The RIAA just released their mid-year stats for 2015. Vinyl revenue is up 52.1%.
For the first half of 2015, strong growth in revenues from streaming services offset declines in digital downloads and overall wholesale revenues increased 0.8% to $2.3 billion on a year-over-year basis. At retail, the overall value decreased 0.5% to $3.2 billion.
Jason Tate on 10/07/15 - 12:03 PM
I almost can't believe all these "ads" that have been created to promote the anti-piracy campaign are real. The ones found from 2007 are just fucked up.
Paul Resnikoff, over at Digital Music News, has a series of fairly graphic anti-piracy ads from Universal Music that it used in Brazil in 2007, each one involving a dismembered body part, implying that downloading music leads to cutting off (or out) pieces of a musicians' body.
Jason Tate on 08/06/15 - 12:34 PM
This is the part where Ariana Grande breaks free from the rest of 2014 releases as her latest album, My Everything, was certified platinum by the RIAA, making it only the third album of the year to break the one million mark.
Drew Beringer on 12/03/14 - 03:08 PM
So far there are a big fat zero platinum albums issued this year. Taylor Swift -- you are our only hope.
Yet the year is not a complete wash, as 60 individual songs have been certified as platinum, and this is a clear reflection of the overall shift that the industry has made back to a singles-based focus. Thanks to digital downloads, buyers are no longer required to purchase an entire album, but when compared to last year, the number of platinum-certified singles is still down more than 20%.

Submitted by iamthealex
Jason Tate on 10/20/14 - 12:37 PM
Paramore's "Ain't It Fun" has gone platinum in the US.

Submitted by morgantayler
Jason Tate on 06/18/14 - 10:49 AM
RIAA has named Eminem the first artist to earn two digital single diamond awards.
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today awarded Eminem with a Diamond certification in recognition of "Not Afraid" (Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records) surpassing the 10 million threshold counting song sales and streams. Eminem also holds an 11X multi-Platinum Digital Single Diamond Award for "Love The Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna; Aftermath/Interscope), and today became the first artist to earn two RIAA Digital Single Diamond Awards.
Jason Tate on 06/10/14 - 01:17 PM
The RIAA wants to "fix" music licensing. Glenn Peoples, writing for Billboard, explains:
The RIAA believes any fix to the music licensing system should include a simplified, blanket license that pays a fair market value to creators and copyright owners. In its 52-page filing to the Copyright Office, the RIAA argues that a market-derived royalty system would benefit rights holders and creators, product greater consumer choice, cost savings for digital services due to simpler licensing procedures, improved transparency and accuracy of royalty payments, and help spur new business models and services by providing greater transparency of the costs and eliminating the delays caused by litigation.
Jason Tate on 05/28/14 - 11:16 AM
Foster The People's Torches has been certified platinum by the RIAA with the single "Pumped Up Kicks" going six times platinum.
Jason Tate on 05/06/14 - 11:38 AM
Four major labels are teaming up with the RIAA to file a lawsuit against Pandora for playing pre-Feb. 15, 1972 recordings without making any royalty payments.
According to the just-filed lawsuit, the Copyright Act that created the master recording copyright "expressly preserves for pre-72 recordings 'any rights or remedies under the common law or statutes of any states' -- which rights and remedies are not in any way annulled or limited." The lawsuit further states that the New York courts have done so by recognizing and enforcing exclusive ownership rights in pre-1972 recordings. “For more than 100 years, the courts repeatedly have affirmed the policy of this [New York] State that the...
Jason Tate on 04/18/14 - 11:58 AM
A Day to Remember's "If It Mean a Lot to You" has gone gold.
Jason Tate on 04/07/14 - 10:29 AM
Fall Out Boy's "My Songs..." was certified 3x platinum on December 5th. Congratulations to the band. Save Rock And Roll has also gone past 500k sold and looks like it's approaching platinum.

Submitted by crf1895
Jason Tate on 01/04/14 - 01:35 PM
A group known as the Center for Copyright Information (backed by copyright groups like the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America) are reportedly developing a curriculum in California to teach elementary schoolers the value of copyright and the dangers of piracy. I don't have enough snark left in me to say anything else.
Jason Tate on 11/11/13 - 12:44 PM
The RIAA has changed it's rules regarding digital sales and platinum eligibility, meaning that once Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail is released to Samsung Galaxy users, it will essentially have gone platinum.
Going forward, sales of albums in digital format will become eligible on the release date, while sales of albums in physical format will still become eligible for certification 30 days after the release date.

Not only do we believe it’s sensible and logical to align digital album rules with those we have maintained for digital singles since the program’s inception, we also consider today’s move in line with our larger efforts to modernize the G&P Program to reflect the new music...
Ryan Dennehy on 07/02/13 - 06:27 AM
The RIAA has now included on-demand song streams to its gold and platinum certification criteria. Read an article on it here.
Christian Wagner on 05/09/13 - 09:24 AM
According to this article, the "six-strikes" anti-piracy rules begin today.
TorrentFreak learned from a source close to CCI that the system is currently scheduled to launch early next week, and we’re not the only ones. Another sign of the start of the program is that a few days ago the CCI launched their new website. This is where recipients of the copyright alerts will be directed to.
Jason Tate on 02/25/13 - 01:35 PM
The Civil Wars' Barton Hollow has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association Of America after selling 500,000 copies. The Civil Wars have also been nominated for two Country Music Awards; 'Musical Event Of The Year' and 'Vocal Duo Of The Year'.
Kelly Doherty on 09/14/12 - 04:47 PM
fun.'s Some Nights was officially certified gold by the RIAA for sales of over 500,000 in the United States on September 12, 2012.

Submitted by brent_ster
Jason Tate on 09/13/12 - 10:57 AM
The RIAA has claimed LimeWire owes it $72 trillion. Yeah, good-fucking-luck with that.
Jason Tate on 05/23/12 - 01:13 PM
Cobra Starship's single, "You Make Me Feel," has received double platinum certification from the RIAA.
Jason Tate on 01/17/12 - 12:43 PM
The MPAA and RIAA are portraying MegaUpload as one of the world’s leading rogue sites. Kanye West, P Diddy, Snoop Dogg, will.i.am, Alicia Keys, and more are giving the site their full support in a brand new ad. Hit the replies to watch.

Submitted by sosayweall
Dre Okorley on 12/09/11 - 09:09 PM
Jammie Thomas-Rasset has lost her illegal downloading case to Capital Records, and she has been ordered to pay $1.5 million for sharing 24 songs on Kazaa; this breaks down to $62,500 per song.
Adrian Villagomez on 11/04/10 - 05:34 PM
It looks like Paramore's album brand new eyes has achieved platinum status in Australia. Congratulations guys and gal.

Submitted by BozzBlonde and dgoader
Adrian Villagomez on 10/15/10 - 11:49 AM
Congratulations to Phoenix, whose album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has now been certified Gold, with sales over 500,000 in the US.
Paul Tao on 09/07/10 - 01:44 PM
The RIAA has successfully sued Limewire for lots and lots of money.

Submitted by Meeze
Blake Solomon on 06/16/10 - 06:00 AM
According to this study, those who download music illegally are the same people who spend the most on music.

Submitted by topher465
Blake Solomon on 11/02/09 - 09:11 AM
Green Day's "21 Guns" has been certified gold by the RIAA in digital sales. Additionally, the stage adaptation of American Idiot has been extended three weeks due to "record-breaking sales & unprecedented demand." Catch the band performing the song on the MTV Video Music Awards this upcoming Sunday.
smoke4thecaper on 09/09/09 - 11:10 PM
File sharing on Twitter has arrived.
Rohan Kohli on 05/27/09 - 06:30 PM
A new study has found that music pirates are ten times more likely to buy music than non-piraters. Yarr.

Submitted by prttylittlelost
Anton Djamoos on 04/21/09 - 10:30 AM
Muxtape is "relaunching as a service exclusively for bands". The owner has also posted a full explanation of why the Muxtape we had come to love is no longer.
Julia Conny on 09/25/08 - 09:22 PM
Now that school is kicking back into effect, you might be curious what the RIAA and universities are doing to battle P2P downloading applications. Ars Techinca wraps up several colleges' new policies and plans of action in this article.
Julia Conny on 09/02/08 - 08:40 AM
Colleges may soon be required to "provide students with commercial music downloading services and implement traffic filtering technologies in order to deter peer-to-peer filesharing."
Julia Conny on 08/01/08 - 09:16 PM
The RIAA and the DiMA (Digital Music Association) are arguing that royalties from digital downloads and streaming music for songwriters should be lowered. Not exactly sure what royalties are? Read a good write-up here.
Julia Conny on 02/06/08 - 09:38 PM
The RIAA website was hacked and wiped clean.

Submitted by anamericangod
Julia Conny on 01/20/08 - 09:19 PM
Why is the RIAA targeting college students? Because "their appreciation for intellectual property has not yet reached its full development." Read the full interview with Cara Duckworth, spokeswoman for the RIAA, here.
Julia Conny on 01/16/08 - 06:01 AM
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is arguing that the RIAA needs to prove users are actually sharing music as opposed to simply ripping music to their computers.
From the ArticleThe labels allege that 11 specific tracks were shared by the Howells, though the only evidence of such sharing was the fact that the files were in a shared folder and were also downloaded by the RIAA's investigative arm, MediaSentry (now SafeNet). According to the EFF, though, this simply is not evidence of actual copyright infringement.
Tony Pascarella on 01/14/08 - 09:03 AM
Now that DRM is on the decline, will it be replaced by digital watermarks?
Steve Henderson on 01/12/08 - 10:42 PM
Steve Henderson on 01/11/08 - 03:24 PM
We've heard ignorant lawyers say it was illegal, but now the RIAA is taking the insanity a step further by suing a man for ripping legally purchased CDs to his computer.
Steve Henderson on 12/29/07 - 08:55 PM
Is the music industry failing or is it simply undergoing a metamorphosis? Be sure to watch the videos on the site as well.
Anton Djamoos on 12/20/07 - 10:48 AM
Paul Tao on 12/11/07 - 06:28 PM
Albumbase.com has been shut down.

Submitted by robotscantlove
Julia Conny on 11/10/07 - 05:31 PM
A new report suggests that there is no correlation, positive nor negative, between file sharing and album sales.

Submitted by lushintransit
Anton Djamoos on 11/06/07 - 07:13 PM
A popular bar in Georgia is being sued by ASCAP for copyright infringement for holding open mic nights. Seriously.

Submitted by updownleftright
Anton Djamoos on 10/18/07 - 05:32 PM
If you were wondering what songs were being downloaded by the woman who lost the RIAA case, you can see her playlist now.
Paul Tao on 10/05/07 - 03:58 PM
As the first of 20,000 RIAA lawsuits that actually got to trial, a jury found Jammie Thomas liable for 222,000 dollars worth of copyright infringement damages. Read the story here.
Julia Conny on 10/04/07 - 04:41 PM

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