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NewsRandom Interview - Aerolyn
You can read Aerolyn's interview here.
NewsABSOLUTExclusive: Aerolyn Lyric Video...
Aerolyn will be releasing their debut album, Revive, in just under a month's time on December 18th....
NewsStaff Reviews (01/13/12)
"And well grow out when its time and the skins weve known no longer fit us." The Maccabees -...
InterviewAerolyn - 12.04.13
Posted by Zac Djamoos on 12/13/13
Album ReviewAerolyn - Resilience
Posted by Jason Gardner on 01/13/12
The Billboard
The release of Revive is something we're all each personally excited for, because what it means to us is actually in the name itself. In recent times, we individually seemed to be stagnant in music and sort of buried in other pursuits. Aerolyn had tried to get something birthed awhile back ago, but with a history of members changing around, there was never quite the opportunity we have now. Aerolyn reassembled in late 2012 and brought together a whole new lineup, promising to have the perfect punch that had been lacking previously. Revive is signifying us finally sprouting from the ground with our newfound potential.

It hasn't been easy. We hit several bumps in the road this first year already. The trip to Baltimore to record with Paul Leavitt (circa survive, all time low) proved to be a testing ground of how we were going to tackle this project together as a unified unit. Even after we arrived home through an enduring trip filled with van and trailer woes, obstacles never stopped coming. We had a couple changes and difficulties with management and had all too many situations where we were throwing money left and right on things not working out. It was causing a lot of disappointment, especially since it felt we were teasing fans for so long. But we all have such a firm belief in what this band can do and pressed on to see our labor come to fruition. The main issue came when after several months from leaving the studio, we had yet to receive mixes and grew frustrated having such a long period of time where no further work was getting done on our music. We were stalled and couldn't make any real moves and deadlines. We eventually chose to have another great producer in Geoff Rockwell (Forever The Sickest Kids, Crown The Empire) take over the project, mixing and adding that perfect flare. We were excited to be rolling again, feeling he took the album to a whole other level! Soon after, everything else just started coming together! Despite being almost a year after recording, we are seeing it unfold into more than what we'd dreamt it'd be.

Our first single from the release is called "Killer" and it's the fastest tempo song we've written. We were pretty intentional about writing something that drives with a high energy and we believe it delivers exactly what we intended. The lyrics are no different from the music, having a powerful and intense quality. In the studio, honestly, it was the easiest and fastest song [Dallas] tracked on vocals, cause there was so much passion about what was being sung, it was easy to create the energy and get into the song. We, as people, find ourselves getting wrapped up in certain lifestyles and addictions we know are not good for us. That's what 'Killer' is all about and one of my favorite lyrics is "numb our hearts so we can get our fill". It's the concept of ignoring our mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health just so we can get our fill of worthless moments of happiness. We basically kill ourselves feeding ourselves lies.

We couldn't be more excited to show people 'Killer' and there's no doubt fans will really enjoy it just like we do! They will finally get a glimpse of what can be expected from Aerolyn and the debut full length album Revive.
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