Eminem is teaming up with Stewie Griffin to host Fox's animation night on Sunday May 17th. Bizarre/can't-make-this-stuff-up press release is in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 05/12/09 - 09:46 AM
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have urged the Pet Shop Boys to adopt the more "creature-friendly" name the Rescue Shelter Boys.
Adrian Villagomez on 04/11/09 - 12:59 AM
Justin Timberlake is launching his own line of tequila.
Steve Henderson on 03/19/09 - 09:46 AM
Scientists are working on a ringtone that is supposed to give women bigger breasts.
Steve Henderson on 03/10/09 - 11:25 AM
Having listened to over 1,500 albums last year, does an Atlanta-based tax accountant have the most comprehensive end of the year list out there?
Steve Henderson on 01/15/09 - 06:40 AM
Steve Henderson on 01/09/09 - 09:47 AM
Want to hit up that hot festival this year, but are lacking the funds to buy tickets? Well, why not try layaway programs that many festivals are now offering?
Steve Henderson on 01/06/09 - 08:41 AM
Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour at 2 A.M local time. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep!
Blake Solomon on 11/01/08 - 10:41 PM
In honor of Halloween, IGN has a list of their 10 creepiest guitar riffs.
Steve Henderson on 10/31/08 - 07:20 AM
Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly retiring from the film industry at age 34 to focus on music.
Steve Henderson on 10/29/08 - 10:04 AM
What do you get when you combine a Wiimote with a guitar? Check the replies.
Steve Henderson on 10/15/08 - 08:59 PM
The Wonder Years have checked in to let us know that they are starting their own facial hair trend: the mustache. Pics are in the replies. Is this news? No, but it is awesome.
Blake Solomon on 08/17/08 - 03:53 PM
The word "fanboy" has been officially added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
Julia Conny on 07/10/08 - 09:04 PM
Washington DC's Wale has created a hip hop mixtape inspired by Seinfeld. You can download The Mixtape About Nothing here.
Steve Henderson on 06/03/08 - 08:53 AM
Cinematic Sunrise guitarist/vocalist & founder Bryan Beeler is on a quest for 1,000,000 myspace friends by the end of their tour. Do your part and add him now.
Steve Henderson on 05/20/08 - 06:39 PM
Toyota has created robots that can play jazz as a group, and quite well at that. Video is in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 05/17/08 - 12:51 PM
P.O.S. has remixed two songs off Russian Circles' new record Stations. To see how you can get these songs, hit up the replies.
Blake Solomon on 04/29/08 - 07:37 PM
Want to practice percussion during meals? Pick up a Drum Table.
Steve Henderson on 03/28/08 - 06:49 PM
Since many of our favorite artists decide to turn their bodies into canvases, some of our readers may be interested in browsing this article cataloging tattoo regrets.
From the ArticleSean Dubowik, a 37-year-old manager at a topless bar in Phoenix, Ariz., made national headlines in late December after a surgeon got fired for snapping a photo of Dubowik's tattooed penis with his cell phone camera. The doctor admitted taking the photo while inserting a catheter into Dubowik's penis during a gallbladder operation. The tattoo on Dubowik's private part reads, "Hot Rod." In an interview with the Daily News last week, Dubowik said he got the tattoo on a dare from friends who offered to pay him...
Adrian Villagomez on 01/03/08 - 02:09 AM
Here is your reminder that today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Don't forget to annoy pretty much everyone in your life by ending most words in "aaarrggghhh!" or "Matey." Have a rum-tastic day!
Blake Solomon on 09/19/07 - 10:23 AM
Want to make a mix tape for someone but want something more modern? Try a mix tape USB drive.
Paul Tao on 08/13/07 - 02:19 PM
Papa Roach's drummer Dave Buckner has checked into rehab.
Jamie Pham on 05/01/07 - 01:21 PM
In the new Simpsons Season 7 DVD set during the commentary on the "Radioactive Man" epsiode, Matt Groening and the rest of the Simpsons' creators talk about Fall Out Boy and how they got their name from the show.

Submitted by: kb8i3
Frank Giaramita on 01/02/06 - 02:44 AM
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