Forever Changed 12.13.05

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Forever Changed 12.13.05Well we'll start off by stating your name and duties in the band.

Ok. my name is Dan Cole and i sing and play guitar in the group

One of the main questions asked, has been if you do consider being a Christian band, and if it is an advantage or disadvantage to you?

Generally I tell people to call us a "Christian band" if it helps them come to whatever conclusions they want come to; if it helps the person, great...if not-no big deal. The four of us are followers of Jesus, and do our best to obey his teachings, and we'll let people know about our faith openly. As far as being called a "Christian band" being an advantage or disadvantage- I don't know. It seems to be such a touchy and equally popular subject with music these days, I guess i'm just hoping that maybe it gets some people thinking about their own faith and what true Christianity is.

Alright, how has Floodgate been to you as a label, and are have you ever entertained the thought of going to a bigger label?

Floodgate has been great to us as a label. They've given us the freedom that we sought after, and they've more supportive than we imagined our first label to be. Yes, we have entertained the thought of going to a bigger label as we grow our fanbase and what-not. We're just trying to take everything in strides right now and write and play the best music we know how. I guess if we ever move up to a bigger label it will be a natural upstream for us and a good deal for Floodgate as well.

How was The Need to Feel Alive, receivied by not only your fans but the scene in general. Do you think it made a good impression on people?

I hope it did. It's always hard to say being in the band because no one really tells you if they think the record's terrible! But yeah...judging by the response we have been getting as shows and the reviews we received it seems that a lot of people really enjoy it. It has meant so much to us to travel around the country and meet new fans that have been impacted by the record. It truly makes our job worth it.

What are your plans for your next record, and who will you be recording with?

We have been writing for the last month and are planning to continue doing so for the next few months. As far as who will be recording our album--we aren't sure right now, we have a few people that we are talking to. As far as when the album will be out--we don't know right now, there is still a lot up in the air. We will definately have new music out (maybe an EP) by next summer.

What has been your greateset acheivement as a band?

That is extremely tough to say--we've met so many amazing people, played with many great bands, and performed in front of the some of the best fans out there...but, I would have to say that getting our record in the hands of Chuck Norris is probably the greatest achievement we've ever accomplished as a band. Yeah that's right--Chuck not only has an autographed Forever Changed CD, but he also works out to it every morning.

Speaking of Chuck Norris, what are your feelings about him, and if you had to describe him in three words, what would they be?

Haha. Chuck's the American hero, and there's no denying it. Three words for Chuck....
Fists.Fury.Death. I would kiss Chuck's boots if I met him.

It'd have to be while getting roundhouse kicked in the face.

Haha. yes!

Chuck Norris would not let any man kiss him, anywhere.

True. only Jesus

Ok ok...

Is there any tour plans coming up that we should know about?

Yeah---I knew I shouldn't have brought Chuck into the equation....Ok, tour stuff--well as I said before we're really focusing on writing right now, so we're trying to take it somewhat slow as far as touring for a little while. But, we did recently sign on with the Kenmore Agency(www.thekenmoreagency.com) and are excited about working with them. We'll start touring again in March of April.

Ok nice. What can we expect from Forever Changed in 2006?

We're going to write, record, and release new music, we'll be doing plenty of tours, and we're going to release a "Total Gym" work-out DVD with us and Chuck.

Do you have any parting words for the readers of absolutepunk.net?

Yeah-thank you so much for getting this far into the interview! If you have any questions for me or the band feel free to contact us at our website www.foreverchanged.net. checkout our friends clothing company, it's really sweet. www.naiveclothing.com
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03:49 PM on 12/19/05
Paul Diggity
President of Rad Inc.
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Paul Diggity's Avatar
Rad. This band is freaking sweet, and Dan seems like a nice guy too. Great interview my man!
04:53 PM on 12/19/05
Registered User
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i had the priveledge of playing a show with these guys this summer in lake placid, new york. they had the next day off so i also got to chill with them like regular folks. and all i can say is that these guys are all awesome dudes and are the real deal. go buy their cd!
08:34 PM on 12/19/05
Just here for the drinks.
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wakeupgomer's Avatar
Really nice guys. I remember when they were starting out here in Tallahasseee...
11:08 PM on 12/19/05
****** of the funky bunch
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MarkyMark1984's Avatar
yeah, i liked em' when i saw em' and their new cd is really good! check em' out if you haven't!
03:36 AM on 12/20/05
Music is dead.
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Elijscott's Avatar
These guys are really incredible as musicians and as people. Dan is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.. and I know people say these sorts of things about bands all the time, but in this case, it is absolutely true. They have been gracious every time I've seen or played with them, and have done nothing but help my band...
04:22 AM on 12/20/05
Corn On The Rob
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RupertSays's Avatar
These four guys are the nicest guys ever. I love this band, they deserve everything they have and more, I hope to see a lot from them in the future.
04:22 AM on 12/20/05
Corn On The Rob
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RupertSays's Avatar
^ Seriously ^
09:06 PM on 12/28/05
Die in Complacency
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AdmistAPoision's Avatar
Forever Changed

My friends took me to see this my 2nd band to see in concert.

At first they told me it was a "Christian" band if my parents ever asked about my outing.

First off I don't place bands in genre's any kind of name is expecting something from them at all times. So some are given emo/screamo.......etc. I could care less if they were a Christian band. I look at them as "ForeverChanged." From this interview I have this frame of mind.

They are "ForeverChanged"- the band.

-"The four of us are followers of Jesus, and do our best to obey his teachings, and we'll let people know about our faith openly."

This is good. I sometimes tend to not do that. My parents are very religious in their faith my dad is a minister at the local church here in FL. I admire their openness.

anyway, the band is awesome I enjoyed their performance!!
05:38 PM on 01/01/06
stare at the sun
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flynmnkyo'death's Avatar
i really admire that they are so open with their faith

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