Lizzie Tripolitis

Favorite Bands
Ace Enders & A Million Different People, City and Colour, A Cursive Memory, The Dear Hunter, Deerhunter, Dirty Heads, Cage The Elephant, Empires, Enter Shikari, Envy On The Coast, Florence & The Machine, fun., Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, The Hush Sound, Isles and Glaciers, Jack Johnson, Jefferson Airplane, Nick Jonas & The Administration, KiD CuDi, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Manchester Orchestra, Maroon 5, Meg & Dia, mewithoutyou, Mika, Panda Bear, Pavement, Portugal. The Man, Regina Spektor, Selena Gomez & The Scene, She & Him, Smashing Pumpkins, The Spill Canvas, Spring Awakening, Jack's Mannequin, The Starting Line, Sublime, 311, Sufjan Stevens, Valencia, Why?, 3OH!3, The Used, Bright Eyes, Janice Joplin, You, Me, And Everyone We Know, Taking Back Sunday, Hellogoodbye, The Academy Is…, Something Corporate, The Blue October, The Cure, Fiona Apple, Houston Calls, The Killers, Socratic, Van Morrison, +44, Death Cab For Cutie, Guster, Simon and Garfunkle, Muse, The Get Up Kids, Bette Midler, Blink 182, Lydia, Backstreet Boys, Silversun Pickups, Secondhand Serenade, Say Anything, Nightmare Of You, Brighten, Hot Hot Heat,
Favorite Books
Harry Potter Series, Jane Eyre,A Certain Slant Of Light,Skellig,Inkspell,Inkheart,The Ice Queen, The Great Gatsby, In Cold Blood, Ethan Frome, The Shining, Cell, Twilight, New Moon, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs; A Low Culture Manifesto, The Dante Club, A Great And Terrible Beauty, White Noise, The Handmaid's Tale, Wuthering Heights, Anne of Green Gables
Favorite Movies
The Breakfast Club, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Weird Science, Girl Interrupted, Mean Girls, Princess Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, RENT, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Across The Universe, Rushmore, Cloverfeild, Hairspray, Cry Baby, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Harold and Maude
Favorite TV Shows
Scrubs, That 70's Show, Family Guy, Glee, House, JONAS, Chuck
huh lizzie orlly: It's so sad that I want to be older just so people will take me seriously on absolutepunk.
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07:12 AM on 08/31/08
vegas skies
Thinking Underage.
User Info.
vegas skies's Avatar
Ahhhh! :)
When he was singing 'Checkmarks', I put my hands into a heart and he pointed and smiled at me!!!
Then he kept looking over at me the rest of the time he was on stage!
Do you like Cobra Starship? Because I have a video of Gabe pointing to me there too. :P
Who else did you see?
06:21 PM on 08/30/08
vegas skies
Thinking Underage.
User Info.
vegas skies's Avatar
Hahahahaha, love them both. But, I love Burn the Merch.
Or The Pause Button. And you gotta love Fury In Philly part 1&2.
Did you go to Warped?
01:26 PM on 08/30/08
vegas skies
Thinking Underage.
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vegas skies's Avatar
Haha, aww.
But, so worth it.
What's your favorite one?
05:44 PM on 08/24/08
vegas skies
Thinking Underage.
User Info.
vegas skies's Avatar
Hahahahaha, I like yours too! (:
The Academy Is... is my most favorite band ever! :D
07:19 AM on 07/11/08
soft dick rock
User Info.
sargentlgfuad's Avatar
no problem.
thankx for stickin up for them.
i never understood why people take the time to even click on the post, when its a band they don't like, just to write something stupid down.
but not you.
04:13 PM on 12/27/07
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No Avatar Selected
so what are you gonna do?
seems like the whole thing, kinda, really hurts you.
do you talk to him a lot when ur over at their house?
03:53 PM on 12/26/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
so. does ur friend kno u like her brother?
.. does he know?
well. nothing much rly. as you probably would have guessed. we're on christmas break right now.
so.,. well. just chillin. lol.
05:42 AM on 12/25/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
heyy. whats going on`?
i just read your blog entry.
..iiiis. this the same guy. the one at school? ??
whats going on?



what have you been doing? :]
07:09 AM on 11/29/07
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No Avatar Selected
but heyy. eyecontact is always good. right!
somehow.. its gotta mean something?
does he look at you alot?

just got home from school.
didnt see him too much today.
seems his classes were cancelled or something like that.
so he got off at 10. and my class started at 9.50.
just saw him for a bit. and i managed to get something to make me a bit happy.
was sitting close to his locker. so he came and stood behind me for a bit. and then went up to his locker. and we managed to make some eyecontact.
i really am a dork.
just didnt feel like that was the time to say hey. you know. it just felt like. he was too far away. and somehow it didnt feel right. i want to have that feeling of. KABOOOM!!!!!
loll. :]
02:23 AM on 11/27/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
dude! what do you mean.
think they view all this shit soo much differantly than girls?
oh god. i need to know.
i mean. to be honest. i want to get how guys think.
that might sound soo lame. but for real.
its driving me mad.
how/what do you think they think about all this stuff?
02:29 PM on 11/23/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
oh yes!
and. oh how i wish for a little fairy to come into my world and bring me my true love in the coming week.(pleeease)
or.. just blow some fairydust all over him so he'll get some courage and come talk to me.

so. you're talking to the guy right. quite a lot?
does he flirt? at all.? i mean since you said you havn't got the slightest idea of how he feels. aren't there like.. any signs??
01:41 PM on 11/21/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
i get what you mean.. right.
but its like.. its not that easy.
he's a freshman - i'm a sophmore.
i just dont get that many chances to ever say something to him.
and i get really paranoid. like. i really get the feeling he feels something for me.
since he gives me these looks. and when he looks at me. his eyes. i dont know how to descibe it. but it gets me so happy. but i just dont know how to make the next move. since. i dont know i really dont know. i just feel like he's perfect for me. every kid around here. drinks and smokes right. i always feel like i'm the only one who doesnt. and i heard him say that he doesnt smoke. and just this monday. when i walked past. he blruted out something in the lines of 'drinking sucks'. but maybe i heard it wrong. but to be honest. i'm scared. i'm scared as hell. that one day he'll wake up go to school. and look at me and think 'its just not there anymore'. just cause we havn't spoken to each other.
and i keep thinking. i will be better off if i can say that first. if i can stop having feelings for him first. so i wont have to go through that pain. you know. i dont want to go through that kind of pain. i really cant do it. not again. but i really like liking him. i do. i like the feeling of happiness he brings when he looks at me. i just want this to stick. and i just want him to do something. about this. cause i dont belive that i ever will. and that thought really makes me sad. cause it's been two months. a bit more. and he doesn't seem to have any plans of doing anything either.
04:25 PM on 11/17/07
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No Avatar Selected
yeh. i know. but i'm really scared.
cause i really like this guy. it's kind of weird. since i havn't talked to him.
but i do. and i'm scared maybe he doesn't even give a shit about my existent.
but. i know. i have to take a chance right. to get somewhere.
but i dont know how to do this.
we've been giving each other looks for about two months now.
and i mean. if he were to like me as well. dont you think he would have done something about it right about now?
12:44 PM on 11/15/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
you know what!!
i just found out yesterday.. that my mom had bought that movie. Romeo and Juliet.
the new version. loll. she's so fucken cute thou!! !!!!
asking him to the Winter Ball!!!
oh my god!! you rock now man!!
you have to!! you soo have to!!
omgg. i wanna have the gutts to do something like that too.
i'm too shy to even talk to the guy i like. and its annoying as hell.
cause i'm not all that shy. but he really. i dont know. theres something about him.
maybe the fact that i like him. lol.
makes me scared that he might not feel the same. maybe?
but sometimes i think he likes me. he looks at me. not. you know the weird looks. or the normal looks. like he hasnt even noticed you. but the cute looks.
maybe i'm just imagining it. but it happens. yesterday it did. and today i didnt see him cause i didnt go to school. and tomorrow is friday. so then it's the weekends. it's been just about two months now that i've liked him. and i really really want to talk to him. but. taking the first step is.. just. i dont know. i just really love it when the guy makes that first move. you know.
11:05 AM on 11/12/07
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No Avatar Selected
no shit!!
omg. thats awsome!!! :3
have you guys talked more after that?!!! gotten him to talk to you more. i mean.. putting the lil shy-ness out of the way??
wuts going on??
i'm happy for you thou!! i mean. finally someone getting something good outta love right.
seems it ends up in tragedy more than making someone really happy.
oh gosh. i saw romeo and juliet today in school.
i hadn't seen it before. damn. it was rly cute. and the girl playing juliet. she was so cute!!
damn. i'm jelous of her.lol. :P
You've never been so divine in accepting your defeat.
And I've been more scared to be alone.
If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep,
then I'm puttin' out the lattern.
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