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permanentdan's Blog
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well, who needs em?
well, who needs em?
09/17/07 at 12:49 PM by permanentdan
so i just recently read an article on a certain band that will remain nameless, and the interview itself was pretty good. the thing that bothered me however, was, you know how you can go to some sites and post a comment on the interview? maybe leave a little peace of your mind anonymously or even your opinion of the interviewee? its those people that bother me.

some are kind hearted and genuinely interested in what the article may have to say, but then the other possibly 90% are only leaving comments(anonymously most often-shows a level of guts) to practically tear a person apart.

now even that in itself isnt entirely horrible, yeah its inconsiderate and ignorant, but at the same time, not everyone is a saint also and there may be some validity to whats being said. does that make it right or just? no. but still, people are going to find their own scapegoats.

the thing that really upsets me, and it happens esecially in forums where people may think that theyre comments arent really doing anything but sitting on page in cyberspace. real people read the stuff you type fyi. i do it all the time for my favorite artists. go check out the thread, see whats new, leave my adoration, or respect, and basically just go to see whats up. i also read the comments made by others who have a likewise love of the band, i find that to be refreshing, but then you see the couple kids who just seem to hate life and ignorantly state their uneducated piece, and it just doesnt make sense to me.

see also: this is worst band on the planet.
see also: absolutely terrible.
see also: any thread with aiden for proof of this type of person

and for the record, im not stating that im a fan of their band(im in no position to make a stance on them-i havent listened to their music enough to claim i know how good they are), or that i dislike them, i just find that they are done a great disservice in the negative attention they receive. they are just easiest example of my point, but i say more power to them for continuing on in what they love.

this is where i just dont get it. ok. so you dont like the band either musically, or personally. thats cool. soooo why do you say anything to begin with? i know its played out and cliche, but if you dont like something, dont listen to it, and DEFINITELY dont follow threads on bands you dont like. doesnt that seem kinda counterproductive? eh. does to me. do you really feel that your opinion or hatred of someones band and music is really such an important piece of golden information that the people who do like the band need to hear it?

i dont know, maybe its just me, but i find that to be pretty deluded myself.

constructive criticism. its golden.

now on the other hand, one argument a lot of musicians make is, "well, do you play music? no? then stfu" or whatever other e-dialogue you may choose. as much as i dislike the idea of someone critiquing someone elses art, its just not a good enough reason to disprove an argument.

the real question should be, well, since you obviously dont like this band, and think that the music industry in general is fucking everything up, and "polluting the airwaves with crap" and bands who dont know what theyre doing, then why is you yourself dont revive the 70s rock movement? sounds like a hard task, but if you feel so greatly about the downfall of all things musically, put forth some effort and do something about it. even if its just getting the word about bands you do feel have what it takes, youre doing something constructive and worthwhile. plus youre helping the career of some nomadic musicians.

whats the harm in that? all things work themselves out, thats for damn sure. music is a full circle entity. nothing is original, only someone elses interpretation of whats already been done. so while youre living in the glory days, and your ipod is filled up with bands that go past the year 1976, the rest of the world, is remembering those bands, but also embracing the ones of today(i personally like to live in the present, but thats just me)

i have the utmost respect for every band and artist and traveling gypsy guitarist who has come before me, but i also enjoy something entirely different.

your personal taste or history, does NOT dictate talent. get over it.

even my own opinions, most of my best friends wont listen to probably 90% of what i love, because they just dont get it like i do. thats the great thing about opinions. theyre for you and you alone. and not to be a redundant hypocrite or anything, i realize that this is a public blog, and that i have stated my opinion on at least a couple semi related matters. i feel strongly about my opinions too.

that being said, i dont expect everyone to agree with me. those that do, congratulations, you are cool in my book, and you should enlighten me on some music i may not have heard before. those that dont, were still cool, but im sorry, we can never go on a roadtrip together. citing creative and personal differences of course.

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