Action Podcast: Every Band is Fighting (Episode 74)
This week's episode of the AbsolutePunk Podcast feels like we've taken a time machine into the past. We've got talk about Adam from Taking Back Sunday calling Jesse Lacey a dick, Tom DeLonge releasing solo music that may or may not be songs originally pegged for Blink-182, Brand New finally re-pressing Deja Entendu on vinyl ... and me being stubborn as shit about waking up at some ungodly hour no matter what the reason. The episode can be streamed and/or downloaded below.

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New SWIMM Release Song "Beverly Hells"
A new SWIMM song called "Beverly Hells" is in the replies via Earmilk.
Nightrage Release New Song "Desperate Vows"
A new Nightrage song called “Desperate Vows” is on Metal Sucks.
Dear friend of the site Jeremy Bolm (Touché Amoré) is hosting the new weekly Secret Voice radio show on Dash Radio Indie station every Thursday night at 6 PM PST/ 9 PM EST. Tonight's guest is AFI's Davey Havok. You can tune in via the Dash Radio app.
Hit the replies to watch Noah Gundersen absolutely crush a cover of "A Case of You" by Joni Mitchell. It's an oldie, but damn good.
Cody Hoffman Debuts "4am"
Cody Hoffman's new track "4am" can be found in the replies.
Marianas Trench Release "Here's to The Zeros" Video
Marianas Trench's new video for "Here's to the Zeros" is in the replies via Popcrush.
House of Heroes Talk Concept Album
House of Heroes talk with IndieVision Music about their upcoming concept album.
This time around we started writing some songs….even the Smoke EP when I listen to it now I go ‘Maaaan, we settled a lot on this’ even though we are really proud of it. Actually, some of my favorite songs we have ever written are on it. There were a lot of things where we relied on ‘Alright, we need a bridge here. What do we do well? Let’s do that.’ I think we wanted to break some of those molds moving forward, you know? We’re working with a producer on this record who has said as much. He said ‘You guys are being way too safe. You’ve been a band so long that you’ve kept the peace with each other by making...
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Kelly Clarkson Releases "Someone"
Kelly Clarkson's new song "Someone" is in the replies.

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Self Defence Family/Touche Amore 7" Stream
The Touche Amore/Self Defense Family collaboration can be found in the replies, via Vice.

Submitted by Aj_LaGambina
A Love Like Pi Release New Video
A Love Like Pi's new video for "Jack and the Giant" can be found in the replies.
Happy Birthday to Mike Kinsella
Happy birthday to Mike Kinsella of American Football.

Submitted by Brian vs Shark
Young Guns Release New Song "Rising Up"
Young Guns' new song "Rising Up" can be found in the replies.

Submitted by Peerless
Rock Band 4 Coming This Year
Rock Band 4 is coming this year for Xbox One and PS4.
The next Rock Band will largely be a continuation of the platform, insomuch as players will be picking up guitar controllers, drum controllers, and a microphone to play along with both classic and more modern songs. Alas, there isn't much else to go on at this point; when we sat down with Harmonix product manager Daniel Sussman during this week's Game Developers Conference, he was pretty cagey about revealing what was new in Rock Band 4. Instead, we talked about the legacy of Rock Band, a game that continues to have hundreds of thousands of players every month — a franchise that made hundreds of millions of dollars across a half...
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The Ting Tings Are This Week's iTunes Free Single
The Ting Tings song "Wrong Club" is free this week on iTunes.

Submitted by poppunkwayo
Shamir Announces Debut Album
Shamir will be releasing his debut album, titled Ratchet, on May 19th via XL Recordings. You can check out the album art in the replies, as well as the previously released single "On The Regular."

Track Listing:
01 Vegas
02 Make a Scene
03 On the Regular
04 Call If Off
05 Hot Mess
06 Demon
07 In for the Kill
08 Youth
09 Darker
10 Head in the Clouds
Riot Fest is coming back in 2015, and it's hitting Denver from August 28-30, Chicago from September 11-13, and Toronto from September 19-20. We'll have plenty of stuff coming at you this year from one of our favorite festivals, so stay tuned for more in the not-so-distant future!
The bands announced for Warped Tour today all come from the acoustic basement: Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, American Opera, Brian Marquis, Buttons, Grey Gordon, Koji, Meghann Wright, Onward, etc., PVRIS (Dates TBD), SayWeCanFly, Speak Low If You Speak Love (7/9-7/14), and Transit.
Silverstein Post "Milestone"
Silverstein's new single "Milestone" is in the replies.

Submitted by ericsounds41
Head North Release New Song "Brave Hands"
A new Head North song called "Brave Hands" can be heard at AltPress. You can now pre-order Bloodlines via Bad Timing Records or on iTunes - it releases March 24th.
Interview: Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red
You can read our interview with Jake Luhrs, vocalist for August Burns Red here. The band is currently in the middle of their Frozen Flame U.S. headlining tour, alongside Miss May I, Northlane, Fit For A King, and Erra.
The subject matter is sensitive. There’s a lot of stuff that we’re not going to let you know what the lyrics mean, because we want each listener to take it for what they need it for, not for what we’re giving you. But there’s a lot of sensitive stuff there, there might even be some questionable subject matter where people are like “What’s this?”
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Will Salazar of Fenix TX Suffers Stroke
Will Salazar, of Fenix TX, recently suffered a stroke after a fall. A GoFund page has been set up for donations.
Several days ago, Will was hospitalized for observation and treatment following a concussion. After multiple tests and scans, it was discovered that he had suffered a mid-brain stroke as a result of the fall that caused the concussion. He remained in the hospital under the care of a team of specialists for about a week, and has since started his recovery. His symptoms include loss of some motor skills and equilibrium, and binocular diplopia (double vision in both eyes at range) among other things. He is home now and is very much looking forward to a full recovery through...
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'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' - Trailer 3
The third Avengers trailer has been released. It's in the replies. Hulk looks like he doesn't want to be there.
Number One Gun Backers Left Empty Handed?
Lots of the backers of the $25,000 Kickstarter for Number One Gun are wondering where the hell their stuff is ... anyone have any answers?

Submitted by JoelMakesMusic
La Dispute Coffee Blend and Mug
La Dispute are partnering with Rowsters Coffee in Grand Rapids to release a special "Rooms of the House" themed coffee blend and mug.

Submitted by chrislauren
The Story So Far Album Teaser
The Story So Far have posted a new album teaser ... it's in the replies.

Submitted by mikey41
A Day to Remember Recording New Songs This Year
Hit the replies for a video update from Johnny Cupcakes with A Day to Remember. Sounds like A Day to Remember will be recording some new songs later this year.
JR From LTJ Launches "Everyone Has a Podcast"
JR from Less Than Jake has created "Everyone Has a Podcast" -- which may be a podcast, may be a video blog, may be whatever he needs it to be.
Hit the Lights Premiere "No Filter"
Hit the Lights' new song "No Filter" can be heard in the replies.
Against the Current Sign With Fueled by Ramen
Against the Current have signed with Fueled by Ramen. Video announcement in the replies.
Anti-Flag Detail 'American Spring'
Anti-Flag will be releasing American Spring on May 26th. The album artwork and track listing are in the replies.
There is no shortage of fodder for a new record of commentary on the social and political climate in 2015: Endless wars, the new Jim Crow and American injustice, corprotocracy, environmental coup d’état, the surveillance state, loss, grief, and anxiety. We hope that these songs can grant us solace in a seemingly hopeless era. It has been frustrating to see much punk rock music —and music in general— quiet in the face of so many atrocities that are taking place around the world. This record is not quiet. If you are disillusioned with the status quo, these songs are for you.
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Alternative Nation has a new interview with Travis Barker about Blink 182.
Alkaline Trio toured with Blink-182 for awhile as an opener band. We are two weeks in to practice and [Matt Skiba]’s killing it. There’s harmonies that have never been sung. He’s actually playing the guitar instead of just Pro Tools. It’s just fresh blood and having someone that’s motivated and stoked to be there makes a world of difference. In general, Skiba has a really charming voice and it couldn’t be a better fit.
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Big Sean Releases "Blessings" Video
Big Sean has shared the video for his Dark Sky Paradise track "Blessings" featuring Drake and Kanye West. Watch it in the replies.
Reader Poll Results (Most Anticipated of 2015)
Looking through the results of our reader poll for the year's most anticipated albums is always enlightening to me. For one, it gives a snapshot into the collective minds of all our readers that just reading comments and posts never really shows. I mean, you all love Brand New, so I guess that kinda shows. But it also shows where there's a tad difference between the readers and the albums that appeared on our staff anticipated list. It shows that while there's a group of commenters that seem to strongly dislike Kanye West, he makes the list above All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack, and Thrice. All of the names up at the top are well traveled and known quantities, but there are some...
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Exclusive: A Will Away Song Premiere, EP Announcement
We are excited to announce that A Will Away are releasing a new EP called Bliss on March 20th via Quiet Fire Media. The EP was produced by Gary Cioffi (Transit, Misser). We are premiering a new song off of it called "Cheap Wine," which you can hear below. The steady and somber guitars give the vocals a greater clarity, but the bass keeps your ears tuned in early on as it contrasts with the guitars and vocals. Rather than heavily focusing on a chorus or hook, "Cheap Wine" lets each instrument resonate. Those of you who miss The Dangerous Summer or enjoy The American Scene's Safe For Now should like this one. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the EP. New tour dates are also...
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Viet Cong Show Cancelled Due To Band Name
Viet Cong have had their upcoming show at Oberlin cancelled. The promoter responsible for the cancellation has issued a statement citing the nature of the bands name, which is lifted from a Vietnamese organization that tortured and ran prison camps in the Vietnamese War. The band has previously responded to such compaints, saying in part that "Vietnamese immigrants—the Vietnamese Canadians and Vietnamese Americans—will write us an email saying that their family was tortured by the Viet Cong for five years in a prison camp. ... It's just a band name. It's just what we called ourselves." You can read the promoter's full statement in the replies.
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Copeland Announce Tour Dates
Copeland have announced some headlining tour dates. They're in the replies.

Submitted by falafelmywaffle
Pianos Become the Teeth Announce Dates
Pianos Become the Teeth have announced a new headlining tour. Dates in the replies.

Submitted by Buscemi Knows Best
The State of How Stream New Demo
The State of How, featuring members from Rory, You Blew It!, The City at Dawn, and Eavesdropper, have released a new demo on SoundCloud. A six-track EP, recorded with Matt Malpass, will be released this spring.

Submitted by cmoore0412
The Republic of Wolves Writing New Album
The Republic of Wolves are writing for a new record they hope to record this year.
We’re re-releasing our first EP (“His Old Branches”) on vinyl some time in the next month or two, and we’ll be doing a couple of special shows to celebrate that. We’re also writing for a new album that we’ll hopefully be able to start recording very soon, and we’ve got a week-long slot on this year’s Warped Tour that we’re very excited about!

Submitted by Keele
As It Is Release "Concrete"
As It Is's new song "Concrete" can be found below. The band's new album Never Happy, Ever After will be released on April 21st.

Submitted by fbrrocks
MerchNow Sale
MerchNow is having a big clearance sale.
Seaway Post New "Alberta" Video
Seaway new video for "Alberta" is in the replies.

Submitted by matthaber
Jeff Rosenstock's 'We Cool?' on Cassette
Business Casual doing a limited run of Jeff Rosenstock's new album We Cool? on cassette.

Submitted by blackmold