Check out this week's staff recs.
RecommendationsJason Tate: Iron & Wine, Lydia, The Honorary Title, and chocolate bunnies.
Scott I: Brett Incardone and The Love of Everything
Nathan: As Tall As Lions, Set Your Goals, Fireworks, and Melee. They all have amazing live shows. Also check out The Less
Rich: Signal Hill, Algernon Cadwallader, Benton Falls, and Isis
Steve: Circa Survive's On Letting Go is going to kill.
Jaime D: Aereogramme, Portugal. The Man, and RedRedBlue.
Louise: DJ A-Trak's Dirty South Dance mixtape (Greg got me hooked on it...) and Lewis & Clark
Ryan: Recs for this week.
Julia: DeSole.
Tony: Go see Grindhouse. Now. It's well worth 3 hours of your time.
Russ: My...
Scott Irvine on 04/07/07 - 09:32 PM
Check out this week's staff recs:
RecommendationsJason: The Higher, Cute is What We Aim For, and firing Drew.
Steve: Check out my recs here.
Scott I.: Algernon Cadwallader for life!
Anton: Listen to Creed, Hinder, and especially this.
Tom: Do Make Say Think
Nathan: Get my recs here. Oh! And Slayer.
Joe: Jeffree Star.
Lueda: Detektivbyran.
Tony: Madelyn.
Louise: Hadouken! and BoNO Must Die. Yay, UK new-wave!
Paul: Arthur & Yu
Rich: These Arms Are Snakes - Oxeneers
Ryan: The Almost and some Mew.
Russ: Emanuel, Emanuel, Emanuel, and some Fight Paris.
Greg: Man Man because they're touring.
Melissa: Galatik Gangstaz.
Steve Henderson on 03/31/07 - 09:33 PM
Check out this week's staff recs.
RecommendationsJason Tate: I went old school this week; let me take you back....
Scott I.: Stand Up Get Down and Don Caballero have been owning me.
Joe: Old New Found Glory, along with their b-sides, Timbaland, Dance Gavin Dance and The Fold.
Nathan: Sage Francis, Coconut Records, Whetherman, and Blonde Redhead.
Jamie: Set Your Goals, Modest Mouse, Dreams Are Essential DVD.
Anton: Being my first staff recommendation, I will recommend Midtown, seeing as how they are the only band I ever listen to.
Jon F: My recs can be found right here.
Russ: Check out Look Mexico and Band Marino.
Tom:The Lawrence Arms and I'm with Scott on the Don Caballero
Julia: The...
Scott Irvine on 03/24/07 - 09:07 PM
Check out this week's staff recommendations.
RecommendationsJason: Not much new, but a great live video (this is worth seeing too).
Scott I: Battles, Street Smart Cyclist, and People Dick
Joe: Amber Pacific, Echo Screen, and PlayRadioPlay!
Melissa: Everybody Else.
Russ: Utah Carol has been giving me musical healing all weekend long.
Tom: Breaking Pangaea and Saves The Day
Julia: I second Melissa's Everybody Else and add on Tyler Read.
Scott Irvine on 03/17/07 - 11:12 PM
Check out this week's staff recs:
RecommendationsJoe: The Hunt For Yoshi's Fall Of Troy covers, and Sound The Alarm.
Paul: Kings of Leon, new Pelican, Aa (pronounced Big A Little A)
Rich: You can check out my recommendations for the week here. I hope everyone had a good weekend!
Julia: Weatherbox.
Darren: Buy Sundownder on Tuesday.
Joe DeAndrea on 03/11/07 - 12:20 AM
Check out this week's staff recs:
RecommendationsJason: Just started my new entry.
Steve: I went the extra mile and wrote up blurbs for mine. Check it.
Nathan: Lovedrug, The Fratellis, Bedford Drive, and Just Ask.
Drew: The Chariot.
Melissa: The Verdict. Go check em out on tour opening up for The Early November.
Jon F: Life In Your Way, Cursed and Portugal. The Man's It's Complicated Being A Wizard.
Julia: My good friends in Hence Reverie.
Russ: Four on the floor, here.
Tom: Spring must be coming,Weezer's Pinkerton
Rich: I was away for the weekend so my first rec's are a little late. I recommened anything by The Jazz June, Slint "Spiderland", and Jimmy Eat World "Static Prevails".
Steve Henderson on 03/03/07 - 11:35 PM
Check out this week's staff recs:
RecommendationsJason Tate: My updated entry.
Steve: Secondhand Serenade, Winterpills, Idlewild, and Lovedrug.
Scott I: Get geographical with You Are Switzerland and Aspen It Is
Julia: The Stiletto Formal and The Heartstring Band.
Russ: Dance to Foreign Islands and mosh with Stick To Your Guns.
Nathan: Lovedrug and Built For Burning.
Joe: Radio Pirate DJ's new songs on myspace, The Almost, and Brighten.
Melissa: The Midnight Society and Quietdrive.
Tom: Hot Cross again and Circle Takes The Square
Steve Henderson on 02/24/07 - 10:58 PM
Check out this week's staff recs:
Recommendations - 2.18.07Jason Tate: Not being sick.
Steve: Aereogramme, Lovedrug, and Cassino.
Scott I.: Bethany Curve, Braid, and Modest Mouse
Greg: It still blows my mind how much I love Uffie. Also check out Annie. Flosstradamus is my last recommendation.
Tom:Aereogramme and Hot Cross
Nathan: Whetherman and Dustin Kensrue.
Darren: Buy Smoke or Fire's This Sinking Ship on Tuesday.
Russ: I'm feeling hard (not in a sexual way) this week, thus I recommend Sophia and Big Business.
Steve Henderson on 02/17/07 - 10:17 PM
Check out the staff recs for this week:
Recommendations - 2.11.07Jason: Have at it and enjoy.
Steve: Check out Glory Nights and The Alpha Couple.
Drew: The Almost - Southern Weather and The Ataris - Welcome The Night.
Scott I.: Lungfish and Storm and Stress
Nathan: Dear And The Headlights, Portugal. The Man and not getting lost in Mexican town.
Julia: The Agency and the trusty Jawbreaker.
Melissa: Just Add Water and The Dog & Everything. I bought their CDs when I was 15 and rediscovered them this past week.
Scott W: Check out The Photo Atlas - It's like At The Drive-In meets Bloc Party.
Steve Henderson on 02/10/07 - 10:21 PM
Check out the staff recs for this week:
Recommendations - 1.28.07Jason: Hmm, this, this and this.
Steve: Check out my recs here.
Darren: Listen to Fake Problems and Dillinger Four.
Melissa: Lydia, Keane, and Augustana. Also, the new Anberlin album Cities for Joe. Kidding. Now go listen to Lydia. Seriously.
Russ: Parappa the Rapper and these.
Rob: Check em'.
Greg: Of Montreal.
Drew: Bayside, Tokyo Police Club, Arcade Fire
Nathan: I feature a good group of unsigned talent, plus some amazing releases here.
Scott W: The new Sherwood record is fantastic.
Jon F: Straight Reads The Line
Steve Henderson on 01/27/07 - 10:21 PM
Check out the staff recs for this week:
Recommendations - 1.21.07Jason: Have at it.
Steve: The new Anberlin record is absolutely incredible. Pre-order it.
Drew: Along with Steve, I rec the new Anberlin album, Cities (review this week!), the new Shins' album, Wincing The Night Away (in stores this Tuesday!), the new Hot Cross disc, Risk Revival, and any Dillinger Escape Plan.
Scott I: I'm rediscovering The Wildlife's Sweet Plastic and The Promise Ring's Wood/Water.
Nathan: Check out Small Leaks Sink Ships. You can listen to the album right here on AP.net.
Greg: The Fiery Furnaces, Diplo, and Led Zeppelin. Duh.
Scott W: Go bust out some old No Motiv albums (hopefully Diagram for...
Steve Henderson on 01/20/07 - 10:03 PM
Check out the staff recs for this week:
Recommendations - 1.14.07Jason Tate: This'll do.
Steve: Driving East, The New Frontiers, and Fox Chase Drive.
Melissa: Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, new Anberlin.
Nathan: I have to agree with Melissa and say new Anberlin, The Fratellis, Death Before Disco, and The Art Of Abandonment.
Julia: J-Roddy Walston and The Business.
Greg: I think New Young Pony Club, Grizzly Bear, and The Libertines should work.
Paul: I just got back from seeing Girl Talk live (what a show) and I must recommend that.
Scott I: Decibully, The Pale Pacific, and Stars.
Russ: I recommend not getting the flu and losing a week of your life. Oh, and Sounds Like...
Steve Henderson on 01/13/07 - 11:12 PM
This week's staff recs:
RecsTony: Don Rohr (A&R, Virgin Records) joined me this week.
Melissa:New Found Glory's Coming Home has been pretty much ruling my Ipod this week. Between the Trees, Motion City Soundtrack, and Anberlin also managed to squeeze in some songs as well.
Jon Foucart: Girl Talk - Night Ripper, Zozobra, Bring Me The Horizon
Greg: Architecture in Helsinki, Spank Rock, and not being a Romosexual.
Steve: All about Lovedrug for me this week.
Nathan: JV All Stars, New Years Day, Northstar, and Meg And Dia
Russ: Check out Hello Dragon (ex-Helicopter Helicopter)
Tom: It's a Jeremy Enigk kind of weekend.
Paul: The Black Angels (moderately psychedelic drone rock)
Julia: Kiss Kiss...
Tony Pascarella on 01/06/07 - 10:24 PM
Last staff recs of 2006...enjoy!
RecsTony: Four great bands.
Drew: The Hold Steady.
Russ: Have a round on me.
Nathan: Me and Heroes Of Valhalla bassist here.
Tom: Since By Man
Scott W: Get trill with Clipse.
Julia: Here you go.
Paul: Camera Obscura - Listen to "Hey Lloyd" on the MySpace. Some of the best indie pop out there.
Tony Pascarella on 12/31/06 - 04:16 AM
Here are the staff recommendations for this week; hit up the replies with yours:
RecommendationsRohan: Steve Moakler, Mike Willis, Mat Kearney, Matt Wertz
Paul: Girl Talk (the first two songs on his MySpace) and The Whitest Boy Alive's song "Burning"
Tom: Tera Melos and Aereogramme
Steve: I will second Girl Talk with Paul, and add in new Incubus and Immoor.
Nathan: Lovedrug, Park, Man Without Wax, SNIC, and Lorien
Greg: Since Girl Talk has been suggested twice already, I'll throw Michael Jackson out there.
Brandon Allin: Deal's Gone Bad, Tim Armstrong, Skratch 3, and Westbound Train.
Julia: The Hint, Brilliant Red Lights, and that Rob & Big show. It's amusing me right now.
Russ: Try
Rohan Kohli on 12/16/06 - 10:15 PM
Here are the staff recs for this week:
RecommendationsSteve: If you like The Postal Service, check out Immoor.
Russ: Three bands you might not know, Stars Are Falling, Our American Cousin, and Mischief Brew.
Julia: The Smoking Popes.
Scott Irvine: Get back into some good 90's alternative: Castor and Lungfish are good starts.
Scott Weber: Good Riddance.
Rohan: The Morning Light and This Day and Age's effing awesome new CD.
Paul: The Dirty Projectors and B. Fleischmann
: Reubens Accomplice, Cold War Kids, and Christians And Lions
Brandon Allin: Deal's Gone Bad.
Steve Henderson on 12/10/06 - 05:37 AM
Recs for the week:
RecommendationsJason: The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beach Boys, and Peter, Paul and Mary.
Paul: Peter Bjorn And John's "Young Folks" - you just can't not have fun listening to this song.
Nathan: Christians And Lions, Saosin, Patent Pending
Russ: The nicest guy in music, Drew Danburry.
Steve: Mos Def and Tahiti 80.
Tom: Some Girls, Aereogramme, and These Arms Are Snakes
Scott I.: I'm going B. Allin on you guys, reccing Suburban Legends and Westbound Train
Greg: Check out Kompakt's Kompakt Total 3, Kompakt Total 6, and Kompakt Total 7. Also try to avoid failing math finals.
Darren: My rec is Defiance, Ohio. Download their newest album, The Great...
Paul Tao on 12/03/06 - 03:20 AM
Here are this week's recs:
Recommendations: 11.12.06Tony: Dustin Kensrue, Skuff'd Shoes, and Weerd Science.
Brandon Allin: Starpool, Tim Armstrong, and the Mad Caddies.
Ryan: The new You, Me, and Everyone we Know songs.
Julia: I'm going all unsigned - Sayonara Tiger, You, Me, and Everyone We Know, and Stella, Wake Up!
Scott I.: Love Me Electric and Ecstatic Sunshine to brighten your day!
Russ: It's The End of The World as we know it.
Nathan: Small Leaks Sink Ships, Troubled Hubble (RIP), 2*Sweet, and Dustin Kensrue
Greg: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead.
Tony Pascarella on 11/12/06 - 08:20 AM
Here are the staff recommendations for this week. Leave yours in the replies.
Recommendations For November 5thJason: It's me and Ryan from theAudition this week.
Rohan: Randall Jenkins from The Militia Group joined me this weekend for some hot wrecks.
Melissa: Plus 44, Brand New, and Park.
Drew: I've only been listening to Self Against City's debut full length, Telling Secrets To Strangers all week.
Nathan: Bright Light Fever, Thunderbirds Are Now!, The ****, and Small Leaks Sink Ships
Steve: Fans of Imogen Heap should check out Stacy Clark.
Rob: Forum User Flags oF Dawn(Dan) Joined me this week. You can check our recs right here
Gabe: K'naan - some of the freshest hip hop I've heard in...
Rohan Kohli on 11/04/06 - 09:42 PM
Check out the staff recommendations for this week:
Recommendations - 10.29.06 Jason: Plus 44 and Morrissey.
Steve: Fly Upright Kite, Between the Trees, The Myriad, and Lovedrug.
Tony: Kevin Devine.
Brandon Allin: Tim Armstrong, Against All Authority, and Bedouin Soundclash.
Nathan: Bedford Drive, Capitol Risk, Ronnie Day, and Gym Class Heroes circa 2001.
Paul: Tahiti 80 and good Thai food.
Gabe: Bomb The Music Industry!, Bad Religion, The Blood Brothers, Cavalier
Melissa: Eisley, Quietdrive, Lydia, and not dressing like a slut for Halloween.
Rob: This week I was joined by fourm user btbamyou(Adam). You can check our recs right

Greg: 50 Cent vs. Benny Benassi "In Da...
Steve Henderson on 10/28/06 - 09:04 PM
Here are our staff recs for the week.
Staff RecsTony: The Damnwells and Regina Spektor
Nathan: The Snake The Cross The Crown, Pompeii, and some older Home Grown.
Russ: Pumpkin Patch M&Ms rock and you can find my recs, here.
Brandon H.: Of Montreal
Paul: Seeing Something Corporate live like I did last night (I'm a bitch, I know) and also, Swan Lake, a band that features members of Wolf Parade, Destroyer, The New Pornographers and Frog Eyes.
Brandon A.: The Catch-It Kebabs have a new album being released this week entitled Return of the Kebabulance. Do yourself a favour and add a copy to your collection.
Rob: Ronnie Day, The Invite
Tony Pascarella on 10/15/06 - 06:54 AM
Hope everyone's weekends are going well. Here's the staff recs for this week. Check em out.
Staff RecommendationsJason: Brand New and Plus 44. That's all.
Melissa: Jimmy Eat World, Park, Between the Trees, and The Graduate.
Drew: Buy Cobra Starship, Senses Fail, and Scrubs Season 4 on Tuesday. Listen to Converge and Copeland.
Nathan: I recommend The Starting Line, Kids In The Way, Reubens Accomplice, Portugal. The Man and The Transit War this week.
Brandon A.: Subb, The Expos, and the Mad Caddies. Also, I'd like to wish all of our Canadian readers a Happy Thanksgiving!
Darren: I recommend you get your party shoes ready for when the new album from The Lillingtons drops next week....
Melissa Johnson on 10/07/06 - 09:45 PM
Here are this week's recs:
Staff RecommendationsJason: The Smiths, Say Anything, Simon and Garfunkel, and Spitalfield.
Rohan: This week Joseph and Jeff of Cartel joined me up in this piece to recommend some hot tunes.
Tony: My recs
Drew: Welcome to the church of hot recommendations.
Rob: Mink,Almost Famous
Caleb: Racing Kites, Novella, Victory Lane, Bear Hug Jersey and someone please sign Harvey
Brandon A: Big D and the Kids Table, Catch-It Kebabs, and The Flatliners.
Steve: The Dear Hunter.
Ryan: Terminal and Saosin.
Nathan: The Hanks, Starflyer 59, Envy On The Coast, and going to the One Eleven Tour when it comes to your town.
Russ: Ever wanted to know what I REALLY listen to? Judge me...
Tony Pascarella on 09/30/06 - 10:48 PM
Check out the staff recommendations for this week:
Staff RecsJason: Saosin, Cobra Starship, The Steal.
Steve: The Meadows, Urgency, Name Taken, Copeland, and Saosin.
Russ: Four ducks and one goose, right here.
Gabe: David Bazan, Pedro the Lion and Headphones
Ryan: Cartel, You, Me, and Everyone We Know, new Adelphi songs.
Paul: The new Black Keys album. This bluesy rock album sounds like it was made forty years ago.
Greg: I recommend Godspeed You! Black Emperor and not waiting until the last moment to do your impossible math homework.
Brandon Allin: I've been on a Big D and the Kids Table kick lately. I also recommend listening to the new tracks from the Catch-It Kebabs.
Steve Henderson on 09/24/06 - 07:36 AM
Check out staff's picks for this week below.
Staff Recs - 9.17Jason Tate: My recommendations need their own thread. I picked only lesser known bands this week; so check them all out and discover something new.
Drew: Heavens - Patent Pending; Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal; and, of course, buy the new Fear Before The March Of Flames and New Found Glory albums this Tuesday.
Jon F: Daughters-Hell Songs, The #12 Looks Like You-Nuclear.Sad.Nuclear, Far-Less-Everyone Is Out To Get Us and Sparta-Threes.
Brandon Herbel: Hiller & IN:AVIATE.
Russ: Four live bodies and one cadaver, right here.
Steve: Dredg, As Tall As Lions, The Meadows, and Days Away.
Tony: City and Colour and John...
Drew Beringer on 09/17/06 - 12:12 AM
Check out the staff recs for this week:
Staff RecommendationsJason: Set Your Goals, Sum 41, John Mayer, Anadivine and Plus44.
Steve: I recommend Gomez and Oppenheimer.
Gabe: Hot Vegas and college football.
Tony: John Mayer and The Falcon
Paul: the new Rapture and TV On The Radio albums, both of which come out on Tuesday.
Drew: Fear Before The March Of Flames - The Always Open Mouth; This Providence, and buy John Mayer's Contiuum and Norma Jean's Redeemer on Tuesday.
Garett: Mew, The Decemberists, Sleeping At Last, Jeremy Enigk
Russ: Four on the floor and one in the grave, here.
Ryan: Jamison Parker.
Brandon H.: I have been listening to alot of Covette, Say Anything, and Back...
Steve Henderson on 09/09/06 - 11:01 PM
Check out the following staff recommendations for this week:
Staff RecommendationsJon F: You can check mine out right here.
Brandon A: I recommend listening to Big D and the Kids Table.
Gabe: Powerspace.
Russ: Four bands you probably already know and love and a blast from my past, here.
Ryan: Recs.
Scott: Check out the new album from Every New Day if you're into melodic metal.
Brandon H.: I have been listening to alot of Andrew Bird, Every Time I Die, and season 3 of Arrested Development.
Steve: I recommend revisiting Northstar's Pollyanna.
Greg: I'm busy packing to go off to school so I only have one rec: Girl Talk.
Jon Foucart on 09/03/06 - 04:43 AM
Hey everyone - check out the following staff recommendations for this week:
Staff RecommendationsJason: I'm going with a J theme: John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, and Jil Station.
Steve: I recommend Goodbye Tomorrow (Travis Bryant is amazing as ever), Saosin (look for my review Monday), and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm (I want to hang out with Larry David).
Tony: I recommend Rory. I'm really digging the new album.
Brandon A: I suggest listening to Bomb the Music Industry!, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, and Five Iron Frenzy.
Drew: The new Saosin, Senses Fail, and Justin Timberlake albums are all awesome.
Jon F: The new A Static Lullaby album is all that I've been listening to. Get stoked!
Steve Henderson on 08/26/06 - 10:36 PM
Check out the following staff recommendations for this week:
Staff RecomendationsSteve: Check out Ellison if you are into Copeland at all, and the new Saosin album is going to kick everyone's ass.
Tony: I have been listening to a lot of Rory, Much the Same, and The Transit War this week.
Katie: Anything Andrew McMahon.
Russ: Four bands still making music and one that is not, here.
Paul:: Fields, a great blend of folk and sort-of shoegaze. Listen to "Song For The Fields."
Ryan: The Black and White City and Evaline.
Scott: Texas is the Reason.
Gabe: Alexi Murdoch
Steve Henderson on 08/20/06 - 08:12 AM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below
Staff RecommendationsCaleb - Check mine out right hurr.
Katie - Our Lady Peace - Spiritual Machines.
Scott - Unearth, Owen.
Gabe - Jock Jams...I'm glad NFL preseason is here.
Paul - Almost anything with eggplant in it and My Bloody Valentine. No, MBV is not some post-post-pre-hardcore-screamy band.
Melissa: My iPod has been taken over by The Format, Gym Class Heroes, and Scenes from a Movie this week...Even if Tony is plotting against me.
Steve: I recommend Saosin...fucking awesome.
Russ: Four bands you may not know and one you should remember, right here.
Darren: One rec: World/Inferno Friendship Society - Red-Eyed Soul
Caleb Cattivera on 08/13/06 - 12:37 PM
Hope everyone had an awesome week. The staff recommendations can be found below.
Staff RecommendationsCaleb: Check out my shiznat right here.
Tony: Check out The Essex Green and Army of Freshmen this week.
Drew: Jawbreaker - Dear You; At The Drive-In - In Casino Out; Misery Signals - Mirrors; Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm. And vote for Cartel on TRL, for real, do it here.
Gabe: Further Seems Forever - "On Legendary" on repeat.
Brandon Allin: I recommend sitting back and listening to the smooth sounds of Go Jimmy Go.
Steve: Check out As Tall as Lions, Kaddisfly, and Monty are I.
Katie: Check out my tubular recommendations here!
Ryan: My Favorite Highway, Over It, and Rufio.
Russ: Four...
Caleb Cattivera on 07/29/06 - 11:24 PM
Hey everyone, check out the staff recommendations below:
Staff Recommendations 7/16/06Jason: I let Simpson do all my recs this week because I can't think of anything besides telling you to read my Over It review. She recommends: Boys Like Girls, Tysen, Treos, Holiday Parade, and Gym Class Heroes.
Steve: My recommendations can be read here.
Ryan: Adrastos, some old Finch, and Roses are Red.
Katie: Gym Class Heroes!! Since it's too hot to go outside, everyone should get their NES out and play Super Mario Bros. 3!
Russ: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and these.
Tony: Of Montreal, The Stills, and MxPx.
Gabe: Uh oh! I'm not going to church this morning!! Listen to Gym Class Heroes...
Steve Henderson on 07/16/06 - 07:14 AM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below (Click "Read More" to view all of them):
Staff RecommendationsJason: Scott's an idiot: GO FRANCE, GO ZIDANE!
Steve: I recommend everyone check out Sleeping at Last (album of the year so far), Amestory, and Some By Sea. Oh, and watch the World Cup final and root for France - Zidane deserves to win this.
Paul: Explosions In The Sky and Kerouac's The Dharma Bums.
Russ - For the lazy folk out there: Askeleton, Foreign Islands, Cordova, and Hella. If you want more of an explanation on these go here.
Greg - Deltron 3030 and The Early November are my picks today. Deltron is phenomenal and TEN has an album coming out on Tuesday. I also...
Steve Henderson on 07/09/06 - 08:21 AM
Here's to hoping you all have a fun, and safe Fourth of July. Read the staff recommendations below.

Caleb - Listen to The Graduate and go check out Racing Kites, they're on tour right now and their dates are on myspace. And while you're at it, listen to De Capulet.
Russ - My first recs. Today, I am an ap.net citizen. Additionally, I recommend the tv show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Steve - I highly recommend everyone check out the upcoming solo material from (Idlewild frontman) Roddy Woomble. That and the fantastic EP from All Time Low. I also recommend Russ not overwriting everyone else's recs.
Brandon H. - Let me try and do this for a 4th time now. I have been listening...
Caleb Cattivera on 07/02/06 - 10:18 AM
Check out the staff recommendations for the week below (click "read more" to view them all). Have a great week and leave your own recs in the replies!
Staff Recs: 6.25.06Jason: Joshua Radin, Rocky Votolato, Damien Rice, Kevin Devine. There's a trend here.
Steve: You can check out my recs here.
Melissa: Park, The Junior Varsity, and The Graduate. There's a trend in mine. Figure it out, win a cookie.
Paul: Peter and the Wolf, an amazing folk collective out of Austin, TX, currently touring with The Castanets.
Drew: Botch - We Are The Romans; The Bled - Pass The Flask; Ted Leo +The Pharmacists - Hearts Of Oak. There is no trend, just good music.
Caleb: All you need to know is that Race...
Steve Henderson on 06/24/06 - 11:46 PM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below (Click "Read more" to view all of them).
RecommendationsFrank: Lakes (formerly known as Eager Seas)
Jason Tate: The Academy Is, Days Away, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, Kane Hodder, Less Than Jake, Lifetime, Punchline, P!atD, and Paramore.
Melissa: PARK. The new record drops July 25th. Get excited for it.
Darren: Why not a little love for the recently released Trophy Scars record?
Ryan: Fiore, Blackpool Lights, and Brand New.
Greg: Check out Talib Kweli's Quality, Gift of Gab's 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up, and Dizzee Rascal's Showtime.
Katie: Big City Dreams, Patent Pending, The Sleeping
Steve: Sleeping...
Frank Giaramita on 06/17/06 - 11:48 PM
The staff recommendations for the week can be found below (Click "Read More" to view all of them)

Frank- I was told to recommend Blackheart Procession, so I am.
- Permanent Me, The City Drive, and Edison Glass.
Drew - The Sleeping.
Paul - I recommend n0 things (featuring two guys formerly in Liars, it's where all the rhythm went) and not getting fucked over by a girl.
Brandon H. - It definently has been far too long since I have been able to this. I have been listening to alot of Covette and Regina Spektor.
Scott - Thom Yorke, Ignite, Hot Water Music, and Dogwood.
Tony - I recommend Blackpool Lights, Pony Up, and seeing Andrew McMahon play "Punk Rock Princess" alone on piano in...
Frank Giaramita on 06/04/06 - 04:35 AM
Check out the staff recommendations for the week below (click "read more" to view them all). Have a great week and leave your own recs in the replies!

Staff Recs: 5.14.06Jason Tate: Happy Mother's Day Mom. I recommend Rise Against. I need to get away from a computer.
Garett: I recommend... (P.S. Jason Tate is a robot and/or legally insane, who does a four day interview?)
Drew B.: I love my mom.
Gabe: I love you Mama Gross.
Tony: I recommend the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album. That and buying Damiera's M(US)IC when it releases on Tuesday.
Caleb: Listen to Racing Kites, The Governators, and House Of Heroes
: You, Me, And Everyone We Know just made all of their songs available for...
Garett Press on 05/13/06 - 11:20 PM
You know how we do this. Check in as staff add their recs for this week and tell us what you're listening to in the replies or make a thread in the recommendations forum.
Staff Recommendations Jason Tate: The Format (my favorite album so far this year), Butch Walker (the quintessential summer album) and Sherwood (my pride and joy).
Gabe: This Providence, just what i needed this week.
Scott: Saves the Day, Forgive Durden, the new Fair record, and Sherwood's The Summer EP.
Darren: A little Josh Ritter never hurt anyone. "Good Man" is one of the best songs of the year so far.
Drew: Summer vacation!
Garett: Limbeck... 100% perfect for this warm weather
Ryan: Showoff
Greg: Just
Gabe Gross on 05/06/06 - 10:51 PM
Here are this week's staff recommendations. Stop watching the draft and check them out. Click "Read More" to see them all and then leave comments in the replies.
Staff RecsTony: I've got some sweet recs and Felicia (the_narrator) joining me this week makes our recs unbeatable.
Frank: I recommend Jeremy Larson
Scott: Forgive Durden - Wonderland. Review up very soon.
Caleb: De Capulet and House of Heroes
Paul: Kelley Polar. Listen to "Here In The Night" and "Tyurangalia". Good electro-pop.
Garett: Riverboat Gamblers
Tony Pascarella on 04/30/06 - 08:55 AM
Check out the staff recommendations for the week (click "Read More" to view all of them because there's a whole lot of good stuff this week) and leave comments in the replies.
Staff RecommendationsJason Tate - Getting myself in trouble with all of the labels desperately trying to sign them ... I recommend Scenes from a Movie. And to begin the hype I'll toss in My Favorite Highway and Underoath as well. For good measure: 812 Dirty Squad gets a shout out too.
Frank - I recommend Dropping Daylight.
Tony - I recommend Midrange. They're a totally rad pop-rock band from Dallas. Only 361 Myspace friends for such an awesome band? Let's show them the love, Absolutepunk.
Drew - Thursday, Thursday,...
Frank Giaramita on 04/22/06 - 10:48 PM
So here are the staff recommendations for this week. Check in regularly as AP staff add their favorites of this week. My guess is that Drew will recommend Moneen, Jason will recommend Morrissey, Jared will recommend Taking Back Sunday, Scott and Garett will recommend Gatsby's American Dream, Brandon will recommend The Stilleto Formal and Darren will recommend The Weakerthans, Tourmaline, and/or Propaghandi. Let's see.

Jason Tate: Fuck you Gabe, I recommend A Wilhelm Scream.
Gabe: As always...hot rex, hot sex.
Garett: Gabe is a tool, Cavil at Rest, Rx Bandits - "Only for the Night", Islands
Darren: Gabe is wrong. I recommend Murder By Death.
Paul: Today I have my recommendations...
Gabe Gross on 04/15/06 - 11:25 PM
Check out the Sunday Recommendations from each of our staff members below (click "Read More" to see them all). Have a great week!

Jason Tate: MxPx.
Garett: Recs with special guest Adam from Fueled By Ramen.
Drew: Brewers are 5-0.
Tony: I recommend Red Panda (featuring J, Tran from Home Grown) and Sidecho Records' Some By Sea. Check them and love them and they'll love you back.
Gabe: Hot rex, hot sex.
Rohan: This week, Shaant of Cute Is What We Aim For joined me for some sexy, sexy recs.
Ryan: I think we gotta get out.
Brandon H.: Kind Of Like Spitting
Darren: Better late than never.
Garett Press on 04/08/06 - 09:30 PM
Staff recommendations (Click "Read more" to view all of them):

Frank- I recommend setting your clock forward tonight or you'll be really confused for the next 6 months.
Ryan- Here are my recs for this week.
Greg - I recommend Liam and Me and Tokyo Rose.
Paul - The Olivia Tremor Control. They were in the same collective as Neutral Milk Hotel and Apples In Stereo; they sound like late-Beatles to me.
Rohan - This week I had Martin from Boys Like Girls join me for some finger-lickin good recommendations.
Greg D - My recs are here.
Jon F - My recs can be found here.
Frank Giaramita on 04/02/06 - 03:20 AM
Caleb: I had Jeff from The Early November join me this week. Check ours out here.
Tony: I had myself and I join me this week. Check out our four recs this week.
Gabe: Drinking beers with good friends. and MxPx.
Paul: Man Man. I know Greg just reviewed them today, but you should also go to their MySpace page and listen to "Van Helsing Boombox". I've had this song on repeat for so long.
Greg: Check them out here. They're especially steamy and sexy this week. And play lots of minesweeper.
Ryan: Here are my recs for this week.
Jonathan: Let Go, Keane, Mute Math, Sufjan Stevens and Hawk Nelson
Caleb Cattivera on 03/26/06 - 12:20 AM

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