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Technology Round-Up (07/04/10)

Posted by - 01:41 PM on 07/04/10
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.
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01:41 PM on 07/04/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Thanks to Chad and Melissa for putting together this round-up.

Technology Round-Up Poll

Apple has discovered that iPhones have been lying about their reception since the original iPhone was released. iPhones have falsely been inflating their signals by two bars. Should iPhone users feel deceived? [Poll]


Apple claims that the negative e-mails sent from Steve Jobs were not actually his writing. Boy Genius Report emphatically claims that the e-mails are legit and Apple's PR is lying.

One guy discovered that he can use rubber wristbands as iPhone 4 cases to avoid impacting the external antenna's reception. It's cheaper than a case and doesn't look half bad!

Even though Apple claims the iPhone reception problem is software-related, it is still hiring antenna engineers.

On top of the reception problems, some iPhone 4 users are reporting proximity sensor issues.

More people are browsing the web on iPads than Android devices.

One developer has demonstrated a Flash solution for the iPad.

iOS 2.x apps will no longer be accepted on the App Store. iPod Touch users who are still running the old OS might want to pay the upgrade fee.

Someone might be hacking the App Store to change the top sellers.

Apple's iAds are now active on iOS 4 devices.

The Hulu Plus preview app is now available in the App Store.

Apple has fixed Exchange account issues on iOS 4.

Mozilla has submitted its Firefox Home app to Apple. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

The Facebook app now works on iOS 4.

Chase now lets customers with iPhones deposit checks by taking a picture of them.


PayPal now allows people to use their secure service without creating an account.

Bono now owns a share of Facebook.

1% of Facebook users can see a new photo feature: face recognition.

Beware of the information you post on Facebook, divorce lawyers are using the social network as evidence in their cases.

Facebook has doubled the number of servers they use in the past six months. To help out with the massive amounts of data the company collects, BitTorrent lends a hand.

To connect with family over the web, try Chattertree. It's a social networking site with the same basic features as any other site of its kind, but with an added privacy feature and group videochatting options.

Digg gets a makeover.

YouTube now allows users to skip ads before watching videos. In other YouTube news, a partnership with Rumblefish will now allow users to pay a one-time licensing fee to legally add music to their videos.

Amazon has purchased Woot!, the daily deal site.

Hulu Plus subscription service is official.

Firefox's recent updates included a fix for Farmville issues.

Firefox released an interactive heatmap to show the most popular parts of the browser.

The latest version of Opera has just been released.

Chrome has overtaken Safari has the third most popular web browser. Surprisingly, Internet Explorer has actually gained market share this month, reversing the trend of the previous few months.

Starbucks (finally) offers totally free wifi in all its coffee shops across the US and Canada.


Google just purchased ITA Software, a flight information system, that will let Google add flights to their search engine.

Is Google Me for real?

Chrome is working on making the web more accessible with a new type of extension.

Google News has been redesigned to give users more control over the content and layout of the page.

A new feature of Gmail tells you when there is suspicious activity on your account.


Flying cars are coming along sooner than we think.

Thinking of buying an HDTV? Use these tips to help you make the best choice.

For the lucky people who have 3D TVs, Direct TV is now offering a channel that is completely 3D.

Gunnar Optiks has created some decent-looking 3D glasses with a huge price tag.

Need extra Sony 3D glasses, the ones that came "free" with your TV? They're now available to order online for $150 each.

The new Kindle DX is available for preorder; it's complete with higher contrast screen that appears more like a book than an LCD screen, and a swanky graphite color.

Microsoft has developed batteries that work when loaded in either direction.


Verizon has lost a class-action suit and will pay each represented customer $87.50, for a total of $21 million.

Bloomberg reports that Verizon will get the iPhone in January 2011. As with the last hundred times this news has been reported, read with a grain of salt.

AT&T has completed the upgrade to its towers in New York where some people claimed 30% of calls were dropped.

The T-Mobile Sidekick has officially been put to pasture.

Read about the "Life and death of Microsoft Kin."

The biggest Nokia fansite, Symbian-Guru, is shutting down "thanks to Nokia's consistently piss-poor hardware choices and Symbian's lack of ability to even remotely compete in terms of features."

The next version of Android, Gingerbread (3.0), will feature a revamped interface.

Following up previously-reported news that Shipped Roms, a site that provides custom ROMs for Android Phones, received a cease and desist order from HTC, it appears that the site will cooperate with HTC and stay online.

AT&T has "justified" its locking down Android phones.

HTC HD2 owners can now try Android or Ubuntu on their phones.

Check out previews of T-Mobile's and Verizon's variants of the Samsung Galaxy as well as Sprint's 4G variant. AT&T also has a version on the way. Samsung has already announced that all Galaxy phones will receive Android 2.2.

The latest Motorola Droid X ads mock the iPhone 4's reception issues. Check out a review of the Motorola Droid X.

Rumor has it that the Droid 2 will launch on August 23 and will come with Android 2.2.

The Droid Incredible will get 720p video recording and 3G Mobile Hotspot capabilities, two features included out of the box with the EVO 4G. Verizon customers who have been waiting patiently for the device they ordered will receive a $25 Verizon gift card for their patience.

The EVO 4G over-the-air update is back up after Sprint fixed the problem with bricked phones.

Nexus One owners will receive a another Froyo (Android 2.2) update soon.

One developer found that he can increase the battery life of his Nexus One by up to 42% by tinting the screen red.

The Kindle app is now available for Android.

For people who just care about their cell phone being able to make calls and send texts, Samsung has announced a durable Xcover phone with a 67-day standby life.

Palm is trying to encourage developers to support WebOS by waiving the $50 app submission fee.

The Palm Pre has been overclocked past 1GHz. The Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are both free at Verizon with contract.


Sony is recalling half a million VAIO laptops that can potentially overheat or even burn people.

Dell knowingly sold computers with defective capacitors then lied to customers about the problem.

Check out some of the upcoming features of Windows 8 which will include a built-in Windows Store.

It appears that developers might receive a PC-compatible version of Android this summer.

ASUS is now selling dual-core Atom netbooks on the Nvidia Ion platform that will gladly playback 1080p video.

iBuyPower has developed software that makes any game multitouch-playable.

See HP's cloud printing solution, ePrint, in action.

Check out Intel's new CPUs and new prices.

Lenovo is now taking orders for its 3D IdeaPad Y560d laptop.


Some tips for iPhone users who haven't plunged for the iPhone 4 yet: Run iMovie on an iPhone 3GS by tweaking a file; enable multi-tasking and home screen wallpaper on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G; and check out some interesting uses for an old, unused iPhone.

Unlock an EVO 4G (proper NAND unlock) easily in three steps with Simple Root. Please make sure you know what you're doing before undergoing such a task though.

Android 2.1 or 2.2 users can add a Mario live wallpaper to their phones.

Android users can copy a feature of the iPhone with voice-activated music search thanks to Almost Hands Free.

Figure out who is calling from an unknown cell phone number.

Lifehacker has a list of the "Top 10 Hulu Hacks and Power User Tips."

Learn how to determine the keyboard shortcuts on any web page.

Keep track of when websites update with ChangeDetection.

Back up a computer using a specially-designed Linux live CD called Redo Backup.

Windows 7 users can get quick access to recently modified files with Piles.

Ever leave for a trip and realize you forgot to turn off your computer? Switch Off lets you turn off your computer remotely.


Forward all your spam mail to Chipotle at nojunk@chipotlejunk.com and they will donate money towards healthier school lunches.

Ever wonder about the history of emoticons?

I think I found my new favorite kitchen appliance: the Wafflesicle Maker.

EMILY the robot lifeguard will be making her debut in Malibu this summer.

Learn how to use regular soda cans to power your house.

Contributors: klawansie7, CyberInferno

Feel free to voice your comments and suggestions in the replies.
01:58 PM on 07/04/10
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DryEarth's Avatar
iPhones fake their service indicators? That's ridiculous.
Also, divorce lawyers are probably having an absolute field day with some of the things people put on their facebooks.
02:06 PM on 07/04/10
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troubledbyinsects's Avatar
02:10 PM on 07/04/10
Registered User
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danofthedead's Avatar
chipotle comin' though for our fat iGeneration kids
02:20 PM on 07/04/10
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zachff's Avatar
1. Those emails from Steve are real
2. Not buying an iPhone 4 unless they change the antenna design
3. Verizon is not getting the iPhone in January
02:34 PM on 07/04/10
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iPhones fake their service indicators? That's ridiculous.
Also, divorce lawyers are probably having an absolute field day with some of the things people put on their facebooks.
It doesn't look like they fake it, it looks like there's just a problem. The "emails" don't say that they meant to, it says there was a mistake that they didn't catch until now, and now they're fixing it.

I don't think that it's really made a difference though.
02:41 PM on 07/04/10
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schaft's Avatar
Repeat, but it's just too funny:

04:02 PM on 07/04/10
Registered Member
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flask's Avatar
Sidekick.....dead?! Sidekick IS dead.

I like my Sidekick. Best phone keyboard ever.
04:50 PM on 07/04/10
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ETGsynth's Avatar
Sidekick.....dead?! Sidekick IS dead.

I like my Sidekick. Best phone keyboard ever.
not better then the G1.
05:17 PM on 07/04/10
Tech Round-up Author,Chipotle Lover
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CyberInferno's Avatar
Repeat, but it's just too funny:

Hilarious video. The author's other video making fun of the Evo is pretty funny too.
05:45 PM on 07/04/10
Registered Member
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HeavenResign's Avatar
Apple's attitude about the reception issue is going to bite them in the ass at some point. The fact that Steve of all people said something to the effect of "...it's just a phone", is incredibly hypocritical of him.

I can't afford (or more like just won't pay for) a smartphone anyway so I get to watch all this from the spectator seat.
05:51 PM on 07/04/10
Jake Denning
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Jake Denning's Avatar
1. Those emails from Steve are real
2. Not buying an iPhone 4 unless they change the antenna design
3. Verizon is not getting the iPhone in January
Verizon is getting the iPhone in January; I just paid my Droid bill on Friday (July 2nd), and the customer service rep said that everyone recieved an email from Corporate saying they would be recieving the iPhone in January 2011.
06:04 PM on 07/04/10
Registered Member
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flask's Avatar
not better then the G1.
yes it is
06:05 PM on 07/04/10
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ETGsynth's Avatar
Haha, no it isn't. Its the same five row keyboard but the buttons on the G1 feel much better then any of the past sidekicks.

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