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neverknew79's Blog

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neverknew79's Blog
11/05/09 at 07:37 PM by neverknew79
Since the two Warped Tours I attended over the summer....
I've probably been to about 10 or more shows.
I lost track and obviously haven't been making any blog entries.

Let's just say the shows I've had the most fun at were The Status shows.
I love my boys.
I miss you!
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WARPED - CAMDEN 7/17/09 & OCEANPORT 7/19/09
11/05/09 at 07:33 PM by neverknew79
CAMDEN, NJ - 7/17/09
Susquehannah Bank Center

Saw :
Breathe Carolina
The Goodnight anthem
The Scenic
Dear and the Headlights
Meg and Dia
Escape the Fate
Less Than Jake
Jeffree Star
The Millionaires
There For Tomorrow
In This Moment
Monty Are I
Bad Religion
Big D and the Kids Table
Hit the Lights

The Scenic
There For Tomorrow

OCEANPORT, NJ - 7/17/09

The Maine
Meg and Dia
Monty Are I
Less Than Jake
There For Tomorrow
Black Tide
Hit the Lights
Big D and the Kids Table

Less Than Jake
The Blackout
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AP Tour 09 & NFG/BAYSIDE Tour
11/05/09 at 07:32 PM by neverknew79
4.18.09 & 4.25.09
Philly shows.
(Croc Rock & Troc)

Set your Goals
New Found Glory

Went around Philly with Allie a few hours before the show. Got to hang with Spencer, Harmony, Niki, and Anne from Long Island. Parking was redic though - $27. The show was amazing even though I only knew Bayside's stuff. SYG was good. I wasn't too into them before but after seeing them, I took a liking to 'em.

4/25/09 - AP Tour
A Rocket to the Moon
Hit the Lights
Family Force 5
The Maine

Walked around South Street with Kristan for awhile. Met a creepy parking guy - real creppy. Got pooped on all over by a pigeon waiting in line [had to wash my head in a sink at Starbucks]. Met Hit the Lights before the show and got a signed poster. I only knew ARTTM's songs and a few HTL songs but the show was amazing[minus The Maine]. They will always suck. I already liked 3OH!3 but didn't know their lyrics. I've disliked FF5 for a looong time but not so much anymore because they are so much fun =]. Met Nick Santino from ARTTM after the show.
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11/05/09 at 07:30 PM by neverknew79
THE STATUS - 3/07/09 & 3/13/09

Two words: THE STATUS

Most fun band you will probably ever meet in your life
[if you're lucky enough too].
I had two great nights in these past two weeks.
They played all songs I knew at both shows.

We hung out after the first show for awhile and were going to go to Sheetz but the GPS went nutz-o in Kristan's car so we left for home. The second show we went to Denny's afterwards with the band and a group from New York [they were fun]. The manager at Denny's was giving us a hard time about our large grou [4 girls who weren't even 'with' us] but we managed to squeeze people in the booths. Poor Andy got half a seat.

So much stuff happened that I don't feel like going over details but I just wanted to post some pictures and talk about how great my day was last Saturday and tonight [well, last night] - excluding the fact I didn't get to see Tyler [which sucks].

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FTSK, Hit the Lights, Sing It Loud - 11/29/08
11/05/09 at 07:30 PM by neverknew79
Bought a bracelet. All I have to say.
My Worst Nightmare
Whoa Oh (Me vs. Everyone)
Believe Me, I'm Lying
[Jingle Bells]
Men In Black (Will Smith cover)
Hey Brittany
She's a Lady
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11/05/09 at 07:29 PM by neverknew79
Amazing show. Valencia sucked but The Status, The Matches, and Bayside were great! Just what I expected it to be =] It rained a little outside but luckily the front of the line was under a little roof haha. MEt 2 cool kids - one looked like Trace Cyrus from Metro Station but much better looking, and his girlfriend who was really funny. Some dude was there who looked like a short, chubbier, and not a gross Sonny Moore and he was absolutely hilarious. WE got there at 12 and doors opened at 7 but we walked around for a few minutes here and there. I had like 3 or 4 Valencia crowd surfers land on my head/neck/shoulders a few times so that kind of stank but it was worth it in the end.
The Matches had a great set list and actually played my favorite song, What Katie Said. I got their set list after they played. I also got one of the band's picks but I don't know who because the security guard gave the pick to me from off the floor. I got another pick from Anthony (Bayside). They had an amazing set list too. I went nuts. I was sort of pissed that I only kne a few lines to some the The Status' songs because I was learning the lyrics in the car on the ride to Philly and I learned all of the songs they were going to play and then when they played them, I blanked. Hopefully there will be a next time because I really fell in love with them after the show!

Bayside's set list (not in order):
Hello Shitty
The Walking Wounded
No One Understands
Carry On
They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns
The Ghost of St. Valentine
Don't Call Me Peanut
Landing Feet First
Blame It On Bad Luck
Devotion and Desire (encore)
an NOFX cover (encore)
The Matches' set list (in order):
Point Me Toward the Morning
Their City
Sunburn Vs. the Rhinovirus
What Katie Said
Salty Eyes
Didi (My Doe Part 2)
Sick Little Suicide
Wake the Sun
Yankee in a Chip Shop
Papercut Skin
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We the Kings 8/27/08
11/05/09 at 07:28 PM by neverknew79
...more than a year late with this...

[Wed. 8/27/08] It was a great show! To sum it up, Caitlin and Gloria left early but Caitlin came back to take me home. I chilled with Erin most of the night. They played all the songs I knew (only six though - bummer).

I saw some pretty lame kids but met some pretty cool ones. Erin and I stormed through the crowd at the end of the night and even though it only lasted a few seconds and played a very minor part in my amazing night, it was fun. Hunter's guitar fell on my head and now I have a bump - he kissed it too haha.

The opening bands (The Apathy Euglogy, The Riot, Kingsfoil) sucked - minus Kingsfoil. They sound exactly like they do on the album live.
Things to remember:
- Travis wore an Nsync shirt which I think I used to have at one point.
- I'm glad I got to see them front row for once instead of getting mauled by little girls in the middle of the crowd [like at Warped].
Skyway Avenue
Secret Valentine
All Again for You
Stay Young
Check Yes, Juliet
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07/28/08 at 01:38 AM by neverknew79
Camden, New Jersey
Susquehanna Bank Center
Friday July 25, 2008

Kristan got me at 7, we left for the highway, following the GPS and got to Philly safely. Towards the end of town I guess, the road we were supposed to turn on, wasn't a road, so we kept driving and the GPS had to keep recalculating. We finally got to the parking lot, but had to pay 20-fricking-dollars for a spot. We got all our stuff and left for the entrance a few blocks away. We walked through the loose crowd and got pretty close to the gates - which was good. We chilled for an hour or something like that and then went in to find the band schedule. We wrote down the times for the bands and what stages they would be at on our hands and then we chilled for what seemed like forever. It was blazing hot but it was breezy so it was duable. I bought shirts before I saw anyone play because I wanted to make sure I got my t-shirt size, but I was having a hard time making decisions (I could tell I was making the Forever the Sickest Kids' merch guy mad haha). Lots of random stuff happened the rest of the day: we stole some posters, we kept seeing the guys from Scenes and Sirens, we met the new bassist from Just Surrender, and we ran into Eva. There was a good amount of time inbetween bands too so we spent that time hanging around some more. Once we started going to watch bands play, things seemed to be going along quicker, and more fun. The sets and areas were good despite the fact the Forever the Sickest Kids' stage was a truck and became the landing spot for a million crowd surfers. I was introduced to some pretty good bands I've never heard of and some...not so good. We also saw a lot of **** walking around but that didn't stop us from having a good time. Forever the Sickest Kids was much better then We the Kings but I think that might have been because I was up front - I'm not sure though because there were some downpoints to their set. They were both really really good though. We got lost leaving the venue at the end of the night but we got home alright anyways. I listened to bands in the car that I've heard of but never felt like listening to before which makes me mad I didn't get into some of them sooner because they were pretty decent. The day was a blast (minus the sunburn and the amount of money I spent). I better be going next year!! This weekend was probably the highlight of my summer. First Warped Tour, then Hershey Park the next day, and then mine and Tyler's two-year anniversary today yesterday (can you believe it?! I can).

Bands Seen:
Beat Union
Set Your Goals
Eyes on the Prize
Between the Trees
Madina Lake
The Audition
Charlotte Sometimes
Forever the Sickest Kids
We the Kings
Every Avenue
Just Surrender

Bands Met:
Scenes and Sirens
Between the Trees
Floral Terrace
New bassist from Just Surrender

Things Bought:
"We the Kings Owns Your Face" t-shirt ($20)
"Forever the Sickest Kids" t-shirt ($20)
2 "Boobies" bumper stickers ($1)
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07/12/08 at 02:27 PM by neverknew79
w/ Alkaline Trio & The Fashion
Chameleon Club

The show was more than I could have hoped for! (Even though the best show from Bayside I could ever ask for would obviously be all of my favorite songs by them.) But from 3 months of strong anticipation, they brought it all last night.

Blame It on Bad Luck, Walking Wounded, They're Not Horses They're Unicorns, Carry On, I Think I'll Be Okay (new song), Duality, Montauk, Hello Shitty, and Devotion and Desire.

Great song line-up. I loved it.

Although I didn't know Montauk (even though it's old) or the new song (obviously), I couldn't stand not jumping up and down all night - hence the reason for my leg cramps during the night and at work the next day haha

None the less I am super stoked for the new album and I really hope to see Bayside again soon!

Ant | Nick

Chris | Jack
Tags: bayside, alkaline trio, the fashion, lancaster, chameleon club
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