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Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail

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Emery…In Shallow Seas We Sail
Release Date: June 2, 2009
Record Label: Tooth & Nail
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
After the hot tranny mess that was I’m Only A Man, and the inconsistent EP While Broken Hearts Prevail, it was probably fairly easy to forget about Emery. But that EP was a crucial stepping-stone to bringing the post-hardcore quintet back to prominence. Laying down tracks such as “The Smile, The Face,” and “Edge of The World” proved that Emery could still deliver quality tracks. And that they do, plus more, on their fourth album, …In Shallow Seas We Sail. Masterfully produced by Aaron Sprinkle, the thirteen track album features crisp musicianship, incorporating the melodic heaviness that drew us to love Emery in the first place.

“Cutthroat Collapse” opens up the album in the same vibe fan favorite “Walls” opened up 2004’s The Weak’s End. Frantic screaming paced by urgent guitar chords pace the track, while vocalists Toby Morell, Devin Shelton, and Josh Head prove that few bands can harmonize as well as this trio. What follows next is an album that breeds consistency, mirroring itself with the tone and style that The Weak’s End and The Question possessed.

“Curbside Goodbyes” features the trademark Emery song pattern: bruising screams, melodic verses, and crushing breakdowns. What is apparent on this track is the return of the passion that the last album severely lacked. “Inside Our Skin” soars with piercing guitar chords, as it really showcases the vocal talents of Morell and Shelton. The point is driven home with the climatic outro, utilizing the screaming talent within the band.

The keys really shine on the theatrical “Churches and Serial Killers,” while “Butcher’s Mouth” has a mainstream vibe that doesn’t lose its edge, as the chorus is very catchy but still maintains that Emery sound. “The Poor and The Prevalent” will be a live staple, with its crunching breakdowns and awesome duel vocals. “Piggy Bank Lies” features biting vocals from Morell, while “Dear Death Part 1” and "Dear Death Part 2" combine to kick you in the arse, with "Part 1" serving as the slow intro, which bursts into "Part 2," a fast paced rocker that knocks you out of your seat.

While I like how …In Shallow Seas We Sail never lets up on the gas pedal, I do wish that a song in the vein of “The Ponytail Parades," although "Inside Our Skin" comes close. But other than that, there is very little to complain about. …In Shallow Seas We Sail is a return to form; an album that will make older fans of Emery smile and rekindle interest in the band, as this is the album that should have followed The Question. The Emery you originally knew and loved is back; prepare yourself accordingly.

Additional InformationTrack Listing (note: this may be different than what is released on the actual album):
1. Cutthroat Collapse
2. Curbside Goodbyes
3. Inside Our Skin
4. Churches and Serial Killers
5. Butcher’s Mouth
6. In Shallow Seas We Sail
7. The Poor and the Prevalent
8. The Smile, The Face
9. A Sin To Hold On To
10. Piggy Bank Lies
11. Edge of the World
12. Dear Death Part 1
13. Dear Death Part 2
Produced by: Aaron Sprinkle

Emery is:
Toby Morell – vocals/guitar
Matt Carter – guitar
Josh Head – keys/vocals
Devin Shelton – vocals/bass
Dave Powell – drums

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11:04 PM on 05/27/09
Nick Le
Yeezy taught me.
User Info.
Nick Le's Avatar
You mean Edge of the World? In the 1st paragraph...Good review, really looking forward to this album...Though I've enjoyed most of what they have released, including the "hot tranny mess" that took a while to grow on me haha, but it's nice to hear a return to form for them.
11:32 PM on 05/27/09
User Info.
briXinRhands's Avatar
you mean the album that should have followed The Question?

Anyway, good review, makes me excited to hear this thing
11:36 PM on 05/27/09
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
User Info.
Drew Beringer's Avatar
you mean the album that should have followed The Question?

Anyway, good review, makes me excited to hear this thing
geez you're right where is my head at?
11:43 PM on 05/27/09
User Info.
anamericangod's Avatar
Good review. The only thing that concerns me is the part where you mention there's nothing like Ponytail or Fractions. Those are probably my two favorite Emery tracks, so anything in that vein would be awesome. Here's to hoping it's a solid release, and gets this band back on track.
12:20 AM on 05/28/09
User Info.
cassusriff's Avatar
stoked for this. Their last two releases hurt me, here's hoping they get back to a sound that suits them.
12:27 AM on 05/28/09
Johnny 2x4
User Info.
musikjunky311's Avatar
I await this release with baited breath, if what you say is true I will love this album.
Here is to hoping.
12:49 AM on 05/28/09
Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
User Info.
Jamos4184's Avatar
Listened through Weak's End today. I'm pretty psyched for this. Did they do anything different with "The Smile, The Face" and/or "Edge of the World" on here from the EP?
03:18 AM on 05/28/09
Here, It Never Snowed
User Info.
Kbm600's Avatar
Good review. I can't wait for this.
03:26 AM on 05/28/09
Yea, you were right about me
User Info.
trappedintime's Avatar
Great review Drew. I'm so stoked for this release. All the songs that they've put up have been amazing and really blown me away. Emery is back! (although personally, i think they never left.)
04:01 AM on 05/28/09
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
realy stoked for this release
saw them a good month ago at groezrock festival
good and decent show
great vocals and guitar hooks
just the screaming whas a bit a letdown
it's strange this album hasn't leaked on the internet ^^
good for them though
counting down the days to june 2nd
04:36 AM on 05/28/09
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I wish people would stop critizing I'm Only A Man. I think it was their most professional work. It was an awesome album from an awesome band.

On a lighter note, I'm super excited for ...In Shallow Seas We Sail. I can't wait to hear Churches and Serial Killers
05:34 AM on 05/28/09
Registered User
User Info.
puhrnj's Avatar
nice....can't wait
05:54 AM on 05/28/09
Registered User
User Info.
ddb43's Avatar
This review gives me hope. Nice work.
05:59 AM on 05/28/09
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I didn't realize that they went with Aaron Sprinkle for production again. I'm VERY excited about this release now. The Question was amazing!

I only liked a few songs off of 'I'm Only A Man'

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