, we receive insight into Kevin's personal training program, and a clip of a new Melee song can be streamed. Don't forget to check out the band's new song "Pretend" on their AP.net profile.
Rohan Kohli on 02/02/07 - 05:09 PM
In Episode 5 of his weekly podcast Geekscape, video director Jonathan London (Reggie and the Full Effect, Houston Calls, New Amsterdams, Punchline) talks with fellow video director Scott Culver (Hellogoodbye, A Wilhelm Scream, Hidden In Plain View, Over It) and his roommate Noah about movies, video games, comics and directing some of your favorite videos. Also, Jonathan professes his love for Elisa from Cobra Starship (before all the junk went down last week). He still loves her moves. And Scott still loves Ryan Key.
Rohan Kohli on 01/28/07 - 03:13 PM
The newest podcast from Mark Hoppus (Blink-182, +44) has been posted. It features an interview with Typhoid Mary, whose new EP is produced by Zach Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel, All Time Low).

Submitted by WarpSpeedChewy
Tony Pascarella on 01/23/07 - 05:51 AM
The latest podcast by Mark Hoppus (Plus 44) is now up and features an interview with Thomas Oakes of The Higher.
Melissa Johnson on 01/05/07 - 05:41 PM
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