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Take This To Your [Headphones]
"how the thoughts in my head go, unfiltered"
07/30/13 at 11:06 AM by Miss Heartcore
"you wouldn't like me if you saw the inside of my head but you might love me anyway.
everyone sends everyone the same lyrics as though they were written exactly for their hearts. but they weren't.
they were written because someone had a mortgage to pay."

- pete wentz

Just feeling all sorts of attached to this today.
Tags: pete wentz, blogs, journals, real life, personal life,
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So Surprised, So Forgettful
05/07/13 at 08:40 AM by Miss Heartcore
So, not to get all sappy and sad, but over the weekend I went to a surprise party for a family friend—put together by her kids who are my age—and was privy to some observations.

First of all, seeing someone truly and utterly surprised by a Surprise Party is emotionally overwhelming. Literally have to hold back your own tears because you just feel the shock and appreciation on their face. It’s a rare thing as it’s a mixture of astonishment and gratitude all at the same time.

Second of all, the father of the birthday woman has currently been trying to keep his own life going as he’s well into his 80s and is wheelchair bound since he lost his leg from Diabetes. Meanwhile, his wife of 50+ years is currently suffering through Alzheimer's Disease and is rapidly becoming a stranger to her family (and vice versa.) Not only can he no longer walk but, the the love of his life--who takes care of him--barely remembers him or anyone. It just got me to thinking how one day we will all grow old and if we’re lucky to find someone to spend forever with, that there’s a chance that one of us will have Dementia or Alzheimer's and everything we know as “normal” will become forgotten and either them or me will be a stranger to this life. Everything we shared between us will fade away, while the other struggles to be the constant reminder.

And I couldn’t help but think…”Is this all there is? To live to forget or be forgotten…but mostly both”?
Tags: personal life, aging, family, friends, birthdays,
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Waiting for your song
02/27/13 at 10:02 AM by Miss Heartcore
You know that storyline in the movie Michael with John Travolta where Dorothy Winters (Andie MacDowell) keeps trying to randomly sing on a whim but Michael keeps saying, “Not you, not yet” until they get to the bar with the best pies in the world and then he says, “Sing Dorothy, NOW.

Well I think that’s sort of where I’m at in my life right now.

Andie Macdowell in the pie bar finally ready to sing her song.
Tags: Michael, John Travolta, Andie MacDowell, Angels, Singing, Personal, PL, Life, Work,
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"So I guess this is growing up" Take VI
02/09/12 at 09:37 PM by Miss Heartcore
I'm staring at my bank account and trying to calculate my future.

Today my mom picked me up from work. I stepped into the car to see that she was in hysterics.
She claims she screwed up my deferment for my student loans because she's been so busy pretty much taking care of every other aspect of her life and our family. She just messed it all up.
My loans are about $20,000 and it might be time for me to start paying them. The loans are an amount because I basically took out every possible loan be able to attend college. This money doesn't even include the other loan I was paying off myself, which was about $1600. Right now if I put away $200 a month, it would take me about 8 years to pay it off. I'll be 35 years old.

I am falling into insanity at this point.
I'm trying not to panic. Not to cry.

This entire night has sent me on a search to see what other bills need to be paid.
I found the cable bill and the utilities bill. I'm setting up a place for them in my bank account so I can submit a bit of money each month to help my parents out.

I made a promise to myself to really pay my bills on time and to save money. I want a laptop and a new phone. I don't even know how any of this is possible anymore. Most of my money has to go to loans at this point. I'll see the money go, but barely any of it saved.

I'm saddened. I can't even say it enough.

I guess this is why people bet and they gamble. Why they go crazy.
Am I too young for this or is this normal?
Tags: bills, money, personal, life,
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Silence on the other end.
12/20/11 at 07:27 AM by Miss Heartcore
I'm consistently reminded of all the second/third/fourth chances I gave others and how no one really ever gave me any...

It's frustrating. It's annoying. I'm sad I let it go on on for so long.
Tags: Friends, relationships, life, personal,
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Champage Dreams
12/01/11 at 04:08 PM by Miss Heartcore
I've been on a roller coaster of emotions the past month or so because of issues with work. It seems as though, even with 3 years put into a job, you're still considered replaceable. Whether or not things were said in the heat of the moment, it makes for an uncomfortable work environment for sure. With this recent development, it makes it pretty hard to get up in the mornings to go to a place that makes you feel so unwanted. I need to find the right direction for myself, but I'm not sure how to do it.

Other than that, there were some hard times dealing with a boyfriend on tour and the different time zones and coming second to the band he works for, but I was thankful to see him for 3 nights during that period of time and then a week together during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Long distance relationships aren't a cake walk, but they can work if both people are clear and vocal with their wants and needs and respectful towards those things. You have to take each day at a time.
With that being said, I had an amazing week with my boyfriend and wouldn't trade those moments and memories for anything in the world. This week reminded me of how grateful I am for this relationship and having him in my life. Of course there are ups and downs, but you have to know how and when to compromise. Pick your battles. Cherish the little things. Always be creative and willing to try new things. Be considerate. Be yourself.

With that being said, it's unbelievably hard to wake up alone after spending a week waking up in someone else's arms. Maybe one day I won't have to wake up alone anymore.

Until then, I have my friends, and technology to keep in contact and keep me busy...not to mention this bottle of champagne at my desk.

Tags: Thanksgiving, relationships, love, life, personal,
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Well I hope you try to find me, I'm all spun and pacing...
09/19/11 at 11:34 AM by Miss Heartcore
Forget your problems
Lay it down, they start up
The innocence of what you are is what I want
I've ran my colors dripped down and drained out
Tried a million things, but my heart's been shot

Well I hope you try to find me, I'm all spun and pacing

I know what you want to say here, so say it
Forget the words speaking
Just want to rearrange so I'll just say it

I really miss you, miss you, say

Smile at the chance just to see you again
I really miss you miss you say
Yeah Yeah Yeah
- "Miss you" | Foster the People

"What if I was actually secretly a millionaire and I had houses all over the place and a yacht and you had no idea...and I haven't told you because I wanted to see if you really liked me for the right reasons and you weren't in it for the money." He asked playfully.

I swerved my chair back and forth in thought before replying, "...I think I'd be pretty pissed at you."

"What!" He explained not receiving the answer he was looking for. "Why??"

"Well because...given the amount of time we spend apart because of money...why would you make me suffer like that?"

"Ohhhh, you think you're the ONLY one who suffers?" He questioned, not at all amused.

I fell silent and shifted anxiously in my seat.

He continued with a mixture of frustration and confidence, "Because I wish I could wake up next to you EVERY day."

I felt a smile twitch at the corner of my lips and whispered, "I want that too."

It was all I needed to hear. I could feel my heart swell and ache. I wished that he was more than a phone call away and just right in front of me because in the moment I would have wrapped my arms around him and not let go.
Tags: relationships, boys, love, life, personal, Foster the People,
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careful steps
08/09/11 at 09:58 PM by Miss Heartcore
i don't understand how people can claim that they don't have any regrets.
even with certain mistakes that i've made, that clearly have led me to a better place in the long run, i still feel regret.

and every so often i'm wondering what i'll regret out of these current moments.
which aspect of my life is going to crash and burn.
there truly is no certainty for any of it.

i think i fear failure more than i fear death.
probably because i confront it so often.
Tags: Relationships, Life, Personal
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and this passing time.
07/25/11 at 06:08 PM by Miss Heartcore
the other night I drove past my grandparent's house and saw two cars in the driveway--my grandfather's large truck and the Cadillac my Nonna owned while she was alive.

I thought back to when my mom, with a quivering lip, told me that my grandfather officially had to take the keys away from my Nonna. She was getting too old to drive and he had a clear enough head to make that decision for her. She would never drive herself anywhere again.

My grandfather is approaching his mid-80's, but he only just retired this year for medical practice. He's pretty self capable between tending to his giant garden or taking care of his dog or going hunting or sailing his boat. However, it was was my Nonna who started to slip first. She worked up until a certain point, but with six kids spread out over 15 years, she eventually became the doctor's housewife. She volunteered around town and was the famous local artist in the area, constantly in the newspaper for her talents. Eventually smoking got the best of her and let Emphysema take her lungs and old age take her mind. Trips to the hair dresser or the food store or to the shore became difficult for her. She started to travel with a friend and then she eventually was escorted by family members.

I think about that day a lot. The day when someone had to make a life changing decision for her. She probably barely noticed. At that point she was having normal days and flighty days. She'd either be very aware or childlike, not really focused on things going on around her.

I think was saddens me the most is that one day that might happen for me--The day that I may no longer remember how to do some simple things as driving or using the phone or making dinner. There will come a time when our kids will get the best of us. We stop remembering how well we played the game. They'll whisper to their friends, "They won't know the difference" or perhaps, "They have no clue what's going on." And maybe we won't. Rationality eventually gets the best of us and soon imagination drifts away as fast as our youth did. We'll have grandkids and mix up their names, possibly with out own kid's names. They'll stamp their feet in frustration or just roll their eyes and not bother to correct us.

Isn't it strange how with age we are supposed to become smarter, wiser but it lasts only briefly until we return to a childlike state? I fear it. I fear aging and loss of imagination. Of growing up and forgetting the tricks and ideas of youth. Of the desire to be better than those who came before me. I want to hold on to it and keep it forever. But we can't. Time is always passing.
Tags: Personal, Life,
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Forging Forward.
05/10/11 at 04:06 PM by Miss Heartcore
I'm down to blogging once a month. I guess it's true what they say...when things finally fall into place, you're less inspired to write. It's the heartbreak that keeps us spilling our guts.

Sometimes I think of things to blog and then the thoughts dissipate as quickly as the way they came in. I'll try and work on that. This blog was supposed to be more about the music than my personal life anyway.

As for a recap of what's been going on:

Bamboozle came and went and it was much better than last year. Saw The Movielife, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars, and the TAYF TBS Lineup for the first time ever -- all had truly awesome moments and I remain a fan.

Watching my favorite album played in it's entirety by one of my favorite bands with some of my closest friends was surreal. It greatly hurt my heart that Adam Lazzara took the stage whilst sick and with little to no speaking/singing voice. Thankfully I was with people who sang every word loud enough to make it an enjoyable experience.
Extra Bonus Points: Spending last week with AbsolutePunk's favorite Aussie: KissTheBottle. It's been two years since we've hung out and this was under much better circumstances. I miss him already.

I plan on traveling in the next few months: 1 stop to Florida, Two stops in Georgia. Though I hate airplanes now more than ever, I'm excited. I like the feel of new places and food and the warm sun. I'm especially excited for summer.

As for shows, I saw Young The Giant in Brooklyn last month and was blown away. It was something that I almost backed out of last minute and I'm glad I didn't. What a perfect show that didn't even include an encore. I highly encourage you to check them out. I'm wondering if anything will top that this year.

Next wee I see Sleigh Bell for the first time since Free Fest last fall and I'm ready to dance my face off.

I guess in many ways life is still the same. I have endless bills and a list of materialistic items that I really want to buy. Family and friend struggles come and go.
Work is work....it has it's ups and downs. I just wish it would allow me to grow more. I'm three years older and I'm still doing the same work. I wish something would come along that would lead me to the next step. At least we still share some laughs, good food, and occasional adventures. So...there's that.

Nothing in life is perfect or certain, but sometimes you meet some who allows you to feel that that's possible down the line. I'm happy in that aspect. I waited a long time for something like this to come along...to be able to feel this way for someone and feel it back in return. Of course at times I'm deathly afraid that life is going to play a cruel joke and ruin it all, but for now, I'm happy.
I don't miss the heartache. Some of it got me to this place and I can't hold a grudge, but other instances I truly wasted my time and emotions for no reason. I refuse to go back to that place. I must forge forward.

Next blog will be more of my old style. I hope everyone is well or at least trying to get to a point of great achievement.

More soon.
Tags: Relationships, Boys, Family, Music, Bamboozle, Personal, Life
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Dismantle, Repair. Repeat.
03/09/11 at 02:57 PM by Miss Heartcore
I can follow you

Your heart beats just like I wanted it to

And you want it to

I can follow you.

- Young the Giant

I think things are going okay right now. I think I've found a legitimate reason to smile nearly every day.
I'm re-building.

In the last two years, I really had lost myself. I constantly felt like I was drowning...being swallowed up by negative influences around me. I kept trying to swim to the surface, but I was only able to tread water for so long. I didn't recognize who I was. I hated how I looked. I hated my daily routine. I felt like I was losing touch with friends. I got involved with guys that broke me down and drama that still stings to this day. I felt like person who normally lit up a room had had her spark burned out. I think I reached a point where I nearly had lost everything that, at one time, made me feel alive and invincible. It is only when you have lost it all, that you truly have everything to gain. Two or three times in my life I've gone through a serious personal overhaul. I ultimately shed the wounded, broken version of my former self, only to fix myself for the better.

Perhaps it sounds trite, but, I'm trying to make things work. I'm in my mid-twenties and it's time to start solidifying my strengths and abilities while still managing to enjoy this little thing called youth. Of course there are the ups and downs: health issues, family issues, friend issues, relationship issues, money issues. There are nights when I can't sleep and days when it takes every ounce of my existence to get out of bed. Nothing is truly perfect...perhaps just ideal at times. But that's just how it is. Ups and downs molding and shaping us. The bad showing us what the good really looks like and the good making us forget, even for a moment, what the bad is really like. So I'll try and take it all in, as best as I can. One day at a time.

I'm no optimist, just someone who's currently inspired.
Tags: young the giant, friends, relationships, family, personal, life,
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your fear is your own demise.
01/24/11 at 08:48 PM by Miss Heartcore
I'm afraid to be happy with someone

I have to say it now or the fear inside me will truly manifest itself into something dangerous.

I am truly afraid to let my guard down.

I don't quite know why it's come to this, but it exists. I'm scared for myself. I'm scared to open to break down the walls, To invite someone in. Yet, I sit on the other side feeling afraid, lonely, and resentful.

I want people to come in, but I can't seem to open the door. Instead, I pace and worry and overthink it all.

But unexpectedly someone comes along, unlike the others. He is a rarity. Someone who represents what little good still exists in the world. He waits outside my window.

I feel immense fear. I am constantly haunted by the past and how it broke me down, forcing me to build these walls.
If I never try, if I never talk about it, then maybe nothing will go wrong.
The fear is raising up inside, paralyzing me. Preventing me from moving forward.

It wasn't always bad. There were some good ones. Some that never wanted or intended to leave. They opened their hearts to me, but I eventually turned them away. I was bored. I couldn't feel it in the way that they needed.

And then there were the bad ones. The truly bad. The ones that took my trust, my heart, and my light and burned it out as fast as they were able to take it.
They wore masks of a good thing and by the time I realized that it was a facade, it was too late. There were usually casualties from it--Lost friends and confidence that I could never get back.
And me...I was hurt worst of all.

I don't know what's become of me.
I feel tension rising in my chest. I can't break down the walls. I don't know if I'm strong enough to handle another mask. And yet, I've had the good before at some point---the best life can offer. So happiness can't possibly be non-existent...Why can't I just let him in and take a chance? Maybe this is everything that I ever wanted.

He waits patiently as he offers smiles and kind words--Words and feelings that I haven't heard or felt in years. I try and smile back, the anxiety rising in my chest. I hope he doesn't notice. I hope he is truly one of the good ones.

I want to believe. I want to open the door. I want to experience the good.
Because this is my time. I've waited long enough.
Tags: Relationships, Life, Personal
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Relevancy & a Lack of Love
12/15/10 at 11:15 PM by Miss Heartcore
this thing was the reason I met you
and you are the reason I wrote the words
and it is the reason we are ruined.
It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.
I'm guessing that if you looked up jealousy in the dictionary- there would be a picture of me.

- wentz

I miss these entries.
They were the only thing that used to keep me sane.

This is relevant. This is me.
This is what I couldn't say to you.
Tags: pete wentz, journals, writing, personal, life, love,
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I'm fairly certain
11/30/10 at 11:03 PM by Miss Heartcore
that Dashboard Confessional wrote a song about situations like this.

(Or maybe it was Taking Back Sunday?)

Either way, it's still real.

People change. People adapt. People morph into anything other than what you really need them to be, what you expect them to be.

And yet, you're still standing alone, wondering why it didn't pan out in the simple format you had mapped out in your mind.

Are they that clueless or are your expectations just that high?

Maybe this is life's way of doing you a favor....

Adaptation and Evolution.

Survival of the fittest.

Survival of the most worthy.
Tags: Relationships, Life, Personal
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What's Wrong with Us?
08/25/10 at 11:26 AM by Miss Heartcore
I stumbled upon an excellent article about this generation of people in their 20s and why they just can't seem to get it together.

Great read:

What Is It About 20-Somethings?
Published: August 18, 2010
They move back in with their parents. They delay beginning careers. Why are so many young people taking so long to grow up?


Tags: Age, Personal, Growing Up, Life
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