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EastCoastLights's Blog
An Airing of Grievances With the AbsolutePunk Community
04/17/11 at 11:25 PM by EastCoastLights
I've been around this site for a couple years now, longer than my join date implies as I spent some time lurking without making an account. Over this time, the amount of pent-up rage that has built up inside me regarding AbsolutePunk and the people that post on it has come to a point where it has to come out. So here it is.

Other than the apparent lack of ability to indent in a blog post, my biggest problem with this community is the amount of bullshit, bogus elitism. There's some sort of unwritten rule that if you have more posts than someone else, you're automatically smarter and superior. This extends past the point of arguments and to the point of feeling some sort of justification for being able to talk down to people completely unprovoked. Now don't get me wrong, in some cases it can be true that having more posts on a music message board does translate to having a vast knowledge on whatever subject you're discussing. More posts could mean more time you've been around, which would imply that you've have knowledge over that time. More posts could mean that you've had more intelligent discussion, which would also lead to more knowledge. However, these are two outrageous beliefs given the circumstances of this website. More posts does not mean more time; you can easily gain posts by letting everyone know what song you are listening to at the time in the "What Are You Listening To?" Thread (which is ridiculous in and of itself, but I'll touch on that later). More posts does not mean more experience with intelligent discussion because, quite frankly, there is a sever lack of intelligent discussion on this website. This goes back to the whole idea of forum-post elitism, people are too busy picking fights and worrying about their post counts to concern themselves with the purpose of a music discussion board: to discuss music.

It would be one thing if these feelings were started and maintained by the posters, but it is written into the infrastructure of the website. You get a bold name and a big avatar once you hit a certain number of posts, and that's what gives you your elitist badge. I understand why they do it; it's a ploy to increase traffic on the site and thus make more money. That doesn't make it okay. Again, going back to the "What Are You Listening To?" Thread, people use that as a way to up their post counts, and do that only. The system of post counts vs. rewards helps flood the forums with threads that do nothing to stir intelligent conversation/debate regarding music. No one talks to each other in that thread. They literally sit there and every time a song changes on their iTunes, they post about it. Honestly, who cares? What is the point of that? Even if you were really interested in letting people know what you're listening to, why not just post "Dear You" instead of several posts of "Save Your Generation", "I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both", "Fireman", "Accident Prone", etc. The sole reason is to gain access into a bullshit club of internet nerds who believe that sitting at home behind a computer screen is more important that going to shows (I know this is a vast generalization and in many cases untrue, but don't act like you haven't seen it on here). Not to mention the staff plays the game too. Why give staff special red names? What makes them better than the rest of the posting population? They should be on an even plain. Maybe give them a title of "staff" but nothing more than that. No one likes to see a cop showing off his badge because he thinks he's better than you. No one really wants to see a cop at all. I think we'd all be a little more comfortable if we didn't (know we) have staff members watching us all the time.

And this talk of staff brings me to Jason Tate. Yes, bow before your mighty messiah know, for he has created a website that compiles trivial news about your favorite bands. Fuck that. A great majority of this website, for lack of better words, gargles Jason Tate's cum. Why? Because he's a total dick to members? Look at it this way: AP is a business. Tate makes money off of it, and we are his customers. If you went in to a restaurant, tried to order something and had the owner of said restaurant walk over to your table and make fun of your preferences in front of the entire restaurant, would that be appreciated? I sure wouldn't like it. I think this is completely analogous to the way Jason Tate treats people on this website. He started AP as an open forum for music, he has to accept that people may discuss shitty music a la brokencyde because HE PUT IT ON THE MENU. He has no right to make fun of people for it. I haven't seen this in a while in any of the actual forums, but I did happen to catch a recent blog post he made where he took a screenshot of a private message someone sent him and proceeded to call him an idiot because of his spelling. The dude had totally good intentions in messaging Tate, he wanted to raise some awareness for the disasters in Japan. But instead, as the Captain of the Internet Police, Jason Tate brought it to the intention of all of his lower ranking officers who all decided to laugh and scoff at said dude's use of a keyboard. Seriously guys? Get off of your high horse and get off Jason Tate's dick, IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET.

That's all for now. I might add stuff that I forgot later. If a staff member sees this, I'll probably get banned. If users see this, I'll probably get attacked for my spelling and grammar because I didn't proofread this. Oh well. Fuck you.
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