Hot Cross has completed their new record, Risk Revival. Expect details, and tour information shortly.
Jon Foucart on 12/02/06 - 10:43 PM
After their current tour, Anathallo will be heading to Chicago to begin work on a new album.
Jon Foucart on 11/28/06 - 08:52 PM
theAUDITION have pimped out their MySpace.
Jared Kaufman on 11/14/06 - 09:37 AM
Midnight Hour are going to be performing in an episode of CBS's The Ghost Whisperer next Friday. Details below:
Midnight Hour On The TeleNext Friday, November 17 at 8 p.m. on the CBS show, "The Ghost Whisperer," Midnight Hour will be debuting a bunch of songs as a significant part of the soundtrack to the episode. You will hear Midnight Hour songs, or versions of their songs, throughout the episode, including a pretty substantial cut for a song called "Running Away." You will also see a bunch of band members actually playing "the band" in the episode. Granted, a few members got cut and replaced by actors or former N'Sync members (not kidding, JC Chasez is our new bass player), but you...
Garett Press on 11/11/06 - 04:42 PM
Sherwood has been officially signed to Myspace Records.

Submitted by *crying stars*
Melissa Johnson on 10/27/06 - 08:37 PM
Below is a message from My Chemical Romance in regards to the cancellation of the shows they had scheduled for this weekend.
MessageWe got some really bad news in the past 48 hours. As a result of complications with a previous injury, Bob ended up in the hospital with a staph infection. He's being monitored all weekend and we want to be by his side the whole time. Unfortunately, this means we can't make this weekend's shows in Allentown and Syracuse because we need to be there by his side. A lot of people suggested we use a different drummer, but we need to stay true to Bob and our band. One of the major disappointments of this, other than seeing Bob in pain, is missing Taking Back...
Jared Kaufman on 09/02/06 - 03:07 PM
At Bayside's 1000th show at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY, they were joined on stage by members of The Sleeping. Members of Endwell, Bedlight For Blue Eyes, and Deciding Tonight, and November Kills were also in attendance.

Submitted by thexflamesxburn
Melissa Johnson on 08/25/06 - 08:19 PM
The Expos (formerly The Donuts) have created a new MySpace page. You can check out three tracks from the bands forthcoming, debut full-length, Old Friends, which is due out on September 26th via Stomp Records.
Brandon Allin on 08/08/06 - 09:42 PM
Set Your Goals' debut album, Mutiny!, is debuting this week at #47 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart and at #46 on their Independent chart. Congratulations to the guys of Set Your Goals.
Katie Schmitz on 07/21/06 - 05:54 PM
Isis has finished recording their new album with Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Botch). The disc is being released on October 31st through Ipecac.
Jon Foucart on 07/11/06 - 01:56 AM
Apparently, Avenged Sevenfold are cleaning up their act for their new video.
Katie Schmitz on 07/06/06 - 06:23 AM
All Time Low have made a huge impact over at AOL Radio. Check out and see what they had to say about it below:
All Time Low Are Going To Be HugeGreat news everyone! We are the highest testing song on the Emo Channel on AOL Radio, out-scoring Hawthorne Heights, The Academy Is..., Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, and tons more!We've been getting such a great response that we are being put into power rotation and its all thanks to you guys! Please go to AOL Radio and from here, you will need to log in to aol radio and find the emo station and listen in and then rate the song as it comes up!This is huge for us and we need to keep the momentum going!

We also have a huge local show...
Pat Marquez on 06/23/06 - 09:32 AM
On June 5th, Unearth team up with Darren Doane (Every Time I Die, Poison The Well) to create their video for "Giles," which is featured on the band's upcoming Metal Blade release III: In The Eyes Of Fire (8/8/06).
Jon Foucart on 06/06/06 - 12:13 AM
The release date from Amity's first full length album, Internecine, has been changed to August 8th.
Frank Giaramita on 05/19/06 - 09:02 PM
Toronto radio station Edge 102 just reported that Dave (Brown Sound) has left Sum 41.
Jon Foucart on 05/11/06 - 02:37 PM
I don't know if anyone has posted about any of these signing's, but Dine Alone Record's (City and Colour, Fullblast) has signed The Black Lungs (Wade from Alexisonfire), Attack in Black and Johnny Truant.
Jon Foucart on 05/11/06 - 12:27 PM
A Static Lullaby will be playing their first show with the new lineup on June 12th @ Chain Reaction in Anaheim.
Jon Foucart on 05/08/06 - 01:17 AM
Muse has titled their new album, Black Holes And Revelations. The disc hits shelves on July 3rd.
Frank Giaramita on 05/03/06 - 01:02 PM
Jack's Mannequin posted their new Alternative Press article on their website.

Submitted by: sandro
Frank Giaramita on 05/03/06 - 12:20 PM
Codeseven, who released Dancing Echoes / Dead Sounds on Equal Vision Records in 2004 split late last year. Now they're looking to sell their van to a touring band, or anyone who is interested. Codeseven took great care of the van and are certain that there are many more tours left in her. Info is below.
Codeseven Van For SaleIf interested, please contact Matt Tuttle
at mattdrumnc7@aol.com
1998 Ford Triton v8 - 15 passenger
approx 115,000 miles
Jon Foucart on 05/01/06 - 12:26 PM
Word going around is that Combat Records (Horse The Band, Look What I Did, At All Cost) are throwing in the towel.
Jon Foucart on 04/28/06 - 11:48 PM
The Academy Is... would like to make their fans apart of their upcoming dvd they are planning. Please submit any questions you'd like to see the band answer. They can be anything! The only catch is that the deadline is this Monday April 24th! Email any questions to "liesarelies@gmail.com" and make the title "TAI QUESTION". More info on the release very soon. For now, get excited.
Frank Giaramita on 04/24/06 - 09:09 AM
Angels And Airwaves fanclub "The Army of Angels" now has a temp website up.

Submitted by: exthuse
Jon Foucart on 04/22/06 - 04:57 PM
Recent Solid State Records signee Twelve Gauge Valentine will head into the studio on April 25th with Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Eighteen Visions) to begin tracking their new record.
Scott Weber on 04/18/06 - 11:53 AM
We Are Scientists have posted another new video for another new single. This one is for "Textbook" and is, of course, rather amusing, like all of their other ones: windows media | real player
Paul Tao on 03/16/06 - 09:19 AM
Cute Is What We Aim For just wrapped up recording their debut full length. The album is scheduled to be out on July 11th.
Jon Foucart on 03/15/06 - 02:25 AM
Underminded have parted way's with Joe Mullen (drums). He will be replaced by former Unwritten Law drummer, Wade Youman. You can read all about this right here.
Jon Foucart on 03/13/06 - 01:20 AM
Monty has signed with Stolen Transmission Records.

Submitted by: airportgoodbye
Jon Foucart on 03/08/06 - 01:10 PM
Peter of Moneen recently told me that the song "Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do" will most likely be the first video single from their new album, The Red Tree, out on April 11th.
Jon Foucart on 03/06/06 - 01:10 PM
Unearth will begin tracking their new record with Terry Date (Soundgarden, White Zombie) on March 8th.
Jon Foucart on 03/02/06 - 09:43 PM
Madison has posted their video for "My Space Is Your Space" on their, ahem, MySpace page.

Source: DrivingThru.co.uk
Rohan Kohli on 02/15/06 - 11:28 PM
Pretty Girls Make Graves have added the following dates to their tour that begins in April.
06.01.06 San Diego, CA The Casbah
06.02.06 Pomona, CA Glass House
06.03.06 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre
06.04.06 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
Jon Foucart on 02/15/06 - 02:36 AM
Here are some video and audio streams from The Boy Least Likely To, of "Be Gentle With Me".

Video - Audio
Paul Tao on 02/05/06 - 07:44 PM
According to DecoyMusic.com: Ryan, bassist of Acceptance, has decided to leave the band. The band's keyboardist, Kyle, will be temporarilly filling-in on bass.
Acceptance Bassist Decides To LeaveGood News For People Who Like Bad News
Greetings dear and beloved friends. The sun has set many times since our last correspondence and the rising of that sun has brought with it some changes for the boys of Acceptance. Most importantly, I think you should all know that a familiar face will no longer be seen amongst our ranks. Our friend and bass player of four years has decided to leave the band to explore other adventures. Ryan explains below, but I will say that we love him and will miss him...
Frank Giaramita on 01/31/06 - 05:28 PM
Scarlet will be filming a video for the track "The Seperation Of" near the end of February. The song comes from the band's upcoming full length, This Was Always Meant To Hurt, which releases on January 24th. Check the song out on Purevolume.
Jon Foucart on 01/17/06 - 02:51 PM
The Chemistry are selling their touring RV. It's an '88 bounder and is kind of old, but the band has set it up for touring. It's 35 feet long, sleeps seven comfortably, has a bathroom, shower, stove, oven, microwave, generator that powers all the electricity, heat and air conditioning. It also has a freshly rebuilt engine and a brand new transmission with a lifetime warranty. It runs great and has saved the band a lot of money on hotels. If anyone wants more info, then contact jaredisburning@tmail.com (no, not me, the Jared in the band). They're asking for $6,500.
Jared Kaufman on 01/16/06 - 10:50 AM
Rookie of the Year's 111 Records debut The Goodnight Moon is scheduled for a April 11th release date.
Frank Giaramita on 01/10/06 - 01:22 PM
Check out the media player for the upcoming Triple Crown Records DVD at their website. The DVD has videos from Brand New, Northstar, Death Threat as well as exclusive live performances from The Receiving End Of Sirens, Folly, As Tall As Lions and more. The DVD will be in stores January 24.
Frank Giaramita on 01/10/06 - 10:33 AM
I have posted Poison The Well's response to having their demos recently leak.
Saturday, January 07, 2006PTW DEMOS ON THE INTERNET...
So, I guess some of our old demos leaked out on the internet some how. Just to give a brief history on them, those where the first songs we had wrote when we started writing for the new record and where the first songs we wrote with Jason and Ben in the mix. Some of the songs where incomplete vocally and the very early stages of maturity. We did them about a year and 2 months ago at this place called the Steakhouse. The quality isn't the best, but you get the idea. Not all the songs are going to be used for the record, just some. So, if you happen to come...
Jon Foucart on 01/08/06 - 02:09 AM
Below are top 5's from members of Roses Are Red.
RAR's Top 5'sVincent:
1. Acceptance - Phantoms
2. Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead
3. The Juliana Theory - Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat
4. HIM - Dark Light
5. Dredg - Catch Without Arms
1. Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead
2. Mae - The Everglow
3. Acceptance - Phantoms
4. Copeland - In Motion
5. Cartel - Chroma
1. Dredg - Catch Without Arms
2. Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
3. Boys Night Out - Train Wreck
4. System Of A Down - Hypnotize
5. Thrice - Vheissu
Jon Foucart on 01/04/06 - 11:51 PM
You gotta love when the RIAA sues people who don't even use computers or know what "file sharing" is.
Frank Giaramita on 01/02/06 - 12:46 PM
The Go! Team has posted a short film entitled, well, "The Go! Team" on their website in the Super-8 section.
Paul Tao on 12/31/05 - 05:01 PM
Boys Night Out have updated their Myspace page with the songs "Relapsing" and "Recovering".
Jon Foucart on 12/31/05 - 01:06 PM
Below are some working titles for upcoming ZAO songs. The band is currently recording their second full length for Ferret with producer Steve Albini (The Pixies, Nirvana).
Title"Physician Heal Thyself"
"Cancer Eater"
"Pudgy Young Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes"
"Coffin Birth"
Jon Foucart on 12/31/05 - 04:23 AM
Below is a message from Throwdown regarding some recently stolen gear:

Message From ThrowdownWe recently had two guitars and one bass guitar stolen from us in Costa Mesa, California about 2 weeks ago.

The guitars are:

*A Washburn Idol 164W with flat black finish and vintage bronze hardware with two EMG pickups and a white To Die For sticker on the body (which was likely peeled off).

*A Washburn Idol 164 with red wood finish, chrome hardward and two EMG pickups. No stickers.

*Ibanez Soundgear 900 bass with flat black finish and chrome hardwear with stock Ibanez pickups. No stickers.

All the above were given to us and can be replaced easily, however, we don't like...
Rohan Kohli on 12/23/05 - 10:39 PM
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