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Jason Tate 05/03/12 10:58 AM

Another Green Day Studio Update
Green Day have released another studio update. Check the replies.

Jason Tate 05/03/12 10:58 AM

Jmc323x 05/03/12 11:03 AM


abusedcat 05/03/12 11:25 AM

Rob Cavallo back behind the boards.
Butch Vig is IMO the best producer out there, but Rob is a much better fit.

DefendTheGenre 05/03/12 11:33 AM

It would be nice if Green Day made a good record this time around.

Just can't get behind the stuff they've been doing the last few years with the exception of the Foxboro Hot Tubs stuff.

CBKRP 05/03/12 04:25 PM

This new trilogy record their doing has about as much of a chance of being good as the song 21 Guns... (Awful)

Kerplunk_23 05/03/12 08:22 PM

Looking forward to hearing their new stuff.

PeeDster 05/04/12 05:47 AM

getting bored of these videos.

bNz719 05/05/12 09:17 AM

Looking forward to hearing new material.
Not sure what the point of these videos are though.