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Technology Round-Up (11/16/09)

Posted by - 05:42 PM on 11/16/09
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.
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05:42 PM on 11/16/09
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together.

Technology Round-Up Discussion topic

New studies appear to indicate that cell phones are changing our brains. Is this a healthy source of evolution or a scary indicator of our dependence? [Poll]


Forget matching people by personal compatibility--how about matching people by DNA?

A Facebook status update was used as an alibi to keep a man from jail.

Hundreds of Facebook groups have been hacked. Oh, and the creator of the popular Mafia Wars brags about how he has scammed users.

The MPAA, in their attempts to be as hated as the RIAA, shut down an entire town's public WiFi because one user downloaded a copyrighted movie.

A 61-year-old woman posed as a 14-year-old girl online to confirm suspicions of her husband.

The New Oxford American Dictionary has chosen "unfriend" as the 2009 word of the year.

A convicted murder has sued Wikipedia for mentioning him by name.

This week's Twitter news: A federal judge has banned Twitter in the courtroom, Britney Spears' account was hacked, a new retweet system should be available soon, and TwitCritics is like RottenTomatoes meets Twitter.

The financial website, Mint, now integrates financial news updates from Twitter.

Mark Cuban is trying to kill Google.

Google Street View managed to capture a firetruck hitting an old woman.

Google Maps will now help people find flu vaccine.

Google is offering free WiFi in 47 airports to keep the calm of travelers during the holiday season.

SPDY is the name of Google's web protocol that promises to speed up website loading.

Google may be ready to launch the next version of its search engine, codename Caffeine.

News Corp
(a very significant news source) websites may no longer appear in Google search results.

All of Google's web applications may soon get one unified look similar to Google Wave.

Microsoft is spreading free WiFi across the US for people who use its search engine, Bing. The search engine has also teamed up with Wolfram Alpha to provide more detailed results.

YouTube will be getting a 1080p player soon. Of course, there's not much point yet when few computer users have monitors that support 1920x1080.

Clicker TV episode streams from all over the web into one site.

Underpaid teachers are selling their lesson plans online to other teachers.

For anyone who needs extra Gmail or Picasa space, Google has drastically dropped the price of space upgrades.

A company is working to backup shortURL (bit.ly, tinyurl.com, etc.) services so that, in case they ever go under, the links will not be lost.


Check out the Bionic Body Shop for human body upgrades.

A quadriplegic has been legally granted the right to mount a breathing tube-operated gun to his wheelchair.

Audeo captures brain signals sent to damaged vocal chords and produces the sounds, providing the ability to speak to those who cannot.

A digital tattoo interface is perfect for people who want a tattoo but don't want anything permanent.

Avoid the discomfort of traditional crutches using the Freedom Leg.

Intel has launched a device that can read aloud any printed text.

Police used a robot negotiator to end a standoff in Avon, Colorado.

Time has published its list of the top 50 inventions of 2009.

Be careful to make sure the ATM you're using is legitimate. It's actually legal for anyone in the US to own and operate an ATM.

Chicago courts are throwing out speeding tickets in which the speed was measured by LIDAR.

There is something seriously wrong with people who put a spy camera into a fake electric toothbrush.

Check out a video of hacked Roombas playing Pac-Man.

For people who are not the slightest bit self-conscious, get a scale that will post your weight on Twitter.

You know you're a nerd when the tip of your finger gets cut off and you replace it with a USB drive.

This is a figure that makes your round-up author smile (as he waits for his Wolf Am I CD to arrive from England): physical CD's outsell digital albums 64% to 36%.

Comcast is allowing subscribers to stream TV shows wherever they have computer access starting in December. Your round-up author will stick with his FiOS for cheaper prices and better service.

Wal-Mart is taking extra precautions to avoid trampling deaths on the Black Friday. Meanwhile, here is a mini-roundup of Black Friday deals: Best Buy, Dell, K-Mart, Meijer, Office Depot, Radio Shack, Sam's Club, Staples, Target. Fat Wallet has already prepared their Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages.

Blockbuster will start allowing people to download movies from kiosks to SD cards. The movies will cost $1.99 and be viewable for 48 hours.

Netflix may start delaying new movie releases by a month or more to cut costs. Would any of you subscribers stick with the service if this policy were enacted?

DiamonDisc provides people with burnable DVD's that last for 1,000 years. Unfortunately, they're $34.95 apiece.

HP has acquired 3Com for $2.7 billion. Is anyone else shocked that this company is still around and worth that much money?


100,000 Droids were sold opening weekend, and an estimated 250,000 were been sold in the product's first week. The aggressive advertising campaign by Verizon has helped propel Verizon's brand image. Also, it appears that an over-the-air firmware update may already be scheduled for December 11. It's not all good news in the Droid camp though--some people are experiencing issues with the internal speaker randomly cutting out. Also, check out a review of Droid's overshadowed little brother, Droid Eris.

Apple's mobile phone profits have exceeded Nokia's (though there is some skepticism about fuzzy math), and the iPhone has captured 17% of the global smartphone market.

Nokia may be considering the purchase of Palm.

T-Mobile's iconic myFave 5 has officially been put to rest. Existing users will be able to keep the service, but new users will have to pick a new plan.

Cell phone service pricing sucks in the United States because we like things to be consistent.

has bought a mobile advertising company for $750 million.

Google has purchased Gizmo5 to add VoIP to Google Voice (most likely). Gizmo5 has stopped accepting new registrations during the transition.

Google Latitude will now keep track of where users have been and alert friends when they are nearby.

Add Google Maps navigation to rooted Android phones.

AT&T explains why Verizon's 3G representation is misleading, and Gizmodo explains why AT&T is full of it.

Watch a guy ride a car while he drives it using his iPhone.

The once moderately-humorous iPhone jailbreak Rickroll has turned malicious and started stealing data.

Here are 10 augmented reality apps for iPhone users who don't like the real world.

Check out what may be the most ridiculous phone ever which can be has a 12.2-megapixel camera, a keyboard, and a projector, and can be split into separate pieces that communicate by Bluetooth.

More photos of the Palm Pixi, which will cost $30 at Wal-Mart, have been released.

Windows Mobile has lost nearly a third of its market share.

The Windows Market's anti-piracy measures were hacked in less than two hours.

xpPhone can also run Windows 7 (so why not give it a smarter name?). With a 5-megapixel camera, a 4.3" or 4.8" screen, and Windows 7 with a slide-out keyboard...is this the best phone ever? Viewsonic also has a Windows XP-powered phone on the way.

Check out a review of the 4.3" touchscreen HTC Touch HD2.

See the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 in action featuring its extra-fancy version of Android. The phone will launch in February 2010 at least in the UK.

Samsung has announced a new mobile operating system called Bada and though rumors say it's dropping Symbian, the company publicly claims it is still supporting the Nokia operating system.

Blackberries may soon receive Open GL and Flash support. And they will definitely include a $100 gift card at Wal-Mart (for one week only).

Firefox for Mobile Beta has been released to Nokia portable devices that nobody owns (not bitter at all).

iControlPad gives dual analog sticks for anyone who is hardcore about their iPhone gaming.


New viruses download child porn to computers. Perverts officially have a scapegoat and innocent people are at risk.

Katy Perry had to turn over her computer to repair people, but has asked them not to hack the "Noodz" folder on her desktop. Is she trying to get nude pictures spread all over the internet?

Psystar has been found guilty of violating Apple copyright and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Apple might soon be the only vendor of OS X computers once again.

There is more speculation about a Apple tablets.

A Microsoft product group manager has admitted that Windows 7 was inspired by OS X...which Microsoft has promptly denied. The new operating system has already accumulated the market share Vista took seven months to acquire.

8 out of 10 malware products were able to bypass Windows 7 UAC protections. Please note that this does not reflect poorly on Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials.

While Windows 7 has lovely performance on netbooks, it sucks down battery life faster than Windows XP (expect this to be solved with driver updates).

Microsoft is working on a solution so that schools can have one computer that multiple students can use.

It appears that Chrome OS will launch within a week. Will Google be able to do its magic on the PC operating system scene or will this be just another Linux operating system?

Remember those Blue Hippo commercials advertising financed computers? The entire thing was a scam, and the company collected $15 million and shipped only one PC.

Dell has launched its competitor to Apple TV, called the Dell Zino HD.

Have a look at the beautiful new Apple store in New York. Also, check out the response of Apple's retail VP to the opening of Microsoft stores.

Apple is now shipping faster Core i5 and i7 iMacs. Check out benchmarks of the new iMacs against their older brethren.

After much debate, it is official that the OS X 10.6.2 update kills Hackintosh support. People on the Hackintosh scene have promised a crack for Snow Leopard 10.6.2 in a few weeks and have provided a fix for people who prematurely upgraded.

iTunes music links no longer annoyingly launch the iTunes software.

Check out a guy's modded Dell Mini 9 to include a touchscreen as well as device rotation support.

AMD and Intel have finally reached an agreement, a $1.25 billion settlement on AMD's behalf. Check out AMD's next line of processors, called Bobcat and Bulldozer. We're talking 128-bit and 8 cores. Also, someone has overclocked an AMD Phenom II to 7.08GHz.

Intel has low-powered Core i5 and i7 processors that will find their way into future netbooks.

Matrox, a company that was once known for its consumer graphics card prowess but has since moved almost exclusively to the enterprise market, has announced a graphics card that can power eight 2560 x 1600 monitors at once.

Firefox is the most vulnerable browser, followed by Safari. IE8 is actually pretty low on the list. Check out the Slashdot comments for interesting speculation about the reasoning behind the ranking.

Check out a nostalgic look at Firefox as the browser celebrates its fifth birthday.

Mozilla has launched Jetpack Gallery, which resembles addons that do not require restarting the browser.

Google Chrome will have an official beta release for Mac in December.

The Google president has made the bold statement that companies can rid themselves of Microsoft Office in a year.

Anyone interested in obtaining a beta version of the ad-supported (but free and legal) Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition should fill out this survey. Or you can pirate the ad-less version since beta 2 has leaked.

The free Panda Antivirus Cloud is now available to download.

Kindle owners can now read the books on their computers when their e-reader isn't handy.

Google has announced its own open-source programming language.


Fully-functional penises have been grown in rabbits.

Check out ways that technology can improve your sexual skills (no nudity but still probably NSFW).

Environmental chemicals might be feminizing boys.

Drinks that combine caffeine and alcohol may become illegal.

A Vermont city was almost encased in a 1-mile dome.

See a LEGO recreation of the fall of the Berlin Wall to commemorate 20 years since its fall.

Female readers, if a guy removes your bra and attempts to make a putting green from it, be very scared.

Check out a sponge that can absorb 180 times its own weight. Take that, Shamwow.


Screenshots: Command & Conquer 4 | Final Fantasy XIII | Just Cause 2 | Mass Effect 2 | Red Dead Redemption | Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles | Star Trek Online | Starcraft 2 | Super Street Fighter IV

Trailers/Clips: Alan Awake | Army of Two: The 40th Day | Avatar | Dante's Inferno | Left 4 Dead 2 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii


Modern Warfare 2 was the highest grossing entertainment product (outdoing all movie sales) of the entire year during its launch day (though at least one analyst predicts that New Super Mario Bros. Wii will top it). $310 million in one day. See how it stacks up against all entertainment sales throughout modern history. The news is not all good though--Russia has recalled the game due to its portrayal of Russians.

Microsoft has banned 1 million Xbox Live users. However, there may be a way to hack the console so that it is no longer banned. Speaking of Xbox Live, the service is getting a huge update on November 17, with 1080p video, Facebook, and Twitter.

EA has cancelled 12 games and layed off 1,500 employees.

A virtual reality video game may help smokers quit the habit.

Check out the line-up of free Zune HD games available with the latest update, and see the Zune HD's 3D gaming prowess in action. Pretty impressive, actually.

It appears that the Nvidia Tegra 2 will power the successor to the Nintendo DS.

Microsoft's Project Natal will cost less than $79 and include 14 games. Also, check out more details about the device.

OnLive, the service that plans to bring real games to every platform, has demonstrated their iPhone app.

Here are the videogames being released this week.

A sequel to the popular game Bully has been accidentally announced.

Check out a video of a girl doing Rock Band 2 expert vocals using a flute.

Rock Band has five songs from AFI and one from The Bangles for DLC this week. And Beatles: Rock Band has "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" coming this week.

Activision has promised to release fewer "Hero" games in 2010. Perhaps that's because DJ Hero tanked?

Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition will be released as DLC for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

It appears that the GTA IV: Lost and the Damned expansion will come to the PC.

See when Left 4 Dead 2 will be unlocked in your time zone. Oh, and for Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360 gamers who wonder why some of the great PC mods can't be ported, it's because the Xbox 360 isn't powerful enough.

A Diablo clone, called Torchlight, made by some of the people who made the original game, will be released next year for PC and Mac for $20.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies Attack is available for the iPhone.

As AP.net user, eversoinviting, correctly predicted, the Xbox 360 802.11n wireless adapter costs $100 and will be should be released by the time you read this. Madcatz has their own version of the adapter that is $20 cheaper and works on the PS3 as well.

GameStop will begin digitally distributing games...in their store?

Rawr is a free open-source application that will make your World of Warcraft character the best he/she can be.


Save more money with positive reinforcement text messages. Also, determine if your product is worth repairing with the Repair or Replace chart.

For obsessive planners or theme park enthusiasts, Theme Park Maps can help make sure you hit all your favorite rides in the most efficient way possible.

Check the availability of your favorite username across over 300 sites with KnowEm.

For anyone who needs to send encrypted messages quickly over the internet, check out Norbt.

Automatically tag Facebook photos by facial recognition from Face.com.

Sync Facebook events with iCal or Google Calendar.

For anyone who would like extra control over Firefox without having to read through the dizzying "about:config" page, check out Configuration Mania, which explains the options in English.

Check out five essential Firefox extensions to celebrate the browser's fifth birthday.

Get the functionality of a status bar without the bar itself using the URL Tooltip addon.

Make permanent, icon-only tabs in Firefox with App Tabs.

Grab scenes from your favorite DVD's using DVD Knife.

See a friendly, easy-to-read presentation of your computer hardware with Speccy.

Tired of reading online posts from people without any clue how to use an apostrophe? Send them to Apostrophe.me.

Written by: CyberInferno

Articles found via RSS feeds of respective linked websites. Google Reader used to browse the feeds.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
06:01 PM on 11/16/09
Hayley > Hayley
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great so now all the ap.net users can be happy with katys n00dz. haha
06:07 PM on 11/16/09
Damn good coffee. And hot!
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that sex over the internet is creepy. especially the japanese dude explaining it.
06:20 PM on 11/16/09
~Bagel Enthusiast~
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" Is she trying to get nude pictures spread all over the internet?"

God... I hope so.
06:38 PM on 11/16/09
promesas son sombras
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Effin' excellent Tech Roundup.

On a side-note, I had toyed with the idea of making my penis into a USB drive but opted against it.
06:55 PM on 11/16/09
I am a golden god!
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"Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has a plan to kill Google by paying the top 1,000 sites a cool million each to leave the Google index and move to Microsoft. But could such a plan ever work, and would it be worth the risk to abandon Google?"

What an idiotic move. 1 million dollars isn't nearly enough to remove your business from the most effective advertiser on internet.
06:56 PM on 11/16/09
kbi the crowing
dr( )ning the days away
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If I have the money, totally nabbing one of those external hard drives from target.
07:02 PM on 11/16/09
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Whenever the tech round up gets posted I just think "There goes an hour of my life". haha Great stuff.
07:08 PM on 11/16/09
Regular Member
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prettymucharobo's Avatar

And by Lego, you mean dominoes, right?
07:28 PM on 11/16/09
Format, The, Format, The
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Thank you, man.
07:56 PM on 11/16/09
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Parabola1124's Avatar
Tech-round up is the fucking greatest.
08:07 PM on 11/16/09
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thank you

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08:42 PM on 11/16/09
Doesn't afraid of anything
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08:52 PM on 11/16/09
How am I not myself?
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mutualaddiction's Avatar
Tech round-ups are always epic, and also kind of scary.

While all that bionic stuff is enticing, I wouldn't want to want to be the guinea pig who tries the beta version. Espescially the bionic boner shit, or that digital tattoo interface.

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