Check out the staff recommendations below (click 'Read More' to see all of them).

Frank: It's been a while...
Darren: My recs are right here.
Ryan: Here ya go.
Rohan: Oceans Firing, Vaya, Colour Revolt, Forever Changed.
Frank Giaramita on 03/19/06 - 01:37 AM
Hope you guys had a great week. You can find the staff recommendations below. Keep checking back as they are posted throughout the day, and click "Read More" to view them all.
Staff RecommendationsCaleb: I've got some new bands for you all to check out. Look here.
Garett: Just a couple recs.
Greg: Recommendations
Drew: ok.
Ryan: Here are my recs for this week.
Paul: I recommend going to the beach, since that is what I'm doing this weekend. Oh and a good Bloody Mary. Happy Spring Break to those of you who have it the same week as me.
Caleb Cattivera on 03/12/06 - 11:59 AM
Here are the staff recommendations for this Sunday. Be sure to check this regularly as it is updated by the rest of the staff; also, put your recommendations in the comments.
RecommendationsJason Tate: Rock Kills Kid, Brandtson.
Paul: Here's mine, and this week I'm joined by my friend Joe from The Sass.
Jared: Fall Out Boy, Like Lions, new Brandtson, Thursday and The Weakend.
Rohan: More Than a Daydream, new New Atlantic demos, Damiera, Rhett Miller
Scott: The new Nada Surf record is damn near flawless. Perfectly constructed indie-pop songs. I also recommend Rhett Miller, and you're welcome, Rohan. The new record from Ryan's Hope is absolutely blowing me away, I just got it in the mail...
Paul Tao on 03/04/06 - 10:42 PM
Below are the staff recommendations for the week. Post what you've been listening to in the replies, and make sure to check back as the thread is updated.
Staff RecommendationsRohan: Man Alive, Marathon, and The Working Title.
Garett: Recommendations. I am joined by Dan Gordon of Calamity Records and there are bands listed that you do not want to miss.
Scott: Damien Jurado. Also, go rent The Shield DVDs. That show is intense.
Caleb: Decapulet that's all.
Tony: I am pimping Liam and Me again because I'm off to Taste of Chaos tonight, and L&M has been kicking my ass all week.
Jonathan: This week, Jason Suwito has joined me on recommendations. Those can be found here. Also, check out his
Rohan Kohli on 02/26/06 - 11:04 AM
Staff recs are listed below; click "read more" to view them all, and keep checking back as the rest of the staff adds theirs.
Staff RecommendationsJason: I get to be on top (that's what she said).
Tony: Here you are; good stuff.
Paul: Hey, I actually put up a thread this time. Sweet.
Ryan: This week I did recs with forum member Mitch2742, they can be read here.
Gabe: Hot recs. Hot sex (with Uncle Rico!).
Darren: Our new featured artist, The Loved Ones. Their new album, Keep Your Heart, comes out Tuesday. Look for a review to be posted shortly.
Jon Foucart: This week Vincent of Roses Are Red and I gave some quick recs.
Garett: The Good Life... I love it. Listen.
Scott: Folly, No...
Tony Pascarella on 02/18/06 - 10:44 PM
Below are the staff recommendations for the week. Post what you've been listening to in the replies, and make sure to check back as the thread is updated.

Rohan: Click here for some hot recs brought to you by yours truly and Joe Lemble of Silent Movie Records.
Jared: Jawbreaker. Been listening to them a lot this week, even before Jason made them a "Band of Yore."
Darren: One rec, two words: No Trigger.
Paul: MGMT. The way electro/indie/rock/pop/whatever should be.
Drew: Yeah.
Jonathan: Aqualung, Sherwood, Sufjan Stevens.
Gabe: Since Brightwood was taken off of the featured bands so quickly...listen here.
Caleb: The lovely Shannon(yourmom91685)has joined me this week....
Rohan Kohli on 02/11/06 - 10:30 PM
The staff recommendations for this week are below; click "Read More" to view them all and make sure to keep an eye on this thread as other staff members will add their recs for this weekend. Post your recs in the replies!

Ryan: My recs can be read here.
Gabe: Great music found here. Go HAWKS!!
Tony: You can read my recs, along with Matt from Tamerlane Recordings, right here.
Scott: Go Seahawks!!! I recommend checking out this ripping punk band on Nitro called No Trigger. Their new album Cayoneer hits stores March 21st, and I can't get the advance out of my profile. I also heavily recommend The Lawrence Arms, whose new album is also excellent.
Greg: Allow me to show off my outrageously...
Ryan Imhof on 02/05/06 - 07:57 AM
Below are the staff's recommendations for this week. Be sure to click "Read More" to read them all, and check back often as staff members update this thread.

Tony: My super-awesome recs are here. Read 'em and weep.

Caleb: Adeline and Racing Kites.

Garett: Don't got much, but here goes.

Jon Foucart: My recs can be found here.

Ryan Imhof: This week I did recs with my friend Dan. Our recs can be seen here.

Frank: Mainstay

Rick: The Album Leaf

Greg: A Heart Well Ending (Listen To If Looks Could Kill)

Drew: Chris (elemenohpe) joined me this week, check it here.

Greg D: Due to having spent my whole day getting a car out of a mud pit, I'm a bit late. Thus, I...
Tony Pascarella on 01/29/06 - 12:52 AM
Below are the staff recommendations for this week. Click "Read More" to see everyone's, and check back often as this thread is updated. Please post your own choices in the replies.

Tony: Read my recs for the week here.
Drew: Holla!
Garett: Check these bands out!
Darren: One rec this week: Randy. Go buy Randy The Band, I'll have a review coming shortly.
Gabe: Midtown
Scott: Cake.
Caleb: The Governators. Ever wondered what The Governator would sound like if he rapped?
Ryan: This week I did recs with Mark (apoemtothedead). You can read our recs here.
Brandon H.: Elliot Smith
Rick: Mine are up here.
Greg: Check 'em out here.
Tony Pascarella on 01/21/06 - 11:30 PM
Hey guys! Here are the staff recommendations for this week. Staffers will be listing them below so check in periodically to see who is telling you to listen to what...

Gabe: Here are my recs for this week. Enjoy!

Tony: My recs can be found here. Check them all out and have a great week.

Drew: Check it.

Ryan: Check out my recs for this week.

Darren: Only one rec this week... Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins.

Garett: My recommendations. Also, the Cavil at Rest featured download.

Scott: Damien Rice.

Rick: Little Brother - The Listening

Greg: Get them here.
Gabe Gross on 01/08/06 - 12:30 AM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below. (Click "read more" to read all of them).

Frank: Goo Goo Dolls

Jon Foucart: Lola Ray's "Beautiful Boy"

Ryan Imhof: Street To Nowhere's "Georgia, Can You Hear Me"

Garett: I Hate Myself. Happy New Year!

Scott: Queen, Zombie Apocolypse, Damien Rice, Damien Jurado, Shook Ones, Marathon. Welcome to 2k6.

Tony Pascarella: Adrastos. I'd love to see these guys blow up and get signed. Great band.

Jared: I've been listening to a lot of Gym Class Heroes this week.

Brandon Herbel: Hiller. I love this band!

Drew: Fiona Apple. Extraordinary Machine is probably the best album you'll hear in 2005.

Rohan: This...
Frank Giaramita on 01/01/06 - 03:43 AM
Caleb: Check out my best of 05 right here. Do yourselves a favor and listen to House of Heroes.
Drew: Listen to Thin Dark Line. Also listen to the bands I mentioned in my Best of 2005 list.
Scott: Listen to Shook Ones, Paint it Black, Buried Inside, and most importantly, BANE.
Caleb Cattivera on 12/25/05 - 02:14 AM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below (click "Read More" to view all of them):

Rohan: The Static Age, Paper Tigers, and The Jealous Sound.

Caleb: Remember Sammy Jenkis

Drew: Modern Life Is War.

Scott: With all this hype about a certain new electro-indie rock band, you all should go listen to The Faint instead.
Rohan Kohli on 12/18/05 - 10:27 AM
Caleb- I've only listened to one band all week(seriously). You should go check out Decapulet. They're feel good indie/folk music from Arizona.

Darren - I've got a few recommendations that you can check out right here.

Scott - Listen to Of Montreal.

Pat - Click here for rad music recs.

Garett: Rocky Votolato... review to follow.
Caleb Cattivera on 12/11/05 - 11:06 AM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below; please click 'read more' to view them all.

Jason: Morrissey. Dare I say the greatest living song-writer?

Brandon A.: I had my good buddy Rory Edwards from Razbari Sumthing join me. Check it out!

Drew: Strokes, Strokes, Strokes. I love "Juicebox" and I cannot wait for this album. The Strokes new album, First Impressions Of Earth is awesome. Buy it January 3rd.

Rohan: Boys Like Girls, August Burns Red, Quietdrive, and Goodbye Tomorrow.

Garett: I recommend...

Darren: Something for everyone this week. Check it out right here.
Brandon Allin on 12/03/05 - 10:34 PM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below (click "Read More" to view all of them).

Frank: I had my friend Aileen at East/West join me. Check it out.

Brandon A.: Tada!

Caleb: I had my boy Justin from Lorene Drive help me. Check it out.

Scott: Johnny Cash.

Darren: This week, it's an all-Canadian edition of my recs. Check it out right here.

Jason Tate: Summerside, Paper Models, and Envy on the Coast.

Drew B.: Check my ish here.

Jonathan Lally: Check out my recs here. This week, Dave Smallen of Street To Nowhere joins me on recs.

Jared Kaufman: Bright Eyes, Johnny Cash, Explosions In The Sky, A Wilhelm Scream, Chin Up Chin Up and Page France.

Rohan Kohli:...
Frank Giaramita on 11/26/05 - 10:07 PM
Here's the Staff Recommendations for the week. Enjoy!!!

Caleb: You can find my list here.

Garett: Here are some music artists that I definitely recommend. Thanks! Have a perfect week (if possible?)

Darren: You can find my recommendations right here.

Gabe: Hot rex, hot sex.

Jason: Cauterize and Imogen Heap; all I listened to last week.

Scott: Go see Walk the Line and then go listen to lots and lots of Johnny Cash.

Drew: Buy the new System Of A Down album, Hypnotize, this Tuesday. It rocks.
Caleb Cattivera on 11/19/05 - 11:40 PM
Staff recommendations for the week (Click 'Read More' to see all of them):

Frank: I recommended some really awesome bands, along with our forum users Louise (liethrulipgloss), Felicia (the_narrator), and Katie (hickpuff).

Brandon H.: I went to the Fall Out Boy show last night so all I can really say is listen to Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco.

Gabe: Hot sex, hot rex. Brian (InaGreendase) helped me out this week.

Darren: My recommendations are right here.

Rohan: This week, George of Valencia, Loren from Lydia, and Evan from sceneupdates.com (for South African bands) joined me for recommendations. Check out our picks right here.

Drew: I had a bunch of cool people from...
Frank Giaramita on 11/12/05 - 10:04 PM

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