Weatherbox and Prawn are going on a midwestern/west coast tour with Enemies this spring. Dates are here.
Blake Solomon on 01/21/16 - 01:46 PM
Remember in 2009 when Weatherbox the totally underrated yet totally rad The Cosmic Drama. Well, in the year of our Lord 2015, Topshelf Records is re-issuing a remastered version of the album, set for release this Friday, September 18th. Even cooler is the fact that we are streaming the entire thing right now in the replies. So listen to that immediately and then pre-order the damn thing.
Drew Beringer on 09/14/15 - 12:18 PM
Have Mercy are going on tour with Weatherbox, You, Me, And Everyone We Know, and Head North. This is the new tour in replacement of the Front Porch Step one - dates are below.
Ryan Gardner on 01/20/15 - 03:56 PM
Weatherbox have announced a new show in San Diego on January 16th.
Jason Tate on 01/06/15 - 12:05 PM
Quiet Country Audio is back with a session from San Diego punk rock royalty Weatherbox. Head to the replies to watch them perform "Bring Us The Head of Weatherbox," "Dark All Night," "Mountain" and "Broken Glowsticks."
Alex DiVincenzo on 12/11/14 - 08:41 AM
Stream the new Future Crooks' (featuring Weatherbox frontman Brian Warren on guitar) album, Future Crooks In Paradise, at PropertyOfZack. It releases October 7th via Bad Timing Records - you can pre-order it on vinyl or digitally.
Ryan Gardner on 10/02/14 - 11:35 AM
Listen to a new Future Crooks (featuring Weatherbox frontman Brian Warren on guitar) song called "Harry Takayama" in the replies via New Noise. Future Crooks In Paradise releases October 7th via Bad Timing Records - you can pre-order it on vinyl or digitally.
Ryan Gardner on 09/24/14 - 07:47 AM
Future Crooks (featuring Weatherbox frontman Brian Warren on guitar) will release Future Crooks In Paradise on October 7th via Bad Timing Records. We are streaming a new song called "The Deep End" in the replies. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order it on vinyl or digitally.
Ryan Gardner on 09/17/14 - 11:05 AM
Weatherbox have dropped off their tour with Finch.
It’s with a heavy heart that we must announce that we’re pulling off theOfficialFinch/Maps & Atlases tour. For us it’s a double-edged sword because the only way we could have possibly been kept from this tour is health and unfortunately that’s still the issue we face. Brian has been in and out of facilities since we returned in early August and unfortunately the symptoms he encountered back on tour continue to plague him. We’d like to extend a huge apology to Finch, Maps & Atlases, all the fans and promoters, and anyone else affected by our cancellation. We believe more that anyone that the show must go on, but we simply cannot tour...
Jason Tate on 09/10/14 - 01:19 PM
Bad Timing Records have signed San Diego's Future Crooks (featuring Weatherbox frontman Brian Warren on guitar). The band's debut full-length is called Future Crooks In Paradise and it will be out on October 7, 2014 digitally as well as limited to 500 pieces of 12” vinyl. A new song and pre-orders will launch Tuesday (September 9) but in the mean time check out a teaser video in the replies and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.
Drew Beringer on 09/04/14 - 05:36 AM
Brian Warren of Weatherbox has written a Road Blog for Property of Zack addressing why the band had to recently drop off their tour.
Actually, to rewind, just a bit, I probably need to level with you on some of the other mitigating factors which lead to my psychological break down which ended our tour. First off, before tour I had begun smoking that devil’s lettuce again regularly and stop taking my prescribed psyche meds. Anybody familiar with mental illness knows this is a recipe for disaster. Hopefully this episode will imprint on my crocodilian-humanoid brain the fact that I can’t get recreational with the drugs any longer. I’m not advocating straight edge, but I, Brian Warren, am...
Jason Tate on 08/18/14 - 01:47 PM
Grab a free download of I Am Shark's Confessions Under Water Vol. 3 compilation. It features the likes of American Football, '68, Weatherbox, Rust Belt Lights and more.
Alex DiVincenzo on 08/17/14 - 05:25 PM
Weatherbox has had to drop off the remainder of their tour with Dikembe.
As those of you in Salt Lake City and Sacramento already know, we've had to drop off the remainder of this tour with Dikembe due to a medical emergency. As those in Kansas and Colorado witnessed, the train was coming off the tracks and despite everyone's noble efforts, the tour was unable to go on. We will be provide updates as soon as we know more ourselves...

Submitted by Cursethishearse
Jason Tate on 08/04/14 - 09:42 AM
You can watch Weatherbox's new video for "Pagan Baby" in the replies courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.
Drew Beringer on 05/29/14 - 09:33 AM
Weatherbox's new album Flies In All Directions can be streamed in the replies.
Jason Tate on 05/08/14 - 03:28 PM
You can stream a new Weatherbox song titled "Pagan Baby" in the replies. It's off the band's phenomenal new album, Flies In All Directions, which will be available on May 13th. You can also pre-order it.
Drew Beringer on 04/29/14 - 12:41 PM
You can now pre-order Weatherbox's incredible new LP, Flies In All Directions.
Drew Beringer on 04/17/14 - 06:34 PM
Weatherbox will be releasing Flies in All Directions on May 13th. You can stream a new song in the replies.

Track Listing
01) Pagan Baby
02) Bring Us The Head Of Weatherbox
03) The Fresh Prints Of Bill Ayers
04) Bathin' In The Fuss
05) Radio Hive
06) The Devil And Whom?
07) Dark All Night For Us
08) Drag Out
09) The Drones
10) Ghost Malls
11) Kick-Flips
12) The Last White Lighter
13) Love Me A Good Microcosm

Submitted by grimis16
Jason Tate on 04/04/14 - 10:11 AM
Weatherbox will release their new album, Flies In All Directions, on May 13th via Triple Crown Records/Favorite Gentleman.

Track Listing
01) Pagan Baby
02) Bring Us The Head Of Weatherbox
03) The Fresh Prints Of Bill Ayers
04) Bathin' In The Fuss
05) Radio Hive
06) The Devil And Whom?
07) Dark All Night For Us
08) Drag Out
09) The Drones
10) Ghost Malls
11) Kick-Flips
12) The Last White Lighter
13) Love Me A Good Microcosm
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/18/14 - 02:04 PM
Weatherbox will release their new album in April via Triple Crown Records.

Submitted by glattim
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/31/14 - 11:06 PM
We are still reveling in the past over here, and it's time to spotlight some more lists from our earth-shattering Best of 2013 feature. Today I beg of you but also demand you check out the lists of the British mastermind himself Andy Biddulph and the staff's relative new guy Anthony Sorendino - Andy has loud on lock while Anthony is more of a wonderful mixed scene bag. And for some diversity, check out Brian Warren of Weatherbox's list and the gang from one of our favorite labels of the last one million years, Epitaph Records. Are you excited from looking at all of these lists? Has your Spotify overheated? Whoops!
Blake Solomon on 01/15/14 - 07:53 AM
Drew Beringer on 08/15/13 - 10:49 AM
Restorations and Weatherbox are going on tour. Dates are in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 08/15/13 - 09:21 AM
Read our review of the June 11th Austin stop of The Front Bottoms "Talon Of The Hawk Tour" with Weatherbox here.
The quirkiness of the records transferred wonderfully to the live environment. People were stagediving, crowd surfing, running up on stage, spilling drinks, belting their lungs out. Handclaps and stomping galore occurred throughout the set. It was a mad house in a tiny room. Chaos of an environment mixed with the simplicity of the music. An unexpected match made in heaven? Not sure – but it worked. From the haunting ending of “Swimming Pool” through The Front Bottom’s true masterpiece that is “Twin Sized Mattress” and the song that probably made many of us fall in love with...
Ryan Gardner on 06/14/13 - 09:23 AM
I had a new guitar and you had a drum kit, and I knew the chords to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Staff Features"The Warped 30": The Bands You Gotta See on the 2013 Warped Tour
Staff ReviewsMonks of Mellonwah - Ghost Stories EP (Craig Manning)
Show ReviewsThe Front Bottoms with Weatherbox - Austin, TX (Ryan Gardner)
Tigers Jaw, Pianos Become The Teeth, Sainthood Reps, Dad Punchers - Austin, TX (Ryan Gardner)
Craig Manning on 06/14/13 - 06:35 AM
Weatherbox has announced a short tour leading up to their tour with The Front Bottoms.

Submitted by alecesp09
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/17/13 - 07:03 AM
Remember when we premiered the Sainthood Reps' side of its upcoming split 7" with Weatherbox? Well now you can stream the Weatherbox side over at Alarm. You can pre-order the split here from Topshelf.
Drew Beringer on 04/10/13 - 02:11 PM
In a recent PropertyOfZack interview; Brian Weatherbox mentioned that the band's new album has been recorded and now they are working on finishing it and mastering it, as well as looking for labels.
We have a new record that we recorded. After trying to mix it ourselves with friend’s help, we realized we were in over our heads. Now we’re slowly getting to the point where we have some money and want to mix it. It’s been a really long, drawn out process. We were mixing it for six months before we decided to go with the guy who did our last shit. We were starting to think that somehow we fucked it all up, like maybe we had recorded it wrong. Finally, after at least six months of mixing,...
Drew Beringer on 04/04/13 - 01:38 PM
We are featuring two new live videos of Weatherbox performing at Braund Sound. The songs are "Pagan Baby" and "Broken Glowsticks." The band will be releasing a 7" split with Sainthood Reps via Topshelf Records on May 7th. Check out the videos in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 03/07/13 - 08:45 AM
Weatherbox's Audiotree Session is up for purchase.

Submitted by mka12992
Jason Tate on 03/06/13 - 04:59 PM
You can watch Weatherbox performing a new song entitled, "The Devil and Whom," for the first time in the replies.

Submitted by glattim
Keagan Ilvonen on 02/05/13 - 11:31 PM
Weatherbox and Sainthood Reps will be releasing a split this Spring via Topshelf Records
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/23/13 - 04:59 PM
You can check out The Starting Line covering "The Drugs" by Weatherbox as their intro to "Ready" -- in the replies.

Submitted by glattim
Jason Tate on 12/19/12 - 11:43 AM
Bad Books have announced a few February 2013 shows with The Front Bottoms and Weatherbox. You can find the dates in the replies.
Drew Beringer on 12/13/12 - 09:14 AM
To celebrate the vinyl release of American Art, Weatherbox will be playing the album in its entirety at a few shows. Dates and details will be announced soon.

Submitted by jrtbighurt
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/08/12 - 06:20 PM
Weatherbox's American Art on vinyl is now up for pre-order.

Submitted by glattim
Jason Tate on 07/16/12 - 10:36 AM
Cults' Nathan Aguilar (bassist) and Marc Deriso (drummer, also in Weatherbox) have formed a new side-project called Census, and released an EP on bandcamp.
Jason Tate on 05/02/12 - 11:08 AM
A new Weatherbox song, "Pagan Baby," was recently performed live in San Diego's 94.9 radio studio -- check out the video in the replies.

Submitted by glattim
Jason Tate on 04/17/12 - 09:15 AM
The Person L/Weatherbox split 7-inch has been repressed in a limited run of 165 copies on green vinyl.

Submitted by youthconspiracy
Jason Tate on 04/11/12 - 08:59 AM
Weatherbox is the latest band to appear on the Punks in Vegas Stripped Down Sessions. Front man Brian Warren plays a new song "I'm Ready For You To Come Back" inside the Flamingo Hotel. Check it out in the replies.

Submitted by timorous_me
Jason Tate on 03/30/12 - 09:43 AM
According to a post by Brian on Facebook, the new Weatherbox album will be finished in May.

Submitted by airrwaves44
Jason Tate on 03/29/12 - 10:51 AM
Check out another new Weatherbox song, performed live, in the replies.

Submitted by alecesp09
Jason Tate on 03/25/12 - 02:23 PM
Just in time to kick off the weekend, we're bringing you an exclusive stream of a new song from San Diego's Weatherbox on the band's AP.net profile called "Kickflips For Weeks," which is from the band's split with Person L -- available February 7th on Youth Conspiracy Records. As much as I'd love to tell you to go pre-order this 7", it is unfortunately sold out in the pre-order. However, Youth Conspiracy Records has made a statement as to how you might still be able to get your hands on one. The split will also be available digitally through iTunes and Amazon MP3. In any case, leave your thoughts in the replies!
Jason Gardner on 02/03/12 - 02:38 PM
Check out Brian Warren of Weatherbox performing the acoustic, unreleased, song "Anchors Away" in the replies.

Submitted by glattim
Jason Tate on 01/18/12 - 03:55 PM
You can check out a full Weatherbox bootleg with two new, amazing, songs - here.

Submitted by glattim
Jason Tate on 01/12/12 - 08:28 PM
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