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Music Mends Broken Hearts
High-School Tunes: 3 Minutes Songs Are Too Long
08/20/11 at 11:11 AM by Jason Tate
I basically put everything I could think of that I was listening to in high-school into a playlist. Why? Because why not.

I know I probably missed quite a bit of stuff, but trying to think of stuff from that far back is hard, and makes me feel old. Soo, um, here's a walk down memory lane. Hit up the replies and give me some other suggestions of stuff I probably was listening to -- or you were.

Tags: music, playlist, rdio
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Rdio One Year Anniversary Playlist
07/31/11 at 10:57 AM by Jason Tate
For Rdio's one year anniversary -- we were asked to put together a playlist of our favorite songs we "discovered" this past year. The staff and I had a whole lot of fun with this one. I'm putting it here first, and then I'll make a news post about it next week. Some great stuff to check out.

Tags: music, playlist, rdio
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Just a Blog
03/09/11 at 01:08 PM by Jason Tate
The Rdio application for OSX is insane. I have only opened iTunes to play some songs Rdio doesn't have yet (Thursday, Man Orch, you know ...) but beyond that: I'm in love. If they ever put in an option to merge my computer tunes with this -- it will be the only program I'd need for music. Hell, it would be such a killer app I'd buy other products (Roku, sonos, etc.) just so I could use Rdio. Ok, how do I invest in these guys? Get the app here.

I'm working on search stuff on the new AP.net today. I've got it working about 300% faster than before, and only need to fix up a few more small things before I can cross it off my list.

Listen to: "Make It Stop (September's Children)" by Rise Against.
Tags: rdio, recommendation, inside ap.net
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Best of 2010 Playlist
12/17/10 at 09:59 AM by Jason Tate
I'm still working on my "top albums" of 2010 list at the moment. It's almost done, some ordering and peering at staff lists is still needed to make sure I don't forget anything. Because, seriously - I always forget something. But while you're waiting for that feature, I've put together a playlist on rdio full of songs from the artists that appear on my list. Not all of the artists on my list are in rdio's catalog -- but it did a pretty damn good job actually. Hmm, you know, this got me wondering how easy it would be to ... (hold that thought)

... yep, there we go - embedable rdio players.
Tags: rdio, end of the year, recommendation
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RDIO Invites
06/23/10 at 09:44 PM by Jason Tate
I've got 20 @rdio invites - hit me up (in the replies) with your email addy if you want one. First come first serve.
Tags: rdio
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First Take: Rdio.com
06/22/10 at 10:00 AM by Jason Tate
I've been pretty vocal with my love for Spotify. With it not being in the United States (yet), I've been trying out other options to see if there was anything that piqued my interest. People recommended a bunch of stuff - but nothing quite hit the homerun I was looking for. However, I am pleased to say that after giving Rdio a try for the past week ... we have a stand-up triple.


1) Great web interface. Works great, easy to use, easy to integrate with twitter/facebook/lastfm. Sharing is a breeze. Clean design. Cool features. Recommended artists and "radio" work well (found a few new bands).

2) Blackberry App. This app alone, almost, makes it worth the $9.99 monthly fee. For some reason, although it has the largest marketshare, the Blackberry gets overlooked with apps on a lot of products (Hey, Mint.com - I'm looking at you!). It's awesome to see a service releasing an app for the blackberry (they have an iphone one too - with android coming soon). The app is fantastic. I used to walk the dog with my phone in one pocket, my ipod in the other - no reason to do that anymore. I can access basically anything I'd want to listen to. Sync to mobile is awesome too.

3) Quality. The streams sound great.

4) Stats. I love all the stats about songs, artists, what people I'm following are listening to - etc.


1) Desktop app. It sucks. However, it's built to be a web application (which I can respect) - even though having an extra browser window open all day is a little strange - I can get used to it.

2) Catalog. While extensive, it's missing quite a bit as well. Building the catalog is priority #1 for them - and it should be. As it grows ... the service becomes more valuable. It's the one thing keeping me from being 100% behind this ... there are some things that just aren't available. If you are a distributor, aggregator, or label and would like to have your catalog available on Rdio, please contact them.

3) Duplicates. A few times I searched for an artist and the same album came up multiple times - I'm sure this is just a bug at the moment, but it's essential that the catalog works as it should. Spotify does a great job keeping their catalog clean, extensive, and up to date.


If they fix up a few things, keep their catalog growing ... this will be a fantastic product. Really social. Really crisp. Something I'd use on a daily basis (and would pay the $9.99 per month for mobile/web unlimited access). Spotify needs a blackberry app -- Rdio needs Spotify's desktop app + catalog. It'll be easier for Spotify to win my heart ... but if they take forever to get over here, you may see me more and more on Rdio. Especially since I don't like MOG or Grooveshark.
Tags: rdio, review
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