The dates for Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends tour with Bayside can be seen in the replies.

Edit: We've updated the replies with the openers as well - there are quite a few. Man Overboard, Mansions, Gabriel The Marine, Transit and The Menzingers are all offering support on certain parts of the tour. There is one date where this tour combines with the Motion City Soundtrack / Jukebox The Ghost / Now, Now tour as well. - TN
Thomas Nassiff on 08/06/12 - 06:46 AM
Jump to the replies to watch Taking Back Sunday's Warped Tour set from Milwaukee, WI featuring all of the special guests announced a few days ago.

Submitted by kidinthebushes
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/04/12 - 09:30 AM
It appears Dan O'Connor of Four Year Strong, Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, and Geoff Rickly of Thursday will be filling in singing parts for John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday while he is home getting ready for his baby to be born.

Submitted by thirtyfourdays
Jason Tate on 08/01/12 - 11:13 AM
I'd walk the line for longer but don't know where it leads.
Staff Reviews Pan - These Are Things I Love And I Want To Share Them With You (Gregory Robson)
Marcy Playground - Lunch Recess and Detention (Gregory Robson)
Staff InterviewsA Loss for Words (Jason Gardner)
Taking Back Sunday (Jason Gardner)
As I Lay Dying (Jason Gardner)
Jason Gardner on 08/01/12 - 06:11 AM
Bayside will open for Taking Back Sunday for their 10 year anniversary tour for Tell All Your Friends.

Submitted by Jay Evan
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/28/12 - 06:00 PM
Taking Back Sunday's Where You Want To Be came out 8 years ago today on Victory Records. Please feel free to discuss what the record means to you in the replies. It's a staple for many of us around here.
Ryan Gardner on 07/27/12 - 09:49 AM
Adam from Taking Back Sunday is thinking of releasing a solo album.
From the ArticleLately, Lazzara has been thinking about doing a solo album. If anything, that's where the "emo" and "pop-punk" tags concern him the most. He doesn't listen to much music that would be considered emo or pop-punk anymore, he says. Nowadays, Lazzara likes the rootsy alternative country of fellow North Carolinian Ryan Adams. And he recently checked out the Of Montreal show at the Neighborhood Theatre. "I'm worried that whenever I get my shit together and actually make my album, it'll get dismissed," he says. "I'm afraid people will say, 'Oh, it's just that emo guy.' That's not exactly who I am, and I...
Jason Tate on 07/26/12 - 10:56 AM
Mark O'Connell (Taking Back Sunday) and his wife are expecting their first child.

Submitted by BigBumpin
Jason Tate on 07/03/12 - 09:32 AM
Check out a day-in-the-life photo feature with Taking Back Sunday while they're on Warped Tour here. The photo captions were written by Adam Lazzara.
Thomas Nassiff on 06/27/12 - 01:13 PM
FUSE will be streaming some Warped Tour sets tonight beginning at 7:40 EST. The schedule is below, and you should be able to watch it in the replies when it goes live...but if streams don't work when embedded, the link is here.
Tonight's set times (all times Eastern US)7:40PM We the Kings
8:15PM The Used
8:50PM Yellowcard
9:25PM All Time Low
10:00PM Taking Back Sunday
10:35PM Breathe Carolina
11:10PM New Found Glory
Thomas Nassiff on 06/24/12 - 02:26 PM
There's a video interview in the replies with Taking Back Sunday where the band confirms they will be doing a 10-year anniversary tour for Tell All Your Friends.
Thomas Nassiff on 06/24/12 - 10:08 AM
Days after kicking off Warped Tour, Taking Back Sunday's Mark O'Connell and Shaun Cooper catch up with PureVolume. Can you guess what O'Connell says is "the only reason that this band is still together"? Check out the whole Q&A at PureVolume.
Jay Nainav on 06/20/12 - 10:11 AM
Fuse.tv will be streaming Warped Tour sets this Sunday, June 24, from Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday and We The Kings.

Submitted by mr_raccoon
Thomas Nassiff on 06/20/12 - 08:02 AM
Shaun from Taking Back Sunday has posted a blog that addresses, in part, the video that was making the rounds yesterday of the "altercation" in Glasgow.
From the BlogToday a video from our recent show in Glasgow surfaced where Adam had what could loosely be called an ďaltercationĒ while out in the crowd. Usually we refrain from discussing stupid things and taking the higher road, well to hell with that. The incident was brief, all parties unharmed, though I donít condone any of the weirdness seen in the clip. What I also canít condone is the rampant shit talking and wild speculation going on over at absolutepunk.net. Hereís a little insight on the last few months of our lives,...
Jason Tate on 06/07/12 - 11:55 AM
Mics are for singing, not whacking dudes in the face? Check the replies for a video of Adam from Taking Back Sunday getting into it with a guy at the Glasgow, Scotland show.

Submitted by Fame
Jason Tate on 06/06/12 - 11:03 AM
In an interview with Christopher of Mansions, he states that the split with John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday will have more news soon and both songs for the split are done.
In This InterviewI donít want to say too much, but I think thereís going to be news on that soon. He did his song a couple months ago, and then it was waiting on me to finish mine, and we recorded ours at the beginning of April, and Iím finishing up the mix right now. You should be hearing about that soon.
Christian Wagner on 05/29/12 - 09:17 AM
Taking Back Sunday is working with legendary Long Island producer Mike Sapone. Sapone worked with the band on Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want To Be and his credits include Brand New, Envy On the Coast, Straylight Run and most recently, Daytrader.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/10/12 - 09:06 AM
Taking Back Sunday are recording new demos.

Submitted by thirtyfourdays
Jason Tate on 05/08/12 - 09:09 AM
Just waking up? Well for your information, Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends was released 10 years ago today on Victory Records. If you want, hit the replies and talk a bit about what the album means to you or how you grew up with it. I know for a lot of readers here, it's still a go-to album quite a bit of the time.
Thomas Nassiff on 03/26/12 - 08:05 AM
Taking Back Sunday will be releasing a live acoustic 12Ē vinyl for Record Store Day. More information can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 03/22/12 - 10:54 AM
Taking Back Sunday's official video for This Is All Now -- is in the replies. In other breaking TBS news, John Nolan doesn't like The Hunger Games.

Submitted by Mikey Switz
Jason Tate on 03/21/12 - 12:13 PM
All Time Low, Miss May I, New Found Glory, The Used, and Taking Back Sunday have all been announced for the two main stages at Warped Tour.
Jason Tate on 03/21/12 - 10:02 AM
The story about Adam from Taking Back Sunday getting effed up by a tree hit TMZ. A rep for the band told them "Adam was at a recording studio in rural Michigan Saturday ... and he decided to step outside for a cigarette. It was real windy, and we're told a tree collapsed on the singer out of nowhere, trapping him underneath. The rest of the band ran outside when they heard his calls for help -- but couldn't lift the tree off him ... so they called 911, and the local fire department came and sawed the tree to pieces."

Submitted by providence36
Jason Tate on 03/05/12 - 12:09 PM
It appears that Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazarra injured his foot and spent the night in the hospital after an incident involving a tree. We'll keep you updated, but in the mean time we wish him a quick recovery. Warning: some of the images contain blood.
Alex DiVincenzo on 03/03/12 - 11:48 AM
Taking Back Sunday plan to start tracking their new album in early 2013, and possibly recording a live show for a release.

Submitted by Mr.Kilgannon
Jason Tate on 02/23/12 - 10:33 AM
Taking Back Sunday are teasing their concert in Manilla, Philippines.

Submitted by jericks2
Jason Tate on 02/22/12 - 10:52 AM
The first line-up announcement for the UK's two-date Slam Dunk Festival has been made. Headliners Taking Back Sunday will be joined by Every Time I Die, Architects and more. Details of dates and a full list of bands can be seen in the replies.
Andy Biddulph on 02/15/12 - 02:22 AM
We've heard from a reputable source that Taking Back Sunday will be playing the main stage of Warped Tour this year. Of course, line-ups change and shift - so until official confirmation, please take this as a rumor.
Jason Tate on 02/07/12 - 09:59 AM
Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends is back, in its 5th pressing, on vinyl. 199 Tan and 349 Solid Red were pressed.

Submitted by Hagysaurus Rex
Jason Tate on 02/06/12 - 04:41 PM
Taking Back Sunday have already demoed five new songs. They hope to hit the studio by the end of the year.
Jason Tate on 01/19/12 - 09:08 AM
Congratulations to John Nolan and his wife Camille who have a baby on the way.
Jason Tate on 01/12/12 - 08:44 PM
New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday and This Time Next Year will briefly tour Australia together. Dates are in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/11/12 - 05:28 PM
It appears Taking Back Sunday is already writing a new album.

Submitted by Sean.Murphy
Jason Tate on 11/14/11 - 01:23 PM
Taking Back Sunday's music video for "You Got Me" can be seen in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/07/11 - 10:05 AM
Head to the replies to see a 7 year old drummer named Briggs soundcheck with Taking Back Sunday.

Submitted by spokethewords
Sean Rizzo on 08/27/11 - 01:54 PM
Listen here to a lighthearted Taking Back Sunday interview where the band discusses embarrassing tattoos, possibility of a third holiday song, and more.
Christian Wagner on 08/21/11 - 09:50 PM
Taking Back Sunday will be touring the U.S. from October 1 to November 3 with The Maine and Bad Rabbits. Dates are expected soon.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/10/11 - 08:10 AM
You can check out Taking Back Sunday perform Kanye West's "Cant Tell Me Nothing" for Billboard, here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/08/11 - 09:40 AM
The beginning of July was quite a month. In the span of the first week, I had seen one of my favorite bands perform for the last time (an article I'm still killing myself over in producing some sort of justice, but will hopefully surface next week). Then I caught two more bands that were ten years back down the road from which I have traveled. Next month I'll be 25, and I think the next five years will be a good time to reflect on the music that mattered and nourished my senses in my late teens and early "adulthood" - or that span of awkward life we all have or will live. You can read my thoughts on the Taking Back Sunday/Thursday tour here.

For the users my age, I ask you this: What...
Adam Pfleider on 07/28/11 - 01:04 PM
Today we are excited to debut a brand spanking new Nervous Energies session from Taking Back Sunday. Head to the replies to check out the video of Adam Lazarra and John Nolan playing a cover of "Yer So Bad" by Tom Petty.
Thomas Nassiff on 07/27/11 - 09:25 AM
Head to the replies to check out Taking Back Sunday performing "Faith (When I Let You Down)" and "Sad Savior" for Nervous Energies. There is one more video in the series, a cover of Tom Petty's "Yer So Bad," that we will be exclusively premiering right here on AP.net on Wednesday.
Thomas Nassiff on 07/25/11 - 09:17 AM
The New Regime will be supporting Taking Back Sunday on their UK dates this summer. The New Regime is currently on tour with Taking Back Sunday/Thursday/The Colour Revolt in the US and will be supporting AWOLNATION on their west coast US dates in August. UK Dates in the replies.
Paul Tao on 07/19/11 - 05:11 PM
Mansions will release two new splits later this year with Fences and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday.
Matthew Tsai on 07/06/11 - 10:09 PM
Check out Taking Back Sunday's video premiere for "Faith (When I Let You Down)" here.
Drew Beringer on 07/06/11 - 09:42 PM
Head to the replies to watch Taking Back Sunday perform an acoustic cover of Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing."
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/06/11 - 03:16 PM
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