A video of Andrew Tkaczyk from The Ghost Inside has been posted, discussing the crash and rehabilitation process. You can view it in the replies.

Submitted by athdrummer19
Eric Wilson on 02/01/16 - 08:41 AM
Andrew Tkaczyk of The Ghost Inside lost his leg during the accident. He released a post and statement on Instagram, which can be found here. Wishing him the best.
So the rumors are true everyone! Unfortunately I did lose my leg in this accident. This is one injury among many others such as fractures in my ribs, spine, and hip along with some ligament tears in my rotator cuff and Labrum. I have remained in positive and good spirits since I woke up from a 10 day coma in November to the sight of my missing leg. Not going to let it stop me. I don't care what anyone says. It's a long road ahead, but I WILL play drums again. Can't wait to get back on the kit. Couldn't have dealt with this...
Eric Wilson on 01/14/16 - 12:20 PM
In an effort to continue to support The Ghost Inside and the injuries sustained during the accident, Epitaph Records have announced that all the profits from the sales of any of their albums will be donated directly to the band indefinitely.
In light of this tragedy Epitaph has decided to donate all profits, from the sale of all The Ghost Inside albums worldwide, directly to the band - indefinitely. So, if you want to support The Ghost Inside, in their time of need, you can now do so by buying their music. Epitaph won't make a profit while the band silently fight to rebuild their lives. We wish them a speedy recovery and return to health.

Submitted by Avalanche1
Eric Wilson on 12/14/15 - 05:53 PM
The Ghost Inside have posted a new statement detailing their conditions after their horrific crash just a mere 10 days ago. All of us here at AP.net send our thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the crash, their family and friends.
Hi friends. I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. Through the grace of our incredible host hotels and the community here in El Paso we were able to enjoy a great meal and have a couple hours of much needed relief away from the hospital. Our families that are here aren't used to being 'on the road' and although the circumstances couldn't be less ideal, this holiday will always be a special one for us, a genuine day of giving thanks for the gift of...
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/30/15 - 09:23 PM
Bring Me the Horizon have made a generous donation to the GoFundMe campaign for The Ghost Inside and everyone that was affected by the crash. You can contribute to the GoFundMe here. As of the time of writing, $42,474 has been raised by 1,194 people in 20 hours.

Updated: A GoFundMe for the driver has also been set up here.

Submitted by TheMutantLeague
Eric Wilson on 11/20/15 - 11:01 AM
The Ghost Inside's management have posted an update to their Facebook about the serious bus crash we reported earlier today. They have confirmed that The Ghost Inside's hired bus driver, as well as the occupant (or occupants) of the semi-truck have passed away. All band members and other crew members are alive and currently being treated for their injuries. They have also announced that the remaining dates of their current Locals Only Tour have been cancelled. Our thoughts go out to the families and those who have lost loved ones, as well as to the band through this trying time.
Craig Ismaili on 11/19/15 - 10:32 PM
Reports are coming in from KFMK that The Ghost Inside were involved in an accident in which their bus collided with a semi-truck. Tour manager for the The Wonder Years, Dave Summers, who has been in contact with the band, has stated that all band and crew are alive. There have been unconfirmed reports that two of the occupants of the semi-truck have passed away. We will continue to post information as we discover it. Our thoughts and well-wishes are with the band and everyone involved in this accident.
Craig Ismaili on 11/19/15 - 01:51 PM
The Ghost Inside's vocalist Jonathan Vigil was apparently "jumped" at a recent show.

Submitted by Jasonhxc
Jason Tate on 10/26/15 - 11:38 AM
Andrew Tkaczyk, drummer for The Ghost Inside, is without question one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Aside from posting funny clips on Vine and Instagram, he’s finally started his own YouTube channel, Home Cooked Comedy. Head to the replies to check out a video, and make sure to subscribe for more. Also, be sure and tell Andrew how funny he is when The Ghost Inside comes through your city on the “Locals Only” tour, in which the band is only allowing locals on the bill - dates are also in the replies.
Jake Denning on 10/12/15 - 09:33 PM
The Ghost Inside's new music video for "Move Me" can be found in the replies via Revolver.
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/07/15 - 11:26 AM
Hit the replies to check out an awesome video showing highlights of Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside, and Stray From The Path's sets at Download Festival 2015.
Jake Denning on 06/17/15 - 09:37 AM
The Ghost Inside have parted ways with guitarist Aaron Brooks. All future tour dates can be found here.
Jake Denning on 01/09/15 - 10:01 AM
Every Time I Die and The Ghost Inside will be streaming their sets tonight via Yahoo Live at 5:55pm PST/8:55pm EST.
Jake Denning on 12/08/14 - 02:39 PM
While I spend as little time as possible in Dallas (I lived there 18 years, it was enough), I venture back to see my family for the holidays and this Thanksgiving break I was lucky enough to not only see my myriad of family members, but to also catch a show at fabled venue, The Door. My first club show ever was at The Door in 2003 so even though the locations have changed, the nostalgia still hits hard.

Every Time I Die and The Ghost Inside are on out a killer tour with support from the UK's Architects, Hundredth, and Backtrack. The Door is a great venue for a lot of reasons, but for a show like this, the best reason is NO BARRIER. I forgot about this detail when I was packing up my...
Caitlin DeWeese on 12/01/14 - 08:55 AM
"December drags on. It's thirty-one days too long"
InterviewSuch Gold (Caitlin DeWeese)
Show PhotosEvery Time I Die and The Ghost Inside - Dallas, TX (Caitlin DeWeese)
Caitlin DeWeese on 12/01/14 - 08:37 AM
Looks like The Dillinger Escape Plan aren't super happy with how similar The Ghost Inside's new album cover looks to one of theirs.
"If I saw the two next to each other, I would have personally asked to make a few changes and not make the vinyl the same… I mean I wouldn't have let that slide personally but I don't give a shit what other bands do… I do feel bad that those guys have to deal with all this drama right now during the release of their album. I'm sure they worked really hard on it."

Submitted by EvilZeppelin
Jason Tate on 11/21/14 - 12:08 PM
Portland, I'm hosting the official after-party for Every Time I Die and The Ghost Inside's co-headling tour. Also, it's Keith Buckley's birthday. Details in the replies.
Jake Denning on 11/18/14 - 10:11 AM
Pumping blood to the roots of evil to keep it young.
Staff ReviewsThe Ghost Inside - Dear Youth (Jake Denning)
Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2 (Jake Jenkins)
Jake Denning on 11/18/14 - 10:00 AM
You can stream The Ghost Inside's new album, Dear Youth, in the replies via Alt Press.
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/05/14 - 01:37 PM
The Ghost Inside have come a long way since I first saw them on Bring Me The Horizon's Suicide Season U.S. Headlining tour in 2008, and since then I've been a huge fan. From playing tours such as the Atticus Metal tour, the AltPress tour, and eventually hitting main stage this year at Warped Tour, the band has worked incredibly hard to get where they are today. So with that being said, this weeks AbsolutePlaylist is dedicated to one of my favorite bands, and some of my favorite songs of theirs from the last 6 years or so. Head to the replies to check it out. If you liked what you heard, you can catch the band this November/December on their co-headliner with Every Time I Die - tickets...
Jake Denning on 10/30/14 - 11:53 PM
Happy birthday to The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk. If you like to laugh, check out his Vine.
Jake Denning on 10/30/14 - 09:08 AM
The Ghost Inside will release their fourth full-length album, Dear Youth on November 17th via Epitaph Records. Hit the replies to check out the title track, "Dear Youth (Day 52)" in the replies. You can learn more about the record by checking out my Warped Tour interview with vocalist Jonathan Vigil here.
Jake Denning on 09/16/14 - 12:34 PM
Every Time I Die will head out on a co-headlining tour with The Ghost Inside starting in November. They'll also be bringing along Architects (UK), Hundredth and Backtrack. You can find the dates in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/09/14 - 05:11 PM
The Ghost Inside's new single, "Avalanche," can be streamed in the replies.
Jason Tate on 09/08/14 - 11:13 AM
“You called in a fake propane emergency? That’s a $50 fine after I report it.”
Staff InterviewsThe Ghost Inside (Jake Denning)
Anberlin - The Exit Interview: Part III (Jonathan Bautts)
Jake Denning on 07/25/14 - 04:16 AM
Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2 will be available April 1st via Fearless Records.

Track Listing
1. Get Scared - "My Own Worst Enemy" originally performed by Lit
2. Memphis May Fire - "Interstate Love Song" originally performed by Stone Temple Pilots
3. Asking Alexandria – “Closer” originally performed by Nine Inch Nails
4. The Color Morale - “Everlong” originally performed by Foo Fighters
5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "All Star" originally performed by Smash Mouth
6. Mayday Parade - "Comedown" originally performed by Bush
7. Motionless In White - "Du Hast" originally performed by Rammstein
8. Yellowcard - "Today" originally performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
9. Hands Like Houses -...
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/05/14 - 12:45 PM
The Devil Wears Prada will headline the 2014 Take Action Tour alongside The Ghost Inside, I Killed the Prom Queen and Dangerkids. The year's trek benefits the Living the Dream Foundation. Head to the replies for the dates.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/15/14 - 10:05 AM
Five more bands have been added to the Warped Tour: Beartooth, Saves The Day, A Skylit Drive, I, The Mighty (7/12-8/3), and my personal favorite band, The Ghost Inside.
Jake Denning on 12/19/13 - 12:53 AM
A Day To Remember, Pierce the Veil and The Ghost Inside will be coming to Canada in August and we're teaming up with Union Events to give away a pair of tickets to each of those shows. To win all you have to do is leave a post in the replies stating which city you'd like tickets for. Dates are in the replies and winners will be notified on August 7th.
Deborah Remus on 07/31/13 - 03:09 PM
The Devil Wears Prada have announced the 8:18 Tour. It starts November 2nd and the band will be bringing The Ghost Inside, Volumes, and Texas In July. You can view the tour flyer and dates in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 07/30/13 - 09:50 AM
A Day to Remember, Pierce the Veil and The Ghost Inside will be playing shows across Canada in August. Dates in the replies.
Deborah Remus on 06/24/13 - 09:50 AM
Former vocalist Chad Ruhlig has rejoined For the Fallen Dreams. Former drummer Andrew Tkaczyk (The Ghost Inside) will also be writing new material with the band.
Alex DiVincenzo on 02/22/13 - 11:26 AM
Head over to Revolver to see The Ghost Inside's brand new music video for "The Great Unknown". The video was shot with a couple of GoPro cameras while the band was on tour in Australia and the U.S. in late 2012. Be sure and catch the band's headlining tour with support from Stray From The Path and Stick To Your Guns. Dates can be seen here.
Jake Denning on 02/06/13 - 10:07 AM
Dates for The Ghost Inside's Get What You Give 2013 Tour with Stick To Your Guns, Stray from the Path and Rotting Out can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/07/13 - 12:47 PM
AlterTV have posted a great live video of The Ghost Inside performing "Unspoken", which you can check out in the replies. The Ghost Inside will be on a headlining tour in spring 2013.
Jake Denning on 12/21/12 - 10:28 PM
Head to the replies to check out The Ghost Inside vocalist Jonathan Vigil talk about "The Great Unknown", off their new album Get What You Give.
Jake Denning on 08/14/12 - 06:20 PM
Karl Schubach (Misery Signals, vocals), has released his solo album under the name Solace. Guest vocalists include Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside, and Shane Ochsner of Hands. You can pick it up here. Hit the replies to check out "Our Father".
Jake Denning on 08/14/12 - 02:17 PM
Watch The Ghost Inside play "Engine 45" for the first time live to a sold out crowd at Chain Reaction in the replies.

Submitted by mattyice
Dre Okorley on 08/14/12 - 11:08 AM
Lambgoat is reporting that Miss May I, The Ghost Inside, Like Moths To Flames, Glass Cloud and The Amity Affliction will be on this year's AP Fall Tour.

Update: It has been confirmed.
Thomas Nassiff on 07/26/12 - 12:38 PM
We're back with part three of our track by track breakdown for The Ghost Inside's brand new album, Get What You Give. Hit the replies to check out the third video in the series for "Engine 45," as explained by vocalist Jonathan Vigil.
Ryan Gardner on 07/25/12 - 09:03 AM
We're back with part two of our track by track breakdown for The Ghost Inside's brand new album, Get What You Give. Hit the replies to check out the second video in the series, "Outlive", as explained by vocalist Jonathan Vigil. Be sure and catch the band on the Monster Energy stage on this summer's Vans Warped Tour, going on now.
Jake Denning on 07/17/12 - 09:58 AM
We're really excited to team up with Panther City Films, and bring you a live set from The Ghost Inside, from the Vans Warped Tour stop in Dallas, TX. A big thank you to The Ghost Inside, Panther City, and Fly South Music Group. If you like what you see, make sure you catch the band on the Monster Energy Stage on Warped Tour. Get What You Give, the band's third full length album, is in-stores and online everywhere where music is sold. Head to the replies to check it out.
Jake Denning on 07/17/12 - 02:43 AM
We're really excited to work with Epitaph Records in bringing you a track by track breakdown for The Ghost Inside's brand new album, Get What You Give. Hit the replies to check out the first video in the series for the opening track, "This Is What I Know About Sacrifice", as explained by vocalist Jonathan Vigil. Be sure and catch the band on the Monster Energy stage on this summer's Vans Warped Tour, going on now.
Jake Denning on 07/10/12 - 12:12 PM
The Amity Affliction, The Ghost Inside, Architects and Buried In Verona will tour Australia in September and October. Dates are on the tour poster in the replies.
Thomas Nassiff on 06/27/12 - 08:11 AM
Ever since I pulled over I've been looking for you in the strangest places.
Staff ReviewWhat's Eating Gilbert - The Nashville Session (Jason Gardner)
The Ghost Inside - Get What You Give (Jake Denning)
Staff InterviewThe Dopamines (Deborah Remus)
Lostprophets (Andy Biddulph)
Deborah Remus on 06/19/12 - 09:37 AM
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