Saosin's debut LP is scheduled to hit stores on September 26th. They will also be kicking off a headlining tour starting on August 10th - check back here for the ABSOLUTExclusive premiere of the band's single "Voices" tomorrow. Check out the tracklising for the album below:
Tracklisting1. It's Far Better to Learn
2. Sleepers
3. It's So Simple
4. Voices
5. Finding Home
6. Follow and Feel
7. Come Close
8. I Never Wanted To
9. Collapse
10. You're Not Alone
11. Bury Your Head
12. Some Sense of Security

Tour Dates:
8/10 Dallas, TX The Door
8/11 Little Rock, AR Juanita's
8/12 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
8/13 Covington, KY Jillian's Tower
8/14 Columbus,...
Katie Schmitz on 08/09/06 - 01:05 PM
Saosin is sending out e-mails to people on their mailing list, saying they want to thank them personally on the deluxe edition of their new album, which is said to include a DVD. By clicking on the link in the email, you can enter your information and be thanked in their new album.
Katie Schmitz on 08/06/06 - 07:22 AM
Okay everyone - this is big. Beau from Saosin said they are going to do an "uncensored" interview with Absolutepunk (me) next Sunday when they swing through Cincinnati. Leave questions (within reason!) in the replies. Let's make these good people.
Steve Henderson on 08/02/06 - 07:06 PM
In effort to help spread the word of Saosin's upcoming Capitol Records debut, they have an exclusive Myspace contest.
Saosin ContestRules: Upon entering the contest, you must complete several steps

1-Create a customized Saosin picture to add as your default myspace
picture. Use those photoshop skills of yours and come up with something
really creative that is going to really draw people to your page and
really grab our attention!

2-Make the new Saosin song your default profile song.

3-Add a Saosin video & banner to your page. You can find those HERE

4-Add Saosin to your "Top 8"

Once the above steps have been completed, you must submit your myspace
URL to
Katie Schmitz on 07/26/06 - 08:41 PM
At Warped tour Saosin announced their full length debut would be pushed up to September 26th. Justin also verified this after the show.

Submitted by kodes55
Katie Schmitz on 07/13/06 - 04:00 AM
Saosin has posted "SHh" - a new song, on their myspace page. Also, according to the page, it looks like their album will be called Sound Raptors.

Submitted by: Vint
Steve Henderson on 06/29/06 - 07:09 PM
The Outline will be hitting the road with Saosin and Forgive Durden from 8.10.06 - 9.02.06 in support for their new release You Smash It, We’ll Build Around It out July 11, 2006. The cd is available for pre-order right now at Fearless Records .
Pat Marquez on 06/27/06 - 11:27 AM
Here are all of Saosin's summer tour dates, including Warped and then their tour afterwards running until September.
Dates6/30 Houston, TX Reliant Center Warped Tour
7/1 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Centre Warped Tour
7/2 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Warped Tour
7/3 Las Cruces, NM New Mexico State University Warped Tour
7/4 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion Warped Tour
7/6 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheater ...
Paul Tao on 06/22/06 - 03:15 PM
Saosin, who will be releasing their Howard Benson produced debut album on October 17th, have been confirmed for some Warped Tour dates, which can be seen below.
Dates6/30 Houston, TX Reliant Center
7/01 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Centre
7/02 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
7/03 Las Cruces, NM New Mexico State University
7/05 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
7/06 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheater
7/07 Pomona, CA L.A. County Fairgrounds
7/08 San Francisco, CA Pier 30/32
7/09 Fresno, CA Selland Arena
7/11 Ventura, CA ...
Jared Kaufman on 06/14/06 - 06:49 AM
Saosin have finally firmed up a release date for their massively anticipated major-label debut. The album, which is still without a title, will hit stores Oct. 17 via Capitol Records. The guys are currently recording with Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Head Automatica).

Saosin are also scheduled to appear on a portion of this summer's Warped Tour.
Tour Dates6/30 Houston, TX Reliant Center
7/01 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Centre
7/02 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
7/03 Las Cruces, NM New Mexico State University
7/05 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
7/06 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheater
7/07 Pomona, CA L.A. County Fairgrounds
7/08 San Francisco, CA Pier 30/32
7/09 Fresno, CA...
Katie Schmitz on 06/13/06 - 01:41 PM
According to a post made by Beau on Saosin's message board, the band is finishing vocals on the last two songs for their upcoming album. The update is below:
Beau's Messageso. chris and i just got back to our apartments. it is like a hundred degrees up here in LA. sooo hot. and in chris' apartment, his air conditioning doesn't work. so we pretty much have no choice but to sit our asses in the pool and listen to our ipods to get inspired and finish these last 2 songs.

so. here are some dumb things that have nothing to do with our band. we saw the tannest man in the world today. chris swore he was black, but i swam over and checked it out. he was in fact, caucasian. how the heck does...
Ryan Imhof on 06/03/06 - 07:27 PM
Chris Lord-Alge will be mixing Saosin's new full length. Chris has worked with artists like Sheryl Crow, Green Day, Hoobastank, Bon Jovi, Less Than Jake, Vendetta Red, Jack's Mannequin, The Starting Line, Mxpx and hundreds of others.

Submitted by lovewithcaution
Frank Giaramita on 05/25/06 - 11:18 AM
Saosin has released a new webisode video titled "Pre-production 06."

Source: ForTheSound
Ryan Imhof on 05/24/06 - 09:56 PM
Beau of Saosin posted an enormous studio update on their messageboard (it's even equipped with studio photos). The band's new yet-to-be titled album is tentaively scheduled to hti shelves in October.
Frank Giaramita on 05/07/06 - 08:53 PM
Saosin has set a tentative release date of October 17, 2006 for their yet-to-be-titled Capitol Records debut full length. The guys are currently recording the album with Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Head Automatica).
Frank Giaramita on 04/20/06 - 03:00 AM
The previous post made by Beau on the Saosin forum wasn't real, his account was hacked. There is currently no release date or number of songs.

Submitted by: BeforeDaylight
Jon Foucart on 04/06/06 - 11:19 PM
Saosin's new and yet-to-be titled album will hit shelves on July 31st and consist of 14 songs. Expect a tracklisting soon!

Source: Saosin Forums
Frank Giaramita on 04/06/06 - 08:32 AM
Saosin has moved into a Los Angeles apartment complex and have officially started recording their new album with producer Howard Benson.

Submitted by: deecee85
Rohan Kohli on 03/30/06 - 10:39 AM
Below is a message from Saosin regarding their new record.
Saosin Is Entering The Studio SoonWe start out actual full-length album the first week of april. How exciting!!! I'm so stoked to actually start the process. For those who dont know here are a few Facts regarding the process.

1. We take longer then guns n roses to make records.
2. howard benson is doing our record and he wears sweat suits.
3. We are not sure what to expect ..except that its going to be a dope as record.
4. I hope to gain 50 lbs and have my hair down to my ass by the time the record hits shelves.
5. i dont get chicks anyways.
6. we are hoping to get video studio updates posted on here and our website. SO cross...
Frank Giaramita on 03/17/06 - 12:32 PM
Saosin has posted a demo song, "Sleepers", on their MySpace page. It's from the last Take Action! compilation.
Paul Tao on 03/12/06 - 04:18 PM
Howard Benson (Hoobastank, MCR, All American Rejects) will be producing Saosin's debut album.
Ryan Imhof on 01/31/06 - 10:07 AM
Saosin will start pre-production for their Capitol debut next week.
Jon Foucart on 01/26/06 - 01:03 AM
Saosin have taken the following names into consideration to produce their new album:
Saosin Producer?David Botrill (Tool, Godsmack, Staind)
Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Jimmy Eat World)
Howard Benson (The Starting Line, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach)
Terry Date (Funeral For A Friend, Dredg, Limp Bizkit)
Rich Costey (Franz Ferdinand, Muse)
Source: FTS
Ryan Imhof on 01/18/06 - 02:24 PM
If you plan on heading out to see Saosin anytime soon, here is their current tour setlist:

Current Saosin SetlistLost Symphonies
Bury Your Head
Translating The Name
3rd Measurement In C
I Can Tell
Seven years
They Perched On Their Stilts...
Frank Giaramita on 11/15/05 - 09:18 PM
Saosin has some new merch in their webstore.
Brandon Herbel on 11/14/05 - 11:08 AM
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