A Loss For Words, The Wonder Years, and Energy will tour the U.S. together this fall. The schedule so far can be seen below.
Tour Dates9/22 Albany, NY @ Bogies
9/23 Amityville, NY @ Broadway
9/24 Binghamton, NY @ American Legion 80
9/25 Erie, PA @ TBA
9/26 Cleveland, OH @ TBA
9/27 Cincinatti, OH @ Warsaw Arena
9/28 Whitesburg, KY @ Whitesburg Shriners Building
9/29 Indianapolis, IN @ TBA
9/30 Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep Cafe
10/1 Springfield, MO @ Billiards Blue Room
10/2 Mission, KS @ Mission Lounge
10/3 Claremore, OK @ TBA
10/4 Abilene, TX @ Rose Park Activity Building
10/5 McAllen, TX @ Nikki Rowe
10/6 San Antonio, TX @ Rock Bottom
10/7 El Paso, TX @ TBA
10/8 Albquerque, NM @ TBA
Anton Djamoos on 08/04/09 - 06:00 PM
I guess that I'm a hypochondriac, 'cause I'm always sick, or at least I think I am.
ReviewsDan Campbell - Paper Boats, or Some Poems I Wrote [Book] (Alex DiVincenzo)
The Moog - Razzmatazz Orfeum (Gregory Robson)
Lannen Fall - The World Can Wait (Gregory Robson)
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/16/09 - 08:52 AM
The Wonder Years have signed with Run For Cover Records to release the vinyl version of their upcoming album, while No Sleep Records will put out the CD. The band starts their European tour today.
Alex DiVincenzo on 07/09/09 - 09:06 AM
Edit: Apparently it was just a glitch, as their original page is back up and running. Go add them there if you haven't already.

The Wonder Years
' Myspace page was hacked and deleted. Be sure to (re-)add the band here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/27/09 - 03:43 PM
The Wonder Years and I Call Fives have announced the "Spring Break '97 Tour". Dates are listed in the replies.

Submitted by untitled94
Mike Kraft on 06/05/09 - 06:45 AM
Paper Boats, or Some Poems I Wrote, a 28-page collection of poetry and short stories by The Wonder Years frontman Dan "Soupy" Campbell, can be pre-ordered here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/26/09 - 12:33 PM
According to their new blog, The Wonder Years have written eight songs for their new full length.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/13/09 - 04:53 PM
The Wonder Years and Man Overboard show at the Severna Park Community Center in Severna Park, Maryland has been moved to a house in Catonsville, Maryland due to the Severna Park Police Department deeming the guns in Man Overboard's logo as a "terrorist threat". For anyone who might be attending, the new location is in the replies.
Nathan Lint on 03/13/09 - 01:52 PM
No Sleep Records is putting out the new Distances split from The Wonder Years and All Or Nothing tomorrow, but you can stream the entire EP now as a preview. Nothing to get you amped for Spring like solid, rousing pop-punk tunes.
Garett Press on 03/09/09 - 09:40 AM
Blake Solomon on 02/25/09 - 07:44 AM
The Wonder Years have decided against playing this year's Bamboozle for a number of reasons, one below.
From the BlogIt goes against pretty much everything I've tried to adhere to since being in this band. I was willing to sell out some of my ideals to play with The Get Up Kids and that's stupid. No show should be $54 dollars for one day. I mean, even Warped Tour is only like 35 and, I understand why it's so much, but, for me at least, I'd rather drop $10 to see 6 bands I like play normal sets at one show than drop $54 to see maybe 10-15 bands I like play short sets and sit through 40 bands I fucking hate.
Anton Djamoos on 02/19/09 - 09:46 AM
You can now pre-order The Wonder Years and All Or Nothing's split called Distances from No Sleep Records.
Nathan Lint on 02/02/09 - 11:31 AM
Soupy of The Wonder Years wrote a blog about the "Crunkcore Wave".
Nathan Lint on 01/28/09 - 05:52 PM
This holiday ABSOLUTExclusive is not one or two tracks, but TEN! No Sleep Records had their family and friends record a variety of holiday tunes and you can download all of them, for free, right here. The compilation includes bands like La Dispute, The Wonder Years, and Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer.
Garett Press on 12/17/08 - 11:28 AM
Ever wonder (pun!) how expensive touring in a van can be? Check out The Wonder Years' documentary "Broke as Fuck" in the replies to discover the expensive reality.

Submitted by altemose09
Adrian Villagomez on 10/23/08 - 08:07 PM
The Wonder Years are auctioning off a limited edition test press of their latest EP Won't Be Pathetic Forever. You can bid on the item here. All proceeds go to the Syrentha Savio Endowment fund, an organization started to help women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Blake Solomon on 10/20/08 - 11:24 PM
The Wonder Years is selling a limited edition t-shirt for the Heifer Foundation. The quantity is limited to fifty. Go to their myspace for more information.
Nathan Lint on 10/09/08 - 04:51 PM
The Wonder Years have started writing for a new album.
From the BlogToday, Matt, Casey and I started working on some new songs. I've had a lot of ideas floating around in my head and it was good to get them down on something even if it's just temporary. The songs are really turning out to be something I'm proud of already but they won't be done until Mikey, Josh and Kennedy can get their hands on them-- not just because it needs keys, bass and drums but because when we rework songs as a full band, some of the coolest little changes to the songs happen. That to me is what makes a good song. A ton of dudes can write decent melodies. It's the tiny parts that make it something cool.
Joe DeAndrea on 09/15/08 - 09:25 AM
The Wonder Years have checked in to let us know that they are starting their own facial hair trend: the mustache. Pics are in the replies. Is this news? No, but it is awesome.
Blake Solomon on 08/17/08 - 03:53 PM
The Wonder Years and Living With Lions will be heading out on tour together. There are two TBA dates as of now that still need to be booked. If you can help, please email thewonderyearsband@gmail.com ASAP! Check out the dates below.
DatesAugust 13th - Cresent Cafe - Worchester, MA
August 14th - The Argyle - Buffalo, NY
August 15th - East Islip Lanes - Long Island, NY
August 16th - Monroe Knights - Jamesburg, NJ
August 17th - Championship - Lemoyne, PA
August 18th - TBA (HELP) - Johnson City, TN
August 19th - TBA (Help) - Cincinnati, OH
August 20th - The Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH
August 21st - Soundlab - Mokena, IL
August 22nd - Taylor Lanes - Taylor, MI
Blake Solomon on 08/05/08 - 04:17 AM
The Wonder Years needs your help, they've had their van break down numerous times on their tour with I Call Fivesand they need all the help they can get. Please read the message from the band in the replies.
Nathan Lint on 07/18/08 - 03:41 PM
AP.net is sponsoring the Head Above Water Summer Tour, where The Wonder Years will be touring all around the country. I Call Fives and The Awkward Romance will be on select dates; find all of the dates and details on the tour profile.
Paul Tao on 05/19/08 - 12:07 PM
You can take a look at my semi-serious, semi-genius interview with The Wonder Years right here.
Blake Solomon on 05/14/08 - 10:18 AM
Blake Solomon on 05/06/08 - 09:50 AM
The Wonder Years will release their Won't Be Pathetic Forever EP on June 10th. Hence, they've decided to stream a brand new song called "Solo & Chewy Holdin' It Down" exclusively on their AP.net Profile. The track features guest vocals from Rachel Minton of Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer.
Garett Press on 05/06/08 - 08:04 AM
While supplies last, if you buy The Wonder Years' new 7" Won't Be Pathetic Forever on Interpunk, you'll get a free No Sleep pullover hoodie.
Blake Solomon on 05/01/08 - 09:22 AM
No Sleep Records is running a contest that gives fans the chance to design a sleeveless shirt for The Wonder Years' upcoming summer tour. See all the information in the replies.
Blake Solomon on 04/29/08 - 07:25 PM
The packages for The Wonder Year's new vinyl Won't Be Pathetic Forever have sold out, and as promised, you can go here and download the band's songs off their split with Bangarang!.
Blake Solomon on 04/25/08 - 02:29 PM
The Wonder Years are just about sold out of the packages and other colors of their new vinyl Won't be Pathetic Forever. Once all the packages are gone, the band will be putting up their songs from their split with Bangarang! for free download. See a message from them in the replies and pre-order the record here.
Blake Solomon on 04/23/08 - 10:28 AM
The Wonder Years have started a blog called Won't Be Pathetic Forever. The blog might also be a good place to check for new and exciting news from the guys. But you didn't hear that from us.
Blake Solomon on 04/22/08 - 07:52 PM
The Wonder! Years announced their plans to release a new 7" titled Won't Be Pathetic Forever. The record is set to come out June 10th on No Sleep Records. The band also put up a new song from the 7 inch, "You're Not Salinger. Get Over It.", on myspace.
Message From The BandThe first pressing of the record is limited to 500 copies on orange, brown and purple vinyl and includes hand silk-screened covers that vary in color depending on the color of the vinyl you get. Pre-orders are up now here. Here's what the band had to say about the release: The record begins with the words "head above water this year, boys," and I think thats really what it all boils down to. "Won't Be Pathetic...
Nathan Lint on 04/01/08 - 06:55 PM
You can check out a video interview with The Wonder Years right here.
Nathan Lint on 02/19/08 - 09:02 PM
I Call Fives has posted 3 new songs recorded for their 2008 Sampler. In addition, they've posted a couple tour dates with The Wonder Years.
Nathan Lint on 02/07/08 - 05:17 PM
The Wonder Years have launched a full album preview on their MySpace of their recently released album, Get Stoked on It! Check it out now if you haven't already.
Nathan Lint on 11/11/07 - 03:42 PM
Tonight in Doylestown, PA, at Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer's CD release show for Schematics, Soupy from The Wonder Years came out and sang Anthony Green's part on "It Was All A Bad Idea."

Submitted by yourbodylaidcold
Blake Solomon on 10/28/07 - 11:12 PM
Make sure you listen to a free performance and interview with The Wonder Years on Jamnow at 8:30PM EST. Make sure you go here and listen in.
Nathan Lint on 10/24/07 - 02:01 PM
Your chance to preorder The Wonder Years' debut record, Get Stoked On It! is almost up. It's your time to secure some limited items that are almost gone. The stock is low on sizes for the shirts so act fast. Don't forget to enter to win the custom vans slip ons. Get Stoked On It! is in stores October 30th.
Nathan Lint on 10/20/07 - 04:14 PM
Fireworks has sent out a message about an incident that happened in Canton, MI on their tour with The Wonder Years. If you are a touring band, make sure to be aware of this venue and many of it's kind. The message is in the replies.
Nathan Lint on 10/13/07 - 12:35 AM
Fireworks is about to embark on a tour with First To Leave and select dates with The Wonder Years. They're on tour in support of their debut EP, We Are Everywhere.
Tour DatesSep 26 2007 8:00P Convergence Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Sep 27 2007 7:00P Sox Place w/ FIRST TO LEAVE Denver, Colorado
Sep 28 2007 7:00P Absolute Zero w/ FIRST TO LEAVE Clovis, New Mexico
Sep 29 2007 7:00P Moonlight Lounge w/ FIRST TO LEAVE Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sep 30 2007 8:00P Rejavanate w/ FIRST TO LEAVE Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct 1 2007 8:00P TBA w/ FIRST TO LEAVE San Diego, California
Oct 2 2007 8:00P Gabe’s House w/ FIRST TO LEAVE Pomona, California
Oct 3...
Nathan Lint on 09/26/07 - 10:33 PM
We're lovin' it:
ReviewsThe Wonder Years - Get Stoked On It! (Blake Solomon)
Front Page - Still Learning (Nathan Lint)
Barely Blind - The Way We Operate (Nathan Lint)
Blake Solomon on 09/20/07 - 08:49 AM
The Wonder Years are going on tour with Fireworks, First To Leave, and A New Born Thriller to promote their upcoming debut full length, Get Stoked On It! The dates are below.
Tour Datesw/ A New Born Thriller
09/19/2007 at Buddas in Newport News, VA, USA
09/20/2007 at Creation Skatepark in Kernersville, NC, USA
09/21/2007 at Basement Show in Savannah, GA, USA
09/22/2007 at The Remnant in North Charleston, NC, USA
09/23/2007 at Sector 7G in Augusta, GA, USA
09/24/2007 at Tokens House in Jacksonville, FL, USA
09/26/2007 at The Speed Shop in Tallahassee, FL, USA

09/28/2007 at Graebers House in Fayetteville, AR, USA
09/29/2007 at The Crossing in Sherman, TX, USA
Nathan Lint on 09/17/07 - 11:47 AM
The Wonder Years and No Sleep Records will be launching the second track off the bands debut full length, Get Stoked on It!, tonight at midnight The song is titled "Bout To Get Fruit-Punched, Homie" on their myspace. Also, be sure to check out the ABSOLUTExclusive for "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" on the bands artist page if you have not yet.
Nathan Lint on 09/14/07 - 11:50 AM
The Wonder Years' debut record, Get Stoked On It!, is now available for pre-order. You can buy the packages here.
Preorder NewsNo Sleep Records has launched the Pre-Order for Get Stoked on It! from The Wonder Years. There are various ways to order the new album, just the CD or in one of the following packages! All pre-orders will receive a free button pack!

$11.00 gets you Get Stoked on It! CD
$14.00 gets you Get Stoked on It! CD and a Limited Edtion SILK SCREENED Poster (w/ all of our autograph's on the back!)
$20.00 gets you Get Stoked on It! CD and a Limited Edtion T-Shirt
$22.00 gets you Get Stoked on It! CD, Limited Edition T-Shirt and a Limited Edtion SILK SCREENED Poster...
Nathan Lint on 09/04/07 - 06:58 PM
Head over to the The Wonder Years' AP Profile to stream "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" from the band's forthcoming record, Get Stoked On It!, in stores October 30th. The album features guest vocals from Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer, Letxdown and CDC. Another track will be posted in the near future on the band's myspace.
Garett Press on 08/31/07 - 04:26 PM
Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalance/The Movielife) will be playing an acoustic show at Siren Records on August 29th in Doylestown, PA with Fireworks, The Wonder Years, Monument Monument, and The Erection Kids. He will be playing a lot of Movielife songs and attendance is limited to 200. There will be no advance tickets sold.
Nathan Lint on 08/23/07 - 11:13 AM
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