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Five and Alive: Wait, Wat?

Posted by - 01:16 PM on 01/08/10
Talking with artists and industry people is what I love to do. It's interesting to see the side of creation, when we constantly look at it from its execution. Sometimes, what you think is true, isn't always the mindset you have perceive as a listener. Deborah Remus and I have given thought to some of the things said to us last year. What quotes from artists or industry personal really influenced the way you thought about music in general? Come in the replies and let us discuss.
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01:17 PM on 01/08/10
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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Five and Alive1) Frank Turner - 10.1.09 - “I think that it’s something [punk rock] that sort of invades your life. When you get into it when you’re younger and grow up with it, it’s kind of there no matter what you’re doing or where you go.”

I’ve been told that I’m going to grow out of it completely, but to be honest all I’ve done is discover more bands and get more involved. I hate using myself as an example because I’m only 19, but I’ve had the opportunity to meet some people in their 40’s who are in bands or own record labels. Some of these guys have gone to university and worked towards degrees in law and zoology, but at the end of the day they’re working with punk bands and they love Broadway Calls just as much as I do. These are the people that make this quote from Frank Turner a reality and it’s comforting to know this really isn't a trend. It “invades your life” more than I think anyone ever imagined it would. (Deborah Remus)

2) Jacob Bannon (Converge - 12.3.09) - "...just leave your own mark in this world. That's it. Let it be a positive one. It's really, truly as simple as that. If you stick to that, and you stay focused on that as an individual and the positive aspects of life and positive music...just positive anything. There's so much negativity in this world, I just don't want us to help spread that."

I've never been a person about money. It seems that we live in a society based on our wallet as opposed to our merit. Sure, I'd love to live comfortably, but both in financial terms and peace of mind. Anytime I go into doing work, whether for this site, serving part time or writing in general, I put my best into it. I want people to walk away from it ready to discuss what they read with their community. Whether they agree or disagree with statements made, a progressive discussion is all I hope to leave behind. For Bannon to say this about his band leaving behind that sort of legacy really hit me hard, and was the one thing I took the most away from in my interviews last year, and will carry in my career from this point forward.

3) Cathy Pellow (Sargent Houes - 09.5.09) - "We believe very much so in fostering “community,” and have such a great respect and appreciation for the fans of our bands."

There's not enough praise I can give for how Sargent House is run, and the roster it contains. It reminds me of older labels like Dischord, BYO and Touch and Go, where there were heavy hitters and smaller gems that were worth discovering in the roster. Pellow has been a network of mine since the beginning of my writing career, and she has always been very welcoming to my coverage whether I was writing for a smaller site or this one. As for the "community" thing, it's something that far extends that of a label, but the "community" of family, friends and even users who further discuss their ideas on this site. Journalistic integrity aside, consider me the Jonathan Lally of Sargent House.

4) Kevin Devine - 10.29.09 - "I think there's a lot of good music out and plenty of people looking to enrich their lives listening to it and seeing it live. I don't think anyone will sell 10 million copies of anything musically ever again, but I do think people have never had more access to music, more ways to find out about bands, and I think people will keep seeking out things to enhance or mirror their experience, or to provide a social context, a way to meet like-minded people, a night out. So I think, I hope, if you keep making things of a certain quality that you like and believe in, people will find you."

I'll never get sick of talking to Devine. Whether it's the numerous interviews, or just off the cuff conversations we've had, he's constantly got something thought provoking to say. Even though I'll be the first to admit that the music scene is quite flooded, and no one really has time to grasp a new band for more than a couple of seconds, let alone be able to afford the numerous shows and tours as of late, Devine makes a point that music is okay, and there is plenty of us seeking out the good and sifting out the bad. He also denotes that the good will strive forward with hard work and quality art. The next decade is safe. No one panic! (at the disco...)

5) Jade Puget - 11.23.09 - "We have long since begun not to worry about people wanting us to stay the same, because they should know by now we are not going to. This is who we are, and we're not going to make the same record again. If those people like a certain record, or a certain sound, then they can just listen to that record."

I had a friend who hated the new AFI album. He's been a fan ever since I can remember. In fact, I'm pretty sure he was one of my friends that got me into them. Well, he sort of denounced the band after Crash Love, until he read my interview and what Puget had to say about his attitude and many others. It changed his thought process, and gave him a new found respect for the band. It's not so much the quote, which I think says a lot about fans of bands like Say Anything, Thursday, Thrice, etc., but the fact that the quote retreated back to a positive influence in someone's thought process (see #2 choice quote).
01:19 PM on 01/08/10
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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01:28 PM on 01/08/10
Metal Now
Talking about the second and third
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I have a bunch of incredible quotes from the interview there was on here with Aaron Weiss, he's just a genius:

Q: How do you feel when people openly criticize the lyrics on the new album for being too simplistic (in comparison to your older work)?

Aaron: It's for children.

Q: What exactly do you believe? Because I'm confused by the universalistic nature of some of the things I have read.

Aaron: We are also confused and so ask God, please if You are willing, take away what 'I' believe.

Q: Do you struggle with staying relevant to the ever-changing scene or are you more concerned with expressing yourself while keeping material open for interpretation? And what impact/message, if any, do you hope to have contributed to the independent music world?

Aaron: Increasingly content with irrelevancy, and less and less concerned with 'expressing myself.' Also, less wanting to impact anyone in the world with a message, rather preach to the hypocrisy in my own heart.
01:32 PM on 01/08/10
Regular Member
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"In my opinion, everyone should without final judgement on a record until you've heard it at least 10 times. Especially if it's from a band you already like.

As far as doing a record like Artist, it would have to be a very contrived effort, which we aren't interest in making and I doubt most people would be interested in hearing. That album came from the same place as this one did: our love for making music. It's never been about pleasing someone else and the minute it was this band would self-destruct and or start hating being in a band. I've seen it happen. It's not pretty.

I won't say we will never write a really heavy song again, but I will definitely say that we won't write a really heavy song because someone is asking us too. Honesty is our policy."
Dustin Kensrue

"I feel like you're not doing a record for your fans if you're trying to make it for them, do you know what I mean? Because if you're not like serving yourself in what you think it's interesting, how it could interesting to anyone else?"
Geoff Rickly

"For a long time I felt like we were working in the constraints with what other people thought Taking Back Sunday should be and then taking that break kind of helped remind us that it' up to us to dictate who and what we are, which was very freeing. And there's a lot on New Again that,...there's a lot of things on that record that I think we wouldn't have tried had we not been reminded of that."
Adam Lazzara

"The mantra for writing New Again was “we will try anything”. We erased all the lines that we may have subconsciously worked inside of and stayed on the quest for a great song. We have all grown as musicians and writers and got to expand a lot on this album which is a natural thing for us. We don’t set out and say, “we’re going to make a _____ album or make it more _____”. We just go for it and use our instincts to decide what our new music will sound like. We became very empowered but the idea that it is up to us to decide what Taking Back Sunday sounds like and we will always be redefining what that is."
Matt Rubano

"It's always nice when people can listen to your music for what it is, without any expectations that they might want to impress upon your music. Often times, I think people have it backwards when it comes to listening to music. Maybe it's just cause I'm a musician, but music to me is someone else's art that they're sharing with me. Not something that was written in order to please me. It's the artist's creation, they're just sharing it with me. It doesn't matter one speck what I wanted the art to be or what I think it should be. It's not mine. There's an AMAZING photographer (maybe deceased now?) named W Eugene Smith, and I found a really sweet quote by him the other day:

"An artist must be ruthlessly selfish."

So true. If we don't write music for ourselves, then it's not real. Sorry I veered off on a tangent a bit..."
Teppei Teranishi

I think all these thoughts resonate a lot with what Jade Puget said.
01:38 PM on 01/08/10
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I remember reading an interview with AFI and (I don't remember the exact quote), but they were like "We all went into a restaurant one day at sat at the bar. The waitress/bartender came up to us and told us we looked like we were in a band. We told her we were, and she asked what kind of band it was. After pausing for a minute, I said "a rock band." "
I'm not even the biggest AFI fan, but I admire that they we able to have such confidence in their own music, especially since their sound/genre is usually pretty controversial. For some reason, that little anecdote hit me pretty hard.
03:11 PM on 01/08/10
Dude, this is so Inception.
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And I always say, I'm just astonished at how much you learn as you grow older and how it never stops. When I was 21, I realized that I didn't know anything at 17, and then at 25, I realized I didn't know anything at 21, and now at 31, I realized I didn't know anything at 25. But it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I'm always wondering if when I'm 80, am I gonna be looking back to when I was 75 and going, you know, "That person didn't know anything?" When does that process of growing stop?
-Jesse Lacey

I felt like not only does this speak a lot about the growth of an artist, but it also confronts those who try to cling onto a band and don't want them to change or grow, something that I've noticed can be a problem in places like this.
06:51 PM on 01/08/10
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I liked the Sargent House interview...I wish there were more labels like them. I feel like they always pick awesome bands and there is a real community of fans that like and appreciate what they do. It also seems like all the bands are a family, which is really cool. Awesome all around...
12:49 AM on 01/10/10
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"Don't do anything that doesn't pertain to your career." -Russell Simmons

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