Vox reports on a study that looks at how country music is happy in bad times, sad in good times ... and pop-music is the opposite.
The researchers behind the study, Coastal Carolina University's Terry Pettijohn and Southern Mississippi's Donald Sacco, take as their dataset the Billboard country songs of the year from 1946 to 2008. They used text analysis software, and manual chord analysis and tempo measurement, to identify lyrical themes and musical properties of the songs. They then compared their findings to an index measuring the overall well-being of society, using indicators like unemployment, inflation, personal income growth, the suicide and homicide rates, the divorce rate, and...
Jason Tate on 04/19/14 - 12:11 PM
Next time you're wondering, "hey, is today burrito day?" -- this website has you covered.
Jason Tate on 04/18/14 - 11:59 AM
Classic albums covers in Google Street View is the best thing I've seen this morning.
Jason Tate on 04/14/14 - 11:55 AM
Is this the happiest photo ever taken? Sometimes it's worth taking a few moments to reflect on something happy and enjoying life. I don't know about where you're at today -- but the sun is shining here in Portland and I've got a bunch of good music on my playlist.
Jason Tate on 04/11/14 - 11:52 AM
Deadmau5 is going to have Cthulhu themed wedding in August.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/22/13 - 07:48 AM
The "iron" game piece in all Monopoly games going forward will be replaced with a cat.
Jason Tate on 02/06/13 - 10:17 AM
Trey Parker and Matt Stone are going to produce a show about Dean Ween and Les Claypool fishing.

Submitted by Oddpac87
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/25/13 - 04:38 PM
Insane Clown Posse is suing the FBI for classifying them as a gang. You can't make this stuff up if you tried.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/12/12 - 07:14 AM
Science has proven it: pop music has gotten louder and more homogenous.

Submitted by zachff
Jason Tate on 07/26/12 - 11:40 AM
It appears as though Walmart is running a contest where the store with the most Facebook likes will get a live performance from Miami-based rapper Pitbull. Someone has started a campaign to get the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska, the most likes so Pitbull has to go play there. You can like the Kodiak Walmart page here.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Thomas Nassiff on 07/01/12 - 12:01 PM
Like, really...you can't make up today's news. A mother starting singing Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" while her daughter was in a coma (she had been unresponsive for a week) and the comatose little girl smiled in response. Two days later, she was able to get out of bed.
From the ArticleCharlotte remained in the coma for a week--when, one day, her mother came to visit and heard Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" playing on the radio. As this was a song she and Charlotte both enjoyed, Leila began singing along.

Unexpectedly, Charlotte smiled in response, surprising the hospital staff.

"I couldn't believe it," Leila Neve told the Telegraph. "It was the first time she had reacted to...
Thomas Nassiff on 06/19/12 - 04:10 PM
SPIN has discovered how to quickly find out which of your friends "Like" Nickelback on Facebook. To find out, just click this. No, I am not kidding around. They also created these little tricks for Creed and The Black Eyed Peas.
Thomas Nassiff on 06/19/12 - 11:42 AM
If you couldn't tell from the last few news posts that I'm clearly in a weird mood as the day winds down, here's one for you (and no, I'm not posting about zombies): our galaxy is fucked ... in 6 billion years.
From the ArticleWhen Andromeda gets here, the sun will likely be pushed out much farther into the universe. By that time though, Earth will have become too hot to be inhabited by humans anyway. Our sun will not be directly hit when the initial collision happens in 4 billion years. But in 6 billion years, when the merger is complete, our sun will die.
Jason Tate on 05/31/12 - 04:23 PM
Do you prefer listening to music with headphones or speakers? I've found that I have a much more personal connection with the music when I'm using headphones, but sometimes the expansive sound of the entire room being filled is worth it.
Jason Tate on 05/18/12 - 04:11 PM
Say that you were going to start a record label ... today. You've got 5 spots to fill, and they've got to be filled up with bands that you could reasonably get on your label. That means, they're either unsigned or on a relatively small record label that you could probably buy out to get them to come on over (it's a hypothetical, have fun with it). You're not getting Bruce Springsteen, you're not gonna convince Thrice to come back, and you're not getting Brand New on your label. Gotta think harder than that. So, who do you put on your roster? Who are the 5 bands you sign?

My Fake Record Label Signings
1) Daybreaker
2) David Wazeter
3) Andy Burrows
4) House of Heroes
5) Cary...
Jason Tate on 04/13/12 - 12:28 PM
Scientists have created a turntable that reads tree rings like music on an LP.
From the ArticleGerman artist Bartholomäus Traubeck recently debuted a record-player he developed which is capable of digitally reading tree-slices and translating them into surprisingly moving piano music. Tree-rings, of course, considered to be annual records of a tree's growth rate -- which in turn offer clues to the hardships and fruitful periods experienced over the life of the tree.

Submitted by Liciakasher
Jason Tate on 02/08/12 - 10:13 AM
We have an amusing, yet, accurate picture on our Facebook page right now. So why not bring it on our actual site, right? Head to the replies and join the fun by making your own AP.net version of... donuts!
Lueda Alia on 02/06/12 - 05:30 PM
It's sort of a slow news day today. I've passed the time so far by posting some extremely random things on our twitter and facebook feeds. Yes, that is a Skrillex chest tattoo. But it's not really the same if I can't post something random in our news feed as well. So, if you're looking for some good old ski-time music for the upcoming holidays, check the replies for the best video since Rick Astley.
Jason Tate on 12/23/11 - 02:25 PM
It’s official: Seven billion people are alive in the world at this moment.
Jason Tate on 10/31/11 - 11:17 AM
Spinner has put together an Occupy Wall Street-inspired playlist. Because you can't fight the man without a spring in your step and a tune in your heart.
Blake Solomon on 10/13/11 - 10:03 AM
Steve Harwell, the lead singer of Smash Mouth, has agreed to eat two dozen eggs after fans who created the nonsensical dare completed his challenge to raise $10,000 for charity.

Submitted by DandonTRJ
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/11/11 - 03:10 PM
Songkick compiled a list of the "Hardest Working Bands of 2010." It used number of tour dates and miles traveled to determine which bands were the hardest working. Do you think that this list accurately reflects which bands are actually working the hardest? Which bands do you think deserve this distinction?
Thomas Nassiff on 03/10/11 - 07:06 PM
Fred Durst has decided to become straight-edge. I wonder what Britney thinks of this.

Submitted by PerfectChaos337
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/01/10 - 01:48 PM
Remember to turn your clock backs one hour tonight, because it is the happiest time of the year: Daylight Savings! To celebrate this extra restful of days, I have prepared a little celebration in the replies.
Blake Solomon on 11/06/10 - 09:59 PM
Some of your peers have conducted an AP.net Fantasy Band Draft over in the music forum. You can head here to view the poll and vote for your favorite imaginary band.
Thomas Nassiff on 10/27/10 - 04:40 PM
Want to hear Justin Bieber's song "U Smile" slowed down 800%? Of course you do.
Blake Solomon on 08/17/10 - 07:25 PM
Prince hates online music distribution and says, "The Internet is completely over," and that it's just another fad.

Submitted by the sky below
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/06/10 - 09:12 AM
The National's Matt Berninger caused a scare for travelers last week when the Japenese clock he was transporting was mistaken for a bomb.
Blake Solomon on 06/28/10 - 09:01 AM
Ozzy Osbourne, a self-proclaimed "medical miracle," has decided to donate his body to science.

Submitted by EvilZeppelin
Blake Solomon on 06/11/10 - 07:35 AM
British punk band Criminal Minds were arrested after hiding illegal immigrants in their speakers while returning home from a European tour.

Submitted by failedXromance
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/08/10 - 11:09 PM
Someone recently stole Kanye West's Porsche while the star was recording in Hawaii, and proceeded to crash the car into a house.

Submitted by Peacemaker
Blake Solomon on 06/07/10 - 07:05 AM
Something new is stirring amongst our schools. Check the replies to find out what.
Adam Pfleider on 05/26/10 - 01:11 PM
Tokio Hotel's guitarist overdosed on viagra recently.

Submitted by Schreiforme417
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/15/10 - 10:28 PM
Just in case any of you are like me, and by "like me" I mean extremely absent-minded, don't forget that today is Mother's Day. Tell the special life-giving lady in your life how much she means to you.
Blake Solomon on 05/09/10 - 12:09 PM
That whole "we found Noah's Ark thing?" Most likely a hoax. I, personally, am shocked.
Blake Solomon on 04/30/10 - 07:13 AM
Some researchers are "99.9% sure" that they have stumbled upon Noah's Ark.

Submitted by heyjoshua
Blake Solomon on 04/28/10 - 09:25 AM
Rufus Wainwright has requested that audiences refrain from applauding during a portion of his concerts.

Submitted by quiksilver21k
Blake Solomon on 04/23/10 - 10:55 PM
Remember that tonight at 2 AM, you need to turn the clocks forward one hour. We don't want you spending the next few days in a Time Crisis. And especially not a Time Crisis 2.
Blake Solomon on 03/13/10 - 05:02 PM
Click here to watch Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory get punched in the wiener.

Submitted by PirateSkater182
Blake Solomon on 02/13/10 - 07:29 AM
In the replies is a video of a 5 year-old drumming to "Poppin' Champagne" by All Time Low.

Submitted by MSIndulgence
Blake Solomon on 12/14/09 - 09:29 AM
A fantastical story about an unreleased Beatles album? I will now accept my Pulitzer Prize.

Submitted by Mirrorsandfever
Blake Solomon on 11/07/09 - 04:39 PM
The world's first HIV vaccine has been discovered.

Submitted by Brand-new-123
Blake Solomon on 09/25/09 - 08:50 AM
What happens when Finch visit the comic strip, The Days of the Week? You get this.
Mike Kraft on 09/24/09 - 02:42 AM
50 Cent wants to change his name.

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?
Chris Fallon on 09/11/09 - 02:21 AM
Want Auto-Tune? There's an app for that.

Submitted by alifelikestory
Mike Kraft on 09/04/09 - 08:44 AM
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