BuzzFeed is claiming this to be the ultimate "late 90's to early 00's pop-punk" mashup ... the result? Nostalgic as fuck. I am pretty sure I can name every single song.

Submitted by whenyourearound
Jason Tate on 03/06/13 - 12:24 PM
After talking with Zack from POZ about the differences between today's pop-punk wave and the bands from a few years ago, it got me thinking about all the bands that went unnoticed. Sure, bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41 were blowing up ... but do you remember Dogwood? What about Much The Same? I convinced Zack to check out Slick Shoes (to a positive response) -- so I figured I might as well put together a full on playlist of a bunch of stuff I could think of from around that timeframe. You can check that out in the replies ... sometimes something old, is something new. Along with that, I had Zack help me put together a playlist for the "nu-pop-punk" bands that we've got in this...
Jason Tate on 04/18/12 - 12:05 PM
Lazy Bear Records' new compilation, featuring 18 of the best established and up-and-coming pop-punk bands from the UK, is now available for free.
Ryan Gardner on 11/30/11 - 04:41 PM
Lazy Bear Records is a new pop-punk record label and charity-minded clothing company. For its latest compilation, the label brought together 18 of the best established and up-and-coming pop-punk bands from the UK for the release, which will be available for free on December 1st. Hit the replies for the compilation promo.
Ryan Gardner on 11/02/11 - 02:00 PM
You can view the new music video for the Heroes For Hire single "Secrets, Lies And Sins" here. A tour announcement to replace their appearance on Australias cancelled Soundwave Revolution Festival is expected within the next week.
James Johnson on 08/24/11 - 08:59 PM
Alter the Press! has an article on the significance pop-punk holds to different people, including members of Transit, Man Overboard, With the Punches and I Call Fives, as well as AP.net's very own Adam Pfleider and Christian Wagner. What does pop-punk mean to you?
Matthew Tsai on 06/01/11 - 05:23 PM
Burned out on the Blink-182 or Saves the Day classics? We can all be sometimes, which is why a few staffers spent the last couple of days putting together a list of 20 Essential Lesser Known Pop-punk Bands to Know. The goal? To help introduce AP.net to new pop-punk. Of course, we don't pretend to have covered all of them, so hit the replies to see the list, and throw in your own recommendations if you've got some!
Matthew Tsai on 05/18/11 - 08:34 AM
Staffer Thomas Nassiff recently laid out his top ten Pop-Punk Records of All Time. You can check out his picks here and hash it out with him and the rest of the AP.net community in the replies.
Adam Pfleider on 04/22/11 - 01:55 PM
Mind Equals Blown has an interesting editorial up that briefly chronicles the history of the pop punk genre. Check it out here. What do you think of this? Is the genre in its second "golden age" right now?
Thomas Nassiff on 04/05/11 - 09:17 PM
Man Overboard hit black ice and ruined their trailer last night in Wyoming. They are currently looking for a new one. If any one can help, please email manoverboardnj@gmail.com. Also, you can support them by buying merch here.
Christian Wagner on 03/20/11 - 12:20 PM
In a new editorial, Lauren Denitzio (ex-The Measure) writes about her experience with sexism and misogyny in the pop-punk scene. Do you agree?

Submitted by AP_Punk
Matthew Tsai on 02/12/11 - 10:50 AM
If you're a fan of Hit The Lights or Drive-thru era pop-punk in general, you best be headin' to Fireworks' AP.net Profile to stream their new Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery EP. I think it's close enough to summer to crank this, don't you?
Garett Press on 05/07/08 - 09:34 AM
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