Head here for a new Travis Barker & DJ Whoo Kid mixtape titled Let The Drummer Get Wicked.

Submitted by Mikey18244
Matthew Tsai on 02/26/11 - 10:20 PM
So remember when Travis Barker said the new Blink 182 wouldn't release till late 2011/early 2012? Yeah, just kidding.
Drew Beringer on 02/14/11 - 11:19 PM
Take a listen to the Travis Barker remix of Kanye & Jay-Z's "H.A.M."

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?
Blake Solomon on 02/09/11 - 08:23 AM
You can here a snippet of a new Travis Barker song here.

Submitted by honkyg88
Matthew Tsai on 01/29/11 - 01:11 PM
Travis Barker,Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Mixmaster Mike will be the support for Lil Wayne's spring tour. Head to the replies to see dates.

Submitted by multiple users
Matthew Tsai on 01/24/11 - 06:56 PM
Listen to Travis Barker's new single, "Can A Drummer Get Some", featuring Swizz Beats, Lil Wayne, Game and Rick Ross here.

Submitted by cowlord
Kyle Huntington on 01/22/11 - 04:42 AM
The album cover for Travis Barker's Give the Drummer Some can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by multiple users
Matthew Tsai on 01/18/11 - 04:56 PM
According to his tweet, Travis Barker is recording drums for a "BLINK" album.
Matthew Tsai on 01/12/11 - 07:44 PM
Travis Barker's solo album, Give The Drummer Some, will be released on February 22nd.

Submitted by TunedAgainst
Matthew Tsai on 01/09/11 - 12:09 PM
Travis Barker covered "Forever" by Drake. See his version in the replies.

Submitted by topher465
Blake Solomon on 12/28/10 - 03:30 PM
You can listen to "Big Nut Bust" by Big Sean, which was produced by Travis Barker, here.

Submitted by honkyg88
Matthew Tsai on 11/29/10 - 07:09 PM
Travis Barker has teamed up with Toby Morse's (H2O) One Life One Chance organization.
Christian Wagner on 11/29/10 - 03:31 PM
Travis Barker's music video for "Carry It" featuring Tom Morello, Raekwon, and RZA can be viewed here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/15/10 - 05:59 PM
Happy 35th Birthday to Blink 182's Travis Barker.
Alex DiVincenzo on 11/14/10 - 12:32 PM
Listen to a new Travis Barker song here.

Submitted by multiple users
Matthew Tsai on 11/05/10 - 06:01 PM
Travis Barker's 3D music video for "Jump Down" featuring The Cool Kids can be viewed here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 10/13/10 - 10:19 AM
When Travis Barker is bored at sea, there's only one solution - pounding on some drums. Video evidence is in the replies.

Submitted by whenischad
Adrian Villagomez on 10/02/10 - 11:42 AM
Download a free MP3 of Travis Barker's new song "Jump Down" featuring The Cool Kids.
Joe DeAndrea on 09/20/10 - 07:01 AM
A video of Eminem performing "Not Afraid" with Travis Barker on drums can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?
Blake Solomon on 06/25/10 - 08:52 AM
Travis barker is currently working on a new Transplants album.

Submitted by xtheaudition
Blake Solomon on 05/19/10 - 08:03 AM
Travis Barker is producing Paul Wall's upcoming album Heart of a Champion.

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?
Blake Solomon on 04/21/10 - 07:02 AM
Travis Barker's solo album will most likely be released in September.
Blake Solomon on 04/19/10 - 09:39 PM
"Inadequate tire maintenance and the captainís decision to abort the takeoff at high speed" were cited as the official cause of the 2008 plane crash involving Travis Barker and DJ AM.
Alex DiVincenzo on 04/07/10 - 09:32 PM
According to his twitter, Travis Barker's solo album will be out around June.

Submitted by mrzippo3
Blake Solomon on 02/28/10 - 07:07 PM
Watch Travis Barker go crazy on some paparazzi right here.
Blake Solomon on 02/21/10 - 10:15 PM
Travis Barker is in the studio with hip-hop duo Clipse.

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?
Blake Solomon on 02/18/10 - 06:58 AM
More details about Travis Barker's solo album can be read here.

Submitted by Smash Adams
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/12/10 - 06:50 PM
Transplants will release new music this year.
Blake Solomon on 01/01/10 - 07:49 PM
Travis Barker's lawsuit against several companies over last year's plane crash has been settled. The terms of the settlement are confidential.
Alex DiVincenzo on 12/09/09 - 03:11 PM
Travis Barker of Blink-182 celebrated his 34th birthday this weekend. Mazel Tov.
Blake Solomon on 11/15/09 - 10:10 PM
Travis Barker will be contributing to Lil' Wayne's Rebirth

Submitted by Trainsaw
Blake Solomon on 10/31/09 - 08:30 AM
Taylor Swift, Travis Barker, Pete Wentz and Rivers Cuomo will all be appearing in a new Band Hero commercial.

Submitted by beanmaru
Blake Solomon on 10/28/09 - 08:25 AM
A nifty video of Travis Barker playing a drum solo can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by djsclaus
Blake Solomon on 09/25/09 - 08:36 AM
The contest to win Travis Barker's custom vintage Cadillac Coupe DeVille ends tonight at midnight (central time). More details can be found in the replies.
Jamie Pham on 09/21/09 - 02:44 PM
Travis Barker is giving his custom vintage Cadillac Coupe DeVille to a lucky fan. More details can be found in the replies.
Jamie Pham on 08/05/09 - 11:35 AM
Travis Barker (Blink-182) has discussed the creation of his gravity-defying drum solo contraption that he unveiled earlier this week with MTV. Read it here.
Anton Djamoos on 07/30/09 - 09:34 AM
Footage of Travis Barker recording a remix of Shwayze's "Get U Home" can be seen in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 06/17/09 - 06:23 PM
Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have split again.
Mike Kraft on 04/02/09 - 07:29 AM
Travis Barker (Blink 182) explains why his arm was in a sling at the Grammys.
Steve Henderson on 02/10/09 - 10:24 AM
Steve Henderson on 02/04/09 - 07:16 AM
Travis Barker has spoken with People Magazine about being back in the recording studio.
Steve Henderson on 11/17/08 - 10:26 AM
Happy 33rd birthday to Travis Barker.

Submitted by Trevor Sostarich
Joe DeAndrea on 11/14/08 - 03:36 PM
Blink-182 have decided to bring back the old bunny logo t-shirt to Hot Topic and will be bringing their online store back soon. What do you want to see in it? Leave suggestions here. No, this does not mean they are reuniting.

Submitted by Smash Adams
Anton Djamoos on 11/13/08 - 04:10 PM
Mark Hoppus has spoken about bandmate Travis Barker's status and updated on a new +44 album.
From the Article"He can't not drum, you know? The man was born to sit behind a drum kit and do his thing," Hoppus laughed. "He's healing incredibly well. He's healing very quickly. The doctors are saying that his body is really healing in a positive way. So hopefully, in the next couple months we'll see him behind the kit, I pray. No matter what I work on, Travis will be part of, for sure."
Anton Djamoos on 11/13/08 - 02:24 PM
Travis Barker talks about his recovery in a new MTV article.
From the Article"I hate planes," he said. "My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash, so when that happened ... well, I'm just thankful to be alive! I'm just grateful to be here at all." Barker then choked up a bit, the mag said.
Joe DeAndrea on 10/08/08 - 11:51 AM
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