AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer has started an apparel company, Mastadon Label, focused on donating to various animal support and care organizations. The line debuts this weekend at Bamboozle, and to celebrate, the first two AP.net members to come up to the booth each day and mention this news post will get a limited edition canvas poster.
Julia Conny on 04/30/09 - 07:21 PM
The Dangerous Summer's Reach For the Sun is streaming in its entirety on purevolume. Prolific reviewer Blake Solomon enjoys it, do you?
Anton Djamoos on 04/30/09 - 09:24 AM
Blake Solomon on 04/24/09 - 12:32 AM
The Dangerous Summer have posted a new video update of their current tour with Sparks The Rescue and This Time Next Year. Video can be seen in the replies. The Dangerous Summer's full length album, Reach For The Sun, will release in stores on May 5th and you can pre-order it here.
Jamie Pham on 04/10/09 - 05:08 PM
This Time Next Year tour dates with The Dangerous Summer and The Swellers can be found in the replies.
Mike Kraft on 04/01/09 - 12:30 PM
The Dangerous Summer will be chatting on the Bamboozle chat room tonight, March 24th, at 7PM EST.
Rohan Kohli on 03/24/09 - 07:24 AM
The Dangerous Summer have posted a sampler of their new album on myspace.

Submitted by GemmaLovesNever
Joe DeAndrea on 03/16/09 - 08:53 PM
The Dangerous Summer will be shooting a music video for the song "Where I Want To Be".

Submitted by ManicanParty49
Mike Kraft on 03/16/09 - 11:33 AM
The Dangerous Summer's cover art for Reach for the Sun can be seen in the replies.
Joe DeAndrea on 03/13/09 - 07:17 PM
Mike Kraft on 03/05/09 - 08:40 AM
The Dangerous Summer has announced dates for their spring tour with Sparks the Rescue. Racing Kites and This Time Next Year will also be on different legs of this tour.

Submitted by cory-182
Mike Kraft on 03/04/09 - 08:33 AM
The Dangerous Summer have posted a new song on their Myspace. You can view lyrics, and a short note explaining the song in their blog.

Submitted by aj perdomo
Mike Kraft on 03/04/09 - 08:22 AM
The Dangerous Summer, Racing Kites, and Mychildren Mybride have been added to Bamboozle Left.
Rohan Kohli on 02/05/09 - 03:14 PM
The Dangerous Summer can be seen on the Glamour Kills Clothing Media Page playing a few songs, including a new song titled "Where I Want To Be."

Submitted by squackkills
Rohan Kohli on 01/28/09 - 02:39 PM
School Boy Humor, The Dangerous Summer and Select Start are touring together. Dates are listed in the replies.
Julia Conny on 01/10/09 - 12:11 AM
The Dangerous Summer have officially finished recording their new full-length with Paul Leavitt.
Julia Conny on 01/04/09 - 10:54 PM
Go follow The Dangerous Summer on Twitter.

Submitted by youenvydoug
Jamie Pham on 12/11/08 - 10:06 PM
The Dangerous Summer has started recording their new album with Paul Leavitt, due out this spring on Hopeless Records. The band has set up a live webcam so you can watch their progress every day.
Rohan Kohli on 12/08/08 - 10:25 AM
The Dangerous Summer has launched a new merch store. The band also has a major announcement coming soon.
Julia Conny on 10/25/08 - 10:43 AM
AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer will soon be launching a new clothing label and is in need of a professional videographer/photographer. If you are available in the Mid-Atlantic region and are interested in helping with this new venture, please email mlabelbooking@gmail.com.
Julia Conny on 07/30/08 - 08:43 PM
Cody from The Dangerous Summer has launched Lighthouse Merch, a company he formed to provide affordable merchandise for bands. Recent clients include The Friday Night Boys, Thieves and Villains, and The July Week.
Rohan Kohli on 07/22/08 - 01:46 PM
The Dangerous! Summer covered Bl!nk-182's "Feeling This" at their second show back. Check out the video in the replies.

Submitted by aj perdomo
Joe DeAndrea on 04/01/08 - 08:39 PM
The Dangerous Summer will be playing a couple shows at the end of the month.
Shows3/28 - Fireman's Hall (North Caldwell, NJ) more info here
3/29 - St John's Hamilton (Baltimore, MD) more info here
Rohan Kohli on 03/12/08 - 03:23 PM
North Col (ex-Thin Dark Line) have announced that their next show (and last show until summer) will be with The Dangerous Summer. More info is available on their myspace.
Anton Djamoos on 03/10/08 - 10:24 AM
The Dangerous Summer will be going into the studio next week to record new music with producer Paul Leavitt.

Submitted by doomcrs04
Joe DeAndrea on 03/04/08 - 02:37 PM
The Dangerous Summer won't be getting back together because they never actually broke up.
Message From The Band Hey everyone, I am writing this to clear up any confusion that you might have about the band. We are not "getting back together" or "reuniting", technically we never really broke up... just kind of went on a break. AJ and Tyler both are going back to school this semester, Etay has been hard at work on his solo project People In Cars and is finishing his album now, so please don't start assuming were going to be doing a full length or a big tour soon. Right now we are just taking things slow and living our lives. We have some show offers that we might take up, so keep checking...
Joe DeAndrea on 01/28/08 - 01:35 PM
The Dangerous Summer have gotten back together.
Message From The BandJust wanted to let you all know we are alive and well. All of the items in our merch store have free shipping, so check that out here. Also, we might have some surprises for you soon, keep checking back.

Submitted by ManicanParty49
Joe DeAndrea on 01/21/08 - 09:23 PM
Looks like The Dangerous Summer has officially called it quits. Watch a video blog from vocalist AJ Perdomo explaining the situation of the band.
Julia Conny on 12/13/07 - 12:41 AM
That Was Something has announced that special guests, AJ Perdomo (of The Dangerous Summer), Ben Liebsch (of You, Me, And Everyone We Know) and Katie Kolos (of Rosematter) will be contributing guest vocals to their upcoming record, BEARS! They also have just finished the album artwork which can be seen in the replies. The record is due out in February of 2008.
Nathan Lint on 11/19/07 - 12:15 PM
Bryan Czap, former guitarist of The Dangerous Summer, has started a new band called The Obvious Machine.
Julia Conny on 10/01/07 - 11:08 PM
Update: The Dangerous Summer's manager has asked this post be removed. No confirmation or denial has been given of the previous content at this time. More information as it comes in ...
Brandon Allin on 09/29/07 - 11:43 AM
The Dangerous Summer have cancelled the remainder of their upcoming tour dates. The act are expected to release a statement regarding the retractions shortly. The outfit released their latest effort, If You Could Only Keep Me Alive, earlier this year courtesy of Hopeless Records.

Submitted by stephanieboyden
Brandon Allin on 09/28/07 - 11:06 PM
The Dangerous Summer have welcomed Etay Pisano (Aberdien) to their ranks, in replacement of former guitarist Bryan Czap. Pisano is scheduled to perform with the group on all of their upcoming tour dates.
Brandon Allin on 09/12/07 - 02:59 PM
The Dangerous Summer will be doing a stint with The Spotlight from October 5th to October 20th. No venues have been announced, but the confirmed dates can be seen in the replies.
Joe DeAndrea on 08/16/07 - 02:25 PM
You can stream The Dangerous Summer's EP, If You Could Only Keep Me Alive, in its entirety on Fuse.

Submitted by Quamasterflex
Jared Kaufman on 08/14/07 - 10:44 AM
Pre-order The Dangerous Summer's new EP If You Could Only Keep Me Alive here.
Joe DeAndrea on 08/02/07 - 08:28 AM
We're going to be posting a total of six ABSOLUTExclusive tracks from The Dangerous Summer's new If You Could Only Keep Me Alive EP. Today you can stream the first two tracks on the band's AP Profile and each week hereafter we will add two more songs.
Garett Press on 07/31/07 - 11:46 AM
The remaining dates of the "Pros And Cons Tour" featuring The Dangerous Summer and Holiday Parade can be seen in the replies.
Joe DeAndrea on 07/28/07 - 10:51 AM
The Dangerous Summer have added "Disconnect" to their myspace.
Joe DeAndrea on 07/18/07 - 01:21 PM
Holiday Parade will be hitting the road with The Dangerous Summer and The Years Gone By on select dates; check below for details.
Tour DatesJul 17 - Berkeley Cafe - Raleigh, North Carolina
Jul 18 - Lucky's Pub (No Holiday Parade)- Wilmington, North Carolina
Jul 19 - The Map Room - Charleston, South Carolina
Jul 20 - Ray's Downtown (No Dangerous Summer) - West Palm Beach, Florida
Jul 22 - The Talent Farm (No Dangerous Summer) - Pembroke Pines, Florida
Jul 23 - The Orpheum (No Dangerous Summer) - Tampa, Florida
Jul 25 - The Beta Bar (No Dangerous Summer) - Tallahassee, Florida
Jul 26 - The Darkroom - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jul 27- Fallout (No Years Gone By) - Baytown, Texas -
Jared Kaufman on 07/12/07 - 10:58 AM
The high-resolution artwork for The Dangerous Summer's If You Could Only Keep Me Alive can be found in the AP gallery.
Anton Djamoos on 07/10/07 - 01:06 PM
The Dangerous Summer's new EP If Only You Could Keep Me Alive is set for release August 21st.

Track Listing
01. I Would Say
02. The Permanent Rain
03. Here We Are After Dark
04. Wake Up
05. Home
06. Disconnect
07. Of Confidence
Joe DeAndrea on 07/10/07 - 11:18 AM
The Dangerous Summer will be going out on tour with 1997 and Between The Trees from August 21st to September 10th. No venues have been confirmed as of now, but dates can be seen in the replies.
Joe DeAndrea on 07/04/07 - 03:40 PM
The Dangerous Summer will be release an new EP entitled If Only You Could Keep Me Alive August 21st on Hopeless Records. They will be having a CD release show on August 19th at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD with The Spotlight, Gatsby Gets The Green Light, and The Track Record. All who attend will receive a free copy of the EP through the door. For more information go to the band's myspace.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/27/07 - 02:07 PM
The Dangerous Summer will be going on with The Morning Light all this week, as well going on tour in July with The Years Gone By and Holiday Parade. Dates can be seen in the replies, and more information can be seen at their myspace.
Joe DeAndrea on 06/20/07 - 01:31 PM
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