Read a new Taking Back Sunday article/interview in Spin.

Submitted by aoftbsten
Blake Solomon on 10/29/10 - 02:36 PM
Head to the replies to watch a studio update from Taking Back Sunday.

Submitted by multiple users
Matthew Tsai on 10/14/10 - 07:09 PM
Watch Adam Lazzara join Anberlin on stage during "Pray Tell" in the replies.

Submitted by DandonTRJ
Matthew Tsai on 10/09/10 - 09:27 PM
Matthew Tsai on 10/02/10 - 02:34 PM
Watch Taking Back Sunday's performance on Yo Gabba Gabba in the replies.

Submitted by Drow Swordsman
Jonathan Bautts on 09/23/10 - 01:18 AM
Today is Adam Lazzara's (Taking Back Sunday) 29th birthday.

Submitted by TCat71
Blake Solomon on 09/22/10 - 05:56 AM
Taking Back Sunday's Live From Orensanz is streaming on myspace.

Submitted by SeanBNS
Matthew Tsai on 08/14/10 - 09:42 AM
The last preview for Taking Back Sunday's live DVD, "My Blue Heaven," can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by Macbeth.
Blake Solomon on 08/13/10 - 08:56 AM
Taking Back Sunday playing "Carpathia" from their upcoming CD/DVD Live From Orensanz can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by ThisMusic193
Deborah Remus on 08/09/10 - 05:06 PM
Taking Back Sunday posted their live/acoustic version of "MakeDamnSure" on myspace.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/08/10 - 11:54 AM
Taking Back Sunday playing "Set Phasers To Stun" from their upcoming CD/DVD Live From Orensanz can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by ThisMusic193
Deborah Remus on 08/06/10 - 05:09 PM
A brief interview with John Nolan can be seen here.
QuoteI certainly wouldn't say that it's all been my song writing with a different name. I would say it's always been a combination of my song writing mixed with someone else's song writing or at least my song writing being influenced by the people I'm working with.
Adam Pfleider on 08/04/10 - 11:19 AM
According to their official twitter, Taking Back Sunday begin recording in a few weeks and are hoping for a Spring 2011 release.

Submitted by Rysker6
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/02/10 - 09:28 PM
If you missed out getting any Taking Back Sunday merch at their shows in June, you can now purchase it in their webstore.
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/28/10 - 11:11 AM
A first look at Taking Back Sunday's "Everything Must Go" from the live CD/DVD Live From The Orensanz can be seen at macbeth.
Rohan Kohli on 07/27/10 - 02:01 PM
The Taking Back Sunday live album is now up for preorder.

Submitted by imposs1ble
Blake Solomon on 07/15/10 - 08:15 AM
Taking Back Sunday will release a live acoustic CD/DVD entitled Live From Orensanz on August 17th via Warner Bros. The artwork and tracklisting can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/12/10 - 09:39 AM
Taking Back Sunday will be releasing a CD/DVD of two acoustic shows that were taped in December '09. More info can be seen on their site.
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/09/10 - 12:13 PM
Check out this interview with Matt Fazzi (ex-Taking Back Sunday and ex-Facing New York) where he discuses how he didn't even know he was out of TBS until everyone else did.
QuoteWell, I kind of found out when everyone else did. They had given me a call saying that they were letting me go. And then I posted my little goodbye to the fans on TakingBackSunday.com. In like literally the first minute or two minutes they had posted a new band picture.
Keagan Ilvonen on 07/01/10 - 04:46 PM
Head to the replies to see Taking Back Sunday playing one old/new song and a completely new song.
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/23/10 - 10:52 AM
A few of you are probably wondering what songs the newly reformed Taking Back Sunday will be playing on their upcoming tour. Head to the replies to see what they played tonight in New Jersey.

Submitted by lazzarat
Blake Solomon on 06/22/10 - 08:59 PM
Head to the replies to see John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday doing some sweet kicks. Oh, and to hear another new song clip.
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/20/10 - 09:51 PM
Taking Back Sunday will be debuting new songs at their upcoming shows.

Submitted by TheProsAndCons
Blake Solomon on 06/14/10 - 12:51 PM
Head to the replies to see yet another Taking Back Sunday video.
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/05/10 - 01:41 AM
Taking Back Sunday will be giving away a pair of vip tickets for their mini-tour if they reach 21,000 followers on their twitter.

Submitted by A Pilgrim
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/02/10 - 08:05 PM
Mike Dirnt of Green Day, Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday, and Taking Back Sunday's Macbeth collaboration shoes are now available for pre-order.
Paul Tao on 06/02/10 - 01:27 PM
Taking Back Sunday have announced two more openers for their upcoming tour. Rufio is opening the show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles and Gabriel The Marine is opening at the Metro in Chicago.

Submitted by Avalanche1
Blake Solomon on 05/27/10 - 11:25 AM
Person L will be opening for Taking Back Sunday on their East Coast shows.
Drew Beringer on 05/21/10 - 01:40 PM
Do you think Taking Back Sunday's Where You Want To Be is a sophomore slump or comeback of the year? We've pitted two staff members against each other to debate its merits on whether it will live on as a worthy successor or fall into the dreaded sophomore slump category. Read the justification for each in the replies and feel free to post your own thoughts.
Drew Beringer on 05/20/10 - 12:10 AM
Head to the replies to find out when you can see Taking Back Sunday. Oh yeah, there is a new clip too. Get excited folks.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/04/10 - 12:05 AM
John Nolan has created a formspring.

Submitted by assasiNATE
Blake Solomon on 04/29/10 - 09:46 PM
Adam Lazzara admits that New Again was a step backwards for the band.

Submitted by Rysker6
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/28/10 - 06:21 PM
Taking Back Sunday is having a clearance sale in their online store.

Submitted by Imperfektion
Blake Solomon on 04/28/10 - 07:34 AM
Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday has answered a bunch of fan questions on formspring.
Blake Solomon on 04/26/10 - 09:18 PM
Macbeth and Taking Back Sunday will be releasing shoes together this fall. Head to the replies for images.
Rohan Kohli on 04/21/10 - 12:14 PM
Head to the replies to watch an oddly familiar video.
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/12/10 - 05:50 PM
You can read Adam Lazzara's first post-new again Taking Back Sunday announcement interview here.
From the InterviewEverything has been in the spirit of why we wanted to start a band in the first place and, like, why we made music together at all. It's keeping that in mind. It was in no way, "Let's go get paid." It was, "This is what I love to do and I know you love doing it, too. Together, the combination of the five of us--I really believe in what that combination can do. So let's play some music." I kind of want to let people think what they want. Who cares what people say? I wanna be happy. I want to be happy doing what I'm doing and proud of it. If doing this is going to...
Anton Djamoos on 04/12/10 - 01:59 PM
Taking Back Sunday have begun recording their fifth album. A press release can be seen in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/12/10 - 08:35 AM
The new/old Taking Back Sunday seem to have started demoing.

Submitted by foodforthought
Blake Solomon on 04/07/10 - 07:53 AM
Adam Pfleider on 04/01/10 - 09:58 AM
Go tell all your friends because it might just be.

Edit: Is that what you call tact, Nolan?
Lueda Alia on 03/29/10 - 01:07 PM
Adam Lazzara says to expect a new Taking Back Sunday album soon.

Submitted by ChaplainTappman
Blake Solomon on 03/25/10 - 07:37 AM
Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends is being rereleased on vinyl through Victory Records on March 16th. You can preorder it here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/22/10 - 04:12 PM
Shaun Cooper (Straylight Run) has written a personal thank you note to the bands he has worked with and announced his retirement from the touring life.
Anton Djamoos on 02/16/10 - 06:12 PM
Taking Back Sunday have posted a B-side from New Again titled "Winter Passing" in their webstore.

Submitted by Yellowcard2006
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/12/10 - 07:10 PM
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