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Blake Solomon on 12/21/08 - 01:59 PM
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Blake Solomon on 12/11/08 - 10:26 PM
Adrian Villagomez on 12/09/08 - 12:56 AM
I'm the spider, crawl inside her.
Staff ReviewsKyle Andrews - Real Blasty (Travis Parno)
User ReviewsBen Folds - Way to Normal (adrianhughes)
Bloc Party - Intimacy (Daftendirekt)
The Breakup - Don't Keep Us a Secret (MusicTalks)
Electric Six - Flashy (Frankis)
Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak (themostdeplete)
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The Shower Scene - What Tangled Webs We Weave (ArtfullyAborted)
Spy Machine 16 - How Things Come Apart (RelientMayday)
Use As Directed - Use As Directed EP (RelientMayday)
Adrian Villagomez on 12/07/08 - 09:15 PM
Blake Solomon on 12/04/08 - 10:31 AM
Man, it's snowy outside.
New Reviews: 12.01.08Ludacris - Theater Of The Mind (Drew Beringer)
User ReviewsDredg - El Cielo (live4music)
Haste the Day - Dreamer (drunkwithcoffee)
Swimming with Dolphins - Ambient Blue (GlamourKillsUs)
Third Eye Blind - Red Star EP (Undue Noise)
A Hero A Fake - Volatile (Klatzke)
A Static Lullaby - Rattlesnake! (AloneInTheDark)
Drew Beringer on 12/01/08 - 06:21 AM
Blake Solomon on 11/24/08 - 06:42 PM
Adrian Villagomez on 11/23/08 - 01:46 PM
It's always sunny in reviews on AP.net-phia.
Staff ReviewsYou, Me, and Everyone We Know - So Young, So Insane (Joe DeAndrea)
Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season (Drew Beringer)
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Right Away, Great Captain! - The Eventually Home (duffmanrxbandit)
Joe DeAndrea on 11/19/08 - 10:00 PM
Blake Solomon on 11/19/08 - 06:54 PM
I haven't been this happy in minutes.
Staff ReviewsAll Get Out - All Get Out (Julia Conny)
Superbuick - Superbuick (Susan Frances)
User ReviewsLiving With Lions - Make Your Mark (nonemorered)
Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (topher465)
Daniel Ahearn - Pray for Me by Name (duffmanrxbandit)
Brooke Miller - You Can See Everything (CharlieKilo)
Julia Conny on 11/13/08 - 09:54 AM
Life is sweet at the bottom of the sea.
User ReviewsSerianna - Serianna EP (klatzke)
The Syncope Threshold - End of the Beginning (klatzke)
Downstares - Cobras and Matadors (klatzke)
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The Watson Twins - Fire Songs (hockeyguitar99)
The Kills - Midnight Boom (alice+interiors)
The Killers - Hot Fuss (alice+interiors)
Blake Solomon on 11/09/08 - 10:34 PM
Blake Solomon on 11/03/08 - 10:28 PM
Give Reviews a Chance.
Staff ReviewsA Day to Remember - Old Record (Blake Solomon)
Houston Calls - The End of an Error (Chris Fallon)
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Blake Solomon on 10/30/08 - 07:19 AM
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Staff Reviews (10/15/08)Quietdrive - Deliverance (Chris Fallon)
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Showbread - Nervosa (im_wide_awake)
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Farewell Flight - Sound.Color.Motion (Jamos4184)
The Showdown - Back Breaker (Jamos4184)
Chris Fallon on 10/15/08 - 04:01 AM
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Adrian Villagomez on 10/01/08 - 08:38 PM
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Oh well. You got me under your spell.
User ReviewsThe Classic Crime - The Silver Cord (drunkwithcoffee)
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Secret and Whisper - Great White Whale (drunkwithcoffee)
Sorry-OK-Yes - I Just Want to Be a DJ (okcomputer1016)
Split Fifty - Swing from Her Fingernails (Cosmonaut Day)
Tweakbird - Reservations (okcomputer1016)
Adrian Villagomez on 09/03/08 - 05:16 PM
If anyone asks, I will be hiding from you.
User ReviewsAlkaline Trio- Agony & Irony (Gumbyjag)
Candlebox - Into the Sun (CatchThePhoenix)
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Stages & Stereos - Stages & Stereos (RelientMayday)
Tourmaline - The Swindle (CatchThePhoenix)
Zebrahead - Phoenix (Jamos4184)
Adrian Villagomez on 09/01/08 - 12:46 PM
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Adrian Villagomez on 08/06/08 - 12:56 PM
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Adrian Villagomez on 07/25/08 - 06:16 PM
Your words don't match the story that your actions show.
User ReviewsAlbert Hammond Jr. - Cmo Te Llama? (CatchThePhoenix)
Albert Hammond Jr. - Cmo Te Llama? (WarpSpeedChewy)
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Eye Alaska - Yellow & Elephant (Cosmonaut Day)
Eye Alaska - Yellow & Elephant (drunkwithcoffee)
Forget Paris - Spanish Beaches (CatchThePhoenix)
The Get Up Kids - Something to Write Home About (ArtfullyAborted)
Hammer Hands - Sex Organs (duffmanrxbandit)
Heavy Heavy Low Low - Turtle...
Adrian Villagomez on 07/21/08 - 08:28 PM
I've been walking erect since the moment we met.
Staff ReviewsThe Atomic Atoms - Electrophile (Susan Frances)
The Mighty Regis - Co. Sligo (Susan Frances)
Never Shout Never - The Yippee EP (Susan Frances)
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Capital Lights - This is An Outrage! (drunkwithcoffee)
Carpenter - Law of the Land (okcomputer1016)
Carpenter - Law of the Land (nonemorered)
Clouds - We Are Above You (okcomputer1016)
Danger Radio - Used and Abused...
Adrian Villagomez on 07/17/08 - 11:31 AM
Adrian Villagomez on 07/11/08 - 11:49 PM
Adrian Villagomez on 07/10/08 - 01:42 PM
Adrian Villagomez on 07/09/08 - 10:55 AM
Girl, come to me, the only broken hearted loser you'll ever need.
User ReviewsAilyne - The Masquerade (hockeyguitar99)
As Cities Burn - Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest (hailthewarrior)
Care Bears on Fire - I Stole Your Animal (hockeyguitar99)
The Mile After - Armada (bulls2213)
Red Hot Radio - That's What We Said (NoseOverTail)
Robot Love Story - Remember the Way You Used to Be (hailthewarrior)
The Roots - Rising Down (dat scene kid)
Sponge - Galore Galore (makeoutmags)
Thriving Ivory - Thriving Ivory (Cosmonaut Day)
Zao - The Funeral of God (okcomputer1016)
Adrian Villagomez on 07/05/08 - 01:47 PM
Before enjoying patriotic things like guns, meat, short shorts, meat, freedom and racquetball, read a review! Happy 4th!
Reviews3OH!3 - Want (Blake Solomon)
User ReviewsAirdate - Getting off the Ground (Merkin)
Birds of Avalon - Outer Upper Inner (duffmanrxbandit)
Capillary Action - So Embarrassing (okcomputer1016)
Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (TheOtherAndrew)
Emarosa - Relativity (Jesse SD)
The Expendables - The Expendables (CatchThePhoenix)
The Feds - A Touch of Panic (CatchThePhoenix)
Fox Chase Drive - Hands in the Sky EP (CatchThePhoenix)
Kill Your Ex - From Words to Motion (alice+interiors)
LaGrecia - On Parallels (llmp)
Lebanon - Planet Rubble...
Blake Solomon on 07/04/08 - 04:38 AM
Bored? Read some new review action!
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Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III (themostdeplete)
Mansions - Mansions (Cosmonaut Day)
Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (okcomputer1016)
Sophia - My Morning; Migration (themostdeplete)
Spitfire - Cult...
Nathan Lint on 07/03/08 - 11:15 AM

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