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SXSW 2008 - My Experience
SXSW 2008 - My Experience
03/16/08 at 12:46 PM by NationalProduct
So, im sitting on this beautiful lake in Austin right now called Lake Travis. I didnt even know Austin had lakes yet alone one named Travis, so since im in Texas I immediately think of Terminal, my favorite band from Dallas. I know they are a few hours apart but thats ok.

I wanted to tell you about my SXSW experience.

We just finished the PLANO Fest which was incredible minus all the puke that would not stop coming out of my body. There was a few thousand kids rocking to almost every band and we got to meet and watch some incredible bands. Ill mention some right now...

Four Letter Lie - amazing live show, super tight and alot of fun

A Sky Lit Drive - drummer has a sick style, singer has highs that remind me of 80's hair metal

You Me & Everyone We Know - amazing, all around just good stuff

Socratic - one of my favorites of the night, I watched as the guitar player (not singer) had this look on his face of complete bummage about something, he was playing with no passion, he yelled something to the drummer in which he had this, "what the fuck" look on his face, the guitar player, put his guitar down and walked OFF the stage while they were playing. They ended the song and the singer turned around and then turned back to the crowd and you could tell he was like...ahh fuck, not again...but...they went into the next song not letting it affect them, and all I can say is WOW, amazing band, amazing, songs, and just awesome all around.

Breathe Carolina - sound was jacked but these dudes are gonna be the biggest band in their genre...believe that, i know alot of you dont, but im telling you this right now, if they can keep their band together, they are gonna be massive. mark my words

Ivoryline - amazing, energetic, totally worked the crowd

The Audition - one of the best bands ive ever seen live, totally professional

The Hotness - amazing, rock n roll, up your butt and out your face, melted

I did not see every band because I was puking alot, but these are the ones I caught


We got no sleep last night, and was woken early for this. We got down to see everyone just getting started. Met up with our homie Chris K (the guy we lived with in Orlando during our record) Sam (engineer) and our pal Mike B...they were talking with Mercado (paramore's manager) so it was cool to meet that dude. We then started to make our way to a bar to start with a drink. First drink got me very buzzed, i hadnt drank in awhile so my system was immediately affected, I started to plan my day, then hit up another bar for a bloody mary.

By this time, i was considerably buzzing, and deathly tired due to no sleep but I had plans to see bands. I went down to my first show. SONNY was playing and he had a band backing him. He sounded INCREDIBLE. I like Sonny alot, I met him a long time ago before he joined FFTL. He had called me telling me "Dude, your not gonna believe this, im trying out for a band called FFTL on guitar but they asked me to try and sing" His voice was all scratchy, and then from that point on, the rest was history. I heard these demos for his new band, and I personally didnt feel them but Im also not one to hate on a demo, because that isnt a true representation. So watching him live was sick. I felt like I was watching Cindy Lauper. I mean that with respect because I love her, shes way talented and charismatic, it was a pleasure to watch his gift being used.

Then, SCARY KIDS had a 4:30, but since things were running late I watched the Rocket Summer for a song and his voice was sick as it always is. He is great live everytime ive seen him. I moved on to ALL TIME LOW, watched them play Dear Maria...flawless. There is no doubt these dudes are gonna be much more massive then they are.

I then made my way to SCARY KIDS.... I saw Tyson early and he was telling me that his throat was jacked up all week. I thought they KILLED it at Plano Fest. They played the EMO'S Alt Press show and still....Killed it. You could tell that he was hurting during every song but he powered thru it and still sounded good, the band was really solid.

CHIODOS took the stage after and Im gonna say this. When i first met these dudes, we were recording our record and our buddy Chris, invited them over along with Atreyu, Every Time I Die and FFTL. We all partied, all the bands left and it was just us and Chiodos. I didnt even know how to pronounce the name at the time cause I didnt even really know the band but...they were super nice dudes. Brad and I played pool all night and talked about music while Pat and the others swam and got drunk. All nice dudes. I had been wanting to see this band forever. I finally got to see them and too my surprise cause I didnt even know they were playing.

This band, alot of people love and alot of people hate. I LOVE this band after this show. I havent been captivated in a long time. I sat there with chills and my jaw dropped the entire set. If you havent seen them live, or have and didnt get it, you should stop reading but I watched and was in awe. They are so ridiculously tight as a band, and his voice is insane. His mannerisms and everything about him just was something out of this world for me. I love a good front man and he is great.

What made it extra special was that ANTHONY GREEN got on stage, they did an acoustic duet and then kissed eachother on the lips after. So awesome to hear Anthony's voice again live. So good.

I then knew that if i didnt rest I would die. I ended up in some bar with friends but I woke up in the DJ booth. Everyone thought I took off, but I had been sleeping for over an hour. When I woke up the band THE REAL YOU was playing and they are siiiiiiick, check those dudes out, awesome pop punk. After that, our homies THE LIVES OF FAMOUS MEN played and they are ALWAYS amazing. This is one of the best bands out right now. My money is on it.

The last band I saw of the night because alot of the music was trash to be honest, but I saw again YOU ME AND EVERYONE WE KNOW. The PA blew up during their first song so they sang the whole song without a PA. It took about 20 mins but the singer skateboarded to find an extra PA speaker and they all played with a mono speaker and it sounded amazing. The dudes are sick dudes, sweet people, and a great band. One of my new favorites. After that, everything was just a drunken mess of people and I was sober waiting for NOFX to play a secret show that never happened. My heart was crushed waiting for Linoleum or even Sticking In My Eye. It never happened but I met great people, had a great time and now im resting up. I may hit it again today but I dont know. The Lakers game is coming on...that takes place right now.

NOT MY YOUTUBE VIDS but this is from the show:





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