First round up of the new year!
Small Band Round Up Go to The Precinct's Myspace page to hear their mash-up of Brand New's "Play Crack the Sky" and Bright Eyes' "Easy/Lucky/Free" they've titled "Bright Brand New Eyes." The song was recorded by the husband/wife acoustic duo in honor of a friend who had passed away.

The Starlight Found
recently released a new song on their myspace called "Renaming the Stars," as well as releasing a newly mixed version of "His Travels Were Worth His Existence."

The Watergate Brigade has posted a new song from their debut EP "Eponymous".

The Ever After from Springfield, IL has posted their first demo on their Myspace page.

Duluth, Georgia five piece,
Melissa Johnson on 01/06/07 - 11:35 PM
Small band news to ring out 2006, or ring in 2007. You decide.
Small Band RoundHarvey has posted 2 new tracks from their upcoming release entitled "WTF" and "Moonbeam" on their myspace.

Heroes of Valhalla's debut CD is now being sold on Interpunk.com for just under 10 dollars. It features 11 tracks by the band, and artwork by the band's own Joe Fadden.

No Sleep Records
have launched the pre-order for the new album, Until The World Is Happy; Wake Up You Sleepyhead Sun, from Small Leaks Sink Ships. The album comes out February 13th, 2007, so it will ship to you early February. Also right now until late January, No Sleep Records are running a special package deal, pre-order the new SLSS...
Melissa Johnson on 12/31/06 - 08:58 PM
Hope everyone's having a happy holiday season. Here's this week's installment of the small band round up. Have a safe and merry Christmas tomorrow everyone.
Small Band Round UpSearching For Skylines has hit #1 unsigned artist on purevolume with their two new releases.

Tonight at Seven have new songs up on myspace from their new EP.

Permanent Holiday's Rock Out Records debut EP "As The City Sleeps" has gone up for pre-sale on smartpunk for more information click this link right here.

Maylen has finished recording their debut album with producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, The Hint, Thin Dark Line, Overit) and their E.P will be ready to be picked up around Christmas. They have posted...
Melissa Johnson on 12/24/06 - 04:58 PM
Small Band Sunday! Check em out.
Small Band Round UpNovella just put up another song that they recorded with Producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, Cartel, Anberlin) entitled "Sound Asleep, We Awaken the Dead" as well as a new live video up on their myspace.

Marae has just released their 7 song debut EP, "This Is My Escape."

Oh, Savanna posted on a new song on their myspace titled "The Song That Took All Night."

Day Two have posted two new songs on their myspace. They are currently finishing up in the studio for the follow up to their 2004 Outline Records debut "Never Come Home", and are booking a West Coast tour. Release date and label of new album TBA.

Gilbert, Arizona's Some Never...
Melissa Johnson on 12/17/06 - 10:27 AM
Bored at work? Already read all of our news? Why don't you check out some small bands then?
Small Band Round UpBedford Driveis offering a pre-order special on their upcoming EP the in between. For $7 you can get the EP shipped to your door even before the official CD release show plus a limited edition autographed poster and a button. All the details can be found on their MySpace page.

Upstate New York pop-punk act, Scratch, have added two new acoustic demos to their myspace. The band has booked time at Subcat Studios on January 9th, and plans on releasing an E.P. of full band/acoustic material this winter.

Newly formed, Snowsera, just recently released a rough demo of their...
Melissa Johnson on 12/15/06 - 11:04 AM
Since 9 hour workshifts are the work of Satan, I won't have time to post this tomorrow, so you get it a day early! (Actually, just 2 hours.)
Small Band Round UpAlbany, New York's The Fabulous Funky Freedom has just finished recording their new CD entitled "Get Outta Town," and is touring the Northeast between December 26th and January 4th. Check myspace page for dates and cities.

Canada's KIROS has posted a new song on their myspace page.

The Name have posted two new demo songs on myspace.

Powerspace has posted a cover of the Chicane featuring Tom Jones song "Stoned in Love" on their myspace. You can stream and download it here.

The A Game's first EP titled "Guarantees in Good...
Melissa Johnson on 12/09/06 - 09:33 PM
I know I made a weekend edition already yesterday, but since it's Sunday, and Sunday's always a slow news day for us, I've decided to compile a round up for you all to check out new music while you wait for the news-storm we like to call Monday.
Small Band Round-UpSearching for Skylines is looking for people to be in their music video. The shoot takes place on Monday, August 14th. The video will be for their song "Anticipation" which you can find on the myspace page. The shoot will take place in Westchester, New York so if you're in the area and are interested please contact the band at searchingforskylines@gmail.com.

Quick and the Dead have posted up three new songs on MySpace from...
Melissa Johnson on 08/13/06 - 10:01 AM
Due to overloaded work schedueles (and few actual submissions), I've turned all of yesterday's and today's small band news into one big weekend version of the small band round-up. Check it.
Small Band Round-UpAlbert React will be celebrating their new album "Sonos Aeterno" with a show at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA this Friday, August 11th. Everyone who attends the show will recieve the album for free. "Sonos Aeterno" will be available in stores October 10th on CI Records.

Canada’s Fifth Hour Hero released an album, “Not Revenge…Just a Vicious Crush” this past Tuesday (8/8/06) on No Idea Records. You can now stream the entire album courtesy of Alternative Press right here. The...
Melissa Johnson on 08/12/06 - 12:46 PM
Here's the semi-small list of band submissions we've recieved today. Enjoy!
Small Band Round-UpDelaware pop punk band, Centerview, has posted a live video montage of their song, "This is My Stop" taken from their summer tour on their myspace page.

Stellamaris just posted a new song from our new EP on Myspace called "Walking on Stones." Also check their myspace for upcoming tour dates they'll be on with Umbrellas. (Milita Group)

The December Drive from McAllen, TX will be releasing a free on-line EP in the near future showcasing their newest material to date.

Morning Drive has posted two new songs up. One from their Self-Titled Ep and another from their new Acoustic CD.

Melissa Johnson on 08/10/06 - 03:49 PM
Here's the list of small band submissions we've recieved today - check them out and leave your thoughts in the replies.
Small Band Round-UpBrunswick has posted 2 new songs on their purevolume and myspace pages! Their EP is available August 15th and was produced by John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance, Brand New, The Ataris).

Submitted by finchtbs47

The Boy and his Machine have posted two new tracks off of their debut ep "Mistakes and Clever Thoughts" on their purevolume page.

Utah's favorite, The Contingency Plan, have a new song posted on their myspace.

Brigade have posted a live acoustic version of their track 'I'll Be Your Emergency' for download.

Richmond Hill, from Sydney,...
Melissa Johnson on 08/08/06 - 01:09 PM
Here's a list of the small band submissions AP's recieved for today. Check them out below.
Small Band Round-UpThe Sailor Sequence, a new band out of Kansas City, have posted 2 new songs on their myspace page. Their 6 song ep can be purchased through band members or at shows. For fans of ambiant/indie rock.
Submitted by MarkyMark1984

Rhode Island pop punk band Six Day Weekend posted two new tracks from their recent recordings at Echo Room Productions (Vanna, Therefore I Am, Foredoes me Quite) on their Myspace.
Submitted by chazburgr

Aussie band, Ellington, have 4 free tracks for you to download on their myspace. Expect the band to record an EP sometime in November.

Jason Soroka has...
Melissa Johnson on 08/06/06 - 11:19 AM
Since Jason broke the website last night, I was unable to put up a round-up for yesterday, so today's a 2-for-1! As always, if you'd like to see your small band or let us know of a small band get some recognition you can drop us a line or submit it to us.
Small Band Round-UpGo to Harvey's myspace page to download 4 tracks off of their new EP, "Don't Talk. Just Listen."

Fighting to Forget will be entering the studio with Jesse Cannon September 1st to record their debut EP. A label to release this EP will be announced soon. Also, the band will be touring with Morning for the Masses, and Guns Like Girls in late September, And will embark on an October tour with Racing Kites. Expect tour...
Melissa Johnson on 08/05/06 - 06:09 PM
Here's a list of small band submissions we've recieved for today. Check them out below. It's a small post today, so if you'd like to see your band, or let us know of a band that should be featured in AP's daily Round-Up submit it to us via the contact page.
Small Band Round-UpThe Promise Hero have announced their CD Release show. August 30th at The Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH. They have also announced some out of town dates. They are also looking to fill August 19th in the Midwest, if you can help, message them on their myspace.
Submitted by theresignation

Forward Is The Farewell have posted a new blog before hitting the studio tomorrow to record their follow up ep to 2005's you are my...
Melissa Johnson on 08/03/06 - 02:19 PM
Below you will find the small band news for the day. Make sure to support the bands and check them out!
Small Band News Round-up* Cooper High have posted new songs on their Myspace page.

* Polysics are recording a new album.

* San Diego band Get Back Loretta has posted 4 new songs from their new record, Over The Wall, on their myspace page for listening. The band will be playing their CD release show this Saturday night, August 5th, at the Epicentre in San Diego. After that, the band will go on a two week tour with Long Live Logos. Dates for the tour are listed below:
Tour DatesAugust 5th- San Diego, CA @ The Epicentre (CD RELEASE SHOW)
August 7th- Tucson, AZ @ Skrappy's w/ Long Live...
Katie Schmitz on 08/01/06 - 01:54 PM
Here are the smaller band news submission that we have received for today, July 25th.
Small Band News* Summerside has now been added to the Toronto date of Warped Tour taking place at Park Place in Barrie. They will also be playing the Detroit, Chicago, and Buffalo dates of the tour. Also expect new music and their new video very soon!! For you Canadians come check out Summerside on the road with Tokyo Rose in Canada in August!

* Independent band Sayonara Tiger are currently airing on Cincinnati, OH's 97.3 FM with their demo of "Cleveland Killed". The band asks that their fans to help out by requesting them via email: 973homegrown@gmail.com. Look for Sayonara Tiger's debut EP produced...
Katie Schmitz on 07/25/06 - 04:13 PM
Here's the small band news round up for 7.23.06. Its a slow news day, so relieve your boredom and check out some new music!
Round-UpBoston based rock band, Skyview Drive is currently playing shows throughout the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas before recording an EP. For tour dates, music and booking information click here.
Submitted by afmguitar12

The Ten Seconds To Go's EP Debut, "And You Thought We Were Dead," has been pushed from it's July 25th Release date to August 8th. Check them out here.
Submitted by ClassActionRecs

Mayfield Heights has changed their name to Mayday! Mayday!

Falling Down Hurts is in Black Lodge Studios (The Get Up Kids, Motion City Soundtrack, Houston...
Melissa Johnson on 07/23/06 - 02:36 PM
Here are the small band news submissions we have received for today, July 21st:

* Powerspace has reported on their Myspace blog that their drummer has left the band and are looking for a replacement. Details can be found here.

* Sailing to Rome has recently released a 3-song demo entitled Make it All Seem Right. The band will be re-entering the studio August 10th with producer Joe Secchiaroli (This Day and Age) to release brand new songs for your listening pleasure.

* Lights Below is a band from Vancouver B.C who are well known throughout B.C and Alberta. Just recently they played the warped tour date in Vancouver. A day or two later all of their gear was stolen from the back of...
Katie Schmitz on 07/21/06 - 09:44 AM
Below are the small band news submissions that we have received for today and yesterday:

* Tennesee Band L.A.O. have decided to call it quits after over 8 years. Below is a statement from the band:
L.A.O.Brian here. It is with great disappointment that I sit down to write this letter to all of you, and to ourselves. Let's not be coy, and get right to the point- L.A.O. has broken up. There could be thousands of reasons listed here, hundreds of long, drawn-out explanations, but truth-be-told the band was just over. A series of events added up to a general discontent within the band, and after cancelling our summer tour we decided it best just to stop right here. We would rather walk away...
Katie Schmitz on 07/18/06 - 01:22 PM
Here is the daily round-up of all the small band news that we have received for today, 7-13-06:
Round-UpThe 1985 Bears have recently posted some new tracks and a music video up on their Myspace page.

Anniston have posted some of their new demos up on their Myspace page. Give them a listen and give feedback!

The Black and White City have just posted two new songs on their Myspace page.

Long Island's Bela Kiss (Audio Deprived Records) have posted a few new demos on their Myspace, so check them out.

Heads Down Thumbs Up has a new EP out; check out some of their tracks on their Myspace page!

Go Crash Audio have released their full-length debut, With Wings & Radar. It was recorded...
Katie Schmitz on 07/13/06 - 02:00 PM
Below are small band news submissions that we have received today:
Small Band Round-UpMembers of The Banner, December Aeternalis and Mermaid In A Manhole have started a new metal project called Wolves.

Leaving the Scene added a third new song from their new album In Terms of Resistance to their Myspace page. Head to their Myspace to hear "A Bullet Sounds The Same In Every Language", along with "Modern Prometheus" and their single "Birth Among Ghosts".

Molitor has advanced to the Semi-Finals in the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour. The Zippo Tour this year will be headlined by Papa Roach. Molitor is one of the few indie bands to make it to the next round! Congrats to the guys!

Backseat Goodbye is...
Katie Schmitz on 07/12/06 - 01:07 PM
Below are various "small band" news submissions that we have received for today, July 10th. Check out the bands and be rewarded with new music!
Small Band Round-UpThe Human Abstract's new album 'Nocturne' is now available for preorder through Hopeless Records here for only $6.99. The first 200 preorders get a signed poster, signed cd, and stickers. The band also just posted a new song from the album on thier MySpace page. The album hits stores on August 22nd.

Geisert 8 Band, from Peoria, IL, is heading out on a month long tour this August. Details can be had at their Myspace. This is in tour of their upcoming full-length. I've heard names tossed around, and it is tentatively titled: We...
Katie Schmitz on 07/10/06 - 05:12 PM
Here's a list of news submitted to us featuring smaller bands. Check em out, you might be surprised and what you find.
Small Band Round-UpYou can hear 2 new song from The Confidence right here. They'll be heading out for a small Midwest tour soon with The Useful Sound. Dates can be found on their respective Myspace pages.

On July 17th, Bedford Drive will be entering Strangeway Studios in Vermont with Matt Poorman (ex-Hot Rod Circuit) producing their 3rd album. Expect a late fall release.

Action Item released a new song titled, "Set the stage lights" on their Myspace page. The song was produced by Jayson DeZuzio (My Chemical Romance, The Number 12, Madison.)

Submitted by...
Melissa Johnson on 07/08/06 - 01:04 AM
Below are news submissions for various small bands that we have received today. If you want to see your news submitted for your band click here.
Small Band NewsThe Woodwork from Tampa, FL have posted all new songs as well as some tour dates over at their myspace page. If you are a promoter or in a band and want to help out, There are several dates these guys still need help booking.

Lots of labels are in a frenzy lately over Minneapolis band Everest (ex-Nehemiah) and features brothers of members of Four Letter Lie (Victory Records). Check out their brand new demos posted on their Myspace page!

Drawing Maps
is currently in search for a new singer. If you are intersted then please...
Katie Schmitz on 07/06/06 - 01:46 PM
Here is a roundup of the smaller band news that we've received today:
Smaller Band NewsRed Panda (featuring Johnee Trash of Home Grown) will be playing their first hometown show at Chain Reaction on July 9th along with So They Say, Madina Lake, Eudora, Race The Sun, and the Transit War. Red Panda will be selling a 3 song sampler for their upcoming album which comes out later this fall!

The Midnight Renewal posted 3 new songs off of their upcoming EP on their Myspace page along with some new tour dates.

En Masse (band of former FSF drummer, Steve Kleisath) have released a new song on their Myspace page.

The Starrs, former members of Antifreeze, out of Appleton, WI will be re-releasing...
Katie Schmitz on 07/03/06 - 02:10 PM
Several unsigned/little-known bands have put up new songs on their myspace or Purevolume profiles. Check below to see who they are and to check them out. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite band.

Northern Va's Star-Lit Eyes have posted 2 samples from their upcoming (currently untitled) EP, for everyones listening pleasure. The CD is slated to be finished in the next week and is availiable for pre-order now through the bands website.

Oh Juliet from Lafayette, LA, have posted three new songs from their upcoming release titled "Hunting the Canyons Below our House"

Polar State has posted three new songs for download on their website.

Jaemin Roe has posted a new song on...
Melissa Johnson on 07/01/06 - 11:50 PM
Below I have posted all the small-band news we've received lately in the AP.net news queue. I encourage you to check everything out and comment on any or all of them.
Unsigned Band Roundup--Panima have posted two new songs on their Myspace. Check them out!

--Check out the new Alove For Enemies video at their website. The new album, Resistance, is out on July 11th.
Submitted by: endeavormedia

--Backseat Goodbye, an unsigned solo artist from Murfreesboro, Tennesee, has just released his 16-song Rain, Rain, Go Away EP.
Submitted by: Unregistered

--Dallas-based The Secret Handshake will be opening for As Tall As Lions and Cassino in the Northeast.
Submitted by: getupkid619

--Fighting To...
Tony Pascarella on 07/01/06 - 01:46 PM

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