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Drew Beringer
Favorite Bands
The National, Touché Amoré and everything in between
Favorite Books
Everybody Hurts, Agatha Christie, To Kill A Mockingbird, 1984, Brave New World, others.
Favorite Movies
Garden State, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (U.S.), The Social Network, The Dark Knight, and There Will Be Blood
Favorite TV Shows
Mad Men, Archer, Community, Parks & Recreation, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, Louie, Sons of Anarchy
Personal Note
I write reviews here at AP.net. I know I'm not the best writer here, but I put a lot of passion into what I write.
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02:00 AM on 04/16/15
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you're the best writer now.
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01:59 AM on 04/16/15
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05:10 AM on 01/05/15
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05:46 AM on 12/13/14
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Hellow Drew

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03:42 AM on 09/08/14
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Hello Drew Beringer , nice to met you

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11:09 AM on 08/08/14
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Hellow Drew

08:43 PM on 01/27/14
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adipa's Avatar
Nice Avatar...
12:57 PM on 01/22/14
Registered Member
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poppunkwayo's Avatar
nice avatar, drake killed it on SNL
07:43 PM on 09/01/13
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Jason Tate
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Posting on your wall from mobile. Needed to test this.
09:12 AM on 01/13/12
Frank McGinnis
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frankmcginnis's Avatar
You probably get tons of these, so to the point I go. Dig your reviews. Want one. Please listen to my album and conisder giving me one. Generally similar to City and Colour. Download it free here--> timetravels.bandcamp.com (keep in mind first song is supposed to sound broken). Thank you.
09:07 PM on 11/20/11
i like trains
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10:03 AM on 04/26/11
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Hi Drew,

My name is Harold McCummings and I'm the guitarist/keyboardist of Fall Of The Albatross, a progressive metal band from Queens, NY that incorporates everything from jazz/funk to latin elements with hardcore breakdowns and tech metal spasticity. I was reading through the reviews section and I came across your review of the new Protest The Hero cd. I thought it was a great review and I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a review for 'Entanglement' the new Fall of the Albatross EP. If you like Protest, I think you'll have quite a bit to say about Fall of the Albatross. I have included a link to a free download of the EP at the bottom of this message. It doesn't come until May 18th, but I want you to hear it before the world gets it. Keep writing awesome stuff bro!

04:59 PM on 02/22/11
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hey i noticed you have the go radio lucky street cd do you think you could send it to my email. Arush4644@aol.com
07:10 PM on 10/30/10
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Go Listen To Good Charlotte's Cardiology Now And Make Sure U Write A Review About Them Hahaha
am i the only person in the world who hates bon iver and all hipster music in general? its so whiny, no beat and just flat out sucks.
This statement is incredibly myopic and arrogant, even for you. What you mean to say is "These are the bands I spend the entire year posting news an opinions about." Which is true. But what about staffers like Eda, Kyle H., Broden, Dre, Drew B? While they might not all have had Bon Iver as high on their lists (Eda is pretty cool on the album), it's much more in line with the music THEY post about, diligently, all year than TWY, Transit or other pet bands of yours. Trivializing anything that doesn't fit your rubric is incredibly disrespectful to the work those staffers do (for which some of them already feel sadly underappreciated), not to mention comically ignorant of the expansion of tastes that has happened on this site in the last few years. Which is something bands you worship (The Horrible Crowes), have benefitted from, too, since they don't necessarily stand as poster boys for what the "ap sound" used to be. By basic logic, the #1 would have to be something that appeals across the spectrum of the staff, and thus is inherently representative of "what this site's about." And if you're not about a diversity of tastes and opinions outside of your own personal tastes, what the fuck are you doing as a music critic? For "12 months of the year" the staff on this site covers an increasingly broad range of music. Open your eyes.
Originally Posted by Craig Owens
hi drew! i guess we're in love then? because the feeling is mutual brother!

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