New Years Day - 04.26.07

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New Years Day - 04.26.07Thanks to Ashley from New Years Day for answering these questions and Deb from DL Management for setting this up!

Can you tell us your name and what you do in New Year's Day?

Hi Iím Ashley and I am the singer of New Years Day

Where are you located right now?
Iím in southern California, patiently waiting to leave for our next tour w/ Ozma in the next few days.

There are some people thatís still havenít heard of you guys, can you give us a quick history of the band?

What really started this band was a horrible break up I was going through. Someone had run over my heart with a monster truck, it was the most horrible break up to me at the time, so I turned to Keith (our guitarist) to cheer me up, I spent the night at his house and when I got there, there was Adam (our bass player), sleeping on his other couch, also because of a horrible break up. We watched chapelle show, drank beer from martini glasses cause that was all that Keith had, and played Tetris. Anything to keep our minds off the knots we had in our stomachs.

The next morning, I played Adam and Keith a song I had been working on outside in front of my car, right then and there we knew we wanted to make something of it, Adam started writing more and then all of a sudden, over night, we were new years day. It happened very fast but was very natural. We just wanted to make sense of everything we were going through, and it did, it helped all of us so much.

When New Years Day first hit the scene, there was a lot of buzz going around about your band. Do you think the fans still feel the same way about you guys? Why or why not?
We have changed so much in the last two years, we have grown as a band, and our music has changed. We have fans that have been with us since the first show, and they grow with us, and love the direction we have moved in. and if someone doesnít like it, we donít really hear about it. Not much has changed since the start except now more people to get hear of us now; we play for more people and are always getting new fans.

I remember attending your first ever show with Hellogoodbye, Steel Train, and Limbeck. How was the mood that night? Were you nervous?

Wow, our first show... no I donít think I was nervous at all, cause I had been in bands for years before and played chain probably almost 50 times before that show, but we were such a young band. We only had I think 5 songs to our name and we didnít really know yet where we wanted to take the music. I wasnít nervous, but the mood was kind of, all right, lets give em hell. We just wanted to play; at that point none of us had played shows for months. We werenít thinking anything too serious; we just couldnít wait to get new years day out and playing. That was a really fun show though. I was just showing a friend the video of our first show the other night, and we had a good laugh.

How did you guys hook up with TVT Records?
Iím pretty sure it went like this... Keith's became good friends with Leslie Simon of Ap magazine, who since has become a great friend of this new years day, one of her girlfriends, Gurj, worked at tvt, she passed our cd along and they checked us out, we liked them, they liked us and that was it. Iím really glad we are on tvt, I love the freedom they give the band and myself to follow the exact vision we have.

Why did it take so long for you to put our your full length?
We actually recorded the full length before we were signed, completely by ourselves in the bedroom of our good friend Eugene. We had to find time to do it in between jobs, pay for the equipment rentals ourselves, it took a really long time. Ever see the movie hustle and flow? Well it was like that, except less hookers and less ghetto. It was ghetto, but not THAT ghetto. It was just all of us in a little room, with whatever equipment we could afford, and getting excited every time one of us thought a rad new part to a song. We kept writing new songs that we liked more than old ones and adding them in. we just didnt want to put out something we werenít completely happy with. And we didnít have the money to print the cds ourselves. When tvt signed us we didnít change anything to the record. We kept it the same, didnít redo any songs, just had them mixed.

In your opinion, how is My Dear compared to the EP you put out last year?
The Ep is basically a tease. We wanted the ep to be a sort of prequel to the album. So itís very much like the way my dear is going to sound. Bouncy, fun and dark. Razor and I was right will both be on the album. Who we are is my favorite song to play, I think its my favorite song of ours ;] every time I sing it, I still think, man this is so true, who really does know who they are?

Was there a direction the band wanted to go in?
Yes definitely. I didnít know what direction it was. I just knew that I would
know when I got there. It took a long time, and a lot of songs that didnít make the album, to find exactly what we were feeling and what best expressed that. These songs are very honest and very much about breaking up. The lyrics in these songs are truly what goes through my mind, and the way I feel in relationships most of the time.

Are you guys fans of Ozma? How stoked are you to be going on tour with them?
I was so stoked when I got the news! I loved ozma in high school, I still do, but man, ozma was the band to love in high school, if you were a cool kid in 99-2003 you bet you listened to ozma. I'm just excited to watch them play every night.

What are your tour plans for the rest of the year?
After ozma we are joining the warped tour until the end of July and we are working on east coast tours right now. I'm so excited for warped tour! To me, it feels like an honor, in a sense, like i've made it. I never thought id be in a signed band and I definitely never thought id get far enough to be on the warped tour. I'm really happy with the way everything is moving right now.

I remember reading somewhere that you worked at Knott's berry Farm. Do you still work there and what was the worse job you've ever had?
What I do is not actually knotts berry farm, I work the month of October for Halloween Haunt. Its when they have all the haunted mazes during Halloween, Iím a vampire girl, naturally ;] Iíve been doing it for years, and its kind of an addiction, I love to scare people, I love to get paid to run around and act and jump out of hiding spots and get creative. Itís almost therapeutic. The worst job I ever had was painting faces at Disneyland, I worked outside during a heat wave for about a month and one day I just couldnít handle the heat anymore, and just left. Oh and being a waitress. The restaurant was cool; itís an old gas station from the 1930's in orange that was turned into this cute little restaurant. Didnít like working there though.

What's the best and worst thing each of you have done on New Year's Eve?
eesh. The best thing, lit off illegal fireworks we bought coming back home from tour and lighting them wrong, I ran away from the debris, tripped and fell, all my friends laughed at me, it was great. The worst, spent it w someone who didnít deserve my time. I broke up with my ex boyfriend on New Years Eve a few years ago, best new years eve EVER!

What are some bands you are currently into?

I am very much into MEW right now. Iíve been listening to them for years but never really considered myself a huge fan until we played south by southwest a few weeks back, we did an interview for the same people as them and were invited to see them play live for about 100 people. It blew me away. It changed the way I looked at performing live. Now its like i'm star struck with them!

Besides mew, i'm very very much into phoenix right now. I'm getting back into Dixie land music, and squirrel nut zippers actually put out an amazing album of great Dixie land rock. Kings of Leonís new record is amazing. Test your reflex and Lola ray...Iíve recently gotten into glassjaw again and the new killers record, which I didnít listen to for the longest time, but the boys play it a lot in the van and I actually really do love it, the sounds new album and taking back sundays new album. Sorry, I just love those kinds of questions!

Do you have any last words?
Come visit our Myspace, www.myspace.com/newyearsday thank you absolute punk and thank you for reading! Down with love!
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05:51 PM on 04/26/07
Whatsername is Rad
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06:58 PM on 04/26/07
Long Gone Before Daylight
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abusedcat's Avatar
glad to see my question was asked. great interview!
08:06 PM on 04/26/07
Bury Your Head
it aint easy being brown
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glad to see my question was asked. great interview!

Which one was that.
05:24 AM on 04/27/07
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popmusicisdead's Avatar
id never heard of this band before i dont think??? unless they're one of the bands that add me on myspace...or something. Anywho... my point is that was a good interview and it makes me wanna go check em out.
05:08 PM on 04/27/07
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
good interview. good questions and answers. flowed well.
03:54 PM on 05/28/07
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new years day is one of my fave bands and i agree some of the best things can come out of a bad break up

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