The Blood Brothers - 12.10.04

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The Blood Brothers - 12.10.04Interview with Jordan (vocalist) of The Blood Brothers (TBB) conducted by Scott Weber on Nov 12, 2004. Posted December 10, 2004.

Scott: How was the recording process different this time around than from your last album?

TBB: First off, we recorded it in Seattle rather than going down to L.A. for two months. That alone put us in a completely different head spaceóbeing at home, sleeping in our own beds, etc. John Goodmanson also has a different approach than Ross Robinson. To a certain extent, Ross played the role of motivator in the studio. John was more laid back. Heíd give great feedback, heíd get great performances, sounds, etc., but there was never that push that Ross likes to give.

Scott: Is there a specific reason Crimes is more toned down than your other three releases?

TBB: Not especially. It wasnít a contrived decision on our parts by any means. It was just what came out when we were writing. Iím much happier with the songs we wrote for this album compared with Burn. I feel like itís much more dynamic. The softer stuff makes the abrasive stuff feel that much more chaotic. The song writingís much more tasteful.

Scott: Do you have a favorite song on Crimes? (mine is Trash-Flavored Trash)

TBB: I like Crimes. Just the way it came about, so spontaneously--we wrote the vast majority of it in the studio in one sitting.

Scott: How did you guys end up on V2 records? Were there any other labels you were considering?

TBB: They wanted to do a record with us, and they were willing to make it a split release with Artist Direct (and vice versa), who changed their name to Radar. The two of them pretty much figured everything out. It was really the only option presented to us. We originally wanted to do the record with Matador, but Artist Direct wouldnít go for it. I wouldíve liked to have done that, be on an indie again. But weíre happy with V2. Theyíve shown a lot of respect for the things we want to do/donít want to do. We get along with the staff. All very nice people.

Scott: Have you concidered making another concept album like March On Electric Children?

TBB: No. Itís been done, you know? Itíd be weird to do it again.

Scott: What is your lyric writing inspiration?

TBB: For the new record, a lot of the songs were direct reactions, observations, criticisms of Bush Jr.& Co.ís war against Iraq and Afghanistan and the mass hysteria perpetuated by corporate media (mouth pieces of the administration). Thatís where Devastator and Celebrator came from. Teen Heat was about our record label, Artist Direct, who was causing us quite a bit of grief. Trash Flavored Trash was about the emptiness of news media. Feed Me to the Forest was just a picture of the hyper-industrialized times we live in. Those are a few examples, but itís kind of where our heads were at.

Scott: How do you feel about the Seattle hardcore scene? It seems like it's fading off a bit as pop-rock bands have been getting a lot of attention (aka Acceptance, Gatsby's American Dream). Do you think it's still alive and well, or has it gotten smaller?

TBB: I donít know. When I think of Seattle hardcore as a term to describe a certain scene, I automatically associated it with a specific time period. I think of what was going on when I was 15, 16. Thatís the point in my life when I felt most connected to hardcore, when hardcore was having an influence on me. So I donít know if itís faded out or if Iíve just moved on, or both. Everyone from those hardcore bands from 96 or 97 seems to be doing interesting things now. I think peopleís tastes just evolve as they get older. As for pop-rock bands, I donít really pay attention to that, so I wouldnít know.

Scott: Is Waxwing are planning on doing anything in the future?

TBB: Iím not sure. I canít imagine it happening, though.

Scott: There are rumors floating around about Johnny starting a side project. Is there any truth to this?

TBB: Yeah, heís working on a bunch of songs heís been writing and recording himself. Markís playing drums on some of his stuff, too. I havenít heard it yet, but Iím sure itís great. I think Dim Makís gonna put it out when heís done. Weíre in the middle of some time off right now, so all of us have stuff weíre working on.

Scott: What albums are you guys all listening to right now?

TBB: Sonic Youth, Sister
Unicorns, Who will cut our hair when weíre gone?
The Thermals, More Parts per Million
Ghostface Killah, Supreme Clientel
Talking Heads, 77
King Geedorah, Take me to your Leader
Liars, They were wrong so we drowned

Scott: What is the best show you ever played?

TBB: Thatís hard to say. The Sound Virus showcases at the Troubador and the Glasshouse a couple years ago were highlights. The last time we played Philadelphia (w/Against Me! And True North) was a lot of fun.

Scott: What would your dream tour lineup be (including yourself)?

TBB: Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gossip, Some Girls, Kill Me Tomorrow

Scott: What's your all time favorite song to play live?

TBB: Itís hard to have a favorite. Certain songs fulfill certain needs, moods, etc. You know? Like I get something completely different from Crimes than I do from Birth Skin. As a song that Iíll always have fun playing, thoughóprobably Trash.

Scott: On your site, you used to have a link that said "video" to a website called 'cauchemars.com' that had a video for 'ambulance vs. ambulance' that was pretty impressive, but it also had a link that said 'cecilia and the sihouette saloon - coming soon' but it never came, and now the link is gone! Will we ever be able to see this mysterious dissapearing video? (user submitted question)

TBB: I thought it was on the Strictly Amateur Films site. Maybe weíll put links to all our videos sometime.

Thanks to Jordan for taking the time to answer these questions.
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01:48 PM on 12/10/04
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AreTwoKay's Avatar
pretty sweet interview man
02:02 PM on 12/10/04
Brand New Shoe
I am Hollywood
User Info.
Brand New Shoe's Avatar
Scott Weber is my hero.
04:17 PM on 12/10/04
The Bled 13
User Info.
The Bled 13's Avatar
Hell yeah, The Unicorns are sweet.
02:41 AM on 12/11/04
Ambulance X
Where's ambulance Y?
User Info.
Ambulance X's Avatar
nicely done
08:07 AM on 12/11/04
User Info.
Hilikus's Avatar
nice, i like i like.
12:15 PM on 12/11/04
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
oh fuck i would so be at his dream show...some girls and yeah yeah yeah's, its going around that karen o and wes are doing a duet on the new some girls ep fuuuck
01:40 PM on 12/11/04
Columnated Ruins Domino
User Info.
serendipity's Avatar
that rules, but i still can't find the cecilia video anywhere!!!
10:37 AM on 12/12/04
beautiful lies
rockin and rollin
User Info.
beautiful lies's Avatar
jordan is so amazing
05:31 PM on 12/12/04
heres your fucking chorus
User Info.
oreo_emokid89's Avatar
so is johnny
01:35 PM on 12/24/04
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
dim mak is gonna release Black Cactus Chior!!!
08:06 AM on 12/31/04
Count Me Out
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em0_stars's Avatar
Originally Posted by AreTwoKay
pretty sweet interview man

i agree. I love the blood brothers.
09:10 PM on 01/01/05
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No Avatar Selected
Have any of you picked up the Blood Brothers limited edition color 7 inch of "Ambulance vs. Ambulance" yet? If not head on over to www.pointfivelimeyrecords.com to see what this release has to offer.

We are also carrying limited edition releases from the Mars Volta, Odd Nosdam, and many others!
12:17 AM on 01/09/05
die tonight
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deathgrin's Avatar
TBB yeah. darn good
12:08 PM on 03/08/05
Kyle Thrash
User Info.
Kyle Thrash's Avatar

i was at that philly show and god was it amazing.

ive seen the blood brothers two times and they are btoh my favorite shows of all time.

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